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  BIG NEWS!  A new dog's in town.  Oor Nikki is a 3 year old white Golden Retriever and since the 5th of January she's been the most popular member of the family.  Everybody who meets her loves her.  She is everything anyone would want in a dog, she's just perfect.  I've learned that having a dog sleeping by your side is a pleasing comforting experience and walking is healthy.  I'm out walking her every day for anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes, at least, I'll need to get a pedometer thingy.  I'm walking like never before and really enjoying it.  I knew when I retired that I'd need a reason to get me out the door every day, and here she is.  I'm no saying she's the most beautiful dog in the world (she so is), but I've got a new favourite photography subject as well as all the other benefits and happiness she's brought to everyone at Starry Towers.
    Nikki belonged to a breeder who is also a business acquaintance of The Husband.  We'd been fancying a mature dog rather than a puppy, but had reservations about getting a rescue dog.  The Husband and the breeder were chit-chatting, long story short, Nikki was in her new home by the end of that day.  She's so well behaved and trained, she loves a bit of walking, a good brushing and a right good cuddling.
    Day 1: We first set eyes on Nikki at the breeders' house.
    Day 2: A walk along Seacliff Beach.
    Day 2: Seacliff Beach.
    Day 3: Getting the cheese out of the ball, a weekly treat.
    Day 4: A walk in North Wood, a first for both of us.
    Day 4: Home from the walk.
    Day 6: I found a new Nikki's favourite ball and the version with rope.
    Day 8: Sleeping.
    Day 8: A walk in the grounds of old Bangour Village Hospital.
    Day 10: North Wood.
    We left Nikki in The Boy's care and, along with Friends H & T, attended a showing of Nation III Norway, the 3rd in a trilogy of documentaries about Scotland's Nordic neighbours by Lesley Riddoch.  Introduced by Lesley and Joanna Cherry SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, there was music by The Yes Choir and fiddle playing Musica Nordica and a Q&A session following the film.  Emotional, entertaining and educational.  Afterwards we had dinner and drinks at All Bar One, hit the spot nicely.



  A Gid New Year and an Independent Scotland to all. 
  The weekend before 2019 I woke up with an urge to go north so The Husband, me and What's My Feckin' Name? Douglas! (from now on known as Douglas for simplicity's sake) took a surprise trip.  Booked a hotel, packed the overnight bags and a picnic lunch.  Up the road and my customary shout out to the KELPIES!  We ate our picnic in Glen Coe, what a view to eat your lunch to.  The overnight stay turned out to be a Curry and Comedy Night at the Whitebridge Hotel by Loch Ness.  The Teuchter's Comedy Club took to the stage, the compere Halde Pottinger raised some mirth, though he relied too much on the old-fashioned blue side for me, he has comedy skills, the other two Inverness guys weren't too hot.  Thankfully experienced Glaswegian comedian Pablo Serski was the headline act, he told funny stories very well.  He also had me admitting to a room full of Loch Nessians that I have LSD experience, nowhere even close to as much LSD experience as Pablo has, but there wasn't an opportunity for me to tell the audience of my relative innocence on the matter.  I did get a chance to explain to Pablo after the show though, so I felt a wee bit better about it.  I'm sure others were judging me thereafter though, like in the bar after, at breakfast the next morning and when checking out.  Brushing off the morning-after shame we took a walk in the woods where great care was taken not to fall at the Falls of Foyers.  Then we headed to fish and chips in a '70's stylee at Tea @ The Shee in Glen Shee, then on down the road, over the beautiful Queensferry Crossing under a multi-coloured sky and home sweet home.  Scotland is still the most beautiful country in the world.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Revenge.  It's a very good horror fest.
  The Husband and I watched First Reformed.  Interesting.
    The Husband and I watched Bad Match.  A cheap thrill type movie with a good twist.