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  Star smilie clear27/12/09
mystery illness,
turkey sandwiches,
Clover and The Lottery

The Snowy D village shop was open for business as usual this morning, so The Fiancé picked up The Sunday Times and milk before he went back to bed feeling ill.  No-one knows the diagnosis and we probably never will, The Fiancé doesn't talk much when he's feeling poorly.

   I love turkey sandwiches, and so today I got a portion of left-over turkey out the freezer and enjoyed the sandwiches with left-over Brazil Nut, Date & Cranberry Roast with Mulled Fruit Topping, then treated myself to left-over Sweet Sponge Flan with left-over strawberries, left-over Pouring Cream with Remy Martin Champagne Cognac, topped with a light sprinkling of left-over Flaked Almonds, all very nice.  And that's it, back on a weight-loss type diet tomorrow. 
    I spread a little luck at Xmas, gifting The Mum, The Sister-in-law and myself with a Grow Your Own Lucky Four-Leaf Clover kit.  And low and behold, before I even had time to plant the clover bulbs I won money on the Xmas Day EuroMillions Lottery, my first time doing the EuroMillions.  Four of your Scottish pounds and 70 of the pennies.  Yeah, £4.70, fortune smiled on me with my unplanted Clover bulbs.  I planted the bulbs today and I have a line for the New Year EuroMillions, I'm expecting a bit more than £4.70 next time.  
    The National Lottery website is a bloody nuisance.  It's useful when it's working for you, and annoying beyond belief when it's working against you.  I opened an online lottery account ages ago, since then, much time had passed with the account unused so I'd forgotten my user name and my password and the debit card I'd lodged there had expired.  
     To access  the account I had to phone the Lottery helpline number, an 0845 number, though it didn't cost cos I'm with Talk Talk who give 0845 numbers free on evenings and weekends.  The first call went well, a lovely lady with a UK accent reminded me of my user name and was able to work out my password from what she told me.  So off I went again to the website, to find that I couldn't change the debit card because the old card still had funds credited to it...50p.  50p was stopping me in my tracks again.  Another phone call to the helpline.  Another pleasant woman with a UK accent pressed a button somewhere and I was then able to change my debit card.  BUT...another hitch, this 50p, any Lottery purchase I make will be in pounds not pence's, and your not permitted to move amounts less than a pound.  I credited my Lottery account with £10, then moved £5.50 back to my bank account, just to shift the 50p.  Anyway, after much fuss and bother I'll be able to purchase Lottery tickets online again, if I feel like it, which I do just now, with my Lucky Four-Leaf Clover bulbs planted in their tiny terracotta pot I'm feeling lucky 
     grow your own luck  
  Star smilie clear06/12/09
Starry Towers Xmas 2009, more snow, another bomb risk
gets through security
and The Boy doesn't know it yet, but he

The day started with The Fiancé and I up and waiting for The Boy to surface, after an hour we insisted that he get out of bed or we'd open his presents.  He was downstairs in less than a minute.  The three of us opened our pressies together, and everyone loved everything they got.  The Boy had asked for a black iPod Nano, so I provided, along with all the accessories needed,  a silicon cover, a sock cover, new earphones and a charger.  He got a few clothing items and the DVD box-sets of the latest Simpsons and Family Guy and a Futurama movie we were missing from the collection.  A new Bluetooth earphone thingy he was needing and not expecting, then...the surprise success pressie of the day, on impulse I'd picked up a couple of 2-way radio gadgets a few days before with the idea that at the very least it would save me having to shout up the stairs when his dinner is ready in future.  The Boy loves them.  He was 10-4ing and 'copy that', 'over', 'out' and 'rogering that' the rest of the day.  He was extremely funny with it too.  The Fiancé took one with him when he went to take Mr F to visit his wife, so they could test out the 2 mile radius claim...and it's true they do work up to a 2 mile radius.  The Boy loves them so much, while he was obviously enjoying his Nano, he announced bout the 2-way radios, 'these are the best present ever'.  For the mother of a 16 year old boy at Xmas...job done, well done me.


Was a fantastically brilliant, extra special, old fashioned, loving and giving, caring and sharing, feel-good Christmas Day here at Starry Towers.  We had four generations, The Boy, then me and The Bro and respective partners, then The Mum and The Dad, then the special guest of honour, Mr F.  Was like having a Great Granddad there.

    The Mum and The Dad arrived a couple hours before dinnertime, bringing the fresh potatoes and veggies.  Then The Fiancé and Mr F got here.  We all gathered together again to do the pressie swap, and again, everyone was delighted.  I'd got The Mum an antique silver needle case from circa 1890 to go with her antique sewing machines, which she loved immediately.  Mr F came bearing a bottle of wine and an orchid for Starry Towers, then was surprised to find we'd got him a great bottle of whiskey, a Glenmorangie Single Malt Quinta Ruban Extra Matured Range Port CaskThen The Mum and I started with the dinner preparations, I couldn't have done it without her.  I'd went for what I thought was to be a wonderful spread (see Starry Towers Xmas Menu below) combined with simplicity, which it was, but it wasn't as uncomplicated and easy as I expected.  The Mum and I were in the kitchen pretty much for 2 and 1/2 hours before food started arriving at the table.  I couldn't have done it without her.  It was an excellent three course Xmas dinner, and I have to say the highlight was my sweet course, with my Strawberries being a big hit, with at least half of the diners going back for seconds.  I was overjoyed that everyone enjoyed their meal so much.  
    We adjourned to the living room for chatting and comfy lounging, and The Mum put in a load of kitchen washing up for which I thank her.  I was working a 13 hour shift today, her hard work after the dinner allowed me to spend time with my guests and get to bed at a decent time.  The guests headed home around 9.30pm.  It was all just such a lovely day I can't stop thinking bout it all, keep reliving the warm fuzzy cuddliness and close loving humanity of the experience. 
    Ahhhhh, lovely.  
    Back in the wider world, I'm soooo annoyed at yet another 'airplane' stroke 'bomb' stroke 'incident'.  Mr Abdulmutallab, I absolutely totally despise you, you c**t!  I don't care what your misguided delusional religious beliefs are, you are a c**t!  Lagos to Amsterdam, then on to Detroit.  Land of the Clogs...get your shit together.  Anyone carrying a 'high explosive' should firstly, be detected, then that's it, the end of the road, terminate journey, lets go a step further, taken outside and shot.  Mr Abdulmutallab was on a database indicating "a significant terrorist connection" although he did not appear on a "no-fly" list, said New York congressman Peter King, a member of the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee.  Shut it down boys...anyone who is on a list of  "significant terrorist connection"...don't let them on a plane, or a train, or even a bus.  I don't care a hoot bout their 'human rights', the human rights of the ordinary innocent people who do not intend death to the Infidels or death to anyone else, those are the people who deserve human rights, especially the basic human right to live their lives as they carry on not harming or trying to kill others.  
    Western countries who's people are at risk from the extremist Muslim risk also have to stop employing their airport security staff from the ethnic and religious groups that pose the threat.  Doesn't it seem like total madness that someone like me...a member of the not high risk threat I'm female, I'm Scottish, whiter than snow, I've never visited Pakistan, I'm an atheist and oh so very happy to be one as I watch the madness of oh so many religious people, killing in the name of...feckin idiots.  So, someone like me, as I travel around Europe or visit the U S of A...gets my passport checked by, gets my body searched by, gets my luggage checked by, gets my airplane minded by...someone who is of ethninticity and religious beliefs that tend to promote the killing of me, in the extreme sections of aforementioned ethnic and religious groups.  
    Is it as crazy as it sounds?  Yes.  I'm travelling to the USA shortly, please make it safe for me, I've got family who don't wish to kill anyone and just want me to come back happy, married and alive.  I'd rather like that too as it happens.  
    SALE!  I took advantage of the sales this evening after work.  The only benefactor is The Boy, I ordered a couple hundred of pounds worth of his fav brand name jackets, jumpers, T shirts and trousers from JB Sports and JJB online.  It'll all be a big extra surprise Xmas pressie thing.  There's a load of great bargains to be had.  
  Star smilie clear24/12/09
Xmas Eve, feeding the birds and preparing for dinner

There's another dressing gown and some Boohoo stuff on The Star Swag Blog.


Started Xmas Eve opening my Xmas card from The Fiancé, it arrived at the last gasp, the Post Office didn't let us down.  The Fiancé had pimped my card, I got Moonpigged for Christmas.

     My next move was feeding the birds and replenishing their water, that's me there in my new super-soft hoodie dressing gown, with our glass and chrome kettle by my Mystical Wedge Welly clad feet...out first thing, even before my shower and clothes got put on.  I urge everyone who doesn't do so already, feed the garden birds.  It brings such pleasure watching them from the window.  And if anyone ever asks you what you do for the planet, you've got the answer, cos if you feed the birds, your thinking about your little place in the world, doing your bit to protect your local environ and it's natural inhabitants.  It's the little things that make up the big thing.  
     feeding the birds  
     We nipped up The Centre for a couple little last minute things today, it was busy, but apparently not near as busy as it was yesterday.  Tomorrow we're having Xmas dinner at Starry Towers, present will be Me, The Fiancé and The Boy, invites have gone out to The Dad, The Mum, The Bro, The Sister-in-law and a special guest of honour will be in attendance, my old friend Mr F will be seated at the top of the table.  I've got the table all set already and sweets and nuts laid out for them that like a nibble at a tasty treat while awaiting the big dinner.  On the nut side of things, there will be salted peanuts and mixed nuts in their shells, with nut crackers and bins strategically placed.  It's all looking rather lovely, even if I do say so myself.   
     After a load of consideration and fretting on my part, we went for a low on kitchen-slog menu this year.  The Starry Towers Xmas 2009 menu is :     
     Starry Towers Xmas Menu 2009   
    The Fiancé is going to start his Xmas day taking Mr F out to the hospital so Mr F can spend time with and have dinner with Mrs F, then going back to take him home again, before picking him up for our dinner later in the day.  Mr F is going to have to pace himself, with two dinners to get through.
    Final preparations all done, Xmas 2009...bring it on!  
    Bloody hell, when I see it all written down, imagine what the high on kitchen-slog Christmas dinner involves.  This has all been thought out, and it is going to be extremely easy.  
     the table  
     Xmas table  
     Xmas dinner table  
    To all my regular readers, to my family and friends, shout out to Linds, Mary, Diane, Carolanne, Lucy, The Bikeshiters, The Great Dodski, GBC, bikers all over the world, Heidi in The Land of the Zeas that is New, The Dutch contingent, everyone on oil rigs, psychiatric nurses, Elvis impersonators, and everyone else who happens upon my blog...have a Merry Christmas everyone.  
  Star smilie clear23/12/09
m Back to work yesterday, 13 hour shifts.  Went prepared with my NEXT black military double breasted long coat, the silver faux fur trapper hat and my Mystical Wedge Wellies, the black ones with the stars on.  It was all totally necessary and I was all totally cosy warm while remaining stylish.

Today was extreme snowy weather, getting from Snowy D to the hospital, which is out Whitburn way, at 7am, no gritters, heavy snowfall, but wouldn't you know it, The Fiancé made sure he got me there in the van.  Good of him.  The expected offer came through from management, there were seven empty beds in our small community hospital, contingency plan...if staff couldn't get home tonight, we could sleep there.

Sooo, if we couldn't get home, I'm assuming the night shift wouldn't get there, so who'd be providing the nursing care?  Us that couldn't get home, so there'd be no need for beds.  And if that's illegal cos there's laws bout how long your allowed to work, then they'd be having to get night staff to us, surely it wouldn't be too much to expect them to use their vehicles to take us home after they get night staff to us.

Anyway, it transpired my theories didn't get tested, the roads were clear enough and the snow was off at home time.

Two more sleeps till Santa.

Star smilie clear22/12/09 Happy 47th Wedding Anniversary to The Mum and The Dad

love you two xxx
     Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad  
Star smilie clear21/12/09
RATM wins chart battle, scan result and snow box
Rage Against The Machine are Xmas 2009 #1 in the singles chart.  Who'd have thought it. That's a pleasant surprise, Simon Cowell doesn't rule the world.  He's still got SuBo at #1 in the album charts, but at least boring Joe didn't get the singles.  Instils a reassuring sense that there is large section of the public that don't buy into the Simon Cowell version of the music industry.  
   was at the hospital today for an ultrasound scan of my lady bits.  Had to go with a full bladder, which I did, but afterwards up The Centre the water I'd consumed earlier was still working it's way through.  Had to go to a public loo with M & S shopping bags with Xmas foods in, not what I'd have done if I had a choice.  Back to the doctor, I had the external and the internal, what I think is called a trans-vaginal scan.  My recent tests, biopsy, swabs and cancer marker blood tests, all came back normal, but today the doctor found cysts on my ovaries, one on each.  I'm guessing I'll be back there soon for a re-scan.  
    Back to work tomorrow after two weeks annual leave, not the best weather conditions to be travelling early morning and late evening, but at least The Fiancé's home, he'll get us there safe and sound...fingers crossed.  
    The BT phone box in Snowy D has fallen victim to pranksters who have filled the box with snow, and the Rozzers ain't happy.  That's vandalism that is, and I s'pose it is, especially irksome if someone in Sunny D needs to make a phone call from a public phone box, but it is a bit funny.  
    cool box  
Star smilie clear20/12/09

The Fiancé suggested sledging, I suggested going back to bed.


The Fiancé suggested sledging again, I suggested lighting the fire and lying around on the faux fur covered sofa.

    The Fiancé suggested sledging yet again, I gave in, he can be exceedingly persistent.  
    I pulled more clothes on top of the ones I was wearing already, and that's why I was out sledging in my black micro ballerina tutu and jeans.  We found a snowy hill just off the Houston Interchange and gave it a go.  
    It's been many a year since I sped down a snow covered hill with only a sheet of plastic or wood between my arse and the land.  I fell off every single time, apart from the time I nearly hit the only lamppost at the bottom of the hill, and I screamed a lot.  It was a lot of fun.  
    The only problem with sledging is the cold.  A vest, mohair cardigan, Levi jacket, a fleece belonging to The Fiancé, a snood, faux fur trapper hat, jeans, 120 denier tights and a micro mini tutu kept the rest of me warm, but the toes and fingers suffer.  Despite woolly gloves for hands and 120 denier tights and socks in Wedge Wellies for the feet, on the way back to the van my fingers and toes felt like they were going to fall off.  My head and ears stayed nice and warm under a faux fur trapper.  
    The Fiance impresses a small boy   
  Star smilie clear19/12/09
Xmas deckies, a
snowman called Fred and Revolve

Revolver DVD

You'll probably have noticed I put the MarilynsWorld Xmas decorations up, ribbon and bow at the front door and a sprig of holly in here.  Less is more this recession year.  I did a little round Starry Towers too, emphasis on 'little'.  Little, but stylish and pretty I like to think.



More snow today, blowing a minor blizzard out there, the fresh snow enticing The Fiancé out to rebuild his Fred The snowman.  This year Fred is wearing my old black cowboy hat I brought all the way from the actual US of A and a pair of gardening gloves.  A marked improvement is Fred's winter 2009 facial features, two pieces of coal instead of a bag of frozen carrots which decorated the patio when the big melt started last time round.
    It's beginning to feel a lot like Xmas.  
    the Starry Towers snowman   
    the snowy patio   
    The Fiancé and I watched Revolver this evening, Guy Ritchie trying too hard.  It's a bit of befuddling gangsta Zen.  Starts out well, apart from Stratham's voice-overs, they're annoying all the way through, then goes all pretentious and nonsensically "deep" and "philosophical", with the deep and philosophical in huge big over-exaggerated air quotes.  
    It's all very well trying to be "deep" and "philosophical" if you can actually get the message across to your viewers in a way they can understand.  As it is, it just leaves the viewer wondering what the feck?  
    Visually it is pleasing, in a borrowed from other directors, and a lot of Tarantino's Kill Bill II with the cartoon anime bits.  But where as Tarantino used his anime in Kill Bill II to soften the horror of paedophilia, Ritchie uses his as a cheep visual trick for no apparent reason.  Revolver did have me believing Jason Stratham can act a bit, I hadn't spotted that in any of his other movies, and it's always a pleasure to witness Ray Liotta, but by the end...I feel cheated.  It has you wondering who is real and who isn't, but doesn't give you enough to substantiate any of your wonderings, the only concrete evidence here is the concrete shoes this movie should be buried in.  
  Star smilie clear18/12/09
Snowy D, enough of the
machine already,
Twiggy, attack of the microbes and
Swimming With Sharks

Swimming With Sharks DVD

Snowy D is looking lovely...from the window.  I'm happy I don't have to go outside while the country is under a layer of the cold white stuff.  The Fiancé on the other hand is off out capturing the beauty of a frozen landscape on a Canon G10.  I'm in Starry Towers eating Celebrations and watching the little birds enjoying all their food and fresh water.


snow out back


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I agree, how many more of these manufactured pop idols do we have to endure?  Personally I don't endure any of them, I have personal choice so I ignore them.

    Lets just not buy their material, and feel good bout not buying it, because we have taste and integrity.  It's the millions of others out there with no taste and no integrity, the millions who are easy influenced by what the TV tells them is good...they're the ones that'll burn in hell, well they probably won't, they'll just keep on buying the manufactured music machine rubbish.  X Factor, Pop Idol, American Idol and Popstars The Rivals, I'm loosing track of who came from what show, Gareth Gates, Kelly Clarkson, Will Young, Girls Aloud, Michelle McManus, The Hairy Angel, Darius Danesh, one after the other, the next Leona, the next Alexandra and even the next Chico and Jedwards.  Crazy "star" factory out of control.  But, only because Simon Cowell et al make money.  If they stopped making money, they'd stop with the TV shows and go away and do something else instead that makes money, cos that's what they do, make money.  
    This Facebook campaign to keep X Factor off the #1 spot in the Xmas music chart is a good thing, a place for the people who say, 'fuck you I won't do what you tell me' to vote with their wallets, and all profits going to charities Shelter and Youth Music.  Only problem is...there's fewer and fewer of them people who don't enjoy the product from Simon Cowell's road to building his piles of riches even higher.  Me, I already own a copy of Rage Against The Machine's song 'Killing In The Name'.  Do I have to purchase it again to prove I have taste?  Nope.  I believe in the public getting what the public want, even if what they want is rubbish and they should know better.  
    Rage Against the X Factory  
    Speaking of which...airbrushing just took a blow to the eye-bags.  The public buy the products that abuse the air-brush and mostly don't care about it, so it was a pleasure to hear bout the Twiggy Olay advert being banned due to MP Jo Swinson's web campaign against air-brushing.  They took that air-brush technique too far.  Twiggy's a good looking woman, for someone her age.  Born in 1949, The Face of '66, she's 60, not 40.  This ban decision is a step in the right direction, telling manufacturers that they can't lie to sell their product.  The Olay eye cream may be good, who knows, but however good it is, it isn't THAT good, there is no eye cream that good, no beauty product that good.  Only the air-brush technician is that good.  
    air-brushed Twiggy  
    Here in Scotland I feel under attack from a sudden multi-microbe army.  Just recently we've had Norovirus closing several wards in a Glasgow hospital, there's been two junkies in Glasgow with Anthrax, Swine Flu hasn't hit the headlines for a week or so, but I'm sure it hasn't gone away  and vCJD has shown up again with the death of 30 yr old Grant Goodwin.  
    I was reading his family's story of the changes that affected him before he was diagnosed.  There was a total change in Grant's character, he became depressed then went on to become extremely jealous. His GP diagnosed and treated him for depression.  He started complaining of pains in his legs and head, within three months he could hardly stand up without support, he was falling over like a dunk man and his short-term memory was badly effected.  
    His family thought it had to be a brain tumour.  I was moved reading of Grant and his family's experience of misdiagnosis.  
    He died in January this year, the first in the world to die from vCJD with his genetic makeup.  Could this be the start, or rather, the return, of the next big bug fear?  Whatever happened to AIDS?  A couple decades ago it was going to wipe out the human population.  
    We watched Swimming With Sharks this evening, it was OK, a bit dated and all, obviously, but good enough, till the end, I couldn't see that flying in real life.  
  Star smilie clear17/12/09
never mind inviting David Tennant back
as host
 The Never Mind The Buzzcocks Doctor Who Special was one of the least funny episodes of the show I've ever witnessed.  Bernard Cribbins was funny with his one-liners here and there, but David Tennant and Catherine Tate's mutual admiration society wasn't entertaining on any level.  I don't get the David Tennant as super-actor thing in the first place, and have no love of Dr Who, I was tuning in to Never Mind The Buzzcocks looking for my usual half hour of music quiz show with buckets of comedy, but got mostly Daleks and Tennant raising his fist and growling in mock anger 'Barrowman'.  Not being a fan of either Doc Who or the interlinked spin-off, Torchwood, I didn't know what he was on about.
  Star smilie clear16/12/09
spam smelly fridge
and Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill DVD
 spamThe spam wasn't causing the smelly fridge.  The spam I'm on about is in my googlemail inbox.  A while ago I didn't get spam, but when Michael Jackson died and hydrocodone was mentioned in some reports I read, I was curious and did The Google on the word hydrocodone, since then my spam intake has increased bout 10-fold.

The spam, from all sorts of made up names, is offering all sorts of sexual enhancement drugs and replica watches mostly.  They go straight into my spam junk box thankfully, it's still annoying.  I just had a new spam experience, an email came to the address I use on this website, in the 'contact me' button in The Lobby.  The email was proposing an advertising partnership between MarilynsWorld and the emailer's client who is 'the owner of a prestigious internet gambling site and is currently in search of unique marketing opportunities that will expand his site’s online presence'.

Can I imagine MarilynsWorld covered in casino chips, bingo and slot machines?  No, not till we get back from Vegas anyway.  The email tells me that the emailer, ach, let's call her simone mccarthy, cos that's what the email tells me her name is, Simone says she 'came across' my website 'last week and am of the mind that its content overlaps almost entirely with that of my client.  I proposed to him that he purchase advertising space within your site’s pages.  He thought it an excellent idea'.  In return Simone is offering a 'generous compensation package'.  I know it's spam, but how can they possibly benefit from this type of spam?  If I respond they'll maybe send hunners more emails to the email address I use on here for people contacting me?  I don't know how it goes, but I know I wont reply, even if it were true, MarilynsWorld's not for sale, unless UGG or New Look or Boohoo get in touch.

The Fiancé's been telling me for a couple days that we've got a smelly fridge, I believed him, he usually tells the truth.  I have no sense of smell, so couldn't express an opinion on the matter.  Today The Dad was in the Starry Towers Kitchen and The Fiancé asked him to confirm his suspicions about the fridge.  It was true, we had a smelly fridge.  The events that followed involved The Fiancé and The Dad taking turns to sniff on different bits, shelves, drawers, items of food like cheese and ham, then bits of fridge got passed to me to wash!  So I scrubbed down the fridge freezer, the interior, the exterior, it got pulled out and I washed down the walls behind it, the floor beneath it, and the fridge magnets.  We were apparently looking for spilled milk, we must've found it, cos now it doesn't smell...apparently.  The one thing I can't do is smell, hence the fridge wasn't bothering me, yet I was the one doing all the work.  How'd that happen?

The Fiancé and I watched Righteous Kill this evening.  I guessed, I didn't figure why Turk was doing the confession throughout, but I guessed the main thing quite early on.  I liked it for DeNiro  and Pacino, always a pleasure to see, and together should've been WOW!  All in all it's fine, apart for the glimpses of the gratuitous sex with DeNiro and Carla Gugino (Karen)...that wasn't pleasant, but all in all it was good to see the boys, the script was just a bit...not that good.  The boys deserved a better story.

  Star smilie clear15/12/09
popular at Polyvore
and Inglourious

Inglourious Basterds DVD
  I know I went on about Polyvore and the pathetic childish popularity cliquey nature of a site populated by teenage girls with big dreams and equally big wish lists, though no actual spending power, it's all a of my sets got put on the Popular Sets section in one of the groups!  So I take it all back.

This one I called 'Lead Me Not Unto Temptation - I'll find My Own Way'.  Click on the picture here and see my set on the Popular Sets section of the Rock Chic group.  The novelty will wear off in about 14 hours, the superficial virtual faux thrill will wear off, reality will hit me like a cement slab dropped on the Jimmy Choos, because I'm not an actual teenager anymore, how ever much I'd like the chance at it again.

Watched Inglourious Basterds at long last this evening.  Very good, we enjoyed his audacity.  WW11 gets all spaghetti western and Mexican stand-off references.  There's loads of things I like about this, Brad Pitt, the Tarantino magic touch, the out and out disregard of the 'way it should be', no-one can make him stick to the rules, so he doesn't.  I will say though, I expected more.  It's not as good as it could've been.  The opening scene grabbed me, the suspension was built up well.  The bad guy, Col. Hans Landa  played by Austrian actor Christopher Waltz, was the best actor with the best part in the entire movie, Brad's part was good, but not as good as it could've been.

I enjoyed the humour throughout, and I was shocked at the first scalping, but Tarantino didn't take it anywhere after the good beginnings.  He could've taken it higher, I believe he is well capable of that, but it kinda fell away a bit.  There were too long scenes, his usual expertise at long but engaging and entertaining dialogue scenes just didn't have the sparkle they might have.  I say do watch it, just don't expect it to be as good as it's been proclaimed it is.  Fingers crossed for his next one.

Star smilie clear14/12/09
Xmas prep starts,The Fanc hoe aainand te cat who loves y ht
Another festive season, another Bah Humbug from me.  I stopped sending Xmas cards last year.  This time last year I was off sick and in my bed with a severe chest infection, giving the perfect opportunity to do what I've felt like doing for many years, I dropped out of the Xmas Card Rat Race.  I hate them.  Especially the ones where people put in those little extra bits of star, snow flake and Xmas tree metallic confetti.  The stuff that spills all over you and the floor when you open the envelope, stop doing that you people.  And the ones with too much badly adhered glitter that comes off the card onto your fingers and onto everywhere else, that is ultra annoying.  And what are you meant to do with the cards once you've received them?  I put most of them in a pile till after Xmas then put them in the recycling.  Just save trees and your money and don't do Xmas cards.  So as not to offend my nearest and dearest...I do put your cards on the mantle piece, till a minute after the festive season's over, then I put them in the recycling.

This year I'm upping the Bah Humbug anti, no Xmas tree.  I guess I just got sick of the putting the tree up, taking the tree down nuisance factor.  After bout 20 years it becomes boring, seems like a lot of bother for no good reason.  I'll ask The Boy if he really wants a tree, but if he doesn't feel the need, I'll just hang a few baubles from the living-room mirror and string the blue lights...somewhere.

On a positive festive note, I have arranged where we'll be doing Xmas dinner, everyone round to Starry Towers.  The Bro has confirmed he and The Sister-in-law will be here, and The Mum has accepted her invitation.  The Dad is holding out for something better, but I think he'll cave before the big day.

The one good thing bout Xmas cards...I got one from an old friend I haven't seen for years, she'd stuck in her email address, so we'll be back in touch again soon.  Lucy and I were student nurses together, but it was more than that.  We met on a ward, she was doing her training at a college from me, so when we met at work it was a brief coincidence that she was on placement at one of the two Bangour hospitals I trained at.  She was based in Edinburgh, and she'd stay at my room in the Nurse's Home when she was a late to an early shift, save her going all the way back to Edinburgh late at night to make her way back early the next morning.  And we had a great social life together, I'd go in and stay at her Edinburger flat for nights out there.  I was even at her wedding.  I'll email her and give her a link to a cat and a hatMarilynsWorld and hopefully we can meet up again soon.

The Fiancé's home from Cadwell, pictures in The
Bike GalleryAnd by what The Fiancé and The Bro's been saying, a fantastic time was had by all, in rain and shine.  We headed up to Braehead for The Fiancé to put the caravan back into storage, dropped in to see The Parents, then onto see The Bro, where much of the talk was of bikes, Cadwell and bikes at Cadwell.

The Bro has two black cat brothers, Freddy and Gixer, normally all we see of the boys is a quick flash of black as they disappear off to another less inhabited room.  They're shy cats not keen on visitors, but today Freddy, usually the shier of the two, couldn't resist me.  I was wearing my faux leopard fur coat and my silver faux fur trapper hat.  Freddy found them very attractive, especially the hat, he was all over that hat, the cat was in to the hat, luckily I'd removed the hat and placed it on the table by that time.  I was leaning with my head on my hand, elbow on the table next to the hat and Freddy was sniffing and getting mixed up with my hair while investigating the faux fur coat too, looking at times like he'd put a  blonde wig on.  I'll put up a picture of the cats once The Bro sends me one.
  Star smilie clear13/12/09
Bikeshite banner,
feet, skincare and Striptease

Striptease DVD
  new Xmas banner for BikeshiteDespite saying I wasn't going to give the Bikeshite Xmas 2009 banner anymore time, I did.  It was still annoying me today, and I had time to kill.

I'm loading it up here to see what it looks like, it's a huge file size, maybe it'll be too huge for The Fiancé's website.

The hand wiping the snow off didn't work out.  I read stuff on the www today that Animation Shop doesn't cope well with skin tones, so I changed the hand to a squeegee.

I've always considered my feet to be cute.  Size 5, in good shape, no major deformities, soft, they're pretty feet.  I used to appreciate them so much I'd give them regular intensive moisturising treatments.  But The Fiancé recently mentioned they were feeling a tad rough on the bottom.    What, like an old ship's hull covered in barnacles?  Made me realise that back in the days before The Fiancé I gave my feet a lot of care and attention, and that has definitely dwindled since meeting him.  Same goes with my general all-over moisturising, I don't look after my skin as much as I used to.  I do apply moisturiser to my face and neck every day, but I used to reapply every night at bedtime, now I do the night application maybe twice a week.  My shins in particular, I have so not been looking after them like I should.  I get small intensely itchy dry patches on my shins mostly, but also on my back and arms, they seem to get worse along with other allergy type symptoms and sometimes stress too.  Lately I've been dealing with it differently, scratching till it bleeds, using hydrocortisone cream and taking an anti-histamine pill when acute episodes really bothered me.  And slapping on a bit of Nivea infrequently and irregularly.  That's not the best way to manage the condition.  My skin has to be tended to and protected from acute episodes, I have to go back to my old regular routine which works.

So with a wedding only a matter of months away, it's time I upped the pampering body care.  I phoned the Health Centre and got a prescription for my favourite body lotion.  Since developing a type of eczema on top of my life-long, sensitive, allergy-prone, dry skin type, I discovered Eucerin Intensive 10% Lotion.  When I told my GP how Eucerin benefits my skin, she was happy to put it on a repeat prescription for me.  When I phoned last week, it'd been so long since I'd asked for a prescription, it had been removed from my prescription record.  The secretary sorted it and the doc put it back on no bother, it's not like I was asking for Temazepam or Mercilon. 

This evening after my shower I used the Eucerin again.  First on my feet.  Massage onto the feet then put on a pair of night socks.  The socks keep the thick lotion from rubbing off onto other fabrics, like your bedding for instance, stop you slipping while your walking around, and help the moisturising process while you sleep overnight.  You'll notice the skin on your feet becoming softer quicker with the night socks.for my dry sensitive skin

I also applied Eucerin to my legs and arms, cleansed my face with a Nivea Visage Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipe for dry and sensitive skin and applied a layer of Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturising Cream.  For daytime I use Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid, it's absorbed quickly and gives a nice base for foundation application, while it's oil-free base helps to reduce any shiny happening later in the day.  I can recommend all these products for dry, sensitive, allergy prone skin like I have.  Works for me.

Watched Striptease tonight, there was nought worth watching on TV.  I was looking for a DVD that I'm not saving for an evening with The Boy or The Fiancé.  The Fiancé brought this DVD with him when he moved from the Land of the Windmills and Canals, so he's seen it already, and The Boy would probably rather knit pasta than watch it, so I watched it on my own.  It wasn't what I was expecting.  I didn't expect it to be so much on the light-hearted side.  I'm not saying it's funny, it's trying to be funny, it's just not as serious as I was expecting.  Demi acts, and looks fantastic, but characters played by the likes of Burt Reynolds and Ving Rhames are verging on the ridiculous.  Demi acts so much, her performance is way out of place in a movie that is basically a crap comedy.  So tonight I've learned Demi Moore can't do comedy roles.

Star smilie clear12/12/09
British Comedy
Awards, Todger
Woods takes hiatus
from golf and
Bikeshite Xmas
Watched The British Comedy Awards 2009 on TV tonight.  There were few outstandingly pushing-the-limits moments, all of them from Frankie Boyle.  The tongue of Frankie Boyle is the sharpest in the UK, of the comedians who are still allowed to appear on British TV, though that status may have changed tonight.

Michael McIntyre got what's been coming to him, I mean the ribbing he took, not the best stand up comedian award, he is sooo not that.

Staying with bad jokes...15 and counting...Tiger Woods has made a statement.  He hasn't had the brass neck, or the balls, to show his face or open his mouth in public as yet, his massive under-statement was released via his website.  Seems to me, the single thing that's making this worse, if it could be any worse, is that he hid away after the story broke.  A car crash marked the start, and the public watch on, day after day, amazed at the longest lasting car crash in history, as one after another of his alleged extra-marital sexual conquests show up in the world's media.  He hasn't taken the opportunity to stand up and be honest.  This statement is just words on the screen of computers, in newspapers, from the mouths of newsreaders on tv.

One line stands out..."I need to focus my attention on being a better husband, father and person".  D'oh!
    1  a better husband...HELL YEAH!  you could improve your score in the husband department.  Try limiting your sex life to your
    wife.  Fidelity is usually a rquireentin he majority of marriages made in the USA.  Gigantuous amounts of improvement
    required here.
2  a better father...HELL YEAH!  the children will probably not benefit from having a father who spends so much time giving the
    impression of being one of the world's happily married family men, while actually devoting an enormous amount of time to
    having sex with women he is not married to.  The kids are too young just now to understand, it's going to be way difficult to
    explain to them in later year.  Lots of improvement required here.
3  a better person...yeah, I think so.  It's not the multiple sexual partners that's the problem, that can be done in certain
    circumstances and not make you a bad person.  It's the lies, the deceipt.  He's been lying and piling one more lie on top of the
    last lie, and the next lie on top of that last lie, with another on top of that lie, for so long.  Lying to his wife, his children, his
    lovers, his profession, his sponsors, his fans, the world, everyone.  A better person?  He should try being honest for a minute.
    And him a Buddhist too, refraining from lying and refraining from sexual misconduct being pre-requisites for said religion.
sorry Tiger

Let's hope it'll also be a hiatus from infidelity, ignoring his children in favour of shagging waitresses and porn actresses and his ugly hypocrisy.  Gillete arethe frst of his major product endorsement sponsors to shave him out of their ad campaigns.  Someone at Gillette has a sense of humour, "We will support his desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing programmes”. 

I spent a long long time making a new Xmas banner for, but just can't get the settings right so the animated version's going all wrong.  The non-animated version is sweet, but hardly impressive.  The animated version has snow falling, heavier and heavier till the banner is totally white, then a hand wipes the snow off, but that's likely to remain in the Animation Shop, I gave it enough time already.
 Xmas banner 2009
Star smilie clear11/12/09
weekend to myself, shopping, James
Gordon Big-Hearted Arthur Brown and
Todger Wood

Over on The Star Swag Blog there's a New Look blazer and frock.

The Fiancé's away to Cadwell to take a spin round the rack on a Yamaha 600.  He's spending the weekend in the caravan, sooo I decided to stay home in a centrally heated Starry Towers, with the added luxury of a human sized shower cabinet, TV, internet, all my clothes and everything to hand.  And the garden birds need me.  The seed, fat and peanut feeders are well stocked up, but someone has to chip out the solid ice, replenish the fresh water and put out grapes for the Blackbirds, that'll be me then, better give this trip a miss.  He'll be OK, he likes caravans, and he'll have company, The Bro, The Sister-in-law and The Great Dodski are joining him.

Why are we in the EU?  Shouldn't the E stand for EQUALITY as much as European?


Apparently all 27 EU member nations will contribute to the EU part in saving the world from climatic melt-down.  However, The UK will be the largest contributor at £1.5 billion over 3 years, folloed by France and Germany.  France and Germany - both of whom have larger economies than the UK - will pay £300 million less each - about £1.2 billion over three years.  Eastern European countries while protesting they're too poor to pay, have also made contributions although these 'contributions' are mostly merely symbolic.  There's promises of giving cash money and targets for cutting omissions which will obviously cost UK tax payers too.  And that's just considering the EU, there's loads of other countries making a huge impact on the state of the world, Russia, USA, Australia, Japan, China, India, I haven't a clue if they're all going to be so generous and generally kind to the planet.  I get the impression that Gordon Brown seems to be the most generous person on Earth.  Yeah, like we can afford in the middle of a recession, Big-Hearted Arthur that he is.

Lawyers for Tiger Woods have obtained a gagging order to prevent certain information being made public in the UK.  I s'pose most people would imagine that might mean one or more women in the UK may have a story the papers want them to tell.  Could it be that?  What else could it be?  Online I was reading that alleged affair women #9 and #10 are thought to be British.

In case we lose track :

Rumour has it :


# 1   Rachel Uchitel club hostess, denies the affair

# 2   Jamie Grubbs reality show contestant  and cocktail waitress

# 3   Kalika Moquin club manager from Las Vegas, she would neither cofirm nor deny the report

# 4   Cori Rist swimsuit model

# 5   Jamie Jungers former employee of Trashy Girls Lingerie

# 6   Mindy Lawton pancake house waitress

# 7   Holly Sampson former porn star, she has neither confirmed nor denied her affair with Woods.

# 8   Unidentified Alleged Mistress a former cocktail waitress from Orlando

# 9   Unidentified Alleged Mistress reported to be a “sexy” British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married

#10  Unidentified Alleged Mistress reported in a UK paper to be a “sex-addicted cougar.”


So that's 10 and still counting.  Of course we shouldn't believe what we read without real evidence.  This could be mass hysteria, like when Lady Di died di-dee-di-dee-di, sorry I can't say that witout adding that.  Maybe after one woman was reported in the media, rightly or wrongly, to have been having an affair with Todger Woods, a seed was sown.  From which, a low murmur of agitation grew, then spread like mental wildfire, one after the other, women, prone to emotional outbursts, and susceptible to autosuggestion as they are, succumbed to the extreme sexual excitement.  The nympholepsic delirium craze built to a frenzy, multiplying like Swine Flu bacterium on a damp cloth.  This phenomena may reach pandemic levels, by next Tuesday I'll have had an affair with Woody.  He was at St Andrews for the British Open in 2005, I remember it well, he was pumped up and ecstatic after cuming first again in The British Open at the home of golf.  He picked me up in The Jigger Inn late on a Friday night, treated me to a catfish supper on the way back to his place, and that weekend we met three times a day at the Pitmilly West Lodge B & B.  We had little pet names for each other, I called him Easy Tiger, he called me Next.


If I had a golf ball for every time a big wild cat has roared at a cute little pussy, I'd have a lot of balls.  Am I the only person being so Finbarr Saunders over this?  Fnarr fnarr, warf warf, k-woo k-woo.

Star smilie clear10/12/09
The Smoking Stasi, inexpensive swag, Lambrini dancing and Richard Herring has the personal touch
A couple of items by George on The Star Swag Blog.

The Fiancé gets a letter from Falkirk District Council warning him that he had been seen by two of The Smoking Stasi, smoking in his van.  If his van was a business van then he may be charged with, 1. smoking in his own van and 2. not displaying signage indicating the van to be a no smoking area.  They even supplied a handy No Smoking sticky sign for application to the van window, they're ever so helpful.  I don't know what led the Stasi to believe it to be a works van, there's no writing or phone numbers written on the van. 

Much annoyance and disbelief all round here at Starry Towers.  I was annoyed at the cheek of them, and in turn, the government.  And the expense peed me off.  Tax payers money preparing and posting such letters, tax payers money paying the wages of the people involved, for the equipment and supplies, the postage, and I assumed...this could happen again.  I phoned the council explaining that The Fiancé's van is not a business van.  The council lady took note and said she would add the van's details to their data base and they wouldn't trouble us again.  But I asked, is that a national data base or local to Falkirk council?  Local to Falkirk council.  What's the point of that?  There's another 31 Local Councils In Scotland, 88 administrative councils in England and 22 in Wales.  At any time The Fiancé smokes a ciggie in his van anywhere on the UK mainland there's all these other Smoking Stasi out there who could mistake a plain van for a business van and start off a process causing tax payers money to be spent sending out more letters.  Waste of our tax payers money and resources, and trees.

The new Lambrini TV ad has caught my attention, it won't make me drink Lambrini, but it has me thinking.  The music is catchy, a song called Snake sung by Al Wilson from 1968.  The actors portray a variety of young women, at home, work, shopping and the gym are all doing a hyper energetic Lambrini dance.  The routine, christened 'do the Lambrini' is a mixture of line dancing, folk dancing and everyday popular dance, apparently.  The bit I find disturbing is the medical girls in the hospital corridor, three young females in theatre scrub outfits dancing like demented dervish doctors.  Those faces say frustrated Drama School drop-outs on the edge and desperately in need of a drink.  It's a bit mad.  And a bit off, associating the consumption of cheap alcohol with providers of health care, given the association of alcohol and serious illness and the concurrent expense to the NHS.

                       Medical Lambrini dancing

Once I got my www connection back via Orange, I emailed Richard Herring bout his HEAT magazine mention.  He replied this evening, thanking me, he had seen it, thinks he's got a fan at HEAT, someone who was at one of his live As It Occurs To Me shows.  That's the kind of personal touch that we don't expect from the bigger names, he's a man of the people, in touch with the fans.  When Ross and Brand had their, cough cough, erm, problems with Manuel I emailed their web contact addys in support, I never even got an acknowledgement of receipt.  Such is the way of the world I s'pose.  However, a huge big thumbs up to Richard Herring, good guy.  I'd better buy up all his books and DVDs now.  It's no longer good enough to just be the type of fan who remembers him vaguely from Lee and Herring in the '90s, listens to all his free podcast material and dragged The Fiancé along to a Edinburg Fringe Festival gig at The Underbelly this year wearing our his and hers 'Who Is Virgilio Anderson?' T shirts that I had printed specially.
Star smilie clear09/12/09
www via Orange
back again and
Richard Herring on
Never Mind The Buzzcocks
The Fiancé's back home from the Land of the Midnight Sun and Gustav Vigeland sculptures.  Inexplicably he sorted the internet.  What I think has happened is this, our problem was initially the fault of Orange, our router as fine all along, which was what I was trying to tell them in Mumbai or wherever.  While they were fixing it, at my insistence, I got bored and frustrated and started messing around with the router settings.  Orange obviously then sorted out our 'possible activation problem', unknown to me cos by that day I'd made alterations to the router settings.  And alls well that ends well is all I'm saying.  Moving swiftly along...

Richard Herring was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks again tonight.  I thought he was much better in this one than on his last appearance.  Tonight Frankie Boyle was guest host, I liked him in this too, and Richard was invited by him to appear.  Last month Richard was on the episode presented by Frank Skinner, he just seemed quieter on that one, well, in the edited versions which were broadcast he seemed quieter.

In tonight's episode he shone.  Though I didn't particularly like the way Phill Jupitus was looking at him, he seemed to frown at Richard a bit too much and slapped him down a few times at the start of the show.  Might just've been me perceiving it all wrong, cos I know Jupitus is pally with Richard, I've got a podcast with Jupitus and Herring both in.  Was during last year's festive season, the Perfect Ten guys met up with The Collings and Herrin guys.  Richard was quieter on that too, maybe he's a tiny bit intimidated by Jupitus, he shouldn't be, I think he's funnier and comes across as a nicer person, a more appealing person, he's more endearing than Jupitus.

When it comes to podcast reliability, Herring beats Jupitus hands down, if there's one thing you can rely on, it's that 9 times out of ten, when you check to see if there's a new Perfect Ten podcast episode available to download...there won't be.  Herring and Collins do it time and time again, every week.  I know it's good of Jupitus to bother with a free podcast in the first place, he's making enough money from his other endeavours, and I know Herring isn't as big time, he may be doing so much podcasting in the hope of getting back on the telly, he says it often enough, he just wants to get back on the telly.  But still, he does a hellava lot for the fans for free.

Jupitus comes across in his podcasts as a bit too crude, a bit too obnoxious, a bit too arrogant.  When he burps into the mic, I feel like someone just burped in my face, it's rude, when Herring burps, which isn't nearly as often as Jupitus does, I feel like he was burping quietly in the corner, not at me.  That might be cos Perfect Ten has all the professional equipment to deliver top notch feels-like-your-in-the-same-room type sounds, but all the more reason to at least attempt to not burp straight into the mic.  And the Perfect Ten boys, Jupitus and Phil Harding, they seem just too slick, too scripted, and they laugh too hard and too falsely at their own jokes, they just aren't that funny.  Not that my opinion counts for ought, Jupitus's career won't suffer.

Congrats on a great NMTB performance Mr Herring.
Star smilie clear08/12/09
mothers-in-law can
be so embarrassing, Douglas Lindsay
Update, wedding
clobber and Mystery

Mystery Men DVD
Russell Brand Skinned on Ch4 tonight, I had no idea till I tuned in.  Interviewed by Frank Skinner, two of my favourite comedians talking together, don't think I've had that joy since the powers that be stopped broadcastng anything that resulted from Brand and Ross being in the same room at the same time.  Was very good watching, well done guys.  But from what I read very recently Russell and Ross are to be together again on Ch4 at New Year.  Russell tweeted on Twitter that he's done The Big Fat Quiz of the Year with Jonathan on his team.  I don't do Tweeter, Twitter, Tweets or Twits, I read bout it on another website.  Most excellent, I love The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, the only TV worth watching on that particular night of the year.  Looking forward to it big time. is a little non-profit making website, it's just here really cos The Fiancé bought it for me as a pressie.  He has a few websites in his website portfolio, when he found was up for grabs he thought it was a good idea to grab it quick-sticks.  It's a vanity site really, it doesn't make any money, it's not a business.  I use it to blog and publish my photos and graphics, and I'm always learning and improving my website building skills, it's a hobby I enjoy.  It's also good for keeping in touch when The Fiancé's away at work, I can publish photos to keep him up to date with what's happening at Starry Towers, and I know for a fact that The Dad reads me regularly to keep up with his #1 (and only) daughter's life.  It also makes me happy that I can publicise the work of some of my favourite people, like Douglas Lindsay or Richard Herring, every little helps I hope.

Every now and again I Google, it's amazing how the hits coming back on Google increase and expand all the time.  Tonight are estimating to be worth $146 USD.  That's £89.79, I hope The Fiancé keeps thinking I'm worth it, or I might be sold off to the highest bidder.

We're not talking one cocktail waitress, we're not even talkin' one cocktail waitress and one porn actress, or even 2 of each, the total's closer to 7...and counting.  Poor Mr Woods, he's probably got an addiction, there's expensive treatment for that you know.  He could go into a clinic, come out a new, cured, faithful, reformed man.  May well be worth it, for the sake of his endorsement contracts.  Meanwhile his mother-in-law has attracted more attention.  Swedish politician Barbro Holmberg  flew over to support her daughter, and two days later she's in intensive care with what some are suggesting may be an overdose.  Surely not, what sort of mother rushes to support her daughter then gets all hysterically attention seeking with the medicine cabinet?  They're saying Tiger himself may have been at the alcohol and tablets prior to crashing his car after the first of the extramaritals became public news.  That's believable, trying to take some of the heat and blame off his own shoulders and reduce his wife's anger by making himself the sympathy character, by making himself physically ill.  I'll kill myself, that's how badly I'm hurting, poor me.  But of course he won't kill himself because there's only one way to successfully kill yourself...quietly and privately.  Wouldn't wash with me.

I'm enjoying Barney Thomson and the Westminster Christmas Massacre from Douglas Lindsay.  Delivered a chapter a day into my inbox, find the link in
The Lobby.  Meanwhile I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the rare AND signed copy of Douglas Lindsay's Barney Thomson and the Face of Death at a reasonable price from Elvis Shakespeare in Edinburgh, which would have completed my Douglas Lindsay collection.  Well, the bad news came in an email from Elvis Shakespeare with grovelling apologies.  I'd ordered a Viva Las Vegas DVD while I was at it.  They emailed me saying, firstly the Viva Las Vegas DVD had been sold already, AND the Barney Thomson book had been nicked out the shop.  Hmm.  So I was on the hunt again today, and as luck would have it, good fortune was with me.  The good news is on, not, there was one at $40 something, but there was another at $15.  In used condition, but very good condition, 'collectable' condition, and signed.  The seller's shop info said they posted all round the world, so I stuck it in my basket, but at the check-out it said they wouldn't post to my address.  I emailed the seller, she wrote back smartly, saying they'd fixed the Amazon issue.  The p&p was only 7 something dollars, comes to £17.54.  There's still two advertised on, one second hand for £31.87 in total, and a new one from the USA for £47.62 with p&p.  I think I got a bargain, but better wait see if it actually arrives, might get stolen before it gets posted.

I've been giving some serious thought to my wedding dress.  I've been the bride twice before, wore black lacy stuff that wasn't strictly what you could call a wedding dress.  This time it's Limo, professional photography, DVD of the ceremony and being given away by Elvis in Las Vegas, I need a wedding dress.  So what's it to be, full on meringue, short, long, slinky, corset, sleeved?  White, ivory?  Lace, silk, satin?  The choice, though limited to 'dress', is quite extensive.  I'm thinking I fancy fishtail.

I tried to watch Letters From Iwo Jima, but quickly discovered too much Japanese talk mixed in with a load of war doesn't result in too much entertainment factor.  It was so boring, so I stuck Mystery Men on.  The other extreme, piece of whimsy nonsense and far more entertaining, but not exactly captivating.  Maybe I just wasn't in movie watching mood.  Nod to Eddie though.  I guess I'm bored and need The Fiancé to get home, so it's handy that he'll be home tomorrow.  We can then watch Inglorious Basterds and go out together, and generally do other stuff.  He'll fix the www connection problem and make things more interesting all round.

  Star smilie clear06/12/09 
Starry Strawberry
Flan, wedding stuff
and Lesbian Vampire Killers

Lesbian Vampire Killers DVD

Power cut here at Starry Towers earlier today, a bunch of workies outside digging up the pavement.  Not sure if they caused it or were fixing it.  No electricity, so no heating, no hot water, no shower.  Consequently, it was well into the afternoon before I got my shit together.  Once showered and dressed I wrapped Xmas pressies and made a Starry Strawberry Flan with the strawberries I prepared yesterday.  I'm testing it out for Xmas, it might be added as a sweet choice to The Starry Towers Xmas dinner menu.  It's a tricky dish, not to be attempted by amateurs, and very very tasty.  I reckon I'll buy a bunch of strawberries this week, prepare them overnight then freeze till needed, no fighting for strawberries on Xmas Eve.

I've been browsing wedding favours and there's lots of lovely little things available to make our Las Vegas wedding special big day an extra special Las Vegas special big day.  I'm preparing a load of little extras which I can't divulge at this point, it's all a secret.

Watched Lesbian Vampire Killers this evening, it was OK, playing in the background while I was browsing wedding stuff, on a Sunday evening when there was nothing worth watching on the TV, but it's just not good enough to give your full attention to.  It was kinda boring really.

  Star smilie clear05/12/09 
birthday bro and
Internet Update News

  The Brother MoonpiggedHappy Birthday Bro!  It's The Brothers' birthday and I pimped his card, oh yes, he's been Moonpigged. 

The Boy has went to stay the night at his friends' house, his friends' house with a fully functioning www connection, and The Best Friend, my Best Friend came over for one of our Wine 'n' Whine evenings.  We had a good old catch up and she's away home again.

I've tried many times to sort out the Vodafone Content Control thing, still not working.  So I sent an email to Vodafone asking that they take it off or tell me how to, I don't want to access child porn, I don't even want to join the KKK, I only want to read Richard Herrings' blog.  In my usual browsing the only time this Content Control problem has come up is on Richards' site.  Madness.

I've had an email reply from Vodaphone :

Hello Ms. H,

Let me see how I can help you to remove the content control bar from your account.
Ms. H, in order to give you an instant resolution whenever it suits you, we have made this an online only activity.

All you need to do is log in to your online account to get the information you need at your fingertips. you can now remove Content Control yourself online. All you need to do is click here.

You will also have access to an increasing number of online activities and information to help you make the most of your handset and price plan on our fantastic web site. This will also save your time that you spend waiting on a queue over the phone. Your account, your time and now we have given the control back to you.

Alternatively, you can quickly get content access by visiting any of our Vodafone Retail Store along with any form of valid age proof (Drivers license, Passport etc..). You can find the nearest retail store in your area by clicking on Store Locator
Also, if you want me to remove this from your account, than please get back to me with the age proof for e.g (Drivers license, Passport etc..) with the scanned copy in a word format and the details given below:

- The first line of your address and your postcode
- Your date of birth
- Last 3 dial numbers
- Amount of last Top Up.

Once I’ll receive this, I’ll be more than happy to help you.
I’ll look forward to your reply.

Well, that'll be me sorted...not.  An email of crap, you can tell by the turn of phrase this person is not fully understanding where you are coming from.  'All you need to do is log in to your online account to get the information you need at your fingertips.  you can now remove Content Control yourself online.  All you need to do is click here...I smell shite.  Tried it again on the email's unavailable, same as it has been since I first tried yesterday.  I'm thinking I'll have to wait till The Fiancé comes home next week, we can go back up The Centre, and get a shop person to do it.  Email them a scan copy of my passport?  I don't think so.

Orange still hasn't sorted my original and ongoing, and bloody annoying broadband connection problem, they are so looking like history.
Star smilie clear04/11/09 
Vodafone, Richard Herring, Brand and Ross News and Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven DVD
Vodaphone Broadband On The Go thingyThe Fiancé was on the phone last night with the suggestion that I get a Vodafone Broadband On The Go thingy to get myself reconnected to the www as I'm still waiting for Orange to fix it.  Unfortunately that meant a trip to The Centre on a Friday afternoon 3 weeks before Xmas, but I made the most of it and came home with sore feet, some Xmas pressies and a new dressing gown.  The dressing gown's over on The Star Swag Blog.

I also got the Xmas cake, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, nuts, all the Xmas foody things that can be stored from now till then.  And did a bit of wedding ring window shopping, platinum wedding rings aren't cheap.  I want a plain platinum band, if the words 'plain' and 'platinum' belong in the same sentence.  My wedding ring should be in keeping with and sit nicely with the type of band my platinum and diamond engagement ring is.

The shopping trip took over 5 hours, I got home tired, weary and weighed down.

The really good news is I've got internet access.  Orange haven't fixed it, this is the Vodafone thingy.  It was advertised in the shop at £35, at the checkout it came up as only £30 and this price includes a £15 top up.  £15 gives you approximately 30hrs of ordinary browsing and obviously downloading will use up more money.  I'll just use it to check emails/messages, online shopping, maintaining MarilynsWorld and downloading my fav podcasts.  I registered at the Vodafone website so I can access my account to check my balance.

Then I tried to visit Richard Herring's website, but found I was blocked due to a something called Content Control, I'm stunned.  What has he done that's so bad?  So that's online porn and Richard Herring parentally controlled.

This setting can be changed on the Vodafone website when you provide a credit card details that prove your over 18, but that particular account settings feature isn't working tonight, so no porn and no Mr Herring for me.  He writes a daily blog I enjoy dipping into occasionally, and I also wanted to see what he wrote bout his mention in HEAT mag.

Our sons and daughters are allowed to join the armed forces at age 16, they can leave home, search for their birthparents if they're adopted, marry without parental consent, drink alcohol as long as it's beer or wine and consumed with a meal, under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child they are responsible for any crime they may have committed from the age of 8, but if they want to read Richard Herring's blog via a Vodafone broadband connection...forget it.  The Headmaster's Son controlled, even in his 40s, like Vodafone took over from his Dad.

And along the same lines, I've managed to successfully hide the fact that I have a broadband connection via the Vodafone thingy from The Boy.  He's pretty pissed off at not getting online to play his PSP games with his mates, but he's remained cheerful enough, he spent this evening at a friend's house playing PSP games online, so he's not had to go cold turkey.  I offered that he could stay here till Monday night cos I'm on holiday, he declined, said he'll just go back to his Dad's on Sunday night, his Dad's, which has a fully functioning www connection.  He usually prefers to be in Sunny D given half a chance.

Something I learned on the
Collins and Herring podcast recently, episode #91.  I'm not surprised, I just wish this information was available back when the story first broke and I was defending them to everyone who was soooo disgusted.  Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross did not leave messages on Andrew Sach's answering machine.  The BBC does not allow calls to be made to answering machines, the 'messages' were recorded in the studio, they were virtual, they never REALLY happened, not to Sachs in his own home.  Therefore a BBC producer type person released their studio messing about and the news media made such a big lie of it all, resulting in those people of the UK, the idiotic complain-about-anything-the-papers-tell-them-to-complain-about members of the UK public over-reacted, as is so boringly normal for that kind of fool these days, believing that those recordings were on Andrew Sach's answering machine.  When did Sach's first hear it then?  At what point did he start to think he should be indignant and offended?  Most likely just about the same moment his grand-daughter realised she thought she might benefit from the publicity.

I watched Ocean's Eleven, nothing more to say really.

Star smilie clear03/11/09 
HEATed Richard
Herring, Orange turns
air blue, Bird News,
Tiger burning not so bright, ridiculous forenames and Mallrats

Mallrats DVD
Richard Herring in HEATWas pleasantly surprised to spot Richard Herring in HEAT this week.  HEAT, the magazine, not a state of arousal.

He's one of my favourite podcasters, and Frank Skinner, Jonathan Ross.  Skinner and Ross do get paid to do their radio shows, then the shows gets podcasted.  Whereas Herring and Collins put in a lot of effort for no direct financial gain, you practically can't shut Richard Herring up, not that you should.  He's a very funny man, I think he's at his funniest when he's just talking away with Collins.

Collins is interesting and a pleasure to listen to, they compliment each other perfectly.

I'd have emailed Mr Herring to ensure he was aware of his HEAT mention, if my www provider was better.

Yes this is The Star Blog back following a period of www disconnection.  All was well on the morning of the 2nd, came back from work that evening, no www.  Everything was working except the bit where the Belkin router talks to the internet.  I set up the older Netgear router, everything was working except it too couldn't talk to the internet.  I went to bed early.

Next morning my problem persisted.  Seems obvious I should be talking to my internet provider...Orange.  Here's a tip if you encounter a problem, don't phone the tech support guys, phone the main number and chose the 'I'm thinking of leaving' option.  It's a 0844 number, but there is no other choice at this stage.  The phone is answered almost immediately and if your from the UK, your talking to a person with an accent you can understand, and they can understand you.  I told the guy I was thinking of leaving Orange because my router can't connect to the www.  In some circumstances that would sound unreasonable, but in this case, totally reasonable.  This got the guy trying to connect me to the tech guys, but the waiting time was horrendous and he offered I could either hang on OR he'd call me back when he got through to them.  No me back please, so far so promising.

He phoned back real quick and passed me to the techs, and guess what?  The tech guys aren't in the UK, can British people not fix www issues?  He insisted we try several procedures, which he talked me through step by step, no joy, he'd mentioned during the conversation that at some point down the line they could test the line.  Testing the line is what I wanted, because it seemed the most likely cause of my problem and even if it wasn't the cause, to know it wasn't the cause would help me immensely.  At the end of his unsuccessful procedure talk through he told me to take it up with the router manufacturer.  Most unhelpful and bloody stupid.  I told him that I wanted him to test the line, off he went, came back with some convoluted speech about there being a possibility of an activation problem with their systems therefore he advised I get the router checked out first.  WHAT?  I fed some of his words back to him, quoting and asking 'what does that mean?'.  It meant the fault could be with Orange...I had to force his hand and insisted that yes I would like him to pass this onto his supervisor team to have that possibility of an activation problem looked into and if existing, sorted.

It was then he broke the news that this could take up to 5 working days.  One full week with no www, I can do that easy...IF I'm away from home, on holiday, having fun with hunners of things to do and see and generally fill my days and nights with!  I asked him about going to another company, if I switched companies now could I be back online sooner, he didn't know.  The call ended cordially enough with me saying I would be investigating the leaving option, and we wished each other well.  I switched the phone off then back dial tone, tried again, just crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr noise, again...the same, arghhhh! 

Then I heard a woman's foreign voice on the line, unintelligible, then the tech guy was on the line again...can you hear me?  are you still there?  I said yes, and I don't know why, I switched the phone off and your still there.  He asked if I wished his supervisors to end the call, fer fecks sake...YES.  He told me to hold on while that happened.  Meanwhile the woman starts asking me why I'm still on the line, count to ten, I explained there was a man on the line too and he was away to get the supervisors to end the call, she asked 'you would like the call to end?' YES! YES!  For the love of god YES!  I want this call to end.  The call ended.

I called another provider who was understandably pleased to hear from me, she explained there's a 14 day cooling-off period before you can move to another provider and a migration code is required.  Damn and blast, this all wasn't helping me cool off, quite the opposite.  Obtaining a migration code gave me the perfect reason to call Orange on that 'I'm thinking of leaving' option again.  A woman quickly answered and chased up what the tech guy had done earlier, reassuring me that he had put the problem to the most senior team, the highest in the land, or maybe in a foreign land.  I got the code and it's valid till 2nd January, plenty time to consider my options of which company to move to.  I was hopeful, though in no way certain, that my calls to the 'thinking of leaving' option may have helped my case.

This post was written yesterday, the 3rd, but didn't get posted till the 4th after I got some www access back.

Look who came to dinner.  The Gold Finches have found the Niger seed, it works a treat.  And the Blue Tits and Great Tits are making good use of the window feeder.  They like it best when the blinds are down and the kitchen lights off, making it impossible to get a photo.  When I raise the blinds they use the feeder very very briefly, snatch and fly, making it nearly impossible to get a picture.  I'll keep trying to get a better picture.
    a Great Tit at window feeder       a Gold Finch at the Niger Seed  
     What's the time Mr Woods?  On ITV Thursday morning, the news presenter people went from telling the sorry Tigers tale, to some other non-related story.  A piece of video tape showing some guy visiting some third world country, he's playing with the kids, back in the studio the presenters ask, and what's he doing there?  The bloke in the studio says...he's playing What's The time Mr Woods.  It's divorce and losing a vast fortune time.  Silly bugger, why do they do it, beautiful wife and kids, international fame, respect and admiration.  Problem with respect and admiration being your cash yourself up as a disrespectful lying cheat, unworthy of admiration, you can watch your earning abilities shrink.  Totally utterly embarrassing.

The trend for uncommon, strange, made-up children's names is usually in the media when well known famous folks do silly, but usually pretty names.  Apart from maybe Sparrow, when that boy's old enough he's so going to want to strangle his parents and change his name, in that order.  Even the idea of shortening it to something more macho and cool, what's he gonna do, Spa?  Spar?  Spaz?  But this couple of unknowns in Derby, Sara 39 and Stephen 40 take attention-seeking parenting to the outer limits.  A minor detail...13 of them are hers, only the last 12 are his.  Her oldest son is 21 and has the boring name, Patrick.  Patrick moved out at age 8, when Sara and Stephen set up home together.  In the subsequent 13 years the happy couple have produced 12 kids and given them some of dumbest names ever, names that may suit movie and book characters, but will be difficult to live with.

First up, number 1 son
Stephen, named after Daddy, got off lightly.  Then came Malachai, named after Sara's Uncle Malachai, no I'm kidding, named after a horror movie character in Children Of The Corn.  Third along, their first girl...Peppermint, named after her mother's pregnancy craving, thankfully she hadn't been craving pork scratchings, turnips or coal.  Then came Echo, that's a boy, boy, boy, boy.  Next Eli, boy or girl...I'm not sure, the article I read doesn't give that info.  Followed by daughter Rogue, a character in X-Men.  Here's a really bad one, next out the baby machine was son Frodo, named after a hobbit, that's just cruel.  Next, another boy, Morpheus...The Matrix.  Then boy Artemis, after a kid's book Artemis Fowl.  Girl Blackbird came along very shortly after, we can only assume she was named after a Blackbird.  Another girl, Baudelaire, from the book series, Lemony Snicket...A Series Of Unfortunate Events.  If you had a string of children, would you lumber one of them with a connection to the book title 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events'?  No, me neither.  S'pose it could've been obviously worse, she's not named Lemony Snicket.  Next along, Vorhees Halloween, after fictional serial killer, Jason Vorhees from the Friday The 13th movie franchise.  The poor wee soul is 11 months old, what lies ahead for him, we can only despair.

I checked back, and count 12, so I think I got them all.  Another little snippet of ridiculousness, the extremely fertile mother wanted to call Baudelaire something even worse, because she thought it sounded 'pretty'...Sinn Fein, yep Sinn Fein, an Irish political party with IRA associations.

Things could be worse, Stephen works, so they only get £2108 in family tax credit and £507 in family allowance a month.  And she hasn't stopped yet, says she'll be knocking them out one after the other till she can't physically do it any longer.  This is all according to Closer magazine, I'm offline, I'm reading Closer magazine.

Watched Mallrats on my own.  It was fine, with a good portion of Jay and Silent Bob.  I can't review very well tonight, I'm OFF-LINE, I was bored already before even sticking the DVD in the player.
Star smilie clear01/12/09 
early Crissie pressie,
bin fooled, Das Uber apology, Bin News and a Super Lorry

Barney Thomson & The Westminster Christmas Massacre by Douglas LindsayMy favourite author is Douglas Lindsay, he of the Barney Thomson novels.  Barney Thomson is a Glaswegian barber, there's appalling haircuts, murder and much hilarity.  No hilarity for Barney, he's on the dour side, but for the rest of us, truly funny stuff.  Douglas Lindsay has just started the bloodiest advent calendar in history, giving us Episode 1 of his new online Barney Thomson novel for Christmas.  The tale will be told in 19 parts, finishing on Christmas Day.

Barney Thomson & The Westminster Christmas Massacre 
tells a heart-warming and festive tale of murder, greed, death, blood and mince pies.  You can get your online Xmas treat daily at his website or direct to your email in-box by signing up for his newsletters.

I've got all his stuff, including a signed copy of the novella  Barney Thomson and the Face of Death published in 2002, which is winging it's way to me since purchasing it today from specialist music and book dealers Elvis Shakespeare on Leith Walk in Edinburgh.  If you ever see a copy of this book anywhere, snatch it up.  Other than this copy at Elvis Shakespeare the only ones I could find on the entire www were a second hand at £30 and a new one for £47.

Mine was £15, I think I got a bargain, unless Mr Lindsay's publishers reissue it in vast quantities tomorrow.

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Uber alles in der Welt, Germany, Germany above all, Above everything in the world.  Pete Doherty has offended Germans at a live radio broadcast gig in Munich by singing the first stanza of their national anthem Das Deutschlandlied.

These days only the third stanza is acceptable, the first stanza isn't, how the hell is a drug addled, permanently stoned waster s'posed to know that?  No seriously, how are most non-Germans s'posed to know that?  He apologises for the offence caused, as I'd better do too now.  Sorry.  It's getting so easy to offend people these days, I used to have to try a lot harder.

Das Deutschlandlied

Bin News :  The Dad did my bin for me this week, which consisted of taking the blue bin, the one for paper and cardboard, out to the kerbside yesterday morning and bringing it back in that evening.  I went to put, well mainly packaging from my new swag, into the blue bin this morning and it was still full.  Seems they'd bin and didnae dae it.

I don't know what The Dad did to upset the bin men, but they obviously weren't happy.  Maybe the bin was positioned with the handle away from the kerb, they're getting very precious these refuse technicians.  I remember, back in my home-village when I was a youngster, a bin man receiving a broken shard of mirror in his back when he hoisted a bin bag over his shoulder.  Now they won't go near a bin if the lid isn't tightly down.

a super lorryA 25.25m (83ft) long super lorry has been blocked from being driven on public roads by police in Lincolnshire.  The new longer vehicle was being driven from the headquarters of owners Denby Transport, in Lincoln, when having travelled just a little over the length of itself police stopped it.  Police say it's too long to be lawful, bit of a waste of time, money and effort then, unless the 'free' advertising makes their money back.


By comparison, a normal articulated lorry is 16.5m (54ft) long and a "bendy-bus" is 18m (59ft).  Lawyers for the super lorry say it isn't breaking the law, police say they stopped the super lorry while they investigate if it's breaking the law because they obviously suspect it does.  Looks to me that the lorry people must've informed the authorities when they intended to have the journos and cameras prepared for the lorry launch.

  Star smilie clear30/11/09
cold arses, St
Andrew's Day and Quantum shite

Google St Andrew Holiday Logo
 You know the temperature outdoors is dropping here in Scotland when the loo seat is cold on your bum, in your centrally heated dwelling.  First time I noticed that here at Starry Towers this winter  Dspie te cntralheating being preprogrmme tokic intwo hurs before my arrival home after a 13hr shift, the glitter loo seat near took my breath away hen I got home.  And it didn't heat up for the rest of the night before I went to bed either.  The Starry Towers loos have the very same type of silver glitter loo seat made infamous by MP John Reid claiming the £29.99 back in his expenses.  We've got two of them here at Starry Towers, neither one of them were claimed on expenses.  I don't get 'expenses' except in exceptional circumstances.  I think the glitter loo seat is so exceptionally lovely I should get to claim...but I'm just an NHS nurse.

St AndrewHappy St Andrew's Day to all you Star Blog readers.  Google marked the day on it's UK search page.  He's a bit miserable looking for someone who's got his own Day.  Patron Saint of Scotland, he also holds the Patron Saint title in Greece, Romania, Russia and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople AND also Germany, Austria and Poland recognise St Andrew's feast day.  His day is Scotland's official national day.  In 2006, the Scottish Parliament designated St. Andrew's Day as an official bank holiday.  It doesn't make any sort of impact on a Scotland usual day and it's all a bit too Catholic for me, a bit too religious.  Blogging here this evening about St Andrew is the first time his name was mentioned in my day, which I spent at work, mingling with hospital staff, patients, their families and my Mum and Dad.  A bigger impact is felt in the country on Burn's Day, January 25th, and when I say bigger impact, some people go out and eat haggis...that's it.  I don't grudge them their annual haggis dinner night out, it's a nice tradition, and more power to them and their haggis, especially these days now these things are no longer predominantly a male-only domain.  St Andrew's Day is a official Flag Day, and this is probably the most important factor, it gives us a proud to be Scottish boast, while reminding us that the other non flag days leave us down-trodden yet again to England.  It's a double-edged shitty sword. 

The Scottish Government's flag-flying regulations state that The Saltire shall fly on all its buildings with a flagpole.  The Union Flag is also flown if the building has more than one flagpole.  The arrangements for the United Kingdom Government in Scotland are the opposite.  They fly the Union Flag, and will only fly the Saltire if there is more than one flagpole.  Prior to 2002, the Scottish Government followed the UK Government's flag days and would only fly the Union Flag on St Andrew's Day on these UK Government buildings in Scotland.  The regulations were updated to state that the Union Flag would be removed and replaced by the Saltire on these UK Government buildings within Scotland that have only one flagpole.


The British Army has dropped the Union Flag in their recruitment campaigns in Scotland instead preferring to portray only The Saltire.  So the British Army will hide their Union Jack and use the Saltire to appeal to the Scottish youth, portraying a Braveheart connection, to inspire our kids to put their young lives on the front line in Iraq or Afghanistan, bt they won't fly The Saltire on top Edinburgh Castle...ever...they only fly the Union Jack on the main mast on the clock tower at Edinburgh Castle, relegating The Saltire to the smaller/lower flag pole of the Half Moon Battery.  Google ignored that when they made their Edinburgh Castle Logo showing only a Saltire.


Quantum Crap

While I'm on the subject of organisations abusing The Saltire, I'm extremely angry at Quantum Claims...on two counts.  "A champion who will fight for your claim and maximum compensation.  The first to offer the NO WIN, NO FEE service in Scotland. Who wins 98% of cases."  There seems precious little I can do to reverse the general direction the UK is goingwith the despicable Conditional Fee Arrangements (CFA's).  The No Win No Fee culture which appears to be turning everyone's heads.  National moral decline on the down and down.   A drain on our national resources that we can't afford.  That and the media in general, turning too many of us into brain-dead, winging, unreasonable, complaining, fast-buck, greedy bastards who seek fame and/or fortune by what-ever means.  The people who would take massive pay-outs by suing the NHS for minor mistakes, human-error type stuff, they're robbing their fellow tax-payers of millions.  Taking huge pay-outs from the NHS...where do they think that money is coming from?  The Bank Of The Cash Cow Infinitive Huge Amounts Of Dosh?  They are robbing their fellow tax paying human beings of health care.  The money that goes to them via their No Win No Fee claims comes at the expense of the rest of us.  So there's less money to go to the least dynamic and lower priority areas...the elderly usually, being old isn't glamorous, being old and suffering from dementia, is even less popular.  I use the word 'suffering' with a purpose, it is a suffering.  You can call it 'experiencing', 'having', a 'diagnosis', 'got dementia', 'have dementia', 'with dementia', you can say it whatever way you want...but I tend to think of it as 'suffering dementia'.  I've nursed enough dementia over the last 26 years to be qualified in my choice of terminology.


But however greedy and selfish the claimants, the biggest winners with the No Win No Fee are the lawyers as is explained by 


And back to Quantum Claims.  How very dare they abuse The Saltire and The Highlands in their advertising images.  The TV ad makes me want to vomit, causes me to feel nauseous each and every time it coms on the TV. 


Quantum Claims and many many others, it's a thriving growth industry...make massive and totally amoral fortunes from representing these cases..thanks to the government.  But then our MPs are always looking to make their own fortunes from us tax payers.  It's sick, the UK is a sick nation, when a country is ruled and run by bankers, lawyers, managers and MPs whoare all being permitted to run riot...who or what can save us?

  Star smilie clear29/11/09
the wedding planner
 Soon I'll be changing the name of The Fiancé to "The Husband".  While he's in the middle of the North Sea The Fiancé's filling his spare time arranging our wedding.  We've already discussed and agreed on where and how we want to do this to have and to hold, sicknes and ealh tingandthe son o b Th Huband s mkin itallhappe.  I just need to sort out what I intend to ear and pick the rings.

It's so exciting, we're getting married in 2010 at The Graceland Wedding Chapel on The Strip, Las Vegas.  The Graceland Wedding Chapel is the home of the original Elvis wedding ceremony, we're having The Concert With The King package with our Elvis wearing the black leather outfit. 

Concert with The King

Use of chapel
Graceland Wedding Chapel
Choice of Elvis Theme: Gold Lame, Black Leather Jumpsuit or Aloha     
Elvis will escort the Bride down the aisle and give her away
Elvis will sing 5 songs
Specialty Cascade Bouquet and Boutonniere
Professional Photography
12-4x6's 6-5x7's 3-8x10's
DVD of Ceremony
Certificate Holder

Copy of Elvis and Priscilla's marriage certificate

Las Vegas preparing for our arrivalBellagio Lakeview SuiteNot sure why we want a copy of Elvis and Priscilla's marriage certificate, as long as they give us a copy of ours I'll be perfectly happy.  The Elvis wedding is just the icing on the great big Las Vegas cake.  We'll be resident for 8 nights at The Bellagio on Las Vegas Boulevard, in a Lakeview Suite, it all looks absolutely fabulous.  The Bellagio is a 30 story luxury hotel and casino on The Lakeview Suites, as their name view from The Bellagiosuggests, look out on the 8-acre (32,000 m2) lake which sits between the hotel and the Strip, and houses the Fountains of Bellagio, a large dancing water fountain synchronized to music.  I think there'll be a lot of taxi rides, just to get off the hotel grounds.


I found some pics on the www, and the suites look gorgeous, see a plan of the layout here.  We'll be looking out on the lake and the replica Eiffel Tower.  I've got the guide books ordered at Amazon, but while I wait for them I'm thinking of The Hoover Damn, Grand Canyon, The Eiffel Tower Restaurant and Cirque du Soleil's "O", which is The Bellagio's resident show, The Volcano Euption at the Mirage Hotel, The Fremont Street Experience, a Gondola Ride at the Venetian, a Big Shot at the Stratosphere and maybe even sky diving 2 miles down into the surrounding desert. 


Bellagio and fountains at night Bellagio Las Vegas Strip at night

  Star smilie clear28/11/09
denier upgrade, punky
fairy ra ra bliss of the
blue variety, Diet News, lip care and Jerry MaGuire

Boohoo jersey long sleeve body black

Dualit chrome scales

Jerry MaGuire DVD
 the blue versionCurrent discount code for New Look is  VIP20AF, 20% off, ends 30/11/09.  I bought 120 denier tights, my Secret Santa stuff for the work mate girl and...THE reson I did the New Look shopin th fist lac...a stunin ble vrsin of he black punky fairy net ra ra mini skirt I got from recently.  My usual denier of black tights is 60, this new modern 120 holds a proise of denier density without becoming 'woolly', which was previously unthinkable and I couldn't even dream of. 
I also had to get some more bodies.  The best bodies are either basic black jersey or black lace.  The body gives the look of a top tucked in, without the tuck-in annoyance factors.  The tuck-in annoyance factors being tops coming out and needing tucked in again, the disruption to your sleek slinky body shape caused by added tuck-in-width and bottom-half-garment show-through-lines...VPL is bad enough, but visible T shirt/top  lines on the hips and bum are worse. 

I'm especially enjoying the body factor and shopping for clothes cos I'm down to 8st 3lbs.  I was checking back on the Star Blog, 22/02/09 I was 8st 5.  I'm happy with what my particularly stylish, retro and gorgeous chrome Dualit scales are telling me, but I do recall being 8st 2 and 8st and even 7st 12 before, back in my 20s and 30s...back then, those weights were too thin, I looked a bit gaunt, people wasted no time in telling me so.  DAMN the aging process, damn it very much.
love your lips
Lips.  I don't wear lipstick, it's never appealed to me, too gloopy, messy, staining..too high-maintenance, and an unpleasant taste.  But I do do lip care, lips need moisturising and protection from cold, heat and the sun.  My lip care recommendations are Blistex Relief Cream (previously Blisteze), French Vanilla Softlips and Strawberry Chap Stick .  Blistex works in every situation, it works quick and it gives a nicely minty tingling with a real long lasting lip buzz, which is nice.  If your lips are hurting in any which way, if it's a lip emergency...get the Blistex out.  When you don't require actual lip treatment and would prefer to apply the product straight onto your lips, and not have to use a finger, French Vanilla Softlips is most pleasant.  Back when I had a sense of smell I remember the lovely yummy scent of this, now I don't have the pleasure of it's smell, I have to admit that good old Strawberry Chap Stick is better.  The moisturising properties of the Chap Stick outweigh the Softlips, and I can taste the strawberry flavour of the Chap Stick on my lips, the Softlips doesn't give me any flavour.

I watched Jerry MaGuire this evening, and now I recall why I always hated The Cruiser so much.  Nominated for 5 Oscars?  Really?  I find that hard to believe.  Why?  Renee Z also bored the tits off per.  I did enjoy noting some of the famous quotes that I know are famous cos they've been quoted and parodied all over the place...'show me the money' and 'you complete me' are the two that stand out.  5 Oscar nominations...really?
  Star smilie clear27/11/09
Secret Santa,
Watchmen and the
best song in the
history of the known cosmos

Watchmen DVD
 I thought I was reducing the Xmas shopping, but today was pushed, arm up my back, into the Secret Santa at work.  I've never participated in any such nonsense in my entire life before, however, I just moved to a new ward.  When the girls suggeste I miht antto,I sid I nowI soul toingraiate myself with my new workmates...BUT I never have before, I never do, and I never will.  The response from thegirls...a couple of them were hollering YES!!, others were saying...BUT BUT BUT...there are no BUTS!  Then someone said...TEN!!!  I made the numbers up to 10, an equal number is required for a Secret Santa.  The money they're talking is £10pp...I was immediately aware that no-one involved in my ward inauguration ceremony and virgin Secret Santa could buy anything I could possibly want for a tenner.  They don't know me, people who know me intimately can't shop for me without detailed instructions, people who know me intimately can't shop for me on a tenner.  At that stage I was adapting to the slightly sore idea that it was now inevitable, 10 of my Scottish pounds would go out there and be replaced by an item of no taste, no worth and not for me. 

Whatever it would be, there would be no yo-ho-ho Yuletide joy for me, and the item would, without doubt, somewhere down the line, go to The Mum's fav charity church sale.  Then I had an idea that can't go wrong, I announced...wee clue for the person who pulled my name...I like milk chocolates.  A tenners worth of Thorntons, Celebrations or Roses...would not be handed over to a charity sale.  Now all I have to do is make some enquiries bout the nurse I have to buy for...I'm thinking a bottle of spirits or...chocolates.

The Boy and I watched Watchmen this evening.  Ups and downs, got a bit mad, ultimately works out OK, loads of great visuals and characters you like, just a bit convoluted and drawn out getting there.  So long and drawn out The Boy got off his chair, lay on the fireside rug and fell asleep about 10 minutes before it ended...shame.  There was one scene that will stay with me forever, the lurve scene with Dan and Laurie when they eventually connect and get it on.  It’s so striking it made both, The Boy and me sit up, and we shared a family history moment.  Years ago, when he was but a boy, boy with a lower case b, I’d told him bout when I was but a girl, Star with a lower case s.  If a sex scene of any kind, good ones and bad, came on the telly, The Mum would tell The Dad, ‘turn that over’.  The Dad would have a choice of 2, then 3 other channels to turn that over to.


With Watchmen, Dan and Laurie, when it happened, and we knew it would at some point, we both, smiling then laughing, said...turn that over!  The song for that scene, was the best of what was a brilliant soundtrack that I will purchase on CD.  I love the song Hallelujah, never could make my mind up before on what's the best version, but now I know, it's old suicide manual himself,  Leonard Cohen, providing he soundtrack for the most uplifting, wonderful, hot and life-affirming movie sex scene I can recall ever.  When The Fiancé gets back from the North Sea, I know what the backing track will be.  Yes, Ride Of The Valkyries by The Budapest Symphony Orchestra, that's on the CD too.

  Star smilie clear26/11/09
Xmas shopped and
a great big greetin'
baby are giving £5 off a £50 spend on DVD and Blu-ray, use discount code PLANW09 at the checkout. 

Got most of my Xmas shopping done, sitting at the laptop.  That's The Boy, The Mum and The Dad sorted, just to think what to get The Fiancé and I'll be done.

OMG...that greetin' Scottish interior designer in th junge. Youd tinksomeoe had died the way he was carrying on.  They are civilly partner-shiped gay couple Justin and Colin, one of them's been voted out, I don't know which one's which, but one's in a comfy hotel living it up and the other is bawling and sobbing on a camp bed with the creepy-crawlies.  The happy one is trying to encourage Scots to vote to keep the sad one in the jungle, referring to him as a 'Braveheart'.  Braveheart he is not, more like a big lumpy faced girl. 
                 the Scottish interior designers kiss goodbye  the sad one  the sad one

  Star smilie clear25/11/09
stormy weather, iPods, Zebras, Buzzcocks, Almost Famous and War and Peace

Almost Famous DVD
 It's been blowing a hoolie here all day and into the night, high winds and heavy rain from start of the day, blogging here tonight, it sounds like it'll still be around when I wake tomorrow.  The Starry Towers hatches are well batoned down, so no worries.

The Boy cracked the screen of hs iPo Clssi a hil back and more recently he's been missing it cos he's got no more space for music in his now full phone memory.  eeling brave I thought I could obtain a new screen and replace it myself.  I prepared well, I watched the directions videos on YouTube and obtained a new screen and an iPod Opening Tool, an all inclusive deal for only £8.45 from  This afternoon I set out everything I needed and sat down in front of YouTube.  The problems started almost immediately, the iPod Opening Tool was wearing away bit by bit while I tried fruitlessly to separate the front from the back for approximately 20 minutes.  Eventually it worked and I was in the guts of an iPod, something I thought I'd never see.  There's ribbon cables to be disconnected and screws to be unscrewed, very very very tiny screws, do not do this over a carpeted surface...I didn't, and when one of them dropped for the fourth time I was pleased bout the laminate flooring. 

None of this is easy let me tell you, and it gets worse.  Make sure you've got some of those tiny little screw-drivers, a star and a straight tip.  Small tabs have to be lifted and the ribbon cables released, and in this way the hard drive comes out, then the screen.  Fitting the new screen goes ok, the screen ribbon cable goes back in fine eventually, it's footery and it takes me quite some time and many attempts to understand how to do it, but it gets done and with the achievement comes a greater sense of 'I can do this'.  But I can't.

My downfall comes with the hard drive.  Trying to make the ribbon cable go back in and stay back in fails, the tab I lifted to release the cable won't stay down then after many many shots, it does.  I think that's it but it's not, cos the hard drive isn't functioning anymore.  Pressing on the iPod buttons isn't inspiring the hard drive to 'hum' and gently buzz it's usual start up vibration you can only feel with your finger-tips on the iPod, like it had been doing.  Loads of little things could be wrong, all the minor changes I make, reinserting ribbon cables and resetting tabs make no difference.  Around about now The Boy gets home from school...I realise I must've been doing this iPod screen replacement for at least 2 hours, I start to hurt, physically and mentally.  I pull myself together, quick hard slap to the face, I can do this!  Come on... come on!  Think like a lid-lifter, think out of the box.  I get a cable and attach the iPod to the lappie thinking maybe the battery ran down, I should be so lucky.  I'm so frustrated by this time that I re-release another ribbon cable to see if maybe that one isn't reconnected properly, reconnect it and press down the tab, this is where it all goes to total hell.  The bit that cable has to fit back into falls out, in my attempts to insert that itsy bitsy bit back in, it becomes apparent that little piece of 2mm by 2mm plastic has to slide back onto 3 intricate minute metal wire loop things...impossible, then one of the miniscule wire loops breaks off.  I stick everything in the bin and ask The Boy which colour of 16GB iPod Nano with video camera and radio function he wants for Christmas.  Black...The Boy's got taste.  And that's my 2009 Christmas what-to-get-The-Boy problem solved.  Good stuff, I immediately started surfing the best www's Amazon btw, done and done.

Zebra Expandz telescopic penZebra pens and pencils are so cool, I've got loads of their mechanical pencils and Expandz pens.  I just got my hands on their latest Expandz pen in this totally lovely zebra print..gorgeous.

Left on my own this evening, The Boy away to his Dad's and The Fiancé in the middle of the North Sea, l watched Never Mind The Buzzcocks, another stand-in host, David Walliams this time.  Not sure when or if Simon Amstell is due to return after his stand-up tour, missing him very muchly, though the stand-in host Frank Skinner episode was great, and the stand-in host Martin Freeman (of The Office fame) episode was pretty fantastic too, with that stupid Dino Contostavlos AKA 'Dappy' from N-Dubz' displaying his stroppy immature inner-aggression, hood up, hood down, jacket on, jacket off...sit still boy!  When he mistook Martha Wainwright for Cerys Matthews, that was priceless, TV gold.  What an idiot.

Dappy has more recently had to present himself, along with fellow band member Fazer, to a police station to make statements regarding an alleged incident which involved a woman reporting a rape.  A third man, Junior Edwards who is part of the group's entourage, was also asked to help police with their inquiries.  The alleged incident occurred in the early hours of November 14th after the band duo went back to their Butlins Holiday Camp accommodation in Skegness with Junior Edwards and three women.

One of the women said she was raped and assaulted. The other two women said they were also assaulted at the holiday camp.  Edwards has been bailed until February 15 on suspicion of rape and common assault.

After Buzzcocks I watched the movie Almost Famous.  It was pretty disappointing but exactly what it said on the DVD cover and that's probably why it's taken me so long to get round to watching it...on my own.

I'm preparing myself for Tolstoy's War and Peace, it's gonna take a lot of time, a huge chunk of my life.  And that's just the downloading of all the free audio book mp3 files from Librivox.  That's a massive endeavour, downloading, sorting out the properties of each file then loading it all up to my iPod, but I think I've reached a degree of maturity where I can do this...I'll let you know how it goes.



  Star smilie clear24/11/09
shopping with Mum, Pineapple Express,
The Fiancé's latest R6 project on the road, Polyvore and Shirl on Norton

Pineapple Express DVD
 Discount code for, 10% off and free delivery this week with the code MR52.  And a discount code for, giving 20% off everything when you order before 14/12/09, enter REAP at the checkout.  I haven't shopped there myself as yet so ow ma bea god imeto hae a look.  Ooops, I forgot I've stopped doing ME shopping till after Xmas and the Starry Sojourn planned for March 2010.  In the same state of forgeful fugue I bought a few items today.  Out with The Mum and enjoyed a very pleasant girly day shopping up The Centre.  I wasn't outrageous though, a brown faux fur trapper hat from Peacocks and a silver one from Clair's Accessories, and a couple of colourful bras from Peacocks, one red and one bright blue, on a BOGOHP offer.  The hats are just as special as my black Urban Outfitters version, yet the UO one cost £22, the Clair's Accessories one £16 and the Peacocks only £8.  They're varying shades of very very similar hats.  All made of 100% realistic faux fur polyester, all silky lined, with pom-poms, all soft and cosy.  And I imagine they all came from the same or a close neighbour source, gives an indication of the price mark ups of the different stores.  I think my favourite is the Clair's silver one.

The stuff I ordered from arrived today, the lace leggings are good, I got the size 8, fit lovely and good quality.  And that ever so cute looking little black mini ra ra net skirt is truly cute, black, a ra ra and made of net, it's also very little, it's itsy bitsy loveliness shines through and I love it, a punky fairy princess skirt. 

The Fiancé's away back to the Land of the Vikings and A-Ha, more accurately...he's away back to the Sea of the Vikings and A-Ha, back on an oil rig, so The Boy and I settled down to watch Pineapple Express.  This was a bit slow in appealing to me, and the other two main guys, James Franco and Danny McBride were funnier than Rogan Josh, but it hit my H Spot a bit later.  There were a load of funny bits and funny characters, in the end both The Boy and I gave it an 8.

The Fiancé's latest bike project was turning one of his two older race bike R6s back into the original road bike it started life as.  He's got a newer R6 race bike now, so he sold one of the old girls to The Bro a while back, and recently set about rebuilding and tarting up the remaining twin to take her from the race track to the road.  The twins were bought as road bikes but neither had ever seen a road, they were immediately stripped down and rebuilt for optimum speed.  He'd saved all the original road fairings and parts so it was a case of strip and build.  This bike used to look like this blue one at the race track, she's now got her original showroom, brand new and unused red kit on again, and lights and mirrors and whatever else is involved and looks like the second pic.  She's now officially imported to the UK from the Land of the Clogs and Windmills and has tasted dirty roads for the first time.  The Fiancé says...she's awesome.  Bit like me then.

                   one of The Fiance's old R6s as a race bike     The Fiance's road R6

Polyvore Nightmare ArtMessing around on Polyvore I made this, my first set for The Art And Expression category.  It's actually a great site for providing free and easy to use online tools to make graphics, but it's chock-a-block full of horrendously and disgustingly young and cliquey teenage girls from all around the world, they make virtual pals and they all vote for each other and leave their virtual messages and comments for each other, ignoring anybody who doesn't join in their little international cliques.  So it's a bit disheartening being so ignored.  You could make the most intricate and beautiful piece of graphic art, and no-one notices, you get no comments, no-one marks it as a favourite, no-one adds you as a contact, your popularity level is zero.  On the other hand, if your a teenage girl with a tendency to gang together with your peers online, seeking 'popularity' and feeding other's egos as a part of that process, then you can throw two or three images nicked from other people's clipped and saved images together to make the plainest, ugliest, awkward, aesthetically-unpleasing so-called 'set' and it'll hit the giddy heights on Polyvore, you'll be sooo pop-u-lar.  However, I got over being sooo un-pop-u-lar years ago.  As a computer graphics tool, it's growing on me, I really like it now.  And I've got MarilynsWorld to post my stuff on, so feck you all, you little play-ground divas!  Evil laugh...cackling like a witch...where's my broom-stick?

Dame Shirley BasseyLast night we watched the Welsh spectacular episode of The Graham Norton Show, with guests Dame Shirley Bassey, comedian and Welsh Tourist Board's official Voice of Wales Rhod Gilbert and that actor who played Tony Blair in The Queen and Frost in Frost/Nixon, and apparently he's in something to do with vampires called New Moon...there go the last remnants of my teenage-friendly credibility...Michael Sheen.  It was very well thought out, planned and put together.  The guests all gelled like a big bowl of hot freshly made Cawl, and Graham was sugar-icing on Bara Brith.  The majority of the audience seemed to be hand-picked from The Official Shirley Bassey fan club, she even invited the American gay guy fan backstage afterwards, given that he'd flown over specially for the one night to attend this show, I think that was a well-deserved invitation.  Bassey is 72 now and The Fiancé thinks she's still hot, I think her plastic surgeon is hot.  Checking her out closer, hasn't the world of Cosmetic Surgery come up with a lower arm procedure yet?  That's a really crepey lower arm there, it's like her bingo-wings moved south.  The more startled looking face of Joany shows she's more arm-surgical-savvy, and no lower arm procedure = no lower arms on show, but she has to sort out that perma-surprised face thing.  Shirl did sound well good when she sang The Girl From Tiger Beach at the end of the show.

  Star smilie clear23/11/09
SelectFashion and Boohoo shopping, The Knitted Character and

 Just in time last night I found myself on and realised their 20% sale was finishing at midnight.  I thought I'd better just grab that wee black net ra ra mini skirt I'd been thinking about before the deal was off.  I snagged a couple pairs of their lace leggings to try while I was there.  I ove te lggigs ren and specially the lace version, makes me feel 20-something again.  I recently over-heard a woman in the shpping centre pass comment to her female companion that 'if you wore leggings the first time round then your too old to wear them this time'.  I disagree, that's a narrow-minded, wide-arsed attitude, what she should say is 'if you've looked after yourself, not ate like a chunky munkey and generally let yourself go over the past 2 decades then you can wear leggings this time round too'.  After I made my purchase I got an email extending the 20% discount by one week, and I still haven't used the initial 10% they offer when you sign up for their newsletter.

 SelectFashion ra ra and lace leggings  Boohoo shopping 231109

Over on I've been considering this black velvet tux for a while, and decided today's the day.  10% discount at the checkout with this code, MVC001.  It finishes tonight, so be quick.  The waistcoat and lace body are very inexpensive so I threw them in too.  Right, that's it, no more ME shopping, Xmas is coming and I'm starting my holiday saving, have to get a load of mollah together for next March.

With holidays in mind, I was checking out my holiday entitlement today at work.  Turns out I haven't used any of it for this financial year.  The NHS does 1st April to 31st March, and I've got 308hrs to spend before 31st March 2010.  That works out at a fortnight a month in the remaining months, December, January, February and March, and 8hrs spare.  Which sounds positively luxurious from where I'm sitting.  I'm keeping our March holiday destination a secret, but where I'm going, I've never been there before.  I've been in the country, but not in this city.

I can't believe it's true, but I spotted Harry Hill's Knitted Character this week.  I tend to watch his show on a Saturday.  I'd never go see one of his shows, I don't like him that much, but I do like little bits of his Harry Hill's TV Burp cos there's nought better on terrestrial TV on a late Saturday afternoon/evening, it plays away in the background and sometimes his take on bits of other shows are a wee bit funny.  So when I saw the Knitted Character I knew what it first time.  I was pleased enough with myself to go enter the competition for free online.  She'd go nicely with my Mr Bean's Bear and all them Munkeys.

The Fiancé and I watched RED this evening, starring Brian Cox.  I'd read the blurb before I bought it, so I had an idea, that what you expect is not what you get, it tells a better story.  Most people are going to expect that the 'old guy' gets his gun and sorts it out after the young boys deliver the horrible first blow  Then you learn his horrendous family history, so bad you will start to think he's got nothing to lose, revenge will be his main motivation.  But no, he has already endured and survived the worst you could imagine, fourteen years later, he's still here, living a decent life.  It wouldn't have been a very interesting movie if he'd just exploded early on, and anyway, 64 isn't all that old btw. After his horrendous personal story from 14 years back, he's managed to keep himself from committing suicide, he's stayed well, looked after himself and maintained a business. He still had a lot, so he still had a lot to lose. He was obviously a good man, only driven to take things as far as he deemed necessary as he was pushed and pushed and pushed again, without being a pyscho. So I didn't expect him to go on a mad rampage, this movie promised more, and delivered a heart-warming and interesting story.

There was a moment in this movie that made me physically jump, and that hasn't happened for years, I can't remember the last time a movie made me jump, despite all the out and out horror movies I watch. I wouldn't give it 5, just 4 and 1/5...for the acting and the story, visually it's a let down, looks like an episode of Murder She Wrote or Columbo.  Also, good to see Amanda Honey Bunny Yolanda Plummer.

  Star smilie clear21/11/09
Klasse purse, Xmas crackers, New Look shopping, The Nines
and Eddie Stripped again

Robin Reed chandeliercrackers

The Nines DVD

Eddie Izzard : Stripped Live DVD
 The Fiancé was going to Halfords and actually offered to drop me at Matalan for a wander round, his idea.  Bit of a shock, but maybe it was cos I made him breakfast in bed this morning.  There was nothing in Matalan I liked, so I had a wander along to TK Maxx.  At TK Maxx I found anew Kass blck eater puse with studs and eyelets.  I've added my own diamante padlock, as I usually do to my purse.  While I was there I picked up some lovely silvr glittered organza textured Robin Reed Chandelier Xmas crackers.

Back home I was just looking at New Look, they've got a lot of things on sale, many at half price, and I'd found a 10% discount code for use on non-sale items.  The code ends today, but if your quick, enter SHOP10 at the checkout.  They have a leather biker jacket at half price, down to £50, and a leather and chain Idol belt down from £20 to £7.  I also ordered the lace skirt dress, the canvas captains hat with diamante stud and a small black leather coin purse.

                                                          New Look shopping

I need the coin purse cos my new ward doesn't have lockable lockers for staff security.  I've had my purse stolen at work before, years ago, but the experience doesn't go away.  I'll keep just as much money as I need each day in my pocket purse, and that pocket purse will be made of leather and be pretty, and function well as a purse...of the pocket.

a Jazz ChickenAnd readers of the Star Blog will be aware, by this point in The Star Blog entry for the 21st day of the year 2009's November month, that I have recently partaken of The Izzard that is The Eddie one.  And so it came to pass...come on, come on, get to the plan, someone please tell that Jazz Chicken to shut up, I have a plan, it's very similar to someone not having a plan, I have to explain The Nines first.

The Nines was strange, which we here at Starry Towers quite like, strange is good, like strange foreign type places you speak of that are not London, OK I'll stop with the Izzard quotes.  The Nines is in 3 parts, I liked the first part the best, I liked the third part next best, I kinda disliked the 2nd part.  It all works out in the end...if you can expand your mind, if your thinking out of the box, or even if your just a lid-lifter.  Which takes me nicely along to Stripped.

It was so weird, having been at his Stripped show in Glasgow earlier this month, to now watch the DVD version of this tour, filmed on one of his nights in London.  The core material is obviously the same, but it must play out so very differently every night, his mind is so huge and varied and wonderful.  I found myself loving the stuff I recognised and spotting the differences, I had to check myself and stop doing that.  Great DVD from the man I truly believe is the funniest man in the world, ever.  The flashes of the people in the audience, hands on their chests cos they're laughing so hard it hurts, faces and mouths stretched so wide it hurts, cos they're laughing so hard...that's exactly the same as it was in Glasgow on the 11th day of 2009's 11th month.  Someone please look after that man, I would if I could.

  Star smilie clear20/11/09
MP expenses fiasco
gets even worse!!!
playing with your food, stoopid Stone and
Public Enemies

Public Enemies DVD
 Woopy doopy, my Top Shop boots and bags arrived.  Financially, it's a bad outcome, I like them all, all real leather, all solid and well made, all look quality.  The boots are so comfortable with their thicker heel, and the rubber soles give a bounce in the step.  I'll keep them well protected wth th waer-roo spay an they should be fine in winter weather, on the days the weather gets too bad for these boots, that'll be the days the Wedge Wellies ar required.  So I'm now kitted out in high heals for all conditions. 

In't it amazing just how much these MP type people think they can get away with.  David Curry MP, in charge of the committee policing MPs expenses has claimed £30,000 for a second home that his wife has allegedly banned him from using as was in this very cottage that he was seeing his bit on the side.  I use the term 'seeing' to cover all the things people engaged in extramarital affairs usually get up to behind expensive closed cottage doors.  It's almost unbelievable, but it's all too true.

Fruity LondonHere's London made of 26 different types of fruits and vegetables, and a lot of bread.  Very pretty.  A Good Food Channel project which took five model makers three weeks to make before photographer Carl Warner produced the images, with the supposed aim of promoting healthy eating.  The head of the GFC, Roopa Gulati said: "This is a stunning image which has quite literally transformed the London skyline through good food, proving that fun with food in a creative and light-hearted way is the way forward."

Really?  The way forward is playing with food?  Much of it having clocked up many airmiles in reaching our model makers.  I'm sure the starving peoples in third world countries, and elsewhere, people below the bread-line, and where other social issues leave organic, low fat and sugar-free the least of people's concerns, will be enlightened to hear that.  Get me some healthy food, I'll grab my knifes, glue and camera.

the stoniest, rockiest relationship betwixt castle and beach...everJoss Stone is a singer stroke songwriter...big deal, isn't everyone these days?  There's so bloody many of them, I can't keep up.  But I was intrigued to learn on the Holy Moly gossip and rumour website about Stone's mysteriously 'leaked' video for her new song, the yet to be released, 'Baby, Baby, Baby', with the video available now on YouTube.  This video was apparently fully funded by Stone herself and directed by her brother.  Her record label, EMI had, so the story goes, tried to hide it, but some how it got out there.  Given that Stone and EMI have a relationship so rocky it's stonier than the beaches surrounding Dunnottar Castle...see pic.  They don't exactly get on.  I'm thinking, 2+2=4, I suspect she deliberately had this eyebrow raising shockingly bad music video 'leaked' to embarrass EMI and further her personal cause there.  It is truly terrible.

When I started watching the video I wasn't thinking anything devious, I had no idea bout her record label differences, just watched it as a music vid, then learned her brother directed, so I was then thinking, oh dearie dear, her brother isn't very good at directing, how stoopid of her to allow her brother to cheapen her image with this crap. At the same time I was thinking how on earth would anyone think that's cool?  It's appalling on so many levels, jaw-dropping rubbish, badly made, badly acted, badly lip-synched, badly sexist, badly abusive, badly everything.  She even winks to camera.  If this video was made, to sell records, with a female being treated in the same manner as the man in this vid is treated there would be an outcry.  A dominant female character (Stone) tracks down the guy who, it would seem, committed no worse crime than to not show up to marry her.  If she was waiting for me to show up...I wouldn't either, I'd leave the country first.  She then appears as a police woman abusing the arrestee, strips him, punches, slaps, tortures (electrodes to the genitals no less), it then goes all WWII with a firing squad made up of female soldiers, 3 blind-folded, stripped and humiliated young men are allowed to leave and the 'bad' guy gets shot.  It just gets worse.  Even if it's intended to publicise and intensify her battle with EMI, I didn't find it humorous on any level.  Rather, I found it sickening, disgusting, an affront on our intelligence and really offensive.  It's nasty and ill-judged.

The Fiancé and I watched Public Enemies tonight, excellent movie.  I'd say more but I'm tired...worked hard this week ;)
  Star smilie clear19/11/09
job change
 Starry Towers 5 : Bloody Squirrels 0.

Commenced work at my new ward today.  This is away from the main town hospital, at a small community hospital.  Totally different atmosphere and environment.  Different and less stressful.  Less aggression, fewer emergencies, more peaceful, less bizz, fewer visits from other professionals, fewer phone calls, fewer and less everything, apart from physical hands o nursng,thee'l bemore f that.  It's the difference froman acute admission assessment ward to a long term care unit, cos I've went from one of them, to one of them.  The time is right for less pressure, now roll on early retirement.
  Star smilie clear18/11/09
dentist and Ms Unmotivated
 Starry Towers 4 : Bloody Squirrels 0.  We're on a roll.  And we thought we had one squirrel, but it's like The Dad said, "you kill one and six come to the funeral".

Was at the dentist today for a routine check-up and a tiny wee filling that had fell out at Aberfeldy needed replaced.  She offered to drill without anaesthetic.  I'd never considered drilling without anaesthetc, aparetlysome peple d, atoudin.  hey hd a big sign up saying they're looking for new NHSpatients, I phoned The Fiancé out in The Jag, he was straight in and signed up.  Having lived the majority of his life on the continent he had yet to find a Scottish dentist. 

When she came to my attention today I didn't have a clue who this lady is.  Danish Camilla Dallerup is, her website says, a dancer (of Strictly Come Dancing fame), model, actress, presenter, public speaker and charity ambassador, no wonder she's exhausted.  The 35yr old left I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! after just 3 days complaining of hunger and exhaustion.  She was struggling to sleep in tents and the restricted diet wasn't enough for her 'high metabolism', leaving her feeling unwell.  I have to admit, the jungle was doing her no favours, the difference 'before jungle' and 'after jungle' can be seen in these pics.  I don't know bout her high metabolism, lack of food and sleep, but she does seem to have left suffering from a lack of make-up, hair products and clothes.  She looks hellish after three days without them.
             with make-up, hair products and clothes  without make-up, hair products and clothes

Ms Dallerup is booked to replace Mr Motivator as the GMTV fitness expert next year.  This leaving of the jungle after only 3 days looking far less than fit, she doesn't look or sound like the most motivating of women.  Bit of a wimp.



  Star smilie clear17/11/09
my new boots and bags and roses
Polyvore My New Boots

Topshop ABLE Suede Heeled Trainers
 Top Shop Leather Stud Handle BagMy new boots are from Top Shop.  With the Tesco faux fur coat being a disappointment I felt strongly that I had a basic human right to something else, and I saw these by accident.  They are ABLE Suede Heeled Trainers, and it was love at first sight.  Then I had a look at their leather bags.  I've been having an urge to find a new middle sized day bag, I pictured black leather, siver hrdwar,som stds, sme zips, knock-out handles, in short...arm-candy...this arm-candy...
Top Shop black leather Silver Plate Clutch
My current favourite day bag is my Beth Ditto black suede studded bag, it's big with one small zipped pocket and a phone slot inside.  It's going to be easier to find stuff with this one.  Then I found a discount code for 10% off, enter TSBOOK10 at the checkout, so I didn't feel so bad at adding the black Leather Silver Plate Clutch.  And it's free p&p over a certain price, I was well over it.

last of the rosesThe Blue Tits have found the window feeder, so far they've been too fast for me to catch a pic, by the time I've got the camera up in position they're gone again.  Spent a little time in the garden this afternoon, putting hay in the nest boxes and pruning the rose bushes for winter, and brought the last of the Starry Towers roses in for a vase in the dining room.  Stunningly beautiful.



  Star smilie clear16/11/09
Bloody Squirrel News,
DVD shopping, Hippo News, Bulk Buying Bras,
Clash Of TheTitans, Scotland Sky Award
and Chasing Amy

ASDA Embroidered bra black

Chasing Amy DVD
 Starry Towers 3 : Bloody Squirrels 0.

Am  I becoming obsessed with Bloody Squirrels?  Probably.  Here's me with a Bloody Squirrel in a cage and The Fiancé's in the land of the fjords and Edmund Munch.  I placed the cage and creature in the dark shed with some food and water then aleted Te Prens t mydilema.  And so it came to pass, The Parents visited and The Dad did what a man's gotta do...when it comes to Bloody Squirrels.  I got an email back from one of the Red Squirrel Brigae, advising the same information as I'd read on the www.  They advice shooting with an air rifle, but I'd like to think that the majority of households in Scotland don't have an air rifle, Stanley knives and machetes maybe, but surely air rifles aren't in every second or third home.

The gun is the only suggestion that Red Squirrel person spoke of in her email, the other option considered humane I've read on the www, is clubbing on the head, we don't fancy that much.  Is it really 'humane' to bludgeon a small hairy creature to death?  I'm not so sure.  Quick and accurate bludgeoning of a writhing, petrified and angry squirrel, while ensuring you don't injure yourself is surely quite a skill.  I'd imagine there's few folks can boast a 100% first strike success record.  Drowning is considered inhumane, apparently it takes too long.  I can't find a definitive answer on gassing, though I suspect that's not a legal option either, as everywhere I read about the shooting and clubbing. 

With one in the shed awaiting the visit from Daddy Death, there was another one running along the wall and dropping down to snatch a grape before going on to tip out half the contents of a pot of Marjoram onto my paving.  However, his time will come.

While browsing around at DVDs I came across a site new to me, have a £3 discount code for first time buyers, enter BESTDVDPRICE at the checkout.  The movie I was after there was The Nines, the price was £3.50, after discount...50p.  I heart a bargain.

Special DVD requests from The Fiancé, and he doesn't do that lightly or very often, hardly ever, practically never.  I've pre-ordered Eddie Izzard : Stripped and Inglorious Basterds especially for us, I mean him.

This is amazing.  Vaclav Silha, a Czech wildlife photographer captured images of a crocodile who seems to have accidently got involved in a big fight he was always destined to lose.  Mr Silha had set up his camera in The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to take photos of a huge group of about 50 hippos bathing in the River Nile.  Apparently 'mutual respect' usually keeps these two species from trying to kill each other, but seems a Mummy Hippo got a bit tense at Mr Crocodile coming around too close to her babies and the whole group gathered into a defensive circle.  Was about then that the crocodile did the worst possible of it's options, maybe panicked, raced across the hippos backs seeking an escape route.  Oh dear.  It died.  Crushed to death, death by Mass Hippo Teeth Crunch.

                 clash of the Titans

That black faux fur coat from Tesco Clothing...I didn't like it, I'll take it to my local Tesco and get a refund.  On the other hand, I've been so pleased with the ASDA embroidered bra in turquoise I got a couple days ago...underwired, no padding...back up to ASDA, but the turquoise in my size were all gone, I got the black with pink decor instead...3 of them.  And the Irridescent Underwired Bra in plum.

Scotland Star News :  if you want to see stars, you came to the right place...Scotland.  In particular you have to go to the Galloway Forest Park, 320sq miles of Forestry Commission land in the Scottish Borders.  At night, within those deepest darkest sq miles there are only 414 “points of light”, or as we call them...houses.  It's such a good place to be doing some stargazing that it's been named as a Dark-Sky Park, one of only 3 such places in the entire world.  The only other two places to have received this award are the USA sites of Natural Bridges in Utah, and Cherry Springs State Park, in Pennsylvania.

The Dark-Sky Park award has been bestowed on Galloway by The International Dark-Sky Association which is based in Tucson, Arizona.  Approx a decade ago I was in regular email contact with a lady who worked at The Kitt Peak Nafrom Sunny Dechmont to the Starry Skiestional Observatory in Tucson Arizona.  I had house rabbits, as did she, I had two at a time and kept them in extreme hygienic conditions, she had many more plus guinea pigs, plus a rat, plus I can't remember what all else, and they shat all over the place from what I saw in the photos she shared with me.  We had a virtual relationship over our shared love of bunnies.  We emailed regularly, we exchanged Xmas Cards, she sent me a package of Sweet Meadow Alfalfa Hay, we drifted apart.  She was in charge of the accommodation at Kitt Peak, when visiting astronomers from all around the world went there, she supervised their B&B provision.  I regularly checked out their website and webcams back then.  It was all very interesting.

Now I want a telescope thing that allows night sky viewing and I want to go experience the dark delights of shooting stars and sprawling galaxies in Galloway.  In the rest of the habitable world these things are muted by light pollution from towns and cities.  It's estimated about 7,000 stars can be spotted from the Galloway Forest Park, compared with a paltry few hundred, at most, in Britain's towns and cities. In Galloway we can see the Milky Way and Andromeda with the naked eye, and spectacular meteor showers.

How did the The Galloway Forest Park come to the attention of the Arizona starry people?  A couple of years ago, sensors that count road vehicles registered a surprisingly high volume of traffic heading into the forest park in the darkest hours of night. The local police, alerted to possible foul play, descended on a car park by Clatteringshaws Loch. To their surprise they found no drug dealers or even sheep rustlers, but a group of guys in cagoules and clutching Thermos flasks, and they weren't all engaged in any sort of pervy 'dogging' either.  They had their telescopes trained on the night skies.

I wrote to the SModcast people.  The American podcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, the View Askew guys, Silent Bob of Jay and Silent Bob fame, they're up to episode 98 just now.  It's fantastically funny entertaining stuff, a link to take you to the archives is available in The Lobby.  Every episode has backing music, all of it good, and a lot of it I don't recognise.  I wrote to ask if there is a definitive list of the tracks available on the www.  I sincerely hope so, cos I wanna get them all for my iPod.  Fingers crossed someone writes back, and with good news.

Watched a View Askew movie on my own this evening, so far I've done Clerks, Dogma, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Zack And Miri Make A Porno, even Jay And Silent Bob Do Degrassi, whatever that was about.  Tonight I watched Chasing Amy then bought Mallrats and Clerks II afterwards.  I'll watch them with The Boy, he loved Clerks, Dogma, J & S Strike Back and even endured the Degrassi thing.   He's a Jay and Silent Bob fan.  I think that'll be the entire Kevin Smith collection.

Chasing Amy was their third movie, after Clerks and Mallrats, came out in 1997 and Quentin Taratino listed it as his favourite movie of 1997.  It was a good-enough watch, with Ben Affleck as the male romantic lead and Joey Lauren Adams, ex-girlfriend of Kevin Smith and actress in a few of his movies, as female lead. He has written that this is the movie about their relationship, not the details but the lack of understanding in the end.  It was fine, guy falls for lesbian, lesbian falls for guy, guy doesn't like lesbian's past sex life...not the lesbian bits, he didn't mind them bits, but the bits she'd done with men, and sometimes with more than one man at a time, prior to becoming a lesbian.  It was a nice movie, quiet, maybe it was just too sweet, it raised some serious stuff but dealt with the issues with huge doses of saccharine, just wasn't gritty enough.  It was a comedy though, so maybe I shouldn't have been looking for harsh and sharp.  I just found it too syrupy and immature.  There's this really lovely pretty girl with the 'shocking' past, she did everything before him while she was trying to find herself, and he just couldn't deal with it.  And he got it all wrong in the end, because deep down, he was a prick.  I think, she sounded too high-pitched, squeaky, breathless, excited all the time, when she had her long speech to Ben's character, in bed, explaining 'why him', it went on so long, I was expecting it to cut to Ben having fallen asleep...that would've been funnier.  I liked her as an actress, she reminded me of the 80s, like Madonna's persona in the 80s, she even had my favourite going out top on when she was in the nightclub early on in the movie, when Ben discovered she was a lesbian.  She was wearing my all time favourite going out top.  Opaque but revealing, transparent enough to reveal the black bra beneath, flimsy but a cover-all, up to the neck and long sleeves.  Over the last two and a half decades I've had several versions of that top, some of them mesh, some of them lacy, I had a sparkly one, and a spiders web one.  At this present time, there's a couple of lacy ones and a few mesh ones in the Starry Towers Walk In Wardrobe.

It just seemed a bit mild and non-shocking enough, the guy should've got over himself.



  Star smilie clear15/11/09
Prossie News and garden bird update
Author "Belle de Jour" walking in Old Compton Street

window bird feeder
 It's not often I can blog Prossie News, the last time I did it was to criticise a newspaper for outing a nurse who works at my own hospital.  On that occasion I was supporting the woman as the last thing she needed was to have her career and life ruined by scandal chasing journalists.  On this occasion it's to discuss Belle de Jour, the blogger and novelist who wrote of her life as a prostitue, mainga frtue fom he blog, books and the resulting TV series starring Billie Piper.  The ex-prossi has revealed her true identity as 34 year old Dr Brooke Magnanti.  She apparently outed herself because she was stressed at having to hide that side of her life, but there's suspicion that an ex-boyfriend may have been about to reveal the mystery ex-prossie's true identity, and The Mail was on her tail, Mail reporters were ordered off her work premises by police.  So I doubt this 'choice' was really her unpressured own.

There's no doubting she is a clever woman, a specialist in her field and apparently a talented writer...I can't express an opinion cos I have no interest in reading her work.  She personifies the very picture of a high-class escort girl living a wonderful and fulfilled life which was only enriched by selling her body to them that could afford it, the price was £300 an hour if your interested.  She 'came out' to India Knight, a journo with The Times who has previously written negatively about Ms Magnanti's blogging/books/TV for glamorising the world of prostitution.  I'm with Ms Knight.  Very few people turn to the sex trade unless pressured into it for one reason or another, usually prostitutes are emotionally damaged, hurt, abused, addicted, even stolen or sold individuals, from painfully neglected backgrounds.  Coerced and exploited.  People of Dr Magnanti's ilk, write books or make movies (Pretty Woman makes me gag) giving the impression that the sex industry is a fun place to be, wrong.  I wonder if there will be further revelations regarding Dr M's road to Prossiedom, if so I won't feel her pain, not till she does.

It's one thing to be in a place in your life where you accept that exchanging your sexual favours for money/drugs/the promise that no-one will punch you in the face today is acceptable, but to publish a highly attractive glamorous and humorous version of that life for...what?  pleasure, super-riches, titillating others, personal release...a combination of some of that?  Dr M did it primarily, if you believe her version of her 'truth' this weekend for the money when she was gaining her PhD.  Fine and fair enough, but she sooooo made it seem like a happy nice thing, a career choice.  I have too much regard for the ones who suffer at the hands of pimps and drug dealers, the ones who were abused as children, the ones who are trafficked around, the ones who can't and don't blur the bigger picture with tinselly sparkly starry gloss.

I never heard what happened to Elaine Weir, the nurse at St John's Hospital after the papers told the world that she was also earning money from working as a prostitute at an Edinburgh sauna.  The Nursing and Midwifery Council's code of conduct demands nurses uphold the profession's reputation, and at the time of her 'outing' an NHS source said, "This is a serious breach of the code of conduct and Weir is very likely to be told she can no longer work as a nurse."  Dr M doesn't work for the NHS, she's a research scientist for The Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health.  She has and continues to profit BIG TIME from a quasi-criminal activity which does in the main lead to much suffering for the majority of her sex trade colleagues.  I don't know what her scientist researcher professional body is called, but it will be interesting to know their stance on this, if their code of conduct makes higher demands, if their profession's reputation has been upheld.

Got a Niger seed feeder specially for the Goldfinches, another ordinary seed feeder (put on the shed wall) and a window feeder, in the hope the little birdies will be chomping down on their breckie while waving in to us.  In my crazy MarilynsWorld that could happen.  I've added the Goldfinch to my Starry Towers Garden Bird mosaic, and the Blackbird, it's back again regularly looking for the grapes.  Also added to our list is the Coal Tit, I just realised today I was looking at Coal Tits, I'm so proud.  And...there was something else.  We'd just got in from being out buying the new feeders and I saw a new face, but unfortunately, only just briefly.  This bird, I think kinda blackbird sized, was sitting on the fence behind the lilac tree, and was gone in a second.  It's colouring on that size bird wasn't recognisable to me.  I couldn't even tell you what colour it was now, the glimpse was so fleeting.  I only know I didn't know it.  I will be watching out in the hope it returns.

The Bloody Squirrel situation is at stalemate, two down, no more taking the bait.  Actually the bait was taken, and that's the problem, we watched one Bloody Squirrel go in the Bloody Squirrel trap three times today and make off with grapes and peanuts.  It just didn't go far enough in.  Surely they couldn't work it out?  Could they?



  Star smilie clear14/11/09
motors and State Of

State Of Play DVD
 The Fiancé took me on a car showroom tour today, through the Leith direction, looking at Jags and Land Rovers.  The heady intoxicating environment of shiny showrooms.  All that sexy motor metal in gleaming, highly reflective polished metallic silver, dark green and black, and sumptuous soft leather interiors.  Sporty Jags and USA Army jeeps.  He's toying with car ideas in his brain.  He does that kind of thing just beore h bus acar

We wtched State Of Play tonight.  It's a better than average poltical thriller affair, with Ben Affleck, Helen Mirran and the main man, a chubby Russell Crowe still sporting the weight gained 'purposely' for Body Of Lies.  Apparently he ate like a greedy grunty pig monster and put on a whopping 63lbs to play CIA boss Ed Hoffman in Body of Lies.  He did it before, put the weight on for The Insider, then did a really good job of loosing it again for Gladiator.  It gets more difficult as you get older.  Looks like he's managed to slim again for his latest Robin Hood role, but I'd say he shouldn't do it again...too risky.

                                 HOT   COLD   HOT again



  Star smilie clear13/11/09
Flu vaccination update, Bloody Squirrel News, new cardi, complaining about bras and The Other Man
ASDA Moda textured knitted cardigan

The Other Man DVD
 The Swine Flu vaccination side-effects are all but gone, the mild yucky cold-like symptoms are totally gone, and the localised pain in the arm is much reduced.  I'd advice, if it's offered to you, take it, weigh up the minor side-effects against actual full-on Swine Flu, and the risk of spreading that to your nearest and dearest...take the accintio ifyougetthe cance.  In comparison, the Seasonal Flu jab arm hasn't troubled me at all, when I apply pressure to the injection site tonight, only minimal mild pin, on a par with the pain I get when I apply the same sort of pressure to the blood-taking site on my inner elbow where I had the cancer marker test blood taken two days back.  My only bruise, is on the blood taking site, which you'd expect, blood letting punctures a vein, the flu jabs just go subcutaneous, no blood vessels involved.

Maybe I should've known, been a bit more savvy to the ways of Bloody Squirrels, but today's Bloody Squirrel News raised an eyebrow, one of mine, for a couple of seconds.  The last result was two down and one to go, but while I was doing the weekly ASDA shop, The Fiancé spotted, not one, not two, BUT...THREE! Bloody Squirrels in The Starry Towers back garden.  So, it would seem that The Bloody Squirrel never was just one Bloody Squirrel, there's a whole bunch of them coming and going.  We will step up our efforts to rid West Lothian of vermin with fluffy tails.  The garden birds and the Red Squirrels of Scotland deserve it.

While the Bloody Squirrels were running riot at Starry Towers I was in ASDA with my fashion finger poised, alert for a pulse, I found it in only one item.  A Chanel style edge-to-edge textured knitted fringed cardigan, this is a gorgeous item, with a natural wool (11% content) feel, heavy quality weight, it's more than a cardigan, it could easily pass for a jacket.  Their size 10 fits me perfectly, and at only £20, well worth hunting down.  It's also available in a dark blue marl, but the black marl is better.

I want to complain about bras.  Bras seem to be morphing into body armour.  I like my bras under-wired, but I hate all that padding, uplifting and numbing falseness.  The armour-plating that passes for a bra these day is uncomfortable and useless to me.  My breasts are big enough, on my small frame, my 34Ds are verging on too big for comfort, but I can cope, I'm happy bout them.  My issue is, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find an eye-catchingly attractive sexy bra that doesn't have padding, the type of padding that has the cups standing up for themselves.  When I put a bra into my bra drawer in the Starry Towers Walk-In-Wardrobe and have to push it down, in two different places, to close the drawer, like it's got breasts of it's own, that's just not right.

The sexy looking bras today are the ones which are becoming the most commonly available, I like the 'look' of them, but they aren't wearable.  They've got moulded polystyrene tits, and that isn't sexy.  Wearing that type of bra makes my breasts look too huge, it's not comfortable, and I no longer feel in connection with my own breasts. You try scratching an itch in one of them, your quickly reminded that your breasts are...somewhere...under there.  Also, try bending down forward in one of them, you stand back up and have to rearrange your bra, juggle them puppies back in.  So I insist on sticking with the more flimsy, real, what you see it what you get, type bras.  But that's becoming increasingly difficult for me to find, 34D has never been readily available to start with.  Maybe the shops don't get that size in, or maybe it sells out quickly...whatever the problem is, I rarely find my size on the rails.  Nowadays my choice of 34Ds, in a non-padded, but sexy looking too, is seriously decreasing.  So when I saw this ASDA turquoise bra, in my size and with none of the moulded padding crap, I had it in my trolley quicker than a knicker nicker makes off with frilly panties off a clothesline.
Polyvore Aberfeldy
I'm majorly concerned though, the lingerie industry is going off in the wrong direction.  Surely I'm Ms Average, I find it hard to believe that most ordinary women want these padded monstrosities., pretty, unpadded, unmoulded bras may be gone?  Red Squirrels and attractive unpadded bras...are they doomed for extinction?

Over on Polyvore I made this Aberfeldy set, a tribute to the beauty of Scotland, Autumn, Rabbie Burns...and my Wedge Wellies.  My Aberfeldy photo I used as a backdrop for the set...that's the pic I've got on my desktop.

The Fiancé and I watched The Other Man this evening.  It turned out to be, not what I expected it to be.  It's full to tipping point with acting.  Everyone acts incredibly well, Liam Neeson and Antonio Banderas in particular.  And especially Banderas.  It's gripping and suspenseful to the max.  The big twist...was so not what I was expecting, and I can't say anymore without risking spoiling it for others.  It comes highly recommended from us.



  Star smilie clear12/11/09
faux flu, another faux fur, The Final Solution and Brüno
F&F black faux fur coat

Brüno DVD
 The Swine Flu vaccination has me suffering slightly.  My arm isn't as sore today as it was last night, got more free movement in it without causing pain, but it's still like pressing a bad bruise when it's touched, and I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.  I'm not complaining, well I am a bit, for the sympathy, but I'd rather have this than Swine Flu.

Regarding The Bloody Squirrel probem, asoltio ha ben reahed, and let's just call call it 'The Final Solution'.  Two down, one to go.

ClothingAtTesco onlin has a 20% discount on everything till midday on 18th November 2009.  I haven't shopped at their clothing website despite them previously offering me a big percentage discount on my first order.  But checking out their site today I spotted a new item they've recently's faux, it's fur, it's black, it's a coat.  I can't resist.  I am loving my faux leopard fur jacket, wearing it to Aberfeldy, the Sunny D village shop, DIY stores and to my hospital appointments yesterday.  If I like this black coat when it arrives, that'll be winter funerals and other such black coat affairs covered.

The Fiancé and I watched Brüno this evening.  Outrageous?  of course.  Sacha Baron Cohen's alter-ego characters for me are a fluctuating love.  I loved Ali G, up to a point, by series 3 he'd lost the anonymity that had allowed him to achieve the wonderful comedy genius interactions he'd got when interviewing experts in their fields who were unaware of who he really is, and what they were really taking part in.  It was inevitable he would have to concentrate on his next big character.  And so it came to pass...Borat.  Once the world was aware of Borat through the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, he had to concentrate on another new character.  Hence Brüno.

It's not an easy movie to watch.  It sets out to offend and appal, and it delivers in bucket loads.  The Fiancé had to look away, shield his eyes, leave the room...several times.  I'm made of crazier more accepting stuff and watched it all without blinking.  It's a wind-up circus, and dubious many times, is it 'funny' to deliberately screw with red neck American homo-hating good old boys?  Or African-American homo-hating talk show audience members?  Yes it is.  He shows that these ridiculous cliché groups exist.  Is it funny to rip the pee out of celebs who do charidee work and like to talk about it?  Yes it is, and Bono, Sting and Elton even agreed, to show they get it, they see the funny side, they are 'cool', they even took part in their own piss-take.  To me, that was all the funnier, the movie was kicking them on the shin bone, and they joined in, gave their patronage to their own shin-kicking.  These celebs have a vast amount of money, these celebs tell us they're emotionally attached to their charidees, it hurts them to think of their particular charidee peoples or animals or forests or whatever it is that's hurting.  If this were truly heart-felt, the rich person would keep a small allowance to live off and hand over the rest of their fortune to the cause.  They don't, they ask the ordinary 9-to-5 workers to cough up instead.  They talk the talk about global warming, while putting on massive multi-wattage stadium gigs and flying round the world continuously.  Erm, do what we tell you, not what we do, we can continue to fly around the world, burn massive amounts of electricity and be driven around in our air-conditioned Limos...but you have to turn your TV off at the wall and only half-fill your kettles...that will make all the difference.  Ridiculous, and this movie brings it all home, mainly via the worst aspects of the fashion industry and the Madonna child adoption scandal.

Apparently Ayman Abu Aita, a Christian charity worker, interviewed by Brüno in the movie as a terrorist associated with Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has said he plans to sue SBC, saying that he was misled and that he did not sign release forms for the footage of him which appeared in the film.  Also Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has allegedly threatened SBC's life following the premiere of the film.  Free speech guys!  Free speech, and I don't believe threatening someone with death, even if they had made a really atrociously bad movie, is acceptable.  Surely, please, Nicolas Cage and Christopher Walken didn't mean it, also Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman are extremely sorry for Ishtar.



  Star smilie clear11/11/09
we remember, goldfinches, Bloody Squirrel News, medical investigations, flu
jabs and PANIC!


 GoldfinchWe've increased the available bird housing here at Starry Towers and put another bid feeder in situ on the back wall.  And fantastic news, spotted a pair of Goldfinches out there this morning, must get nyjer seed to keep them coming back.  The Starry Towers estate is becoming increasingly popular with birds...and unfortunately, the Bloody Squirrels.  The good new is Te Bird Box Streetiané'shad achange of heart, I reckon he's had his fill of laughing at me and my Bloody Squirrel complaints and is now putting the bird population fist.  Today while I was otherwise engaged with hospital type stuff he was up the DIY store buying a Humane Bloody Squirrel Trap. 

No sooner had he set the trap out in the back garden, then Bloody Squirrel #1 was our captive.Bloody Squirrel #1  Click on his little Bloody Squirrel face for a full picture.  He's went to a new home at Beecraig's Park.  Problem is, when we got back home I checked it all out on the www, turns out it's illegal to release a grey bloody squirrel once captured.  We just broke the law and could be charged under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Schedule 9.  Also means we'll have to keep a hold of the Fat Dormouse, Crested Porcupine and the White-tailed Eagles, oh and the Budgerigar.  We know better now and The Bloody Squirrels #2 and #3 will have to be killed once captured.  I've emailed the red squirrel people for advice on keeping it legal.  Hopefully they can tell us who to take our grey bloody squirrels to, and a trained experienced person will dispatch and dispose.  On the www I was amazed at the amount of websites primarily there to promote the preservation of the red squirrel, they're doing a lot of good work.

At the hospital I'd 3 appointments planned.  First I was at the gynaecological out patient department for my cancer screening.  The annual gynae check up that is one half of the investigations I now have regularly as part of the familial genetic research into uterine and colon cancers.  The other investigation, the colonoscopy, is every two years, so I've only had it once so far, it's due again now.  This was my third time with the gynae stuff.  I had a blood test for cancer markers, an internal exam, swabs and a biopsy.  Makes me feel all squeamish just thinking bout the biopsy, the rest of the things don't bother me.  And I've to have an ultrasound scan once they send an appointment.  All of that is nothing compared to the colonoscopy.  But all of that and the colonoscopy is nothing compared to developing cancer and not knowing about it till obvious signs and symptoms start showing up...that would be terrible, so I count my blessings and thank the researchers and the NHS.

From the gynae out patient department I went to my ward to sort out my stuff, empty my locker and hand my keys back, in preparation for the move to my new place.  I picked up my holiday sheet, I've got 308hrs of annual leave to take before the end of March 2010, that's a lot of holidays to look forward to.

From there I headed to another out patient department and subjected myself to two flu vaccinations.  First the seasonal flu jab in my writing arm, then the Swine Flu vaccine Pandemrix, in my non-writing arm.  Given priority as a health service worker.  The nurse explained I could expect to need some paracetamol this evening, maybe into tomorrow, as the Pandemrix in particular can cause localised pain.

PANIC!!  After all the hospital stuff, then the Bloody Squirrel catching, bit cooking, bit housework, I'd blogged my blog, was just putting the finishing full stop and reviewing my busy day...when it hit me!!!   "The Fiancé!!!" I shout, he calls back, "what?"..."we're s'posed to be in Glasgow seeing Eddie Izzard!!!".  All hell breaks out, I'm ready in 5 minutes, change of clothes, a brush through my hair and I'm done.  The Boy gets some kit on and he's ready, The Fiancé throws on a jacket and changes his footwear, grab the tickets and we're out the door.  Drop The Boy at his Dad's, onto the M8 and we're there half an hour late, but as it turns out, Eddie was 15 minutes late, we haven't missed very much and we're there, in our seats and laughing.

Eddie Izzard is lovely, hilarious, so clever and strange, strange in such a good way.  He's a gentle person and a good person, but most of all, his brain works in the funniest most individual way of anyone in the world.  And it was Glasgow, at the SSEC.  At the intermission the screens were showing the Twitter messages that were coming in for Eddie.  One of them said "I got these tickets for £10 from eBay", the woman in the couple sitting next to us laughed with the guy by her side, indicating she got her tickets for £10 off eBay too.  Then she said, "speaking of which", the guy she was with got his wallet out and gave her £10.  It was funny.  Also during the intermission a full on fight near broke out down below us, words were exchanged, security arrived, as time passed more and more security arrived, and a big group of people left.  That's Glasgow for you.  We had a great night.  Bedtime now, and my left arm (the Swine Flu arm) is sore, but only when I lift it beyond elbow height.  No flu-like symptoms, I just need a sling.



  Star smilie clear09/11/09
Aberfeldy photos, Gary Glitter and Gran Torino

Gran Torino DVD
 The Aberfeldy photos are on the Scotland Gallery page, and they're quite pretty, even if I do say so myself.  All Scottish mist, silvery trees, roaring ice cold waters and Autumnal hues.

I watched the CH 4 drama The Execution of Gary Glitter this evening.  Initially I couldn't believe I was seeing such a TV prog, it seemed in such bad taste.  As a drama, story telling, acting, production etc were all excellent.  It was grpping bu flwed  Idespie paedophiles, all of them, not just the famous ones.  I would bring back the deah penalty for paedophiles.  As one of the characters's human instinct to protect our children, therefore I do not accept that them that wish to destroy our children should be alive.  Tax payers money should be spent in positive beneficial ways to promote our collective wellbeing and advancement, not on managing the negative detrimental elements in our society.  And one of, if not the greatest menace to us humans in the UK today, are the paedophiles who wish to use, abuse, hurt, destroy and in some cases, kill our children.  Each and everyone of us grown up adults who were spared such abuse...we are the lucky ones. 

This programme raised the issues, but like all dramas, was a bit heavy on the drama and required a way too big jump in the sensible viewer's imagination.  It seemed to be appealing to the aggressive audience who would go round a neighbours house and throw a Molotov Cocktail through the window of anyone they heard a rumour bout.  It did no-one any favours, only serving to mix other less important issues into the bigger debate, blurring the picture and introducing confusing aspects.  I think it was wrong of them to make such a programme that put a real living person to death.  Gary Glitter repulses me, I'm angry at what he has done to young girls, but until he is dead, it is wrong to portray that fictional ending for him.  It's a story that could be made in any cinematic medium only after he is dead.  If they wished to make it before he is dead, they would have served themselves and the important issues they raised, better by using a fictional character.

I'd like to see the death penalty reintroduced for men and women who sexually abuse children, but for this TV drama to show that death penalty as a hanging, seemed to me to only serve to promote the case of the do-gooders who would preserve any life regardless.  This seemed to foster sympathy for the bad guys by appealing to the majority of the caring and kind type people's horror at the barbarity.  If the death penalty were ever to be reintroduced to the UK, and personally, I can't see that ever happening in my life-time, I rather suspect it would be more along the lines of the more clinically acceptable and less dramatically ugly, lethal injection.  Something that more aligns with assisted suicide, kinder, gentler.  Sedation followed by death, one prick of the skin, and the bad guy slips away.  I don't need the paedophile to suffer at length, as they made their child victims suffer at length, just get it done, quick and very very final.  I just want to rid society of the danger, I don't particularly feel any need for revenge.

Obviously my hatred for GG is above all because he is a paedophile, but also, there's a little bit of me that would grind his face under the heel of a sturdy boot because he took the Glitter Band Christmas sing-along away.  I hate that we as a nation can't play those crap old songs from our collective history anymore.  He took another little bit of our innocence and happy times away.

The Fiancé and I watched Gran Torino tonight, and it made our day, big time.  It's a wonderful film, comedy and drama in equal spade fulls, touching and tough, funny and moving, hard core violence, addressing loads of race related issues, giving the good and the bad on all sides.  Can't fault it.  The man himself, phew, wow and mmmm, what age is that living legend?  79

He just makes me want to sing...what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man.  Of all the Clint Eastwood movies I've seen in my life, there's never been one has disappointed in any way.  His life story is here



  Star smilie clear08/11/09
fireworks in Queensferry and a couple of Falls - Murness and Dochart
Map Birks Of Aberfeldy Nature Walk
 Yesterday The Fiancé and I spent a quiet Sunday in the house then cabin fever hit in.  The Bridges were calling.  And so it came to pass, that night we sat looking out on The Forth in South Queensferry.  In the dark night eating a chippie from The Ferry Food Bar, while watching fireworks going off across the water in North Queensferry.

Today was beautiful sunshine, and the first day of winter 09 I had to breaka thi coer f ie fom of the bird's water in the garden.  We collected the newspaper from the Sunny D village shop, meetng my old friend Tom in the shop.  Happy to find him well, apart from a complaint of pain round his middle bothering him, he said he'd got stronger medication, so he's looking after himself under a doctor's care.  I broke the news to him of my upcoming job move.  I'm moving, within the same NHS Trust or whatever the latest terminology is for Health Boards, I'm being facetious, it's Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP) these days.  Imagine the money that goes into each name change they make, makes my blood boil, and that's not exactly promoting health and wellbeing.  The move matters to Tom because I'll be working in the ward where his wife is being cared for, he was pleased with the news.

The Fiancé and I were heading out on a trip up north.  The faux fur coat and the faux fur trapper both having their first real public outing, and I was daring to wear them together, mixing my furs.  We were headed to Aberfeldy, intending to climb the nature walk at The Birks Of Aberfeldy.  I'd been there as a child, vague memories of wonderful waterfalls and a steep walk were all my brain retained, but I'd packed the starry Wedge Wellies in The Jag, expecting a bit of mud.

The weather had been sunny and bright all the way, then the strangest sight.  Arriving from the Crieff side, along the A822 then onto the A826, just before descending into Aberfoyle, the entire area down there was covered in a cloud that had got a bit lost.  A thick fog enveloped the town and surrounding area.

A Birk is the Scottish word for a Birch tree and The Birks Of Aberfeldy is a stunning wooded glen, with a 2.3 mile trail along the edge of a steep gorge, through which flows the Moness Burn.  The Falls Of Murness are spectacular and mark the point at which the water called the Ulnar Burn becomes the Moness Burn.  The circular walk takes you up one side and down the other, the choice of which side to tackle first is yours. interesting I'd recommend you take the right side for the up and the left for the down.  They're both steep and obviously must be of similar length, but the left seems more meandering with steeper stages, definitely more staircases.  The coming down is always going to be far easier whichever side you take, we were on the left side coming down and it was pleasure all the way.  We'd kept the best till last, the right side allows few good views of the burn and no particular items of special interest, but on the left side round every corner there's a waterfall to admire, bridges and the Robert Burns sights. 

Robert Burns wrote his The Birks Of Aberfeldy in late August 1787, during a visit here, it was then known as the Den of Moness.  Legend has it that Burns wrote the song after resting in a natural seat on the rock, just at the side of the Birks.  This natural seat is well-known and a plaque now exists at the exact spot where Burns was inspired to write the ballad which celebrates the reborn joys of nature in Spring and female beauty.  His 'seat' is the first of the special sights of Robert Burns interest, further along you encounter the man himself sitting in the woods looking inspired as he jots down his thoughts.   This is a recently installed tribute to the World's greatest poet.  I'll put more pictures on the Scotland Gallery page when I get them sorted.

Along the trail everyone was extremely friendly, most exchanging greetings as we passed.  It was striking just how many people were tackling the experience in inappropriate footwear, most of the younger people we met had on either white trainers or suede type boots, there was a lot of mud up there, especially on the left side.  One girl had on light tan UGG type boots, I had to warn her how dirty they were going to get, but she said she'd put them in the washing machine...not real UGGS then.  The Starry Wedge Wellies were perfect for the occasion.  One big three generation family group were struggling up the left side with a a push-chair.  Then there was the couple, with the man on crutches, he was obviously fiercely independent and determined not to let whatever illness or disability afflicted him from holding him back, but I doubt he'd done the entire walk.  That would just have been plain dangerous, it's muddy and slidey up there with paths perilously close to steep drops into the gorge.

It took a while driving away from Aberfeldy to escape the Lost Cloud's clutches.  But once back in the crisp frosty sunshine we drove on and had dinner at The Falls of Dochart Inn.  Good food, polite service, cold building.  It's the type of old country inn which needs nothing more than a roaring log fire, but both times we've been there it wasn't lit, the website says they have one, but I haven't actually seen it.  So, it's the type of old country inn which needs nothing more than a roaring log fire and improved lighting.  They seem to be trying for romantic 'candlelight' from their low wattage candle bulbs, but it's so dim you can't make out much beyond the bar.  Their website claims the walls are decorated with various antiques including Jacobean swords and a life-size dummy of a Highland Granny called Flora, it's too dark to know for sure.  With their low temperature and poor lighting, the overall impression is they're on an economy drive.



  Star smilie clear06/11/09
Dotty P VIP WEEK SALE, Illuminata, Following and
Polyvore revealed

Illuminata DVD

Following DVD
 Big online sale at Dorothy Perkins!  A 25% discount on EVERYTHING from Friday 6th till Sunday 15th November 2009.  Enter DPVIPD at the checkout.

The Fiancé and I tried to watch Illuminata, I purchased this one based be honest, I don't recall why, there was some sort of a trigger, a connection, that took me there in the first place, I do recall the final decision was made because Mr Walken's name wason th cat lst. Its ver bad.  We managed about 20 minutes.  During that 20 minutes even Mr Walken was bad, this is most likely one of hs movie roles that paid the rent, and probably one he hasn't actually bothered watching himself.

The Fiancé and I weren't expecting it to be all that good, the DVD cover doesn't build your hopes up.  So we had a Plan B, and switched the DVDs round, out goes Illuminata, in goes Following.  The first movie from director Christopher Nolan, he of Memento, Insomnia and The Dark Knight fame, fantastic films.  It's a small budget movie filmed in black and white poor quality 16mm format, which is spot on, it looks and feels down and dirty, gritty.  Nolan did the camera work himself, with a hand-held camera and using only available lighting.  From the very start the David Julyan soundtrack is excellent, the first sounds you hear, it's like nails on a black board.  The twists are entertaining and clever, and work totally, revealed with precision timing, the acting is superb, especially considering not many of them acted anywhere else before or ever again.  People involved in the project, for instance David Julyan and Nolan's uncle John played parts too.  It took a year to make because they only filmed on Saturdays when everyone was available from their other full time jobs, and locations were mainly in friends flats, the main location was Christopher Nolan's parent's house.  Watch it.

Polyvore Kiss Me Or ElseI can hardly even be bothered to explain this Polyvore set, the addiction is wearing down.  It's so clichy on there, hardly anyone notices me or comments on my work, or adds me to their favourites or views my stuff or sends me a pm.  15 year old girls can be so bitchy and self-centred.

To my shame, it's kinda become, BLATENTLY obvious that Polyvore has a membership of mainly teenage divas, putting together mostly shite 'sets', made up with pictures of items of fashion they 'clipped' of the www that are well out of their pocket money budgets, and in their dreams they look like the models in the pics they include in their 'sets'.  It's terribly depressing to realise that for a few days I thought it was something other than it actually is.  I will continue to use it for the computer graphic tools, I'll just try to not 'publish' my stuff on there, it's piercing my ego inflated balloon being ignored by the little cows.  Some of the plainest, ugliest, primitive, 5-year-olds-could-do-better-with-crayons 'creations' are bigged right up on there, all their little friends clicking on all their little friends, they all deserve a virtual slap with a virtual pair of studded leather ones, from Alexander McQueen.  Schools just don't give out enough homework these days. 



  Star smilie clear05/11/09
garden birds, my trapper
The Fall and Candide
Polyvore A Rose For A Rose

Polyvore Kiss and Make Up

The Fall DVD lets you enter your text and see it written in all their thousands and thousands of fonts, then you can right click and save the image to your computer.  This is the Label Gun font, very popular over on my new favourite addiction, Polyvore.  The first Polyvore set of today is called A Rose For A Rose, made with my rose print top and one of my drawings.  The second one, Kiss and Make Up I made for a competition, a Make-UpSet cmpeitin. I cn't blieve I'm entering competitions, jeeeeez, I'll be having to knock that on the head.
the birds in the garden this morning
Early ths morning, once the Three Squirrelteers got done rampaging through the garden, the rightful and delightful garden tenants took over.  During the morning feeding frenzy I spotted a couple Wood Pigeons, two male Chaffinches, a pair of Greenfinches, a Ring Necked Dove, Magpies, a couple of Starlings, Sparrows, a Dunnock, a Robin, a Wren, Great Tits and many many Blue Tits.  And those big black ones, probably crows.  No Blackbird and no Thrush.  AND...exciting news...a Blue Tit was in the new nest box several times.
in my faux fur trapper
My faux fur trapper hat from Urban Outfitters arrived this morning.  The Fiancé was working away in his shed so I put it on and went out to show him.  Initially he got a small surprise due to thinking, he tells me, that some one else had arrived, someone with black hair.  Then there was much guffawing and hoots of laughter from The Fiancé.  He thinks it looks ridiculous, I keep telling him it's highly fashionable.  If he'd let me take a photo of him in it you'd see he looks way more ridiculous with bed-head black hair.  The Boy had to get his crack at me too.  He went out with his friends this evening, something to do with fireworks, when he got back home again he came in and asked...'still wearing the Elvis wig?'

The Fiancé and I watched The Fall tonight, the movie, not Frank Skinner's favourite band, theEnglish Post-Punk band with lead singer MES (Mark E Smith).  It reminded me of Voltaire's novella Candide, which I've had the good fortune to experience, enjoy and recall it's sharp wit and insightful portrayal of the human condition frequently.  I've read the book and listened to the audio version, the audio version which is available free to download from  Go to this direct link Voltaire's Candide.  It's there in 31 mp3 files.  Download and experience writing that is perfect.  If you like the idea of great literature available for free to stick on your iPod, check out the rest of the LibriVox Catalog on the main page. 

Back to the movie, it reminded me of Candide because of the similarities of an 'epic tale' and the visuals of the movie, which are fantastically beautiful, Candide is writing of such quality that it conjures up equally brilliant visuals in your brain as you read or listen, and will stay with you from there on in, I guarantee it...if your anything like me.  But then again I wore my new faux fur trapper hat all day today, including throughout the movie and I'm still wearing it now as I sit here reviewing the movie in my jim-jams and UGG boots. Though I did remove it to shower this evening...for it's own protection.  If the room temperature here at Starry Towers wasn't so comfortable, I'd be wearing my new faux fur coat too right now.

Going back again on my absolute promise that you will love and cherish Candide for always, you could of course experience a memory disorder at some future point in your life, dementia is awfully common...damn you dementia!  If in a couple or three decades I'm demented and talking bout red sheep...and getting my wires crossed, mixing it all up with Hamish on The Pyramids...please someone, tell the nurses that the red sheep are a Candide reference, and that the Toblerone shaped hills at the local Bathgate Pyramids Business Park is AKA 'Sawtooth', and is actually art, a wire and concrete frame structure covered by earth and grass designed by Patricia Leighton, and that she gained inspiration from the shale bings that native West Lothian-ians seem to be so fond of for some strange reason, but probably campaign to keep as a blot on the landscape cos they don't like change, even if the change would return the flat lands to their original appearance, leaving only soft gentle rounded hills.

ou should also inform them that Andy Scott's 'Hamish' stag sculpture spent a few brief months there in 2008, mixing it with real sheep that back in the 2000s were regularly dyed red. If my dementia situation does ever comes to pass, I'll be ever so grateful. I like to thMESSink that whoever it is who makes the sheep be dyed red has actually read or listened to Candide, and therefore they'll be doing it for real intelligent quirky reasons, but there's no tangible evidence that might be the actual reality of the situation.  More likely they can we attract business men and women's attention as they drive by in their busy schedules, on the M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow?  I know...lets dye the sheep red!

It is a beautiful movie, though I think it's one of them movies that divide the populous, you will either love it and be totally captivated, recalling scenes and feelings and ideas for a long time afterwards, or you'll be bored immediately and turn off.  That's probably a good test, watch The Fall (the movie...not the band with the 'prolific' output that most people haven't heard, and I'm personally struggling to recall from my own young days), if your one of the people who get it, the movie, then do Candide.

And don't tell Frank Skinner, but I think The Fall and MES weren't very good and MESS seems to be a bit of a w****r even to this day.



  Star smilie clear03/11/09
New Look faux fur and swapped smilie
New Look faux leopard fur coat

Polyvore Let's Kiss Under The Stars
 The coat, the New Look faux leopard fur coat is here...someone kiss that is truly scrumptious, it's silky soft, has the lux factor, looks like it cost a whole load more £££s than it did, so gorgeous, so stylish and fits beautifully.  I heart the faux fur leopard fur coat very very very much.  I wore it out immediately, to walk to the Sunny D village shop, then asked The Fiancé to take me to the airport.  The faux leopard fur coat looks likeit shuldbe t a aiport,with jeggings, studed ankle boots, Ray-Ban Wayfarers and silver luggage, going omewhere.  The Fiancé said he'd drop me off at the airport and come back to pick me up after a few hours, but I decided to do some online browsing instead.

The Fiancé thinks I should get another exactly the same, in case some well-intentioned but stoopid idiot throws a can of red paint over my leopard.  He reasons I will be gutted if the coat is damaged in any way, but by the time that happens they'll probably be sold out and no longer available.  He's got a point, I'll consider the idea for a few days.

I've discovered that Polyvore are allowing uploads from, so I can incorporate my images into my Polyvore fashion sets.  I made this one with one of my drawings and a my new star graphic.  Cool.

Wee revamp for the main page, I think it looks more professional.  And I was looking at the stats for, a biker forum website gets mentioned all the time, not The Fiancé's biker website, another one.  Turns out they've nicked my Talking Shite smilie, but they didn't nick it outright, they didn't cut and run, they've got the smilie linking back to MarilynsWorld.  This is the nicked smilie, which I made specially for The Fiancé's website users for when they're talking shite bout bikes.
  Talking Shite Smilie
And this is the one I've cunningly swapped it for, tee hee hee  

Did I mention I love my new coat?



  Star smilie clear02/11/09
troop of Bloody
Squirrels and Simon Amstell in Purrrrth
 The Bloody SquirrelsThe truth of the Squirrel situation?  It's news to me, I'm as shocked as everyone's not ONE Bloody Squirrel, there's a whole troop of the little buggers.  The Fiancé thinks it's great, he's laughing.  I managed to catch the three of them in the same pic this morning, click on this Starry Towers garden photo and play a quick game of Spot The Bloody Squirrel.

Given that the Starry Towers Bloody Squirrel situation as far as I can recall from my living meory hs oly verhadONE Boody Squirrel at a time, I think summits changed.  I had a wee read at the Blooy Squirrel info available on the www.  I'm thinking it might be a breeding situation.  Apparently these Bloody Squirrels breed twice a year.  One of them times is about now, so maybe we're seeing a female with a couple of male admirers, the males can't turn their backs for a minute, cos when the female decides the time is NOW, she goes from being aggressive and nasty, gets into a crouching position, and the guy squirrels have to run like the wind, first come first served type thing.  Either which way, I still hate that I'm feeding the vermin.  If the grey version would just feck off and a red one show up...all would be very good.  The Fiancé's loving all this squirrel news, he's a squirrel-non-racist.

For Simon AmstellSimon Amstell with his Do Nothing tour tonight, and in his honour I created a little something at Polyvore, that's near enough exactly what I wore this evening.  And I stood out from the crowd.  It was Purrth, and it was 4 degrees out there.  I wasn't out in the cold too long though.  Perth Concert Hall turns out to be a most pleasant venue, with cheap safe parking in the near-by multi-storey.  After collecting our tickets we started our evening in Paco's Restaurant straight across the road (Mill Street) from the Concert Hall.  Paco's is fabby, your first view is of the stone fountain in the tres attractive courtyard which is full of tables intended for heady al fresco type use in summer daytimes and pleasantly temperant evening times.  Inside is just as attractive, it's large, very spacious, but very attractively filled with tables positioned closely enough to be cosy and equally comfortable.  All wood interior, every inch of wall space is choked full to the gunnels with seemingly old relic antique type stuff from the USA, but not gaudy, it's all interesting to look at and attractive.  The menu offers an extensive choice of American, Italian and Mexican food options, so much it takes a while to decide.  The Fiancé went for chicken Tacos and I had three side dishes,  chips, 6" flour tortillas and a mixed side salad.  We mixed and shared the dishes, all delicious.  Waitress service was just right too, timely and provided by aPerth Concert Hall pleasant lady.

After dinner we headed over to The Perth Concert Hall.  It's a lovely building, warm, welcoming, modern, clean, stylish and apparently they only allow lovely friendly people inside.  A BIG shout out to the cleaning staff, the lady's loo I was in was absolutely spotless.  The cleaner lady I was chatting to was going on about Ferne, I was going on back at her bout Fearne, then I realised she was talking bout Ferne Brittin standing in for Paul O'Grady (I didn't even know...did she?), and I was talking bout Fearne Cotton recently interviewing Peaches Geldof on a TV show.

The actual theatre is extremely well designed.  Having purchased tickets at near on the last minute we were in the fourth row on the left balcony.  Our seats were at the mid line, which meant Simon was straight in front of us.  The seating has been designed so well, that I doubt anyone in Scotland would be tall enough to block my view by sitting directly in front of my seat, and I'm small.  I think this is the first venue I've ever experienced with seating so well placed.  The guy in the seat in front of me, was over a head height below my chin level.  That's well impressive.  Usually The Fiancé and I take our seats then have to spend some time deciding whether we should swap his seat for mine, how big and bulky are the people sitting in front of us?  Will I see better from his seat than mine?  All that stuff.  But The Purrrth Concert Hall has got the seating 110% right.

So far so good, local restaurant and venue five stars.  Unexpected to us, the show began at 8, our tickets had said 7.30, but that was cool, I got another glass of wine.  Another surprise...a support act.  The support act actually made a joke about that surprise.  I'm not sure who he was, he was a small Arab American guy.  He wasn't all that funny, some of his jokes raised a small chortle.  But we were there to see Simon, people were just being being polite.  He made a huge mistake during his set, he referred to where he was as...England, he quickly realised and said summit bout 'down there in England'. 

A fifteen minute break, everyone running outside for drinks and fags, then Simon appeared.  An hour of Simon ripping his heart out and displaying it for all to see, and ripping the piss out of anyone who went to the loo while he was on stage.  He's lovely.  I laughed a lot, I laughed so much at times that The Fiancé told me to shush twice.  An evening with Simon Amstell is a bloody good evening.

We both liked the Purth venue.  It's actually Perth, most Scottish people say Perth, but I've always called it Purrrth, with a rolling Scottish RRRR.  Simon was calling it Purth too, without the rolling RRRR, cos he's from Essex.  We'll be keeping an eye on Purrth, and be going back for more nights of entertainment.



  Star smilie clear01/11/09
Polyvore, Podcast Roundup and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button DVD
 Today I Am Mainly Wearing BLACK take 2Polyvore is proving to be a bit addictive, temporarily anyway, and had me doing arty fashiony type stuff today again.  It keeps me busy when I'm trying not to shop.  But it makes me think of things I could buy, so it's not really all that helpful, it's like asking an alcoholic to run a pub, which many do. 

Podcast no particular order the Star current favourites are :

Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio with Emily Dean and Gareth Richards
The ugl byJoh Olver ad Andy Zaltzman at The Times Online
Collings and Herrin starring Andrew Collins and Richard Hering
As It Occurs To Me from Richard Herring with Dan Tetsell and Emma Kennedy
SModcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.

If your fond of humour and podcasts them are the best, the top of the free comedy podcast tree.  All links available in The Lobby.

It's November already, 2009 is nearing it's end, time flies, and it marches on.  "Time is the most indefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires." ~ Charles Caleb Colton.  So tonight The Fiancé and I watched The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.  An odyssey none of us were really what you could refer to as 'looking forward to with great humongous amounts of pleasant anticipation tingles'.  It's a very long movie and came with the baggage of much forward review reading and publicity.  I loved it, it's extremely thought-provoking and engaging and emotional and informative and historical and beautiful.  Couple of faults, Benjamin is born in New Orleans, the year is 1918, throughout his long life I didn't detect a sniff of racism, all was blissfully loving and full of human kindness down south.  And Cate Blanchett was never born to be a ballet dancer, she's too big, too much meat on her bones, her legs are just not shapely enough.  But that's the least of your concerns if you watch the movie, and I shouldn't be so picky, it's a great movie, an epic adventure of the joys of life and love, the sadness of loss and death, and a parable of forgiveness.  Sums up the human condition.  When the time is right, the time is right, even if it's a long time coming...

Daisy: Will you sleep with me?
Benjamin Button: Absolutely.



Star smilie clear31/10/09
Polyvore, shopping for
that long adored crystal
heart clutch, hats, furry stuff and shorts and Halloween
A wee while ago I joined Polyvore to play with their fashion set tools.  Previous fashion set pics I've shown onhere I made myself with Paint Shop Pro, Polyvore makes it a lot easier as it prepares the individual pics for you by automatically removing backgrounds.  The only downside is the Polyvore clip tool which allows you to clip images to Polyvore doesn't work on all websites, so I can't get images from all the shops I us onlie.

oniht  publshed my first two Polyvore sets, just for the fun of it, well, more for the experience, to see how it all works.  Out of interest, apart rom the trilby, the second set, is what I was wearing today.

                           Polyvore sets

Finally got round to shopping that exquisite Crystal Heart Clutch and the Trilby from Accessorize.  And I threw in the Angora Cap.  It was treat time, and these things look so pretty.  I've also been lusting after a faux fur coat and a faux fur trapper hat. 

                 Accessorize black crystal heart clutch            Accessorize Trilby           Accessorize Angora Cap                       

check out the pom-pomsstroke meBut what faux fur coat and what faux fur trapper hat to have?  This faux fur coat from New Look.  I want to be enveloped in soft furry warm gorgeousness.  This one appeals to me with it's over-sized collar and edge-to-edge front hidden hook-and-eye fasteners, no button front bulkiness to deal with, and it's the right length for a faux fur, covers your arse on a cold winters night.   New Look online give free delivery on orders over £70 and free returns, so I'm ordering a couple sizes to see which one fits best.

And this faux fur trapper hat with pom-poms, the black version.  It's from Urban Outfitters with free delivery, I've been lusting after it for approximately one week, it's good to make yourself wait, fosters self-discipline. 

While I was at New Look I was liking their new smart dressy shorts, both with skinny studded belts.  OK, that's the shopping lust satiated, for a wee while.



  Star smilie clear30/10/09
Simon Amstell, Sir Dracula, active old age, Crinkly, Defiance and Christopher Walken

Defiance DVD

 SimonWe've got tickets to see Simon Amstell, rather excited bout that.  A trip out, a light supper, glass of champagne and the glimmering intelligence and wit of the uber-lovely Simon...fantastique!

Sir DraculaArise Sir Dracula, 87 year old Christopher Lee has been knighted.  Sir Lee deserves a bit of an award, having made more than 250 film and TV appearances over the course of age gap - 95 yearsa career that has so far spanned 61 years, not to mention holding the record for beng th tales acor n a lad role.
From tall and distinguished to old and randy.  Ahmed Mohaned Dhore claims to be 112 and has just marred Safiya Abdulle, 17 years old.  Talk about age gap, nearly a century.  He already has 13 children by five wives, but says he'd like more with his newest wife.  The happy couple, the man and his new wife...and his two old wives, the two who are still alive, live in the Somalian village of Guriceel.  This is his first marriage for three quarters of a century.  I know it's right to encourage the elderly to be active and live full lives, but you'd think he'd be ready for a quieter one by now.  Not my place to criticise, but that doesn't usually stop me, so I will.  She's a child, I've got a feeling the novelty will wear off for her, after all the attention and hullabaloo has died down, she'll wake up one morning and realise she's got 3 old folks to care for on top of any children that come along.  That's a lot of nappies.

Crinkly the swanCrinklyIf you see Crinkly, no not the bridegroom, this swan. If you see a swan with a kinky neck they're very keen to hear about it at The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), please let them know by posting a comment on a suitable blog entry on their Swan Diary.  Crinkly is a girl Bewick's swan with this most un-aerodynamic deformity, if she makes it back to the UK after another 1,850 mile flight from Russia, the researchers have calculated she'll have flown a total of 20,000 air miles in her life.  Good going for a swan with a kinky neck.  Berwick's swans usually mate for life and spend their summers nesting in Russia.  As the Arctic winter begins, large family groups move across northwestern Europe.  Most settle in The Netherlands, with between 3,000 - 5,000 travelling on to the UK.  So, to our friends in Dutch Land - keep an eye out over there too.

The Fiancé and I watched Defiance this evening, we've been doing a lot of true stories recently.  This one is so absolutely moving, I don't know if it was Daniel Craig's blue blue eyes, I've never been moved by anything Daniel Craig did before, so I guess it must be the story they were telling.  I can't bring myself to watch Schindler's List, I try to avoid obviously terribly sad inhumane historical doom and gloom horror.  But this one came my way because it wasn't so endlessly promoted, I let it in.  I really don't understand what the Jews have ever done to deserve such hatred.

Mr WalkenA huge highlight of UK TV this evening...Christopher Walken on the Jonathan Ross Show.  Mr Walken is, has always been, and will always be, my favourite actor, for all my life.  And here he was again talking to JR, probably because JR is such a Walken devotee.  I remember watching Mr Walken on JR's Saturday Zoo back in 1994 when he read The Three Little Pigs, sitting on a Jackanory story type big wicker chair, wearing a stripy woollen hand-knitted sweater, like you could only buy in charity shops.  I know this to be true because a decade before, back in circa 1985 when I was a student nurse living in the nurses' home at Bangour Village Hospital there was a fellow student nurse wearing a similar jumper.  She wasn't a very good nurse type, but she was a good Christian type, and she really had bought that stripy jumper from a charity shop.  She took it a step further in ridiculously bad clothing, and penny-pinching, she had added self-knitted extensions to the arms of her charity shop jumper, cos the arms were too short for her when she bought it.  I can't believe this story, even as I type it, I can't believe it, and I know it's true, cos I was there.  I remember her name, but I'll spare her blushes, she's probably married to an MP or a doctor now and living in a country mansion, here's hoping she's not nursing.  But, I digress, tonight Mr Walken gave a nod to the Three Little Pigs event, when at the end of this show he sat in a chair centre stage again and read out the lyrics to Lady GaGa's Poker Face, in typical Walken style.  He's lovely.  Mr Walken, we salute you, you are a god.



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being back home, Sofa News and The Score

The Score DVD

Been up visiting The Parents today, which was nice.  I love being in the old house at Braehead with The Mum and The Dad.  Bonus was The Brother arrived mid-visit.  However, his visit was an emergency visit, having encountered an eye problem at work.  After doing a bit of metal grinding he'd had some serious eye pain, right upper eyelid.  Something was hurting real bad.  I had a look in but the offending particle wasn't obvious to anybody other than The Brother.  And it was extremely painfully obvious t him ver tie h blnked. The Mum phoned The Retired District Nurse Friend, and The Brother and I ent over to her house.  The Retired District Nurse Friend is a lovely lady who I've been aware of all my life, and The Mum has as a good friend now.  She kicked into action with the kettle and salt, brewing up some sterile saline solution for eye-washing, having worked for many years in an A&E department she knows loads of nursey stuff.  She rolled that boys eyelid up over a match-stick and there it was, a miniscule metal shaving in the process of embedding itself in the pinkness of The Brother's inner eyelid tissue, on the second gentle swipe with a saline soaked hankie corner she had it.  His relief was palpable to The Retired District Nurse Friend and me.


Sofa News : no, we haven't been out buying a new sofa, we can't do that for a while.  We can't do that for a while because we have a basic disagreement regarding sofas here at Starry Towers that will have to be sorted before we can even go close to a sofa store.  The basic disagreement is I fancy a corner unit and The Fiancé is dead against corner units.  Other mitigating factors...the sofa we have now still looks stylish, it's cool, it's a large, black leather relaxed style and is still functioning well.  It's old, I remember it coming into my life brand new, way back in1989, but it's still good despiteall the couch-life it's experienced.  It's 20 years old, it knew me in my 20s, it holds memories of X Husband #1, and parties, and our friends at that time who stayed over regularly, several of them, sleeping on the couch.  And the dogs, the first babies were poodles, they clawed and clambered all over the sofa, then came The Boy.  The Boy climbed and jumped and drooled, teethed on the arm edge seems and lay along the top of the back just like Kipling the poodle before him.  Then the rabbits, they nibbled and scratched.  And throughout it's life with me as a single Mum, other girlfriends sleeping over.  The other assaults it's endured, spillages, nail varnish, drinks etc, it's a bloody wonderful piece of furniture all things considered.  A faithful, old, loved friend.  So, the excellent sofa news isn't personal to The Starry Towers Sofa.


An MP has raised the subject of furniture sales in the House of Commons, urging the government to end the "myth" that furniture sales last only for a limited time.  The Fiancé hates those TV ads, he hates them so much that every time one of them comes on the TV he mentions how much he hates them.  He can't let one go by without exclaiming what a crock of shit he's viewing, he can't believe how the furniture stores get away with such nonsense claims about their so-called sales.  It makes him angry.  But now Labour MP David Taylor has told the Commons that it was "virtually impossible" to find sofas and armhairs at the full selling price.  That is really true, and so funny.  Do some people believe it?  Apparently so, and hence the subject needs raised in the House of Commons.  Amazing.  I guess, all hilarity aside, it's a good move and apparently necessary cos some people are extremely thick.  Anyway, if the TV ads that drive The Fiancé mad disappear from our screens, I certainly won't be complaining.  Might make it easier to slip a big black leather corner unit past him.


The Fiancé and I watched The Score.  It should've been so worth it, Brando, De Niro, Norton, 3 generations of acting giants.  I found it a bit so-so, even the twist in the tail, which I had expected right from the get go, I didn't know the particulars right from the get go, but it was obvious there would have to be a double-cross between De Niro and Norton.  Nearer the time when the double-cross was revealed, I guessed what it was going to be.  The whole movie felt wrong throughout, it looks like a poor man's Batman movie, like the Muppet Man director Frank Oz turned Montreal into Gotham City.  Everything ooks cartoonishly clean, bright, perfect, glistening and overly lit.  Everyone looks like and acts like a caricature, the big bouncer henchman, the old janitor, even Brando's big fat gay fence guy.  Maybe I was expecting something else, maybe I should just have taken it as a heist caper movie and not been expecting any sort of nitty gritty depth, cos depth is what's lacking.  Bit of credit to Edward Norton, he seemed to me to put in the best bit of actor work of them all, but it also has to be said, he's capable of much much better.






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The Bloody Squirrel, nest box in situ, me on an R6 and judges...they make it up as they go along
 Here at Starry Towers you can tell winter's creeping closer.  There's the obvious signs of autumnal foliage, shades of yellow, orange, red and brown, on ever-increasingly bare branches, decorating the grounds and gathering in wind-blown corners, there's a chill in the air and daylight comes and goes in a few short hours.  AND The Bloody Squirrel is behaving even more irresponsibly than usual.  It's about this time of year that he starts burying grapes.  Teres to cotaines o penut ou ther, several seed holders, not to mention the fat treats, none of these things are squirrel-proof.  Not to mention the suplies he'd normally obtain from the woods out-with the village if humans weren't around with their garden bird feeding.  The grapes go out for the blackbirds, and the magpies are keen on them.  Today we watched The Bloody Squirrel take one grape at a time and nip all over The Starry Towers garden, including the pot with the large oak tree, and two neighbouring gardens burying them away.  What is the point?  By the time he goes back to them they'll have rotted away.  Grapes are more biodegradable than nuts, I'm guessing.  I'd just been fixing the mess he'd previously made digging in my pots, and there he was making more right in front of me.

R6 and menew nesting box

     the bloody squirrel  
     The Fiancé got the new nest box put in situ during a break in putting finishing touches to the R6 that he's rebuilding from being a race bike back to being a road bike.  
     The very mobile hairdresser Neil Purves who was caught doing 166mph on the road near West Linton on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 back in May has been sent to jail for 9 months, and banned from driving for 5 years.  I don't condone his behaviour, speeding on the roads is an extremely dangerous activity, putting not only his own life at risk, but the lives of others too.  Just, wouldn't it have been better to take a load of money off him and not have us paying for his jail term?  
     The sentences handed out are not consistent.  Here's just one example.  In 2006 Jaswinder Lakhvinder Singh admitted causing the death of 20-year-old medical student Abigail Craen by dangerous driving in Birmingham.  She was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing when she was hit, her body being catapulted 30 yards along the road.  Singh handed himself in only after the dead girl's mother permitted newspapers to publish pictures of Abigail lying dead in hospital.  He pled guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop after an accident, failing to report an accident and driving without insurance.  It emerged during sentencing at Birmingham Crown Court that the defendant, only months before, had got his licence back after being banned from the roads for 12 months for drink driving.  He had already served almost five months in custody, and was told by the judge that he would serve only half of his 18-month sentence. He also banned Singh from driving for four years.  
     So that's four offences, including killing a young girl, he served 9 months in jail, the same as Purves will, who didn't have any previous and didn't kill anyone and only committed one offence, and he was banned for one year less than Purves.  How can that be right?  


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my first Contact Me button user...Google must be all over MarilynsWorld, Starry Chives and Breach

Breach DVD
 It's happened, someone used the 'Contact Me' button in The Lobby.  I was so excited when I saw the email cos I keep my Bikeshite email addy for all things MarilynsWorld, so chances are, if there's an email in there, it's cos someone's found my website via Google.  Debbie in Australia is desperately seeking Pretty Polly Mock Stock black...they are THAT rare...while Googling she found and read yesterdays Star Blog post and wanted to know more of how I was ale tobagtheblak vrsionof this much sought after hosiery item.  I truly am thrilled, I Debbie.  And I hope post to Australia.

Surprised t this contact and especially at the speed in which my blog had turned up in a Google search, I Googled the words 'Pretty Polly Mock Stock', I'm on the third page of Google resluts.  Which was fantastic enough, but then I realised, I mentioned Australia in a very recent post, so I Googled 'Pretty Polly Mock Stock Australia', and there I am, second from the top on page one.  Wow, I'm coming up in the world. 
ASDA chives
Yesterday in ASDA I rescued a herb.  I have an idea that this rescue chive plant will live happily all winter on The Starry Towers kitchen window sill then be transferred to an outdoor pot and live happily ever after on Patio 3 with all the other happy healthy herbs on Patio 3.  There were about 10 chive plants on the shelf, in their crappy little square shaped disposable pots, enclosed in cellophane wrapping, begging for a good feed and water.  I wish I could've saved them all, but I had to pick one.  I closed my eyes, lifted one and Starry Chives was released for the ransom price of 78 of your Scottish pennies.

Starry chives and Spicy red carnationStarry Chives has been free now for 24hrs, in which time he's been repotted in nice rich compost and had a drink of Baby Bio, and even gave a little bit back, to dress the boiled baby potatoes I served up this evening with trimmed green beans and baby carrots as side dishes to accompany my new signature main dish of Rosemary Shrager's Cream Cheese Free Range Chicken and Parma Ham.  Of course, being an avid amateur gardener I already have an outdoor chive plant in a pot.  It's just been looking a bit sad for a while now.  It's been my chive plant for years, but it's not going to live much longer by the looks of the recent deterioration.  This years growth was particularly poor and ropey.  It looks so bad, I haven't felt able to give it a place on Patio 3, it sits now over on the dirt by the lawn.

Moving on...The new Starry chives is currently thriving in a chrome indoor pot on the kitchen window sill, beside the Spicy carnation.  The Queens Spice restaurant in South Queensferry always gives lady diners a red carnation at the end of every dining experience, pretty sexist, or a reminder of the good old days before PC madness took over.

The Fiancé and I watched Breach this evening, another true story, this time an espionage thriller starring Chris Cooper, Ryan Phillippe and Laura Linney.  Breach tells the story of Robert Hanssen, the veteran FBI counterintelligence agent found guilty of committing espionage by providing highly classified national security information to Russia and the former Soviet Union, sentenced to life in prison without parole, and apparently the movie sticks closely to the truth of the matter.  The movie was very good and had me engrossed from start to end.  After watching The Good Shepherd I thought I'd never ever try another film about spying, I'm glad I did.



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Matalan clothes, Accessorize treats are calling, L'Oreal make-up,
hot new leg looks, The Fiancé latest bike project and Changeling
Matalan grey tartan mini skirt

Matalan black and white check hitch-up mini skirt

Matalan stripe jumper

Be Beau blue heart button cardigan

Matalan acid wash black leggings

Changeling DVD
 Matalan leather gloves with three gem buttonsA trip round Livingston shopping centres today.  I hit Matalan first, and by the time I left, my clothes-buying urge was well satisfied.  A couple of winter type mini skirts, the grey mini kilt and a black with white check hitch-up mini.  The mohair stripe deep V-neck jumper is cool, grunge-punky and trend-hot, will be worn with leggings/jeggings/treggings or a pair of skinny jeans, with boots..eithr akle she-bot orhigher, long as they have some metal detailing, studs or buckled straps and have a high heel.  The little blue cardigan is to wear layered over my long sleeved lace leotard, revealing lacy lower arms and a touc of lace at the...I love this word...décolletage.  And a pair of printed leggings, everyone's working printed leggings, mine are a black acid wash denim print.  Then there were these Accessorize Crystal Heart Clutchblack leather gloves with the pretty black gem button detail, how could I refuse?

In Accessorize they didn't have the heart shaped clutch I fancy or the trilby, branch not big enough I guess.  Look at this crystal embellished heart clutch, it's sooo special and wonderfully chic.  I do really really want to possess it, I deserve it.  My Topshop red heart clutch is in my top two fav clutch bags, if I could just have this one, I'd have a top three fav clutch bags in my clutch bag collection.  I could treat myself on payday, and payday is just 48hrs away, might as well just give in and get it ordered.

I nipped into Boots to talk bout foundation.  I recently changed to the L'Oreal Roll'on foundation in Rose Beige as blogged bout on 09/09/09.  Today I quizzed another of the Boots make-up girls, and challenged her to tell me which shade would suit me best.  I informed hL'Oreal Paris True Match Roll'on Foundationer that I'd done this before, I just wanted to check the first Boots make-up advisor girl had got it right.  She passed the test and suggested the right shade for me is Rose Beige.  She also told me my make-up was expertly applied, my skin appeared smoooth, couldn't believe my age when I disclosed that info, and generally made my day.  Another reason for testing this girl, I wanted to purchase the L'Oréal Paris True Match Touche Magique Concealer, and needed an educated person's advice on what shade of that to buy.  She decided Natural Beige was my colour, I felt bonded with this girl and bagged her recommendatLily Allen mock suspender lookion.

I've fallen for the mock suspender-look tights phenomena as worn by Lily Allen with her Chanel version.  And I've tracked down an affordable version available to us non-celeb-types.  Holland House Mock Stock Tights, designed exclusively by Henry Holland for Pretty Polly - tights that look like stockings, mixing sheer and opaque yarns.  They come in pink, blue, purple and black.  The black version is rare and hard to track down.  The site I found them at currently has a 2 week waiting list.  While I was admiring them at I found these other gorgeous Pretty Polly must-haves.  Their Absolute Legs Mock Hold-Ups Tights which are also new for this season with pretty built in lace knickers giving a smooth silhouette with no need for an unsightly panty line.  The sexy look of stockings and hold-up stockings, inches of skin above the stocking tops but none of the lines under your body-con slinkiness.  I got both.

from race to roadWhile I've been busy with fashion and shopping these last two days, The Fiancé's been playing in his shed.  Stripping and rebuilding one of his old Yamaha R6 race bikes, putting it back to the original road bike version with all the bits he removed and saved way back when.  It's looking great.

We watched Changeling this evening, wonderful movie.  The Clint Eastwood directed movie starring The Jolie and John Malkovich, based on the true story of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders which took place in 1928.  It tells a very sad tale indeed, with many terrible events, it's 2 hrs 22 mins worth of shocking police corruption and abuse of power and the terrible pain and mistreatment of one of the mothers of a missing boy.  The movie does not dwell on the terror, physical, mental and sexual  abuse the young boy victims must've suffered, but it's there enough for your own mind to fully understand.


Gordon Northcott

Having read the information online about the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, the movie sticks very closely to the real story.  The serial killer Gordon Northcott was a malevolent sociopath paedophile who was convicted of the murders of an unidentified Mexican boy and brothers, 12 year old Lewis and 10 year old Nelson Winslow.  It was believed however that he may have kidnapped, molested, tortured, killed and dismembered up to 20 young boys in the space of one year.  He had first taken his 13 year old nephew Sanford Clark, from his home in Canada to the chicken ranch in the Los Angeles area where he beat and sexually abused him, ad forced him to take part in the kidnappings and abuse of the boys.  In the real story Northcott's mother, Sarah Louise Northcott, was also involved.  She was spared the death penalty because she was a woman, and served only 12 years in jail, Gordon spent time in Alcatraz before being hanged there.


I was interested to read the real life facts of the young nephew.  Sanford's older sister Jessie became suspicious of the letters he was forced to send home to assure his family that he was well. She went to the ranch and stayed several days.  However, she became terrified of Northcott, left and told authorities her brother was in the country illegally.  That's when the police went to the ranch and Sanford later told them what he had been forced to participate in.  I was glad to see he was never tried for murder, he was as much a victim as the other lads.  He was sentenced to five years at the Whittier State School (later renamed the red C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility).  His sentence was later commuted to 23 months.  After his release, he was deported to his native Canada.  Clark's son, Jerry Clark, credits Clark's sisters June and Jessie, associate prosecution counsel Loyal C. Kelley, and the Whittier State School for helping save Sanford from Gordon Northcott.  Sanford Clark went on to serve in World War II, and then worked for 28 years for the Canadian postal service.  He married, and he and his wife, June, adopted and raised two sons. They were married for 55 years and he died in 1991 at age 78.






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Dunfermline, new nest box and a Boohoo splurge
Nordic Nest Box FSC
 The Fiancé and I took a trip to Dunfermline today.  A visit to Primark and again I left without any clothes.  All the time I read in the fash mags there are all these incredible gorgeous items at bargain prices to be had Primark, twice I've visited Primark now, once through the west and today Dunfermline in the east.  I found a few things to buy today, hats, tights and a make up bag.  I got a 100% black wool felt trilby, for a bargain six quid, it's a good quality hat, but unfortunately comes with a silver sequin band.  I'veremvedthe and ad iten torepace wth a band of something more classy.  Or I'll just splash out £22 at Accessorize ad get this one I've been drooling over all weekend.
Primark grey check and black lace tights
Got a Primark 100% wool beret too for only £3, that's great the way it is, the Accessorize one I've been eyeing up is £10.  Lace tights and nice thick winter-friendly 50 denier grey/black check tights, two quid a pair.  Desperate to find something else worth having in Primark, I got a cute little black sequin covered make-up bag.  Two hats, two pairs of tights and a make-up bag...15 quid.  It's near on impossible to spend money in Primark, for one reason or another.

We had a wee walk around at The Dunfermline Abbey Church, I was hoping to show The Fiancé the grave of Robert The Bruce, but disappointingly it's closed to the public for winter now.  It's quite ridiculous the way the-powers-that-be close a load of monuments and ancient buildings for the winter.  And this one in particular, the old part is owned by Historic Scotland and is still open with free admission most days throughout winter, but the newer part, built in 1819, is owned by The Church of Scotland and was open to visitors this year from 6th April until Friday 23rd October.  We missed it by 2 days.  What if you really really really had to see the burial site of Robert The Bruce and couldn't wait till next April, perhaps a terminal illness with a prediction of only a month to live, or your on a short winter break in Scotland and your airline ticket says you got to go back to Australia on November 11th?  Really, no consideration these religious types.  It's not only Robert The Bruce, 7 other Scottish kings are resting their old dry bones in there.

Robert the Bruce was buried in the old Abbey in 1329, minus his heart of course, it headed, posthumously in the general direction of The Holy Land.   The Bruce had made a solemn vow to take one of them, popular at the time, pilgrimages, but unfortunately before he got round to that little jaunt he had suffered a stroke.  On his deathbed he asked his life-long friend, Sir James Douglas, to carry his heart there instead. The greatest of Scotland's Kings died on 7th June, 1329 at the Manor of Cardross, Dunbartonshire.  The following year his faithful friend set out for The Holy Land taking the heart in a silver casket.  He'd got as far as Seville in Spain when he found himself in a big fight, Moors had set their sights on taking the city.  In the midst of the battle Douglas was deserted by the woosy and ungrateful Spanish, so he did what anyone would do in the same desperate situation, he threw Bruce's embalmed heart into the thick of the battle, with the words, "Go first as thou hast always done."  As it goes, Douglas was killed and his body returned to Scotland.  Bruce's heart was miraculously found again, intact and recognisableKing Robert The Bruce atop Dunfermline Abbey Church, just laying around on the battlefield, brought back to Scotland by Sir William Keith of Galston and finally laid to rest at Melrose Abbey.

When they were building the new part of Dunfermline Abbey Church they found his remains, they knew it was him because of the position of the bones and the cut breastbone, which had enabled the removal of his heart back in the day.  And 560 years after his death he was reinterred, minus that impressively resilient heart.  His remains now lie under the pulpit, covered by a large shiny brass grave marker.  The words KING ROBERT THE BRUCE were incorporated, in a none too subtle way, atop the new abbey church tower and that's history.

I found a new nesting box for the Starry Towers garden bird population at B&Q.  The old one got binned when the old shed was dismantled and taken to the Gorgeous Biker Chick ranch up near Inverness.  The new box is pretty, and apparently a Nordic type nesting box.  Garden birds in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, they all make their nests in this style of box.  We'll put it in situ tomorrow.

Back home, I was so dispirited at not finding any clothes at Primark, I went to and liked a lot of stuff, mainly black and mainly studded.
   Boohoo stuff black and studded

  Star smilie clear24/10/09
Scotland Time Zone? Morrissey, A Mighty
Heart and The Unsaid
A Mighty Heart DVD

The Unsaid DVD

Clocks go back tonight, at 2am Sunday 25th, that old...spring forward, fall back thing.  The Fiancé says he's never heard that common saying before.  The Fiancé's lived most of his adult life in Holland, with many diversions into a load of oil and gas rich areas of the world.


There's a prominent historian called Sir Alistair Horne and he says the UK should drop this clock changing, he actually says the rest of the UK should drop it and let Scotland carry on with it's own 'Tundr Time.  unda?  As in 'a vast treeless one wth ermnenly rozensubsoil?'  What a cheek.  He reckons it may benefit Scottish farmers who don't want to be milking their cos in the dark during the winter months, but that everyone else suffers.  He says cos Scotland is that much closer to the North Pole that we do have a shorter day than the rest of the UK.  He also said, and this is really cheeky...that the progress of devolution and the release of Lokerbie bomber Big Al McGarry had led him to think that Scotland could take its own decisions and the rest of the UK should no longer be tied to a time zone which does not suit it.  Nasty man.

Morrissey has been taken to The Great Western Hospital in Swindon after collapsing on stage with breathing difficulties.  He collapsed during the first song of the concert, The Smith's 'This Charming Man', his condition has been described as "stable".  I hope he's OK, apparently he's cancelled several dates this year because of illness.  I can't find any further information at this time.


Saturday night is Movie Night.  The Fiancé and I watched two of the movies I've been waiting to watch...we started early.  First was A Mighty Heart, with The Jolie acting her little acting socks off.  Has to be THE movie where she shows exactly how good she can be.  Great movie, though there is no surprise, it's Pakistan, Jolie's kidnapped western Jewish journo husband does end up headlining in his own video...they have big knifes and they know how to use them.  After A Mighty Heart The Fiancé announced, though he has up till and including this movie about international terrorism of the Al Qaida type, enjoyed a load of that type of movie, many of them based inareas and cities of the world where he has been before for work, maybe he's had enough of the genre for a while.  It does tend to raise the anger factor in a Muslim-negative type way.

We then watched The Unsaid.  Lovely to see Andy Garcia, haven't seen enough of him, seems like ages since Things To Do In Denver When Your Dead, Black Rain and The Oceans.  Why isn't that man's star far higher in the Hollywood firmament?   Hot guy, married since 1982 with 3 daughters, he keeps himself off the celeb goss scene and just goes to work.  The Unsaid is very good.  There's a point where you think you've got it all worked out, I did anyway.  One little thing worried me, so I wasn't totally fine with it, I couldn't fathom how THAT could be the case, but I wasn't smart enough to take that thinking forward and come up with the answer.  Excellent, twist after twist after twist.  Highly recommended by me.

  Star smilie clear23/10/09
nail polishes and dinner out
  If your into A-list celeb style but can't afford everything you want, you can get a load of designer inspired accessory stuff at  They have a 20% discount code in collaboration with Closer magazine, valid until midnight on 2nd November, enter CLOSERIT at the checkout.
nail polishes in the Star fridge
My favourite nail polish colour for a while now has been black.  The Rimmel 60 Seconds (800 Black Out) was my first, but I found this flakes very quickly, often the same day it's applied, so I tried the Rimmel I w Lasting Finish (080 Black Cab), but that's no better despite calling itself Lasting Finih.  Ive aveRimel  goodshot, it's not good enough.  Today I tried my new Brry M (291 Cobalt Blue) and it's looking like it's far superior, no chips by this evening.  I'll try the Barry M (47 Black) next.  Superdrug online have both the Barry M polishes  on a buy one get one half price special offer.

The Fiancé and I were at The Queens Spice restaurant in South Queensferry this evening, for another delicious Indian meal.  I always have a mild main dish and try different starters and side dishes each time, tonight's side dishes were okra and aubergine.  Both very nice.  Their peshwari naan bread is to die for.

  Star smilie clear22/10/09
BBC in the right, good news bear and bad news bear, QT result and The Wrestler

The Wrestler DVD

Of  course the BBC should invite Nick Griffin MEP to appear on Question Time, to have a voice and be scrutinised as other political parties are.  Anti-fascist protesters were out of order invading the BBC building in London and costing us tax payers for the police presence.  If I ruled the world it's the protestors who'd be first to go.  Them and their I-slept-in-these clothes and their unwashed locks and beards, and that's just the women.  It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with what he has to say, he is an elected MP.  The vting ublc soul beallowd to make up their own minds armed with full information, but they can't do that if they don't get the chance to ear all the parties speak.  These protestors are determined to prevent the rest of us from hearing Nick Griffin speak, why do they presume they know what's best for me?  I won't be incited to rush out and be violent towards anyone after seeing Nick Griffin on Question Time, apart from maybe a protestor.


Mercedes from Canada to Edinburgh to The HighlandsThe Good News Bear - Mercedes, the only polar bear in the UK has been moved from her rocky tennis-court sized enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo to 4 acres of countryside at The Highland Wildlife Park near Kingussie.  The new enclosure is more typical of her natural habitat.  Years ago in Canada she was to be shot for roaming into a town, but got a reprieve and a small place in Edinburgh.  The first pic shows Mercedes looking rather bored and all snowy white in her Edinburgh home, in the second she quickly got dirty roaming up north.  The third pic shows her having a bath and testing out her new swimming pool.  I'm amazed how quickly she's taken to her new home, she'll get to do a hole lot more roaming now.  Just wish they'd thought to do this for her a load faster, 25 years she spent in that jail cell. 

The Bad News Bear - A five-year old bear was shot and killed after fatally injuring a circus manager and badly injuring a trainer in the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek.  This poor bear was forced to wear skates and ice-skate.  Apparently this bears on ice thing is common in Russian circuses, with some bears made to wear helmets and trained to play ice-hockey.  That is just so wrong on all levels.


Late Night Star Blog Update :


Having watched Question Time, I'm happy with the outcome.  Much of it was annoying, back and forth mud-slinging and politicians dishonestly parrying, deflecting, evading, and avoiding, pretty damn usual for politicians.  And there was a bit too much with history lessons, going as far back as the ice age and a lot of stuff bout Churchill and Powell, but this is 2009 and I wanted them to concentrate on what's going wrong in the UK now.


The one who answered with most blatant honesty, perhaps because he isn't good enough at the game, or maybe not clever enough, but the most honest was the much reviled Nick Griffin.  His badness was obvious anyay, even when he was denying the wrst of the claims against him, you could easily tell he was fibbing.  The way he was treated, if it were anyone else on the end of that onslaught it would have been called bullying.  He was so nervous he was trembling, and had to keep his hand motions in check many times.  I actually started feeling sorry for him. 


The programme was a great success, the presence of Nick Griffin upped the anti on Auntie, his inclusion on tonight's panl made it more important.  The viewing figures must've been the highest ever for an episode of QT.  Thursday night political TV is usually a bore but I knew I had to watch this one.  Surely a load of other people in the UK recognised the same importance and tuned in too.  In my opinion it worked out well, to the benefit of the majority of us ordinary people.


It was about 45 minutes into the show before someone made the most important point, which led to Justice Secretary Jack Straw (Labour) being pulled up by Sayeeda Warsi (Conservative) and accused of not iving an honest answer, when a member of the audience asked whether government immigration policy had contributed to the BNP's success.  The member of the audience who said it, the most honest statement of the entire programme came from the coloured gentleman in a pinstripe suit down the front.  He stated the obvious, he raised the main issue, he told it like it is...



"I'm amazed that you still pander to the left, immigration is a major issue in this country, its because of our policies and The honest face on Question Timedisregard that the BNP have risen, do you not accept that the government has an issue with this and have to tackle it square on?"  That man's face says it all, he's appealing, desperate for the politians to listen, says what the majority of this country want to be heard saying.  That he was the one to say it, and on this particular so-anticipated-and-talked-about-TV-programme, is so important.  Well done that man, whoever he is --------->


It will be listened to more so, because he isn't white.  If a white person had said it, they would've been brushd of as racist.


The majority of us Brits, including the guy in the pinstripe suit, are not naturally racist, we are concerned about the current immigration, but the government isn't listening.


Jack Straw talked a load of shit in response, and the Tory MP Ms Warsi, jumped on his lies, "but Jack, none of your systems are working, that man is right".


He was asked why the government won't agree to put a cap on the UK population and he talked a load of crap, claiming that's impossible unless you cap the number of children people are allowed to have.  Nonsense.  Thegovernment has to improve their immigration policies and tighten up border control or more and more of us will be putting our crosses n the BNP boxes, it's a protest vote for the angry 'indigenous' population.


And they can argue all they want about the term 'indigenous' and talk history all the way back to theorigin of anatomically modern humans.  The African origin hypothesis which argues that H. sapiens arose in Africa and migrated out the continent around 50-100,00 years ago, replacing populations of H. erectus in Asia and H. neanderthalensis in Europe. Scientists supporting the alternative multiregional hypothesis argue that H. sapiens evolved as geographically separate but interbreeding populations stemming from a worldwide migration of H. erectus out of Africa nearly 2.5 million years ago.  And they can talk Hitler, Powell and Churchill all they want, but we don't need that soke blown up our arses.


None of that matters when it comes down to which political party is going to rescue Britain from the mistakes that have brought us to where we are today.  The next government has to make us believe that their immigration policies will stop the influx of people ready to abuse our welfare state, they have to make us believe that they are increasing measures to prevent illegal immigrants getting here, and staying here.  They need to define 'asylum' and query why so many seeking this asylum need to get it the UK.  It's either that or there will be more crosses in BNP boxes, it's the only protest vote available till the main political parties start listening.



The Fiancé and I watched Te Wrestler this evening, not nearly as good as I thought it was going to be.  I watched in anticipation, expecting to be blown away by Mickey Rourke's movie come-back.  All the reviews said it's a brilliant movie with a great performance by Mr Rourke.  I wasn't impressed with either the movie or Mr Rourke, I couldn't get past the man's lips.  His face was so...damaged, and not in a way that wrestling or even boxing, would damage a face, more like bad plastic surgery.  His face is a horrible site and no amount of barbed wire or staple guns could shock after you realise that the face your looking at is actually his face, he really looks like that, before anyonebeats him up in the ring.  His barely tenable relationships, with his estranged daughter and with the stripper woman, weren't explored in any great depth and seemed thrown in in hasty fashion just to try to add some plumped up filling to the saggy cushion of a story.  The only thing plumped up in this movie are those trout pout lips.  Sorry to go on about them, but those lips, that surgery.  They all look strangely similar with the horror written all over their faces.  Maybe they all go to the same guy?

is it really worth it?  really?
          From left : Barry Manilow, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Dolly Parton, Lesley Ash, Brittany Murphy and Pete Burns.



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winter hanging
 Starry Towers winter hanging basketspreparing winter hanging baskets in styleBit of gardening done today.  While the weather  holds out got the hanging baskets planted up with pansies, violas and trailing ivies, colour scheme, lilac, purple and wee splashes of white.  The spare pansies and violas went in 3 shallow planters.  I already had the baskets, bought with plastic liners, I cut some holes in the plastic liners when I first bought them, to allow some water to escape, ensuring they don't get too soggy with all the rain and snow.

Ensure the plants you chose are frost hardy flowers and tough evergreens, then there's not much to it with the winter bedding.  Stand the basket in a bucket r potto eepit tabe andupright, and it's just a matter of compost, mi in a handful of chicken shit pellets for feeding, place the plants at roughly equal distance apart, make sure they're well firmed in.  It can be a bit footery, all them little stems and leaves in such a small space.  Hang the basket in situ and give it a drink.



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The Reader and the ridiculous Katie Price
The Reader DVD
 Watched The Reader with The Fiancé this evening.  Excellent movie with a great story and wonderful acting by everyone involved.  To think that a person can be more ashamed of being illiterate than of being a murderer.  An amazingly moving telling of a deeply personal and secret relationship which should never have happened, it was sexual abuse after all.  The issues explored are complicated and intricate, with practically no rights and wrongs, everything in this movie has two sides apart from one thing, which I'll come back to shortly.  It's impossible to answer the biggest issue the movie raised, if ou wee aGeran ivig in ermany during the war...what would you have done?  Probably, exactly what themajority of Germans did...what you were told to do, what it was culturally accepted and encouraged for you to do.  What was the alternative?  To raise your moral head and suffer yourself?  You and your family?  Few were able to be in a position to rail against the machine, and a few did, remarkable super-human bravery.

The relationship between a young Michael, played by David Kross, and Kate Winslet's Hanna raises the issue of paedophilia.  The Fiancé reckons it's acceptable for older women to sexually abuse teenage boys, as long as the woman is sexually attractive, though he doesn't call it 'sexual abuse'.  He thinks the boy benefits educationally, and has a big fun time, that such experiences build character and encourage the boy to become the man.  The Fiancé thinks the boy is in a position to learn...erm...positions, and techniques beyond his years, which can only be beneficial.

I disagree and believe that the older women are sexually abusing the youngsters when the lads aren't emotionally mature enough to cope with such relationships.  That it can be traumatic for the boy, maybe not at the time, when he's too immature to realise it, but later, something changes, the boy is being used.  When I suggest The Fiancé consider the relationship in The Reader, turned around, if that were a 30-something man having sex with a 15 year old girl...he says that would be wrong, that man would be a paedophile.  Because 'men are predatory'.  I ask, 'you deny that predatory women exist?'.  He said nothing.

By the end of The Reader it is obvious, the effect that woman had on that young boy's life, played as a grown up Michael by Ralph Fiennes...I rest my case.

soreKatie Price on The Graham Norton Show, that just looked so sore, breasts should not be squeezed that much.  She was talking a load of bollox as usual, but it was the pressure she'd put on those fake breasts that I just couldn't get over.  They looked so much like they were going to burst, I couldn't stop watching in case they did.  I wish she could just stop being, so ridiculous.

It's difficult to reconcile the successful business woman Katie Price that we're told she is...she must be, she's got a load of money, her lifestyle reflects a load of spending cash spent badly...with the cheap and trashy Jordon character.  She really does appear to be quite vile, she may not be, but she does nothing, not one single thing that the public see, that give any other impression.  The new man in her life was such a bad choice I reckon, the stories coming out bout him are dragging her public image even further down.

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Matalan gloves, new things on walls and Duplicity

Duplicity DVD

 Headed up to The Livingston Designer Centre to get some pictures of Birth Of The Sky, the magnificent sculpture and water feature in the foyer there.  The pics are on the new Public Art page.  Came home via a quick drop into Matalan to snap up a couple pairs of these absolutely fabulous and bang on trend leather gloves with studs, they're practically giving them away at only £8 a pair.  They won't suit all though, they only come in one size and that is a very small one size.
Starry Towers hall message and key board in situ
The new Starry Towers house sign from and the Blomus hall message and key board are in stu thnksto he iané anda masonry drill bit.

It's been a sad day all in all.  News of one of The Dad's sisters passing,at the too young age of 62.  Auntie Nancy gone.  None of The Parent's siblings have ever died before.

Watched Duplicity this evening.  It was OK, smart and pretty, but too smart, it got so over-complicatedly smart it got silly.  The Fiancé was really disappointed that one of his favourite actresses got a bit older looking.  Men.

There were a couple of funny lines I'll never forget though, my favourite being when the powerful big business man company owner who is also a laughable nerd, his character was a joke throughout btw, you couldn't take that man seriously, though you were meant to, he was at the bowling alley with Clive Owen's corporate espionage operative character.  The dufus asks I look natural? Clive answers, yeah, super natural. 

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Tesco treats, Whitney..
..Iiii-aaa-iii will
all-waysss despise you-ooo-ooo,  St Cheryl
and In The Valley Of Elah

Tesco F&F black chainmail & diamante bracelet

Tesco fur lined slipper boot black

In The Valley Of Elah DVD
 Garden centre time again, compost and winter bedding for the hanging baskets, more information once I plant them out.  Nipped into Tesco for cheese and discovered this gorgeous chainmail bracelet.  It's very fine and delicate black chainmail with two strips of diamante.  Got more tartan tights and lace tights for when the lace leggings aren't appropriate.  And these black faux fur-lined boot slippers, the double of the Steve Madden Missy slipper for a fraction of the price, though the thick foamy souls do squelch and squeak a bt whe yor wlkig o lamiate flooring.
St Cheryl Of The Blessed Tears
Whitney Houston on X Factory...rough.  She seemed to perform her song well-enough, I haven't a clue whether she was miming or not, I wasn't paying tht much attention at that point, the TV was on in the background in the kitchen, with The Boy and The Fiancé coming and going and me doing stuff.  I did notice the dress incident, I saw her taking the ends of both of the broken back straps and shrugging at someone or the X Factory judging panel.  Watching the rest of her performance more closely, it was obvious that dress was way too long, she was hitching the hem up all the time.  The Boy had just come in and I was telling him...someone's head's going to roll...Whitney just had a wardrobe malfunction.  It was the interview post-performance with that X Factory host guy, that Dermot guy, Whitney seemed, erm, less than fully-focused, either current or prior wasted damage.  Her mannerisms/behaviour/body language actually reminded me of SuBo post-performance antics, just not quite right, just slightly too weird.  At one point in the interview the pause between his question and her answer verged she still awake?

In 1992 I was already pissed off at Whitney for spoiling one of my favourite Dolly Parton songs.  The Whitney version of I Will Always Love You was everywhere and meant I could never, and have never seen The Bodyguard.  One day I was at the cinema watching some other movie, in a quiet moment what could I hear in the distance...yep, in another room they were showing The Bodyguard and Whitney was invading my movie experience.  Was like there was no escape.

Saint Cheryl Of The Blessed Tears took to the stage too of course.  The much anticipated and talked about 'live' performance on the 'talent' show that she judges.  I thought her voice was thready a lot of the time, and her new single is dismal.  One week after criticising the stripper girls for wearing provocative outfits she dresses like a military-inspired hooker.

Watched another of the waiting to be watched A List DVDs.  In The Valley Of Elah gives us a well acted and intense thriller based on one basic powerful honest message.  And now I think we should get the feck out of Iraq, now, not tomorrow or next week, lets just go.  I'm not going to get into politics, I can't, I'm not worldly or knowledgable enough.  All I go on is my emotional reactions.  In the beginning I felt for the innocent people of Iraq suffering under a dictator.  Way back then, one of the main stories I was effected by, was just a little story, that of a young girl found raped and murdered in the bath a son of Saddam Hussein, after just one of his wild nights of entertaining himself and gratifying his needs.  Anyway I s'pose I have to admit, it's all about oil, the politicians didn't care about the wee girl violated and dead in the bath or any other of the Iraq people murdered by the ruling dictatorship of the time.  It's not just this conflict, it's all wars, wee boys sent as men of war, turned into monsters.  It's all so very sad and terrible.  It's the human race.



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teenage clean dream,
The Fiancé home with new clogs, I cook, The Best Lacrim-atus in Newcastle-Upon-Tear and Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons DVD
 The Boy did one of his...It Happens Quite Often But Not Often Enough Nor Regularly Enough To Be Officially Called An Actual WEEKEND BEDROOM  He hoovered his carpet and returned DVDs to their cases, gave the pile to me, I replaced them in proper alphabetical order on the Movie Cupboard shelves.  I encourage and support even the slightest hint of his Tidy Factor.  Then he asked me to help him detangle the Cable Spaghetti under his desk.  Initially I was a bit peed off bout it, but once I'd started, my OCD detangling gene kickd in o hrd,I ws lving t.  Then he asked me to get the dried in tomato sauce and crisp crumbs out of his computer keyboard.  The only negative bout that task, was one he experienced, ittook a while longer than he'd at first imagined it would.  I removed all the keys, used a soft toothbrush and a damp cloth to remove all the food stuff debris, replaced the keys and handed back The Cleanest Keyboard In Sunny D.

The Fiancé came home from The Land Of The Clogs, with a new replacement pair of clogs, The Boy came in this evening, his reaction to the new clogs...'jeeez, just when you think it's all over'.
Rosemary's Philadelphia Chicken and Parma Ham
I don't cook much, I have next to no interest in cooking, but just occasionally I hit on something that has the combined qualities of easy, delicious and impressive.  And I've been at it in The Fiancé's absence...a bit of cooking.  I was saving this up for The Fiancé's surprise home-coming dinner so couldn't blog bout it before.

I can make Rosemary Shrager's Cream Cheese Free Range Chicken and Parma Ham.  Advertising doesn't often have any effect on me, but when I saw that woman literally throw together in 30 seconds what sounded like a scrumptious dish, I thought, I can do that.  And I can.  I use the garlic version of the cream cheese, and served up today with Baby Potatoes Dans Skins Avec A Sprinkle Of Starry Chives and a Parsnip And Carrot Crush.  I've been watching too much Come Dine With Me and Britain's Greatest Dish.  He was both surprised and impressed.  I followed with a Hot Sultana And Date Sticky Toffee Pudding Aside Slightly Melty Vanilla Ice Cream.  He was blown away.

Cooking in the kitchen I caught two bits of X Factory worth commenting on...

1...those twin boys, I can't even bring myself to call it singing.   They 'romped', and the romping was even bad romping, they did their version of 'romp' in Ooops I Did It Again Britney Pink suits, out of synch and out of tune.  It was so bad, it was so very very very bad, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  How does one (or two) fool enough of the people enough of the time to get to this round of X Factory?

2...The Weeping Angel Of The North.  Cheryl Cole, how long can she go on fooling some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time?  It's the crying...the verge of tears, the actual tears, the filling-up thinking about verging on tears, the wiping of a tear, the wiping of a verging on thinking about a tear.  That girl has to have the largest Lacrimal Glands in  Newcastle Upon Tear.  However, before we all start hailing her Lacrimal Apparatus as THE best in the world, it only works so well up to a point, never quite makes it to her nasal cavities.

                                        Cheryl Cole Tear System malfunction

We watched Angels & Demons this evening.  Ridiculously predictable...I have done the audio book..but even so.  I'm not sure how much I saw coming a mile off from my dark and distant memories of the book listening and how much was just so obvious from the movie.  I found it quite funny to be honest though I did enjoy it.  My over-all happy movie experience with Angels & Demons may well be because I've been making my way through The B List and a few C List and was just so over-joyed at watching a more recent movie now The Fiancé's here to share our movie night experience with me.



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garden mystery, Discount
News, shopping, lucky baby, Geert Wilders, some celebs need a good kicking, chicken mass murder, Syriana and From Hell
pretty pebble on the patio table

Wallis silver multi-row chain necklace

Wallis gunmetal two row metal necklace

Dorothy Perkins star socks

Dorothy Perkins over knee socks

Wallis stirrup leggings

Dorothy Perkins pand Hottie

Syriana DVD

From Hell DVD

How do pebbles get moved around the garden?  Is it a bird?  Is it The Bloody Squirrel?  I've got pretty pebbles brought from different breaches, they sit in small clusters in plant pots outside.  And I've got an eagle-eye for little changes in The Starry Towers Estate.  Couple days ago one of my pretty pebbles was sitting in the middle of the lawn.  This morning there's one sitting on the patio table.  Is there a phantom night-time garden invader who is turned on by ovingpeblesor ayb has itnessed my OCD gardening techniques and wishes to perplex and/or upset me.  Is it most likely The Bloody Squirrel?  Do squirrels move pebbles?  Thinking it's food, drops it when he finds out it's not a nut or a bird's egg?  If in doubt, blame Te Bloody Squirrel.

Dotty P have a big sale on AND here's a code just for today, get a further 20% off orders over £50, enter DPLOOKA  at the checkout.  In more Discount News, Wallis are giving 25% off till 19th October, enter GECW10 at the checkout.  When they send your order confirmation email they give you a code for free delivery on your next order.  I ordered twice in quick succession and got the free delivery discount in both confirmation emails.  Also, for when they stop being so generous with all this 25% off and free delivery codes, when you sign up to their news letter you get a 10% discount code for your next order.  Be careful using the codes, some work in combination, and some don't.  Enter each code separately, as you enter a second code watch your basket total cost, if a code isn't recognised, or indeed over-rides a larger discount code, remove the code that isn't helping.  Don't be afraid to add and remove codes all you want to check out the best deal available, it doesn't mess up the ordering process at DP and Wallis.  You just have to be wise and get the best use of the codes.

Wallis seem to be very generous, however there's not an awful lot in their shop that is to my taste.  I bought these two long chain necklaces.  The multi-chains design is hot and this is one of the most attractive I've seen.  The large paper chain links of the second are bang on trend.


At Dotty P there was the Floral Biker Dress I've hummed and hawed over several times, down from £32 to £20, I stopped dithering and threw it in the virtual basket.  Then I dithered, what size to buy?  The coats I bought before are size 10, but maybe the other clothes will be smaller made at DP.  Oh what to do?  Buy a 10 and a 12, returns are free at stores and by post, so no need to fret.  I also did the same trick with the blue and black thin stripe tunic dress, that one's down to £7.  Then I went looking at the grey Peplum Biker Jacket...again.  I've been looking at it for ages, thinking another jacket would be just too self-indulgent, but today I remembered...I AM self-indulgent, so I had that too.  It's grey wool-mix flannel, with high fashion biker styling and studs and zip details.

I was looking all over the house today for the jet black and silver rosary beads I brought back from Rome, they were the most Rome-ish thing I could think to buy when I was there a few years ago.  They are purely a touristy keep-sake, me being a religion-hating atheist.  Today I was thinking of wearing them with a couple other long necklaces as a fashion statement, but when The Boy came in, he didn't agree with a mother walking around in rosary beads.  I think he's right, they're just too Catholicy, would I wear a burka as a fashion statement?  When I finally found them in a forgotten jewellery box in the leather cube seat at my dressing console, I was reminded just how self-indulgent I am.  I found my David & Goliath 'I ME' wristband.



Back to the shopping.  The stirrup leggings may be a mistake.  I'm picturing the ones classmates wore at Primary School and ones on skinny older ladies, where the legging goes from arse to heel and forgets to curve in with the shape of the Popliteal Fossa.  But I'm hoping the invention of lycra has solved the problem.  I fancied giving them a try to prevent that legging-ride-up when wearing boots, I like my leggings right down covering my ankles.  Starry socks and long over the knee socks to top up my sock drawer.  And lastly I got myself a Hottie.  DP has several animal choices in their wheat and lavender filled microwavable bags.

How amazing was that?  Watching the baby boy in Australia fall from a train station platform into the pah of an oncoming train and survive with just a bump on the head.  The security video footage shows the mother letting go for a second, the baby push-chair rolls off the edge of the station platform and onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train. But the driver had applied the brakes and miraculously the train pushes the stroller about 130 feet (40 meters) along the tracks and stops, rather than rolling the weight of a train over the lucky little darling.  That'll be why these push-chair stroller thingys have brakes. 

Geert Wilders made it into Britain today.  I'm in full agreement that he should be allowed in.  There's always at least two sides to every story and this elected politician from a European Union country states the side that few are brave enough to do.  Freedom of speech has been rightfully upheld.  I couldn't understand how Jacqui Smith was able to refuse him entry back in February.

Another 'celebrity' admitted to a private health clinic suffering from severe 'nervous exhaustion'.  This time round it's Amelle Berrabah?  No me neither.  I have heard of the band she's a member of (for the time being), The Sugababes.  The poor girl has cracked under pressure due to the most recent 'band line-up change' and she has accepted 'medical advice' to take a 'short break', which has to be in a costly private clinic of course.  She should try nursing for a couple of decades, the pressure would have to be dealt with quietly in her own home...on the cheap.

Details of the mass killing of intensively farmed chickens have been released today.  And most people are thinking...and why is that news-worthy? That's the whole point of modern chicken factory farming.  This case is different because it wasn't the factory owners who killed them, and it cost Vion Food Group a lot of money, they reckon about £400,000.  Approximately 136,000 chickens died in August 2009 at Beechgrove Farm near Balerno, Edinburgh.  No-one's putting an exact figure on the head-count, probably cos no-one had to care how many exactly were in there, and probably because the figures changed on a regular basis due to 'natural' deaths.  It would appear that the intruders turned off the ventilation to 12 poultry sheds, leading to these birds dying from overheating and asphyxiation.


Animal charity the Scottish SPCA said the hens would have suffered a "slow death" filled with "fear and pain". They said a lot more too, laying it on thick about the suffering caused by this crime.  I have to share these quotes from Scottish SPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn : "This was either an extremely callous or thoughtless act that has resulted in thousands of animals suffering what must have been a very uncomfortable and slow death filled with pain and fear...whoever is responsible for this clearly showed no consideration for the welfare of the birds. Anyone with any information should contact the police."  IMHO the SPCA are a bunch of wooses who pick and choose which animals are deserving of saving, and don't put a foot wrong plitically, can't go upsetting big business.


It could be argued that to die now might be better than to carry on living in factory farm conditions.  Ross Minett, campaigns director with Advocates for Animals said, "Unfortunately, intensively-grown chickens crowded together in huge factories are terribly vulnerable to any interference with environmental controls, whether deliberately or by accident."  That is a far more considered and intelligently quoted fact than anything the SPCA has to say about the incident.  Grow your chickens in these conditions, chances are they die pecked to death, or suffocated under other chickens anyway.  The life of an intensively-grown is cruel and dying, one way or another, is cruel.


Mr Minett is also quoted as saying he was not awae of any targeted action against local farms or the Vion Food Group as a whole.  The police apparently agree and don't believe the crime is the work of animal rights activists.  Given the information released so far, I'd have to disagree.  According to what I've read, experts say given the information released it would appear that the dead birds were being farmed as what they call 'broiler chickens'.  Read this, then tell me who the real criminals are.

And shouldn't these factory farm companies provide better security anyway?  To snooze while either activists or who-ever else just walks in and fiddles with their controls...their care and concern over their 'product' is a disgrace on all evels.

Bout 8 or 9 years ago I was working on a ward in Bangour Village Hospital, in the dying years as the Labour government slowly and painfully closed down the old 'asylum' type psychiatric hospitals in Scotland, in favour of major hospital bed-closures and the apparently progressive shift of providing most of our mental health care in the community and in general hospital wards.  Political opinion expressed I'll move on and tell the story of the abandoned greyhound.  There were only two wards remaining open at this point, the Village was practically gone, sold off to a house building company, in my ward our last 30 patients were just waiting for the new build Challenging Behaviour Unit being made ready in a particularly poor housing area of Livingston.  Damn, I was expressing another political opinion, away from the NHS and back to the deficiencies of the SPCA.

A cold and frosty winter brought a greyhound to our door.  The poor creature was cold and hungry.  We put food out, but the dog was nervy and often as not didn't dare come close enough to take the food, and no amount of persuasion could convince it to come close enough for us to catch it.  We phoned the SPCA, The Dog's Trust rescue centre at West Calder and the police.  Days and many phone calls later, chasing them all up, and the poor dog still out there starving to death, someone at the SPCA claimed they'd sent a person out who was unable to trap the dog, so they left again.  Well thank you for trying.  Why didn't they try harder?  Why didn't they ring the bell and involve us in a plan?  They weren't prepared to try again, and shortly after we got the news that a greyhound had been hit by a car on the motorway close by.

Watched some Syriana this evening, maybe I wasn't concentrating enough, well actually I know I wasn't concentrating enough.  This is a movie that demands full attention or your just not going to get it, but quite frankly I found it a bit slow and boring, a lot slow and boring.  So I chucked that out and put in From Hell.  From George Clooney & Matt Damon to The Depp Man.  Much easier to engage with, the way in which the life of the harlot and that of the deranged vicious evil murdering psychopath entwine is an age-old and simple concept.  Being a poor uneducated woman with only sex to sell has never been easy, at anytime ever.  I was expecting Mr Depp to give someone a shave and burst into song, while Heather Graham's Mary Kelly opened a pie shop.  Of course this is not Tim Burton's musical take on The Demon Barber, it's a Tim Burton-esque Jack The Ripper.  And it's a good telling of the story, atmospheric and gory, cobblestones underfoot, cloaked in Victorian fog and unpleasantry, with Depp's detective regularly imbibing in opium and absinth, inducing hallucinatory visions that bring him clues and insights into the bloody brutal murders.  At least, that's his excuse.  He remains sharp, though clues like grape stems in the victim's hand are hard to miss.  Interesting watching Robbie Coltrane encouraging a Victorian Cracker in an early form of criminal psychology.  This movie reminds us that accepted medical practice, though well intentioned was just about as brutal as a murderer's work, the viewing of John Merrick and the 'brain surgery' to cure a young woman's 'dementia', we've come a long way in just over a century, and they weren't very PC back in 1888.

  Star smilie clear15/10/09
I blame Harket, Jarvis
News and job opportunities for the
boys aren't such good
news for the girls
 Terribly distressing news from Norway.  Those crazy Norwegians are this evening mourning the second break up of A-ha, though the first break up is usually referred to as a 'hiatus'.   There is a farewell tour in the offing, tickets need selling.  Perhaps in later years this pre-tour break-up announcement is heralding what will come to be known as Hiatus #2.  So, after collectively giving to the world for 25 long long years, with only one hiatus thus far, the lads have went their separate ways...again.  Wonder what they'll take on now.  Oh here's the answer, and I quote, they intend to pursu..."ohermeaingul spect of life, be iit was acceptable in the 80st humanitarian work, politics, or whatever else".  The world might not have heard the last of the A-ha boys then.  A past-it pop stars I'm not sure if they have the required skills to go into humanitarian work, skills in management, negotiation, communication, systemic and strategic thinking, they'd also have to possess certain qualities : honesty, integrity, respect for diversity, drive, optimism and enthusiasm.  Maybe they should just stick to politics.

Can't deny I did fancy that Morten Harket back in the 80s though, mullets were considered cool in the 80s.  And I blame him entirely for the short fling I had with a guy who I soon discovered was engaged already.  If I had one of your Scottish pounds for every time I was asked, 'are you going out with that guy who looks like Morten Harket?', I'd have had about ten of your Scottish pounds.  On hearing of his prior engagement, instead of doing the decent thing and immediately chucking him, I carried on being seen out with him on a regular basis because he was so damn good looking, to make all the other girls jealous.  Eventually his lack of...erm...well, everything else apart from good looks, did put me off him and I gave up my arm candy with a flourish of indignation, 'you're engaged you two-timing swine, be gone'.  Wistfully watching after him as he walked away dejected, thinking, now where am I going to find arm candy that good?  Looking back now on my bad behaviour...damn you Morten Harket.

Jarvis and mini-meFirst bad thing I've ever said about my beloved Jarvis, no child should ever have to wear Jarvis Glasses, he's only 6 for goodness sake.  And perhaps a less 'styled' outfit clothes-wise.  His Mum's a French stylist and his Dad is Jarvis, maybe it's inevitable he'll be growing up just a bit too 'trying too hard'.  Young Albert Cocker is a cutie though despite the age-inappropriate eye furniture and dressed-down-adult-casual look.  I don't even care if Jarvis later claims this was a humorous jokey stunt, it's jutwo people wearing Jarvis glassesst not right.

Jarvis don't look happy bout getting these pics being taken at the premier of The Fantastic Mr Fox, for which he wrote several songs for the soundtrack, and at the movie after party.

Jarvis and his wife announced their amicable split and intention to divorce in April this year...why did no-one tell me???

In other exciting...well to me anyway...Jarvis News, he's writing three songs to be sung by Russell Brand in Russell's forthcoming movie 'Get Him To The Greek', scheduled for release next year.  The movie is apparently a spin-off from Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Russell played washed up rock star Aldous Snow.  Double most excellent news. 

Bit of USA Big Business/Rape News.  The USA Senate has passed an amendment to the defence appropriations bill, prompted by the alleged brutal gang-rape of a young woman by her Halliburton/KBR colleagues.  At the time in 2005 Ms Jones worked for former Halliburton subsidiary KBR, in Iraq.  KBR became a 'former' subsidiary in April this year.  She was prevented from suing over the alleged rape because Halliburton/KBR used a clause in her contract requiring disputes to be settled by arbitration to block legal action, something that could well encourage assaults by creating a climate of impunity.  But now US defence firms are to be barred from lucrative government contracts if they refuse to allow employees access to the courts.  I can't believe that this lot were getting away with such infringements on human rights, I mean infringements on their American employees' human rights.  I can believe they easily get away with infringements on the human rights of other nationals, but American women?  Does the 'blackmail' sounding element of this amendment therefore mean they can continue to deny their employees their human rights if they decide not to go for future government contracts?

This young woman alleges she was drugged and raped by seven American contractors.  She has filed legal papers claiming she was given a knockout drug while drinking with KBR fire-fighters.  When she awoke the next morning still affected by the drug, she found herself naked and severely bruised, with lacerations to her vagina and anus, blood running down her leg, her breast implants ruptured and her pectoral muscles torn‚ which would later require reconstructive surgery.  She walked to a rest room and passed out again.  Ms Jones claims she was treated by a US army doctor who gave forensic evidence to company officials. She says the firm placed her under guard in a shipping container and she was released only after her father asked the US embassy to intervene. When the forensic evidence was handed to investigators two years later, crucial photographs and notes were missing.  She says she identified one of the men who attacked her after he confessed, but that Halliburton/KBR prevented her from taking legal action against him or the company by pointing to a clause in her contract requiring disputes to go to arbitration.

The content of her allegations and the distance she's prepared to take her case leads me to believe her.  Her testimony has triggered this change in USA law, sounds like she's telling the truth.  Will be interesting following her case, if the US army doctor will be found and collaborate her story. 

KBR promotes job opportunities on their website thus...."With more than 50,000 employees around the world, we offer highly sought-after opportunities in engineering, construction, operations and maintenance, logistics, and project management services to individuals seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity.

jobs = loss of legal rightsHalliburton's careers website has a little pic of a road sign pointing to jobs and states..."If you want a creative challenge, continuous professional and personal growth, and global opportunities you're looking in the right place...Experience the challenges, the rewards and a world of opportunity working for the leader in oilfield services! Every day in communities and field operations around the globe we’re collaborating, creating and contributing to our customers, our shareholders, our employees and our planet."  All good and well, if your a man.

The little road sign picture reminded me of the Last Exit To Brooklyn road sign, the novel and movie which depict a horrendous gang rape scene.

      Last Exit To Brooklyn  ...and there go your human rights

  Star smilie clear14/10/09
Blomus and Skunk
Blomus Muro Magnetic Memo and Key Board
 One little bit of shopping today.  I was tidying in The Starry Towers Walk-In Movie Cupboard, currently housing approximately 850 DVDs stored in alphabetical order and the CD collection.  Just placing the recently watched movies in their proper places.  The front door key hangs on the outside cupboard door handle because for security reasons we don't leave it in the door lock, but it has to be handy, and there isn't anywhere else nearby to hang it.  Sometimes the key falls off the handle, other times it goes too far on, round the turn in the handle and is difficult to unhook when it's needed.  It's a bit annoying and inconvenient.  So I googled all over the www to see wha soluion ar avilale, al these different hooks, most of them not contemporary enugh for me, a lot of them just plain ugly.

Then the idea of the magnetic boards came to mind.  Eventually I saw this Blomus Muro Magnetic Memo and Key Board.  The best price by a long shot was to be found at with free delivery, then there was the nice surprise of a 10% discount just for 'payment method' chosen.

I'm planning on having it on the thin strip of wall between The Walk-In Movie Cupboard door and the study door, which will keep the key close to the front door, and be ideal for leaving messages and reminders.  Yeah I like it.

A skunk in Oklahoma was spotted running around with a jar of peanut butter stuck on it's head and needed rescuing, which Ned Bruha did.  Ned is a Skunk Whisperer, maybe THE only Skunk Whisperer.  Do these whisperers drug animals or whisper to them?  Anyway, good man, dressed in precautionary coveralls, shoe covers and elbow length gloves, he sorted the problem with the aid of a little chloroform, and Pepe was on his way.  But not before the camera crew arrived and Ned was interviewed for TV.

      Pepe with head stuck in peanut butter jar  Pepe still with head stuck in jar while The Skunk Whisperer is interviewed for TV  The Skunk Whisperer eventually removes peanut butter jar without the aid of whispering



  Star smilie clear13/10/09
As It Occurred To Him, last cut? pulmonary oedema and Special
Special DVD
 As expected it has occurred and Richard Herring's first As It Occurs To Me podcast is available this morning, link in The Lobby.

Wee bit gardening here at Starry Towers, mowed the lawn, maybe this'll be the last trim of the year, but I thought that bout the last time I got the Flymo out the shed.  The rose bushes in the front garden are bravely attempting a second blush of flower heads.  Some of them are managing, though I don't think all the buds will get the chance to mature before the weather turns and stops them in their tracks.  Even the two pruned back rose bushes The Fiancé bought for me recently, they were so stunted and dead lookng, bt tey'e gowig leaes.

Pulmonary oedema, accumulation of fluid on the lungs is a combined failure of the lungs ad heart that is rare in circumstances where it's so acute that you just keel over and die and your a healthy 33 yr old.  A fault in the heart leads to inefficient heart pumping and that puts back pressure on the arteries from the heart into the vessels inside the lungs and seepage of fluid from the arteries into the lungs.  This acute fatal event is not usually associated with a young drug-free previously healthy individual.  Most usually if you are a previously healthy 33 year old the first thing you'd know about your pulmonary oedema  would be when a doctor was explaining your diagnosis to you after you turned up complaining of your troublesome symptoms.  Stephen Gately may well have been suffering from an undiagnosed heart problem, but for a 33 year old healthy individual to just die from pulmonary oedema, while two other guys were in the apartment...did no-one notice?  Did Stephen Gately just not mention how bad he was starting to feel that evening, or the day before?  Surely someone should've noticed.  Even if the heart failure was caused by a virus or some such, why was he unable to obtain assistance and medical intervention?

Preliminary investigations post mortem have resulted in a proclamation of 'death by natural causes' and his body can be released, however, toxicology reports are still ongoing.  Overdoses of heroin, methadone or cocaine can cause this acute fatal condition.  I don't think there is any reason not to release the body, I don't think anyone else is responsible for his death, I just think that it's probably more complicated, that there's more to this than is being revealed publicly at this time.  It just don't ring true.  And if I'm wrong, my Quincy days will end, I promise I'll stop playing detective doctor in future.

The Boy and I watched Special this evening.  I knew as much as to be aware it was going to be different, quirky, and that I might find it funny.  Humour is a very individual personal matter.  The DVD cover had brought the name of the lead actor to my attention, Michael Rapaport.  The name meant nothing to me, until the movie started, it was the guy who played Dick Ritchie, a minor but loveable character in my favourite movie of all time, True Romance.  I felt in a good mood already.  The movie then...truly lovely, moving, gentle, humane, emotional, touching, funny, sad and well...special.  Wonderful acting, great story, low-budget grainy texture and bare-faced honesty make this a seriously under-rated stellar gem of a movie.  I love it.  10/10



Star smilie clear12/10/09
Big Shiny Thing News,
from one coal bunker to another, freeview woes,
teasel seeds sown, a
wee bit shopping, Richard Herring Podcast News, dental success, The Dark and one of my

Matalan Be Beau fluffy boyfriend cardigan

Matalan black strappy lace up platform

Top Shop black lace leotard

Top Shop silver flying heart love necklace

Topshop silver bead and chain bracelet

Topshop diamante edged silver star and ball chain

The Dark DVD

Big Shiny Thing News : The Big Shiny Thing can now more properly be referred to as 'Till We Meet Again', a sculptural reference to the discarded coiled paper receipts that customers receive after making their purchases.  It was Commissioned to act as a landmark entrance feature and is 9.5m high and 4.5 tons of stainless steel sheet welded to form hollow box sections that were then curved into twisting components that combine to create a dynamic and free flowing sulptual equnceof ovemet and light.  That's exactly what I think every time I look at it.  And the sculptor is Malcolm Robertson.
Malcolm Robertson creator of The Big Shiny Thing
Malcolm graduated in Sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art in the mid 1970's.  He formed Town Art Studios in 1991 and has created an extensive and varied portfolio of site secific sculpture and artwork in a wide variety of materials in the UK, USA, Germany and India.  He currently works to commission from his studios in Scotland & Florida USA.  The first time I've got a few thousand going spare I know of just the man to make a garden feature for the Starry Towers estate.

I'm blown away at the latest email from those lovely people up at Livingston's premier shopping centre.  The Director lady emailed me and the email came with all the attachment emails showing the trouble several different people were going to behind the scenes to track down the information to answer my query.  While I was growing bored thinking they didn't care and were generally ignoring me. If these people hadn't helped I didn't have a clue where to go next in the hope of getting the answers I was desperately seeking.  I am sooo sculpture happy today.  I emailed The Centre director to thank her and her team for taking the trouble and also Mr Robertson, to thank him for his sculpture that always makes me happy.
Integral single slot SD/SDHC USB card reader
First job of the day was swapping the Neighbour Lady's coal from her bunker to The Starry Towers Titan coal bunker.  I got it shifted, about 9 bucket loads, but a lot of it was dross, it'll all burn though so not complaining.  The Neighbour Lady coal bunker is stones and they are cemented together.  And if the laptop's internal SD card reader wasn't refusing to read SD cards at the moment, I'd put up a picture.  I'm getting fed-up with the card reader deciding when it'll work and when it just won't bother.  So, over on 2 x Genuine / Original Integral Single Slot SD / SDHC USB 2.0 Card Readers, delivered, less than a fiver.

I eventually got round to retuning the freeview digital box thingys at Starry Towers.  Was all quite straight-forward, using the hand-sets, following the instructions on the screen to let them carry on and search for channels automatically.  The kitchen one went very well, and I've now got more channels there, even Ch Dave, my favourite extra Ch, but The Starry Towers Boudoir one bombed.  It doesn't work anymore.  It's a Ferguson FTD600, I've found a pdf doc on the www that lists this model as one to which this applies...

BBC and/or ITV channels move into the 800’s on your TV guide when you retune. Contact your manufacturer for more advice.

Hmmm, how annoying is that.  I can't even find Ferguson on the www, never mind trying to find the 800s.  Seems Ferguson is now Thomson and there's a help phone number, I'd prefer an email addy so they could send me written instructions.  I'll leave this, sounds more like a The Fiancé type job.

My next job was planting the teasel seeds.  Two approaches to this one.  Approach #1, I put ordinary garden soil in a seed tray, pressed down, placed seeds on top then covered lightly with compost, gently watered then put into a black bin liner and placed in a warm cupboard.  I will check regularly to ensure the soil does'nt dry out and plant on into individual pots when seedlings appear.  Approach #2, I picked an empty patch of soil in the back garden, scattered the seeds and roughed up the soil surface a bit.  I'm thinking these are weeds, they usually manage to self-seed with no help from us gardeners, so probably the more casual approach will be most successful.  Fingers crossed.

Shopping News : if you shop at M&S online, there's a discount code for the womenswear and menswear Autumn Collections available, when you spend over £50, valid from 11th October to 5th November 2009.  Enter MSSAVE10 at the checkout.  Now my shopping, I went to Matalan specifically to get another of their Be Beau fluffy boyfriend cardigans.  I'm loving the one I have, it's a little cosier now that the temperature is cooling, but when it's in the wash I need another one ready at hand.  The Matalan strappy cut out detail lace-up platforms were too good to leave the shop without, those strippy cut out details are a key look this season.

The Times Style magazine on Sunday brought lace leotards to my attention, this Top Shop long sleeved lace body will be layered under short sleeved cardigans and deep V necks, and may even show up under my sequin jacket for a special night out.  On the high street only Top Shop and Warehouse have the lace body at this time.  I'd spotted the Top Shop silver flying love heart necklace in a magazine recently and liked it muchly much, so I couldn't resist when it threw itself in my virtual basket just as I was making my way to the checkout.

The next two items of jewellery, well we can blame The Mum for these, she made me go to ebay twice today.  I accidently found these two Top Shop items, a silver bead and chain elasticated bracelet and a long ball chain with large diamante edged star pendant.

Richard Herring is bringing us a special ten-part weekly stand-up and sketch show in podcast form.  I've put a link in The Lobby.  As It Occurs To Me is his Leister Square shows, written and performed by Richard each week, based on things that have occurred to him, written that week and performed that week, untested, uncensored and unedited.  He'll be joined on stage by comedy actors Dan Tetsell and Emma Kennedy.  The first show is on tonight from what I can make out, so I'll be keeping a watch for the podcast being available very soon.  On the website there is a short introduction podcast file available for download at present.
yep, pretty damn solid
Evening update : just been watching a movie and I come back to find the internal SD card reader is working again.  Earlier today when I had problems I reinstalled the drivers for the devise, even restarted the laptop, it wasn't working, and now it just is.  Anyway, it can do what it wants in future, I'll just use one of my USB card reader devices as purchased at Amazon, so naaa naaa naa na na internal Realtek Cardreader.  So, anyway, back to the Neighbour Lady coal bunker that I've said The Fiancé will take to the tip for her, this is it.  I think I've been a bit hasty with the Neighbour Watch kindness offers.  I'm guessing this will hasten The Fiancé's wheel barrow purchasing plans.

The Boy came back from his Dad's this evening, smiling all over his handsome face.  His orthodontic braces are off, and he's looking really good, his upper teeth all sorted inline with the lowers.  I gaze in admiration, heart swelling with pride, aaahhhhhhh, big happy sigh.  Then we spent a lovely evening together over a movie.  I'm sure he'll go back to annoying me tomorrow at some point, but tonight, he's a joy, and a right good-looking joy.  He wouldn't let me take a photo however, cos he claimed it would end up on MarilynsWorld.  I lied through my teeth that it wouldn't, but he didn't fall for it.  I'll keep working on it.

The movie we watched was The Dark.  Another 'scary movie'.  I think we've just bout done so many so-called 'scary' movies that we are unscarable, movie-wise.  We're seeing the same thing over and over again.  The scariest thing about The Dark are the cliffs.  I have a bit of acrophobia, which I disagree with, I think it's totally rational to be afraid of heights, heights are dangerous.  Where I'm a bit extreme about heights is I have daymares about falling off cliffs/bridges/high buildings.  I think unhealthy thoughts about death-by-falling-from-a-great-height, and others where it's The Boy who falls, sometimes I reach to try to save him and of course I go over too.  I also experience height vertigo, where looking down from a great height, and sometimes not such a great height, causes dizziness, my stomach lurches and I feel like I'm going to fall, and die.  I can rationalise the situation and go to high places, and even sometimes enjoy looking down, if my brain's had enough time to get used to it and the place I am in is entirely surrounded with physical safety barrier-type stuff which reassures me I can't accidently fall over the edge.  For instance, I can look out of aeroplane windows, I even prefer the window seat, and places like the top of The Eifel Tower are thrilling.  But adversely, when my brain is taken by surprise I can freak out in the most innocently safe of places, one time I was just standing waiting at a lift in the hospital.  I was either on the first or the second floor, it only matters that I wasn't on the ground floor.  I was fine, thinking bout summit or nothing, accidently glanced round, in a split-second my brain went EEEEEEEEEEEKK!!!!  and all the vertigo stuff hit me.  The window next to the lift is close to floor level, and even though in reality I was in no danger of suddenly falling to my death, my eyes sent a message to my brain and my brain told me I was.  Rationally, I'm scared my brain will do the bad reaction thing one time and I'll just fall down stairs or off a chair or something, my legs go weak and for a split second I don't have control.

Back to the movie, load of inconsistent confusing nonsense.  It's all very well trying to persuade us that ghosts and such paranormal stuff is believable, which we know it's not, but some movies manage to take us out of ourselves to be entertained and slightly scared by the fantasy.  And this one being set in Wales, should've been able to make the most of that novelty, Welsh mythology an' all.  This movie however doesn't stick to it's previously introduced ideas.  Into the later stages it just mixes it all up and does whatever whenever.  To be honest, right at the start when the titles stated...'based on the novel Sheep' my heart did sink a bit, a scary novel called Sheep?  really?  I gave it a 4 out of 10, The Boy said it was shite.  Thank goodness SAW VI is coming.


Star smilie clear11/10/09
neighbour Watch and Boybandz, Amy, Robbie and Porridge News
Was a lovely day here at Starry Towers, the sun shining and me full of optimistic energy, I whizzed along to the Sunny D shop to purchase my newspaper, knocking on the Neighbour Lady's door on my way along, just to ask if she needed anything at the shop.  See, I'm taking my Neighbour Watch duties seriously.  With the same caring and thoughtfulness I went round this evening when I was putting my own bins out, to ask what she does bout her bins, it being bin day tomorrow.  Others are doing the bins for her already, which is good really, would've been bloody annoying if that had developed into a regular expectation.

When I was round I spotted a small Dipsacus in Nighbor Ldy' gadenand aked for some seeds.  I had a few teasel plants years back, I like them, and so do he birds, so an ideal opportunity to re-establish a few teasels in the Starry Towers estate.  I'll think bout where to sow them and get it done tomorrow, weather-permitting.  This Neighbour Watch scheme works both ways of course, I feel like a hero for being so kind and considerate, I get seeds, and I get coal, and the Neighbour Lady gets, erm....hmm....well....a fuzzy warm feeling, perhaps a sense of well-being that people care.  She's got loads of friends and people who look out for her mind you.  Her most frequent visitor is away on holiday just now though, so I hope I'm filling a little bit of that gap.

Bout the coal, the Neighbour Lady has a coal bunker she's done with, she hasn't lit her fire for a long time.  She offered us the coal a while back, and I said I'd take it, and in return The Fiancé would take her coal bunker away to the tip for her.  That was before I realised the coal bunker is made of stones!  Big heavy sandstone stones, and if I'm correct, from what I've been seeing on my frequent Neighbour Watch visits, I think they're cemented together.  I think I've dropped us into it a bit there.  But hey ho, it's a challenge, and we all need challenges.

My afternoon was spent pottering, a bit weeding in the front garden listening to Frank Skinner, I'm about half way through the second audio book, On The Road.  They've both been very enjoyable, though I think the second one is slightly better, just because it's more up-to-date topical.

Boybandz News : Boyzone's Stephen Gately has died while on holiday in Majorca, he was only 33.  Official word's tragic and he died, no suspicious circumstances, nothing dodgy, no signs of suicide, no signs of anything untoward apart from him being rather too...dead.  His body, wearing jimjams, in a kneeling position on a sofa, you can imagine a person taking that position when in a lot of pain, perhaps crushing chest pain due to a heart attack...or perhaps...choking on your own vomit...if you were unfortunate enough to be effected by a bacterium which causes rapid-onset vomiting and you didn't chew your last meal sufficiently...or perhaps, if you were too out of it to just be sick when your body was telling you a major huey hurl was imminent.  Calling ralph on the big white telephone in the sky.  I just think it's terribly sad when someone so young dies, and it does make you think on, I don't handle the idea of dying, I don't handle it at all.
god...mother & daughter
Amy looking a bit better than when she looked like she could die any day nowAmy Winehouse News : I missed her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing last night due to my visitors, but checked it out on YouTube, there's a crystal clear sound and vision vid on there.  Was glad to see her looking a bit healthier than recent pics, hitching up her hem as usual, but not over-shadowing her goddaughter's first TV appearance.  Some commentators and jurnos are saying she appeared out of time with the other two backing singer guys with delayed co-ordination in her movements, a little shaky, disorientated.  I spotted her missing the beat dance-wise and lyrics-wise, but she always caught up quickly.  She did look a bit vague and awkward, but she's not used to keeping time with backing singing/dancing, I think all in all she done OK, but it would've been really good to see her totally straight on such an important occasion, putting the goddaughter before substances, be it drink or drugs, something was making her less than 100%.  The goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield sings well for a 13 year old, she's very pretty as well as composed and note-perfect to a level way beyond her years, she'll go far.  And it's well good that's she's doing it with Amy support, a real way, rather than takiRobbie on X Factorng the Britain's Got Talent route.

Robbie Williams News : I missed Robbie Williams on X Factor too, due to X Factor being shite.  But I checked out his performance on YouTube, just after watching Amy.  He was fantastic.  He was alive with energy and focus.  He's so so so hot, my eyeballs got slightly singed.  And as reformed substance abusers go, he put Amy to shame, rather than mentoring this latest boring batch of X Factory contestants maybe he'd be better putting his mentoring and guidance into telling Amy how to get well.

The vids on Youtube also make it extremely obvious why, if you were forced with an arm up your back, to say which of the two shows win the Saturday evening TV viewing battle, even if you don't actually watch either, and are therefore not exactly the best person to offer an opinion, surely it's the X Factory.  Just look at the job the lighting techs do on X.

     more X Factory lighting and even more X Factory lighting, good job X Factory light technicians and even more X Factory lighting, good job X Factory light technicians

Porridge News : this is terrible news, from 15 entrants in this years Oats-Off, the winner of The Golden Spurtle goes American.  Mathew Cox, from Milwaukie beat Scot Ian Bishop, the 2008 champion, in the final oats-off in the World Porridge Championships in Carrbridge, which is apparently up there in Invernesshire.  Shocking, hang your head in shame Ian Bishop.


  Star smilie clear10/10/09
being nice and wine 'n' whine
 I visited the downstairs neighbour lady who'd been seriously ill in a Spanish hospital while on holiday, me being a nice neighbour and all...who'd have thort it?  Wasn't expecting it, but I got three for the price of one, two of her sisters were visiting, out of the 3, the youngest was 74, and the oldest 84.  It's dead easy listening to a group of three older people, it's actually fun, they have a language all of their own, they know what they're on about, it's just that not all of it is obvious to anyone else.  When they tell stories, it starts out, your clear what they're saying, but as the story goes on, they flit back and forth, another one chips in another comment that takes the conversation dow that wa, the ifyou luky t goe back to what you were trying to figure out, and it' all, 'it' and 'him', and 'then' and 'there', and  'them' and 'he' and 'she' and 'her'. 


Über pronoun-over-usage.  Like I should know who and what and when, I lost it five minutes ago. 

The Best Friend and I had arranged a wine 'n' whine night for tonight, so when my old friend Tom dropped in yesterday, I told him to come by early evening and he'd see the Best friend too.  The Best Friend and I are nurses on the same ward, so we both nursed Tom's wife a while back.  Mrs Tom was with us for a year, that's a long time for an admission/assessment unit, we all got to know each other well, we formed friendships.  I feel like a regular boy scout, all this niceness to my fellow human beings.

The Best Friend and I managed a good bit of wine and chat, talking bout our personal life stuff before we started with the whining.  And we only whined for approximately the last hour or so  Well done us, we've had previous wine 'n' whine nights recently where all we did was whine for 6 hours solid.  We whine about the NHS, it's changed, we used to enjoy our jobs.  Neither the Best Friend nor I can quite define exactly what happened, what changed, but our jobs have changed for the worse over the last year or so.  Same as we can't quite explain what changed, we didn't see it coming till it was on top of us and breaking us.  Now we find ourselves frequently and increasingly in situations that are incomprehensibly complex, bizarre, and illogical, a nurse Kafkaesque world. 



Star smilie clear09/10/09
Nobbled Peace Prize
and Podcast News
Nobel Peace Prize...already?  Bit premature, shouldn't they wait till he makes some peace?  I think someone at the Nobel office got a bit over-excited at Barack Obama not being George Bush.

Podcast News : I've found the Russell Brand podcast archive, there's a link in The Lobby.  Also took to award-winning stand-up comedian and a radio presenter Jon Richardson.  He has a Saturday show on BBC Radio 6 where, among other things, he talks to invited comedian guests.  He recently had Helen and Ollie of the award-winning Answer Me This podcast on his show.  When I read that on their website I had to go look for Jon Richardson podcasts.  You can find his current podcast easily at the BBC website, but I found the online archive for all his previous podcasts and Richard Herrings' on the list of guests to, so I had to download the lot.  I've put a link to the archive in The Lobby.  Read with interest that Jon Richardson has OCD, I think I'm going to like his creative output.


Star smilie clear08/10/09
caring for our old folks, I go missing and Waiting For Guffman

Waiting For Guffman DVD
The following is wrong on so many levels.  I was under the apparently false impression that by now all applicants for all jobs in all of the caring sectors in the UK are vetted prior to being offered employment providing care for other human beings.  Wrong.  When it comes to the elderly, it seems it's still not a priority to ensure they aren't put at risk. 

Following an incident earlier this year in an Edinburgh care home, it's been announced that all agency staff working in Edinburgh care homes will now be vetted.  The first thing that sprung to my mind...I thought they were already, who didn't think they weren't already?  Why weren't they already?  What other places in Scotland don't do full checks?

The incident which triggered this new, enlightened and forward thinking approach occurred at Ferrylee Care Home in Leith in April 2009.  A temporary worker, 32-year-old Kenyan immigrant Joseph Sinja had no qualifications and little training, a fact that his lawyer seems to have used in some way as part of his defence.  Qualifications or training would not have prevented what he did.  Do people need to be taught it's not right to sexually abuse another human being?

In the classroom..., that's how you provide basic hands-on personal care...any questions?  yes, you at the back...
man with hand raised...would it be ok to grope or penetrate a client? it wouldn' sit there while I phone the police

What he did came not from a lack of education, it came from the fact that he is obviously a dangerous man who is a threat to others.  He subjected a 76-year-old woman in his care to a sexual assault while she stood there holding on to her walking frame.  She was found shocked and in pain saying the care assistant had “done things that her husband wouldn’t do”.  That is so vile, so sad, so disgusting, you could just cry for that old lady.  He's been jailed for six years and eight months, I'm still pushed to find a good reason for letting him into Scotland in the first place.

Somewhere along the line I've been lost.  I'd been thinking bout it, just not sure what to do bout it, then The Mum brought the subject up and confirmed my thinking.  So I spoke to my GP today.  The Star Family on The Mum's side are part of a Scottish cancer research program.  We have a higher than usual familiar history of cancer, highlighted initially a couple years back by two of the siblings having bowel cancer, another sibling with skin cancer and another with cervical cancer.  All diagnosed, treated, monitored and happily well.  The bowel cancers linked in with a cancer genetic research program in Edinburgh.  They looked back a generation, more lady bits cancer, and I don't know what else.

I agreed to participate, you would seriously have to be stoopid not to agree.  They offered me free regular health checks in the colorectal and gynae areas.  The promise that my agreement to participate would mean my nearest and dearest and me would be closely monitored, felt good.  All I had to agree to was a colonoscopy every two years and annual gynae checks.

So in 2007 and 2008 I was seen by a gynaecologist, scanned, smeared and biopsied.  I endured the colonoscopy in 2007, it wasn't pleasant but according to the doc who performed the investigation, it was pretty.  He said my bowel was lovely.  Having endured the oral laxative bowel prep and the fact that I'd been a vegetarian for 2 decades led to a spotless bowel.  I'd declined the intravenous sedation and was watching the TV screen the same as he was, it was clean, but it wasn't 'lovely'.  And it was really painful.  But, I'd decided to take whatever pain rather than have to recover from druggy sedation.

I wasn't looking forward to more colonoscopies, every second year for the rest of my life, but I was in full agreement it was beneficial.  My second should've happened early this year, same with the gynae stuff.  But I haven't had any letters telling me what to do this year, and given that we're now in October, I think they lost me.  My GP checked the computer system today and found the letters telling her the same as I was saying.  So she's chasing them up, I can look forward to being seriously probed in the near future.

I watched Waiting For Guffman, co-written, directed by and starring, as the only gay in the village, Christopher Guest, he of Spinal Tap and Best In Show fame.  This musical mockumentary telling of small town theatre types is special, a delightful comedy, most of it ad-libbed and full to bursting with great comedy performances.   It's a lovely movie.


  Star smilie clear07/10/09
DP discount, the neighbours are home,
Big Shiny Thing Quest goes on, other arty beauty in Livingston
and SNP's dancing
 Dotty P big discount event, 20% off everything Wednesday - Friday, you've got 48 hrs to be putting things in your virtual basket, dither about a bit, go back and change your mind, pick something else, dither some more, then buy the whole lot on Friday night.

The battery in my Mickey Mouse watch (I only wear it at work) had run dry.  Normally I'd take watches to a shop in The Centre and have someone replace the battery, but this time I found the battery at marketplace, delivered free, changed it myself, all for £1.99 and I didn't even have to leave the house.

Just when I was starting to think the neighbour ladyand te aartentownr mus be on their second circumvention of the globe, the owner turned up this morning with her cut of the Starry Towers Exterior Paint Job dosh.  It turns out the weren't on a world cruise, just somewhere in Spain, but had to stay longer cos the neighbour lady had to swap her hotel bed for a hospital bed.  Seriously ill in intensive care.  And there was me moaning bout the bother of being at the beck and call of The Painter Man for a week.  Now I feel like a selfish baddie.

Big Shiny Thing at the Livingston Homebase car park Quest News :

To summarise...I first contacted West Lothian Council, which provided excellent service and great communications.  They pointed me in the direction of Homebase.  Homebase were great too, in email and on the telephone, they pointed me in the direction of Land Securities who own The Centre, The Livingston Designer Outlet Centre, The Ellements and the retail parks in the shopping part of town.  I emailed the management team at The Centre with no response.  I emailed The Centre again telling them this was my second time and mentioning I'd email Land Securities themselves but that I was certain Land Securties would advice me to contact The Centre direct.  The next day, yesterday, I received two emails from two different people, The Centre Director and Deputy Director promising that they were dealing with my enquiry.  One of them was meeting with their surveyor that day and would be putting my questions to the him/her.  I've been clocking my inbox regularly since then, but nothing.  So I emailed the Director again this afternoon.

Livingston Designer Outlet, AKA McArthur Glen also has a gorgeous piece of sculpture set within a water feature under the opulent glass cathedral-like roof.  Taking inspiration from London's Crystal Palace, the 300-ft high glass dome and the rest of the building was designed by architect Don Hisaka.  The spectacular water fountain was designed by celebrated Japanese artist Susumu Shingu.  This unique sculpture, called ‘Birth of the Sky’, features cascading rain and floating clouds.  On a summers day it really is a delight to see, hear and breath the sculpture, for me it brings an atmosphere of peace to the large airy foyer.


The Scottish government has spent £580,000 on an advertising campaign to remind parents to spend time with their children.  It's also wilfully and recklessly encouraging dancing babies.  There's a couple of really disturbing TV ads, featuring, well, a dancing baby.  In one ad the baby dances with a woman we have to presume is the baby's mother, and in the other, the father.  The music is Two Can Make It Together.  It's not fun like the Evian dancing baby skaters, more kinda creepy like the Ally McBeal version from the 90s.  If you haven't seen it it's on The Drum website, on their video page, article entitled 'Scottish Government launches child development campaign'.  They've got complicated rules bout linking to their website, so I won't.



  Star smilie clear06/10/09
stuff in the post, Amy News, Paris Fashion
week and Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl DVD
 The Starry Towers house sign has arrived, will have to wait for The Fiancé with masonry drill to see how it looks in situ.  My River Island spike bracelet arrived, I'm loving it, but it's probably going to annoy others, it jingles delightfully.  Memo to self...when sneaking around and/or hiding, do not wear River Island spike bracelet.

One of the Frank Skinner audio books, has arrived.  I was a bit concerned buying second-hand from the market place side of the site, but all is very well, and it arrived quicker than the other FS audio book bought from  I've got it ripped to mp3 and on the iPod.

Amy Winehouse News : to sing backing vocals for her goddaughter and prodigy ionne Brofied on Stictly Come Dancing on Saturday.

Lily Allen in ParisPrince in ParisHere's Prince in Paris, no, nothing to do with the Jackson clan.  Prince, The Artist Formerly Know As .  I'd been thinking bout the pint size poppet pixie of pop recently, wondering what he was up to and up he pops at Karl Lagerfeld's straw-filled barn of a Chanel show in Paris.  Then Lily Allen appears up through a trapdoor centre stage to sing It's Not Fair.  Different and more entertaining than your usual fashion show.  I'd imagine it gets pretty damn boring attending a month long round of shows, parties, international travel, New York, London, Milan, Paris, Miss Moss...summits missingmixing it with the rich and famous. 

Also notable during this years Paris Fashion Week, Kate Moss nips out to the Yves Saint Laurent show in an over-exposed-chest outfit disaster.   Miss Kate, the girls aren't perky enough to go unsupported, but your making ordinary women feel good.  At age 35 even a super-model can experience the sagging, the cracks that get harder and harder to cover up.  But one sign of aging, child bearing and skin elasticity & ligament condition that's real easy to hide in public is the inevitable breast droop...and this applies to every woman, even you Ms Moss...wear a bra.

Watched Kevin Smiths' Jersey Girl tonight.  A sweet, heart-warming and funny rom-com movie, made great by Ben Affleck. Other kent faces I was pleased to see in cameo appearances...Will Smith, Matt Damon and Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl).  Very good.



  Star smilie clear04/10/09
I do a lot for charadee but I don't like to talk about it, un-lucky duck and Role Models
Role Models DVD
 Slow day in Sunny D, nothing was needing shopped and everything's done that needed done.  Was nice when The Parents dropped by this evening for a visit.  The Mum picking up her latest ebay leather clutch bag I bid on for her, and she mentioned the next Church Sale is coming up soon in Forth.  Forth is a Lanarkshire village, just along the road from, and a good few times bigger than the other Lanarkshire village of Braehead, where I grew up and The Parents still live.  When I give stuff to charidee, that's where the stuff goes.  It's the church The Mum is a parishioner of.  We had a batch of The Boy's stuff to give, clothes he's outgrown and luckily yesterdy I'ddon a ootearclearnce  Trewouthis od past-it trainers and footie boots.  The trainers are usually white ones, they don't wear so well, but there was a pair ofAdidas Predators in great condition, just too small for him now. 

The Predators are dazzling blue, in great condition.  Soon as The Mum saw them she agreed they'd sell.  The Boy then went into amazingly charitable mode, he went and found the spare insoles, then the Predator shoe bag and even a stud key.  We were touched.

Ducks.  I accidently found myself researching the sexual behaviour of ducks.  This happened because I was reading an article on the BBC news website about The Ig Nobel awards,  a parody of the Nobel Prizes, The Ig Nobel awards are given each year in early October for ten achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think".  It half works, I didn't laugh first, I just gross it that.  But it did make me wonder, which is the same as thinking. 

Ducks behave really badly.  Most male birds don't have a penis.  Birds in Thailand often do have penises, but we're talking bout the feathered kind here...a little joke, but back to serious.  Most bird sex has to be extremely consenting and very carefull and precise.   Most breeds have to line up the female and male holes, or cloacas, for what is called a 'cloacal kiss', then try very hard not to slip away from target. 

Further into the researching, it gets complicated with talk of differentiating between the 'pseudo-penis' and the actual 'phallus'.  Cutting a long and complicated story short...there are a load of bird species where the males do have a phallus.  I think I had this old idea in my trivia head that swans and maybe ostriches are the only birds with a phallus, but seems I was wrongly informed, 3% of bird species have them.  I'm not claiming this list is all-inclusive, just what I found...swans, ostriches, chickens, turkeys, geese, cassowaries, kiwis and some water foul.

The bird phallus is usually hidden within the proctodeum compartment within the cloaca and it differs from the mammalian penis is several ways, most importantly, it is purely a copulatory organ, not used for expelling urine.

Back to the ducks.  So, they have a phallus, often as long as the entire rest of their body, they are also capable of some extreme sexual behaviour you wouldn't necessarily expect in the bird world.  Male ducks rape, they do it regularly and they also engage in gang rape which can result in the death by drowning of the female victim.  They rape on water, ground and in flight.  Drakes rape so much that female ducks have evolved to counter the threat of undesired insemination by having correspondingly long and complex genital passages.  The female duck's lower oviduct is not just a straight tube but has side passages too. If she survives the attack and finding herself the holder of unwanted sperm, she can store the sperm in a side chamber, and later eject it. So although as many as one in three of duck matings are rapes, in nine out of ten of these, the offending sperm is ejected, so 97% of all duck offspring are the result of the choice of the mother.  That is an excellent idea....soooo evolved.

Moving on to getting to explaining why I started on this flight path...research has shown that up to one in 10 Mallard couples are homosexual.  They also rape heterosexually and homosexually.  It gets worse...Dutch man Kees Moeliker witnessed, recorded and was later awarded an Ig Nobel for his trouble, a case of Mallard homosexual necrophilia rape.  This is the point where my innocent reading of a BBC news article about this years Ig Nobel awards led me to need to know more.  I surely don't have to expand on the common sayings that sprang to mind.

Mr Moeliker was at work in the Natuurmuseum Rotterdam, when a Mallard drake hit his office window and consequentially died from the impact.  The dead bird had hit the window while being chased by another drake.  Mr M watched for the next 75 minutes while the aggressor drake raped the dead drake, taking only two rest brakes.  The first brake was 3 minutes long, the second less than a minute, and the rape only ended when Mr M stopped it by chasing the rapist off.  Mr M retrieved the dead bird and took it indoors, when he left the building afterwards, the rapist was still hanging around apparently looking to be getting on with some more of the dead duck sodomy.

This all tells me female ducks are more evolved than the males.  The males are regularly shooting up blind alleys while the females are dealing with life as they know it, enduring some crap sure, but ultimately making the important decisions.

Watched Role Models with The Boy this evening, he'd already seen it several times, but he was sweet enough to watch again for me.  It's a funny and enjoyable movie, Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott work well together, and I really enjoyed Jane Lynch as the reformed alcoholic drug addict and founder of the children's befriending support organisation the boys have to do their community service with, she was so strung out and weird all the time.  I remember her from Best In Show, she was great in that too.  7 out of 10.



  Star smilie clear03/10/09
New Look shopping,
gale force pruning and
Fat News

New Look studded rose top

New Look Idol stud denim mini

New Look Idol matt  spike bracelet
 Big shout out to my readers in Holland.  The Fiancé was telling me he'd been visiting friends he hasn't seen for ages, they've been reading Star Blog and like it.  Hi you guys, glad you like it.  Hope we meet again soon.

I took advantage of the New Look discount code.  The red rose studded top looks casually funky, or funkily casual, should go well with black leggings, jeggings and treggings.  The dark denim mini skirt had to come too because it's got stars on the bum pockets, as well as stud detailing.  The spike bracelet, my second this week, I'm on a spike bracelet trip.  The skirt and bracelet are from the brand new rock-chic brand 'Idol'.  A New Look collaboration with design maestro, Donovan Pascal, te cretiv foce ehid 'Reigion'. We've got six Idol collections a year to look forward to. 
Frank Skinner audio books
At I picked up a coupleof Frank Skinner audio books, really looking forward to hearing Frank himself telling his life story.  He'd sound funny reading out his shopping list.

portable storage boxesGo on, ask me how windy it was here today at Starry Towers?  I'll tell you how windy it was here at Starry Towers.  It was this was so windy that these storage boxes took a wee wander, they usually sit against the brick wall on the right of the picture.  I replaced them a couple of times then placed a heavy item on each.  That worked.  I need to figure out what I'm going  to use them for, and put that thing in them.  I believe the wind was generally blowing at around 27 mph with gale force gusts, and it's the gusts that'll get you.

I gave Zeus and Erik (my Birthday Rowan Trees) their first pruning today.  Wasn't till I was nearly blown off the ladder I realised I could've picked a better day for it.  But I got the job done and no mishaps.
too fat for hard work?
Fat News - 18 year old Liam Johnston from nearby Livingston was nearly going to jail for wielding a knife at police officers back in June this year, because he was considered too fat for community service.  A bit of jail diet might have helped him, but his GP says he's fit for community service but it has to be light work.  He's been ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work, that's eighteen 8 hr shifts and a wee 6hr short day, long as it's not hard labour.  On the night he got himself into trouble he'd went berserk outside his home and was carrying a knife, someone called the cops.  The cops had to take him down with two doses of CS spray.  Quote from his solicitor Peter Mullen, “On the occasion in question he had consumed a heroic amount of alcohol".  Heroic being the strange choice of word there.  The heroic amount of alcohol was two litres of spirits and shots of other drinks...that's a lot.  'Stupid' might have been a better choice of word.  Wonder what they'll have him do, perhaps some light standing around for short periods, interspersed with longer periods of lying down texting his mates.



  Star smilie clear02/10/09
New Look 48hr discount code,, DP bargains, Sumo biting, Russell loves Katy, Derren Brown takes a wrong turn??? and
coincidently...Wrong Turn
DP Collection black leather studded ankle boot

Saints of Soul mesh chain necklace

Dorothy Perkins black jersey snood

Wrong Turn DVD

 Don't forget the New Look discount code...20% discount at New Look online this weekend, valid on Saturday 3rd October and Sunday 4th October 2009.  The code is MWAFF20.

This won't be news to everyone, but I just discovered the site and it's brilliant.  It's called describes it better than I ever could...Lexipedia is an online visual semantic network with dictionary and thesaurus reference functionality. It presents words with their semantic relationships displayed in an animated visual word web, and supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish languages.  Its fanastc, t gvesthe iformation your looking for from a dictionary and/or thesaurus and so much more, in an instant.  It presents as much information in a split second as it would take you half an hour to find and digest with books, it's cuteand it's just plain good looking and fun.  Save it to your favourites right now.

Dotty P told me there was a sale on and I could have a fiver off too so I thought I'd take a casual glance over the site again.  Started looking at the snoods again and found the jersey snood I fancied before but they didn't have it in black, was now there in black, so I flung it in the virtual basket.  Dotty P is one of the good sites, they keep your items in your bag, enabling the dithering shopper to go away and think about it for a while.  I reckoned I'd leave it in there for the next time I was after a DP item.  BUT there's a sale on, making these DP Collection black leather studded ankle boots a proper bargain, down from £50 to only £20 and available in my size, I'm a weak weak woman, and these boots are fabulous value and leather, so good for the coming winter wet.  Also in the sale, this Saints of Soul mesh chain necklace I liked the other day at £20, but I love it at £10.  So all in all it was a very thrifty shopping, I saved near on as much as I spent.  That argument won't sway The Fiancés' way of thinking, but it makes total sense to me.

I've never had a snood before, but I like the idea of a scarf that can't fall off cos it's endless, and it can be worn over the head if desired.  Will be ideal for when I'm pillion on the bike.
Chirac tries to summon help as Sumo plans next attack
Awwww, poor Sumo, diagnosed with severe depression and anger management issues.  Sumo, the Maltese terrier of former French President Jacques Chirac keeps attacking his owner, though, tellingly hasn't lifted a single fang in the direction of Mrs C.  This latest time he bit him in the belly and drew blood, on  a previous occasion a bite resulted in Monsieur Chirac being hospitalised.   Sumo has found the transition, in May 2007, from palace to flat extremely distressing and has now, cough cough, gone to live on a farm.  I think we all know what that'll be a euphemism for, he's away to the big farm in the sky.

seperated at birth - Russell Brand and Katy Perry?Russell heart KatyFinger on the celeb goss pulse here at Starry Towers.  Katy Perry - she  kissed a Lothario and she liked it, allegedly.  Dating Russell Brand? it makes sense.  Reported to have been kissing at a VMA after-party last month and to have shared a holiday in Thailand recently.  Rumours are already spreading that Russell is  using her to get America to like him.  They look right together, they're similar in appearance actually.  It must be the hair.

I do hope they work out, it's about time Brand gave himself a serious chance at a long-term relationship.  As celebrities go, I like the two of them.

Derren Brown missed it tonight.  He was to beat a casino and win a member of the public a large sum of money at the roulette wheel.  He had previously hypnotised a member of the public into giving him £5000.  After an hours worth of build up he places his chips, bought with Bens' money.  But the number didn't come up, the last thing we heard on his TV show was Derren Brown saying how he was one out and that Ben would get his money back, then the titles rolled.  That was a big unexpected twist, but terribly disappointing...there's a nagging doubt that it's not really all over.  The great Derren Brown can't get it wrong, can he?  I doubt it very much, twiddling thumbs here waiting expectantly to hear what the twist in the twist in the tail will be.  It don't make sense that he can predict 6 completely random lottery numbers, but be beaten by a 1 in 37 chance on the roulette wheel.

On the there's this message from Derren Brown tonight...

"All good things have to come to an end and I wanted to thank the viewers for making The Events live up to its name. Along the way, 20m viewers have tuned in to see me predict the lottery, subliminally selling a giraffe in Hamleys, get stuck to your sofas, become psychic spies and last night, risk one viewers cash on the spin of a roulette wheel- well it was near perfect - and I hope most of all I have surprised and entertained you."  Hmmm. 

There's a new 'project' he's heavily involved in, The Science of Scams, featured on the website.  Time, I'm sure will reveal the bigger picture.

After all the Derren Brown there was Wrong Turn.  The Boy and I settled down to watch this Texas Chain Saw Massacre/Wolf Creek hybrid of a movie.  On the surface it looks good, but that doesn't carry it, not if you've ever watched any other scary-retard-mutants-living-in-the-woods-hoarding-all-the-victims-belongings-and-body-parts movie before.  Pretty damn unreal quite a few times.  For instance, when the remaining 3, apparently intelligent survivors are running away and finding a watch tower (made of wood), decide to all 3 climb up there...we knew the moment Chris put the first foot on the ladder...the baddies would set fire to the tower.  And what's the one worse fate than being hacked, shot or arrowed to death?  YES...burning to death.  But, roll back a mo, we knew they'd have to jump from the moment they saw the tower.  It got worse, they climbed up the watch tower, one minute their gazing out on the blue ridged mountains of Virginia, for a few seconds the movie pans the scenery and gets engrossed in the beauty...late afternoon/early dusk minute it's pitch dark out there, the tower has been set alight and just keeps getting more unbelievable...our hero's turn out to be almost chimp-like in their tree-climbing acrobatics.  They fling themselves on the trees then walk around up there like trapeze artists.

Anyway, we did get a load of laughs, one of the best threads of humour coming from the Mika looking actor who was third to go from this group of 6.  If this movie taught us anything, it was that, we could only come up with one Mika song...the one bout Big Girls.  The other songs I came up with, The Boy told me were really from Kelvin Harris.  Near the end of the movie The Boy came up with a second Mika, the one bout Grace Kelly.  The Boy also shared all the rumour stories that are going around within his peer-group about Mika.  Who'd have thought, it's a different world in the play-ground.



  Star smilie clear01/10/09
Cut-Price, Dirty Denise,
Deep Fried Mars Bar and
Irn-Bru Ripple Ice Cream, arty shopping, suicide can be painless and legal, Gervais XFM and
Ben Bradshaw declares
he's ignorant
 Katie Price metallic dress looks like AWearmetallic dresses price comparisonKatie Price out last night, but did she leave her breasts at home?  Has she had a recent reduction in the chest department or is that metallic stripe dress hiding some serious restraining bandaging?  The metallic stripe dress is a favourite of mine, I'm guessing from the 3 options I know of, looks like Ms Price is wearing the A/Wear £36 cut-price version.

Also out at the private party for make-up artist Gary Cockerill at Blakes hotel in London's Kensington was Denise Welch, taking her role as a Loose Woman very seriously indeed.  I'd be concerned bout all the risk of cold sores and flu, even the common cold.  It ca't betooheathygeting tat lippy with so many people. 

 Denise Welch kissy kissyThe Loose Women are celebrating 10 years of their TV show this week, was looking forward to seeing her on Loose Women today, but wisely, she's on a day off. 
Deep Fried Mars Bar with Irn-Bru Ripple Ice Cream
On Britai's Best Dish, currently in Scotland, Adele McVay brought us Deep Fried Mars Bar with Irn-Bru Ripple Ice Cream.  Comments ranged from 'gorgeous', 'chewy', 'fudgy' and 'I love it' from judge Jilly Cooper, to 'weird' and 'it's like iced toilet cleaner' from judge John Burton Race.  And the fried chocolate won through to the next round.  The recipe's on their website if you fancy giving it a go.  This chefy version takes 4 hours to make...or you could just nip down your local chippy and get it with chips and a bottle of Irn-Bru, though it wont be as pretty as Adele's.

I've been buying art supplies this afternoon, got a bunch of pencils and eraser tools, then found myself at  I went for their Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush and had to stay for their Zebra Expandz Ballpoint Pens.  I adore the Zebra expandable and retractable barrel and have had several over the years, got a black and a silver this time.

Doctors in England allowed 26 year old Kerrie Wooltorton to die in 2007 after she deliberately swallowed car anti-freeze in a suicide bid.  Kerrie, who suffered from depression had done the same many times before, but doctors always intervened and saved her life before.  This time she had prepared by writing a legally binding Advance Directive, a living will.  Living wills are designed to guide doctors on treatment for patients after they become incapable of decisions or are terminally ill - not for suicides.  But a coroner has now ruled the hospital staff acted within the law, saying,  "Any the absence of her consent would have been unlawful."  But I wonder why the Mental Health Act wasn't utilised at the time.  If she was assessed as mentally ill and endangering her own life, couldn't she have been sectioned and forced to accept life-saving treatments?

This is massive, people who are depressed and sincerely wish to die are able to arm themselves with an Advance Directive and take actions to end their lives, safe in the knowledge that hospital staff will not intervene, but offer the palliative care measures to allow them to die as comfortably as possible.  I'm torn on this.  Some people who are clinically depressed and suicidal, stop being suicidal once their depression is treated and are glad others intervened to save them when they were too ill to know their own minds.  Others with mental illness and some without mental illness, sincerely do wish to die, and it's probably only right they be allowed to end their own lives.

It's a tough one, though in a case such as this lady, it appears she was depressed due to a condition that prevented her from ever having children, that would never change, it's likely she would have suffered from depression all her natural life.  That life would've been unbearably sad for her to endure.  She appears to have been intelligent and very aware of her own mind.  Of course it's now unbearably sad for her family and friends.  The taking of one's own life is a tragedy which ever way it happens.  RIP

Instead of watching a movie or doing a bit of sketching this evening I was searching on the www, seeking appealing new-to-me free comedy podcast material.  I stumbled upon the Ricky Gervais XFM archive, a massive 92 episodes available for free to download (away from iTunes).  I've added a link in The Lobby.  I then had to download them all, change the properties of each of the mp3 files to fit with my iPod OCD fashion, stick them on a DVD for safe-keeping and load them on my iPod.  Phew!

I also watched Question Time on BBC 1.  The stand out bit for me, the Cultural Secretary Ben Bradshaw side-stepping the Polanski issue, trying to claim he hadn't heard enough about the case to comment, stating 'he was before my time'.  I think I'm younger than Ben Bradshaw and I know who Polanski is, I'm aware of his history and his creative output, and I'm not in charge of Culture.  It wasn't only his apparent lack of movie knowledge and the topical cultural subject, but the crass way in which he spoke of a 13 year old girl being raped, he was arrogant and offensive.  He was dismissive, uncomfortable and incapable.

I am younger than Ben Bradshaw?  That's a yes, Wikipedia says he was born on 30 August 1960.  Qualified to be in charge of our Culture, Media and Sport? 



  Star smilie clear30/09/09
phew, the French do a
U turn, I'm complaining
- there's too much petty
complaining, Top Gear balloon, most mobile
hairdresser in Scotland, abuse in Wales and In
My Father's Den
In My Father's Den DVD

Phew, big relief for the parents of Teagan Feakins, the 13 year old girl who went missing from Torquay on the 25th September.  Her Mum had dropped her off at the church youth club, but the little tyke obviously had different plans and she was off with a 21 year old man she'd met on the internet.  But an eagle eyed member of the public in Edinburgh spotted her and she's safe again.  The man, James Grenfell, is being held in police custody.  Another grown up who conveniently forgets that 13 year olds can't consent.  Kids can be so devious, and stupid, and adults can be so predatory.


Another bit of good news on The Protecting 13 Year old Girls From Paedophiles front...the  French government has dropped its public support for Roman Polanski, saying the 76-year-old director "is neither above nor beneath the law".  Way-hay, round of applause, they've come round to seeing things the way most decent people see things.  Their change of mind probably influenced by the major international backlash against the campaign for Polanski's release, with several leading European politicians and cultural figures refusing to join.  On Frenchie  roads, U turns are common place.



Brad Pitt is a basterd

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that Quentin Tarantino's use of the word 'basterds', in posters and a radio advert for his movie Inglorious Basterds, is not likely to cause strong offence and can not be seen as socially irresponsible.  So the 21 complainers can shut the feck up now.  Honestly, have some cants got nought better to do?   The details of the film companies defence are interesting, they pointed out among other pertinent matters, that the word "bastard" is featured in the Oxford Primary Dictionary, which is approved by primary schools, and the Kids Collins Dictionary, which is specifically designed for children under 11 years of age.  That's talking common sense.



Lego Man James May escaped unhurt when an airship he was travelling in crash-landed in a field while filming a feature for Top Gear.  A caravan, attached to a bright orngeairship and flown across Cambridgeshire.  All sounds pretty normal for Top Gear.  They were s'posed to touch down on a cricket pitch where a film crew had been waiting all day, but were blown oJames May, a caravan and a balloon, it was always going to be slightly risqueff target by strong winds and landed safely in a field.  And we have to wait till the next Top Gear series to find out the full story.


A very, very, extremely, really mobile hairdresser...was Neil Purves.  He'll still be cutting hair, but he won't be driving anytime soon, banned from the roads after being caught doing what's thought to be the fastest speed ever recorded on a Scottish road.  On 13th May he was doing 166mph on a 60mph stretch of the A702 near West Linton, the Dolphinton straight stretchof he road.  He was on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000, and topped the previous Scottish record held by car dealer Jason McAllister, who was jailed for five months in 2003 at Forfar Sheriff Court for driving his BMW M3 at 156.7 mph on the A90 between Aberdeen and Dundee.


Down in Wales this story of the abuse and mistreatment of a young girl is truly appalling.  The step-uncle who is now 55 and an illegal immigrant, began abusing the girl when she was just 5 years old and impregnated her when she was 14.  By the tme the mother found out the girl was 7 months pregnant, the mother beat her with a curtain pole and refused to believe the step-uncle was the father.  When her child was born, the mother and step-father claimed the baby as their own, avoiding family shame we can only assume.  At age 18 the family sent the girl to India and an arranged marriage.  She later returned to Cardiff and was divorced.  Back in Cardiff the step-uncle must've been pretty pleased to see her home, he went back to raping her.  In this case, one rapist leads to another and her stepfather, aged 50 now, also an illegal immigrant, started in with the raping.  And s if that weren't enough, her now 27 year old step-cousin, in keeping with family tradition, repeatedly raped her too.  Last year, aged 22 the girl got up the courage to go to the police.  Her family members will be sentenced next month.


I watched In My Father's Den this evening, was well good, highly recommended by me.  Even the back and forward chronology is so well done, it flows smooth as runny honey in a heat wave.  An emotional, beautiful, atmospheric, character driven thriller, full to bursting with outstanding acting, engaging people and wonderful gorgeous photography.  Moving and thrilling in equal measures, 10 out of 10.






  Star smilie clear29/09/09
spiky bracelet, Yes Man, drawing, and anti-Scottish racist hate mail
River Island pewter silver spike bracelet

Yes Man DVD

drawing 290909 Lashes Girl

 I fancy a spiky bracelet and was lucky enough to find this pewter silver River Island one on ebay, BNWT, free P&P, just the style I had in mind, and no longer available at River Island.  ASOS are all out of their version too.

New Look have got a few items I want to get my hands on, but I've discovered there's a 20% discount at New Look online this weekend, only wise to wait a few days and take advantage.   Valid on Saturday 3rd October and Sunday 4th October 2009.  The code is MWAFF20.

Watched Yes Man this evening, I needed something light and cheery after watching too many sad and dismal flicks recently, and I wanted something that would play out predictably enough in the corner while I carried on with my drawing. Ye Manserve th pupos vey well, I even laughed out loud a few times.  Jim Carrey does what he does really well, and there were a load of really funny jokes in there, and nice to see Terence Stamp, so 9 out of 10, good fun movie.

I've been working on a new drawing for 3 or 4 days, lets call it therapy.  I think I finished it tonight, but you can never be too sure bout that, I might do more to it at another time.  I'm really pleased with it.  I tried scanning it to PC, but I had to install the scanner, it's the first time I've used the Canon Pixma 630 scanner feature, and I got some rubbish low resolution quality.  So I got out the Canon G10 and took a photo.  It's difficult to photograph a pencil drawing, you can never get the lighting right.  I'll load the photo just now and try scanning it again once I work out how to get a better scan.

Police are hunting the  poison pen letter writer who has sent over 50 racially and sexually abusive letters.  Seems safe to assume, given the content of the letters, that the author is most probably English and white.  He/she isn't very fond of coloured people or Scottish people.  It's all 'golly wogs' and 'jocks'.  The letters are postmarked Plymouth and the Isle of White, but if it was me I wouldn't post them in Sunny D, I'd probably take a trip to somewhere elsewhere.  Anywhere but Sunny D, and the further away the better.  Police are now hoping someone will recognise the handwriting or the particular style of drawing and help them track down the perp.  They haven't said if the writer is threatening individuals, or a race en masse with any actual physical harm, or if it's just abuse, getting it out their system, blowing off a little steam, lets call it therapy.  There seems to be a lot of SNP promoting, this person is really keen on Scottish independence and not so keen on the European community.  Lots of addresses have been targeted, ranging from Gordon Browns' constituency office in Fife, to mosques, hospitals, universities and private homes across the UK.  Anonymous letters are never from decent individuals, only cowards, and this one would appear to be a little unstable.

     racist hate mail

     more racist hate mail

  Star smilie clear28/09/09
Silvio, extreme haggis,
not Hitlers' skull, Tesco ad and The Good

Hitler skull with Hitler moustache and Hitler hair

The Good Shepherd DVD
  On his return from the G10 summit, Il Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri Silvio Berlusconi, told a crowd: "I bring you grSilvio Berlusconieetings from a very suntanned man...Barack Obama."   He also called Mrs Obama suntanned and was Berlusconi admiring Mrs Obama too muchioseen 'admiring' her very muchio at the G20 summit.  Is there no stopping this man and his gaffes, sexist remarks, inappropriate quips and lechery?  Tomorrow he'll celebrate his 73rd birthday, probably with a prostitute filled party.  He's rich, powerful, controversial, flamboyant, and hugely entertaining, just glad he belongs to the Italians and not us.  He really does makes old age look like fun. 

The French President Nicholas Sarkozy and Silvio eyeing up another piece of ass, you'd think they'd never seen a woman beore, it f dcorm pease entlemen.
Sarkozy and Silvio eyeing up arse

A new guide to the most outlandish foodstuffs on the planet, The Lonely Planet guide to Extreme Cuisine hasincluded haggis alongside the witchetty grub, grasshoppers, stingrays, tarantulas, bull testicles and cow udders.  I wouldn't say haggis is extreme cuisine, but I s'pose you could view it that way if your not from Scotland and hear what's in it, ie offal, that's sheep heart, lung, and liver, all mashed up with beef suet, oatmeal, onion, salt and pepper, then encased in a sheeps' stomach lining.  Best stick to the vegetarian version.


A fragment of skull with a bullet hole through it which the Russians claim is a piece of the skull of Hitler, has been proven to be a piece of lady skull, after an American scientist tested DNA samples.  Archaeologist and bone specialist Nick Bellantoni says the skull really belonged to a woman aged under 40.


Some historians don't believe The Hitler Died In The Bunker story as there is absolutely no evidence to back this up. 


The Nazi high command had been making plans since 1943 to get out of Germany and to set up a Fourth Reich mainly in South America so they had no need to die in situ in Germany.  Historian and journalist Gerrard Williams says, "There was a very effective route out of Germany to South America and the Nazis had help from various factions, in particular a Croatian cardinal from the Vatican called Alois Hudel."  To think he may have escaped and lived his life ot in comfort, how shocking that would be.


Fatou Tesco F&F ad"Designed by F&F. Priced by Tesco. Modelled by Fatou, checkout number 6, Tesco, east London."  Made in Gambia, Leave By Date 2001. 


Fatou Cham, 32, came to the UK from Gambia, West Africa, in 1998 on a student visa but stayed after it expired in 2001.  Her mother and ldest child were allowed to join her in the UK in 2000. Her two other children were born in Britain.  But then Miss Cham, wa chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to model the Florence and Fred clothing range for an ad campaign used in women's magazines, and that's when it all went horribly wrong, and Ms Cham has been exposed as an illegal immigrant.


I watched The Good Shepherd this evening, 2 hrs and 41 minutes later, I nearly lost the will to care about international espionage.  That's not strictly true actually, I did, I really don't care about spies.  OSS, FBI, CIA, MI5, KGB, intelligence, counter-intelligence, counter-cunter-intelligence, where does it all end?  What does it all mean?  Why did it have to be so long?  The Good Shepherd laid down his life fo the sheep?  I can see what they're getting at, he was selfless, putting his country before his chance of a full and happy family life.  But he didn't lay down his life, he seemed to enjoy his emotionless life, he actually laid down his wife's life, did you see the way The Jolie aged? 


Way too long and boring, but I'm really getting good at working the DVD player.  Hurry home The Fiancé, I wanna start watching all the movies I'm looking forward to seeing.



  Star smilie clear27/09/09
my Fav Big Shiny Thing Update, Polanski and The Savages
The Savages DVD
 Quelle surprise!  Homebase emailed me back regarding the big shiny sculpture in the Retail Park 1 car park in Livingston.  Not much help, but as much help as they could be.  They advised contacting Livingston Homebase to ask them who the third party company are who own the car park.  I contacted the branch, and they told me Land Securities own the car park.  From what I can make out on the www Land Securities are a huge company, they own The Centre and all the retail parks up there, and loads of other such places all over the UK.  It's not going to be easy tracking down the person who'll know the answers to my qustions.  For starters I've emailed The Centre.

Roman Polanski faces extradition from Switzerland to the US for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles way back in 197.  I's 2 years later, he's 76, she says drop it, I'm a grown woman, married with children, she wants to protect herfamily.  But he drugged and had sex with a child, he should pay the price.  He says it was consensual sex, but...that's not possible with a 13 year old.  If an adult  person has sex with another person who is 13 years old, doesn't that make the adult...a paedophile?  Should a grand old age protect you from facing the consequences of your crime?  I don't believe so.  It may be another time, a different world.  You may be a talented individual with many fans, your still a big shot...but, you drugged and raped a 13 year old.  If it was OK to move on and not face the consequences, then the civilised world wouldn't still be bringing Nazi war criminals to justice. 

I watched The Savages tonight, a master class in the pain of families, relationships, illness, old age and death.  Every relative of a dementia sufferer should be forced to sit through this movie, every minute of it, we'll pause it if anyone needs to go to the loo.  It is so real, so true, so depressing.'s devastating, horrible...there's nothing else to say bout it, we will all die, and that's sore.

I haven't reached a place where I can deal with that fact.  So, moving on swiftly...time for bed.


  Star smilie clear26/09/09
Dotty P shopping, Come Dine With Me,a rather masculine looking
woman in a jumpsuit,
Ricky Gervais look-a-like
and Atonement

Dorothy Perkins black stud ankle boots

Dorothy Perkins Charcoal parka with studs

Dorothy Perkins Black hooded duffle

strange looking lesbian reveals bottom in jumpsuit

Atonement DVD

 Was aching to purchase these black suedette stud ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins online last night, but I had to wait till they sent me my 10% discount code.  It didn't arrive in a split second as I wished, but 9am this morning, didn't have to wait too long.  10% discount on first order, free delivery on orders over £75 and free returns, sounds good to me.  So this morning with the boots in the virtual shopping basket I had a look around the rest of their items.  Their jewellery turned my head, but I controlled myself, I'll give it a closer inspection next time we're up The Centre.  I generally behaved myself wandering round the rest of the online DP, till I got to coats...well, winter s on he ay,andthe had  very appealing charcoal parka.  Great colour, great shape, great style, pockets look good, when I saw the added stud detail, I was in parka heaven.  Next, there was this black duffle coat.  I can see yself in a cute little duffle coat, and these coats have hoods, a must have for me and winter.  And now I don't feel like I've been spoiling myself, I feel somehow vindicated because these are warm sensible necessary purchases.  Bring on the snow.

I've never had a grown up duffle coat, I had a schoolgirl duffle coat experience that put me off them for 3 decades.  It was big, it was maroon, after I'd worn it a while it took on the shape of my bum, so while standing, it stuck out making my bum look massive.  It was a bit bigger back then, it really didn't need emphasising.  The Mum...what were you thinking of?

I've never really shopped at Dotty P before so wasn't sure bout their sizes.  Clothes sizes are a minefield these days, and can vary greatly from shop to shop.  I've got a size 6 parka from George at Asda, and size 6 jeans, yet a load of my tops are a 12.  Generally speaking I'm either a 6, 8 or 10 on the bottom half, and a 10 or a 12 on the top.  Not being familiar with DP sizes I went to ebay.  Searched for DP ladies jackets in a size 10 and 12, found loads of adverts saying the 10 was a 36" chest and the 12 a 38".  So I bought the 10s.  Ebay is a more honest source of clothes sizes than the shop size charts.
Dave Lamb voice of Come Dine With Him
After the virtual shopping, a nice Asda man brought my virtual grocery shopping to the door.  Once I'd got everything in it's proper place I was out mowing the lawn and sweeping up the patio areas.  Then in doors in time for Come Dine With Me.  This is one of my favourite TV programs.  I don't understand why, I mean...there's cooking, there's ordinary people, and they really are ordinary even given that they're the type of people who apply to appear on reality TV shows.  I think it's the voice-over man who makes the show.  The voice of Dave Lamb with his humour and quite cutting comments make it interesting and really funny sometimes.  Mr Lamb has admitted in the past that like many others have suggested, he'd like the Eurovision job when Terry Wogan stopped doing it.  But of course that went to Graham Norton, speaking of which, Graham Norton got a row recently for a lesbian joke.  See what I did there, nice bit of seguing.

On his chat show he was looking on the www at a patent for a jumpsuit 'invented' by Laura Durfey Cuaz of Running Springs in California filed at The United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2004.  Mr Norton said the woman in the accompanying drawings looked like "some strange lesbian".  And she does.  Judge for yourselves, did he deserve a ticking off?  Was he reinforcing a potentially offensive stereotype?  ONE viewer complained, ONE!  The way complaints are dealt with these days, it's getting ridiculous. 

The Boy's away to his Dad's till Monday night, I'm kinda glad he is too cos he starting to push his luck with me again, he's not always as thoughtful as he could be, he stayed out far too late last night and his SOH can come across as cheeky.  When the mood is light his SOH is greatly appreciated by me, but at other times he's cheeky then claims he was just joking.  He was awfy crabbit this morning, then his Dad phones and he's off, I'm quite relieved he's took his insolence and bad mood somewhere else.  The trials of parenthood.

I've just seen an advert for the new Ricky Gervais movie, and I'm having another Separated At Birth moment...

separated at birth Yogi Bear Ricky Gervais

On my own I watched Atonement, another movie I couldn't persuade any of the men I live with to watch with me.  Probably because it's a love story.   But it's a love story movie based on one of my favourite authors, Ian McEwan's book of the same name.  I'm not a big love story kinda gal, but this isn't your usual crappy love story, it's a visually beautiful movie and extremely faithful to the book.   It is also, in themes and ideas, almost unbearably sad, sticking so reverently to what Mr McEwan put on paper.  It doesn't only tell the tale of the fictional Cecilia and Robbie, it evokes all the love affairs destroyed by WWII.  The movie is fantastically captivating and intriguing...till bout 1/3 in, up till Robbie finds himself released from prison, in a soldiers uniform and, as it turns out, fatally wounded heading towards Dunkirk, which we discover at the end of the movie, he will never leave.

Once WWII kicks in the movie seems to become a bit glib, arty and gorgeous, but detached from the real horror.  However, the main thread is the life of the privileged and intelligent 13 year old Briony, destroying lives, that of her sister and the sisters' true love who is also the subject of Brionys' childhood crush.  Not to mention for instance, Robbie's mother, loosing her son in such shameful circumstances, and the child rape victim Lola, who went on to marry her rapist, what sort of married life would that girl have had?

Briony embellished in her fanciful prudish misunderstanding childish way, grew up to realise how her lies had effected others, then went on to become a successful novelist and live to a ripe old age.  She must've died unloved, untouched, emotionally and physically, nobody close to miss her when her life ends, nobody to visit her in the dementia unit or nursing home she'll probably find herself being cared for at the very very end.  She never felt able to resolve the guilt, not only of her initial lie, but also, she never attempted to make amends with her sister.  Even when she told the tale in novel form, when she eventually wrote about what she had done as a child, she embellished to please her huge novel reading fan base, making herself look better, still hiding her guilt, ashamed and cold as stone.  Near the end of her own life, she must be in her 80s, diagnosed with vascular dementia and that final TV interview to discuss her 21st book.  She was only honest at the very end, straight to camera, but it hardly matters at that point in time.  The victims of her lie are both dead and gone a long time ago, denied a chance at happiness.  I don't think Briony achieved atonement.  That one child lie could cause so much tragedy, influence the lives of others so hugely.  Terribly sad.  And I did really enjoy this movie.  Was the movie better than the book?  No, the movie was quicker, easier, more readily available, cos they all did the work and put it all so beautifully in front of my eyes.  The book is the real work of art.

  Star smilie clear25/09/09
Starry Towers house
sign ordered, Brokeback Mountain, I want them boots, Smeatonator News and Andy Scott News

Brokeback Mountain DVD

DP black stud ankle boots
 The Starry Towers house sign has been ordered from  Their website has some fantastic quick and easy  software which allows the customer to play around while deciding which style/shape/colours/font to pick.  The name and house number can be moved around till you find what you like, and if you can't design exactly what you want you email them with the details.  I found it easier to phone and describe what was important to me.  The personal service over the phone is very very good.  I spoke to Mark, he took all the details and was making up the design on the computer as we spoke, he was therefore able to advise on sizing of letters/numbers as we went along, ensuring the sign was still going to serve purpose.  I wanted the numer atthebotom nd malle, on all of their signs the numbers are larger than the writing, but I wanted the name to be the stand out feature on the sign, with the number smaller, thouh obviously still legible, and therefore fit for the purpose that people will be able to read the number and find the house.  Though once this sign is up I'm going to start changing my address everywhere by adding Starry Towers to the first line.  Given time the house will become known as Starry Towers.

It's a large square 22cm x 22cm, made of 10mm thick 'Glass Acrylic' with stylish anodised aluminium locators which won't rust.  It's this one but with the name and number moved around and their sizes changed like in the diagram here.  I've changed the number on the pic here to prevent virtual stalkers finding me easier. 
       the chosen type of house sign    Starry Towers house sign design

I told The boy today that he swore in his sleep while I was watching the movie and he'd fell asleep last night.  He was laughing bout this, he laughed even harder when I told him what The Fiancé had said when I'd told him bout it.  The Fiancé had said, "good to know he's dreaming bout me".

I was playing about with my Paint Shop pro and Animation Shop, made a new animated gif, "Star Bullet", showing it off in The Lobby.  If I had a gun, I know I'd feel the need to get special bullets with my name on, I'd just have to remember not to shoot anyone.  So probably best I don't have a gun.

I watched Brokeback Mountain on my own tonight, not one of the men I live with would watch it with me...hmmm, probably cos it's a love story.  The Fiancé's going to be pleased that's another of his Absolutely Nots struck of his future choice list.  It's a wonderful piece of work movie-wise, was just a bit too sad for me.  I'm not keen on tragic tales of woe and lost love.

I want them black stud ankle boots, they're from Dorothy Perkins.  I want them in purple and blue too, but I'll start with the black.  However I can't make the purchase till I get the discount code.  Sign up for the Dorothy Perkins newsletter and they give you a 10% discount off your next order.  I await the email, barely controlling my itchy-click-on-the-button fingers. long does it take for them to get round to processing newsletter sign up details?  Usually this kind of thing happens automatically and immediately.  I'll just have to cool my heels, but them heels are so cool...I want them and I want them now!
Andy Scott project
The Smeatonator is to stand as an independent candidate in a Westminster by-election, fighting for the Glasgow North East seat vacated by former Commons Speaker Michael Martin.  The Jury Team, which was founded earlier this year by the former director-general of the Conservative Party, Sir Paul Judge, are funding his campaign.  I'm thinking he just bit off more than he can chew.  It's one thing to punch a flaming terrorist, quite another to become a successful and effective MP.  At some point during this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival I became aware that he was doing a festival show, I like him so I rushed to the www to see if I could get tickets at that late stage.  But I found that all the upcoming future shows had been cancelled.  There was no explanation and I still haven't found out why a load of his shows were cancelled.  I have seen a review of his debut show, said it went down well, the rest, is a mystery.

Andy Scott, the sculptor who made Hamish, The Heavy Horse and The Falkirk Helix Water Kelpies is to make a new £250,000 statue which will be situated in Cumbernauld, overlooking the A80, the main road into the town.  It's to be a 10m tall steel structure of a female form incorporating two large swooping arcs.  Impressive.



  Star smilie clear24/09/09
GOOD hair day, DVD bargain, Heritage Structures, The Escapist
and sleep-swearing

The Escapist DVD
 The ghd hair straighteners arrived this morning, they are soooo worth it.  I'm not a great authority on straighteners having only ever owned the one set, the clunky awkward Babyliss ones I dug out the drawer the other day.  The difference is amazing, the ghd set just do everything perfectly, smoothly, gently, easily, no pulling, instant results, my hair hasn't looked so smooth for a decade.

Here's news of a bargain if you fancy the Julia Roberts and Clive Owen movie Duplicity.  Assuming your not already registered as a customer at, go to their website, register your details, check your emails immediately, they'll have sent you a welcome to email and a £1 off voucher code.  Go back to their website, put the Duplicity DVD in your basket, enter your discount voucer coe ad by Dpliity fr only £3.99.  Bargain.  The next best price is a tenner at cdWOW, everywhere else is still selling it for £12 and aboe.  Brownie points to me too, The Fiancé is a big Julia Roberts fan.

I've bought stuff from cdWOW before, but a long time back.  I entered my email as a returning customer but was told they didn't recognise it, so I must've previously used a different email address.  I continued and registered my details, thinking I probably wouldn't be entitled to the discount as they'd recognise my name and house address, but they sent me the discount code as if they'd never heard of me.  Also I'm using a different credit card as it was so long since I shopped with them.  So even if you've shopped with them before in the past, it's worth re-registering to save the massive sum of one of your Scottish pounds.  I know £1 isn't a big deal, but I do like a bargain.  Obviously without a discount code your still getting Duplicity for £4.99, which is a great deal, but to knock it down even further to just £3.99...I'm Scottish.

I got round to starting on researching more about the sculptures in my local area that I like.  My favourites are 'NORgate', the stone and copper wishbone on the Livingston East roundabout and the big shiny thing in the Homebase car park.

        NORgate metal art work car park Homebase Livingston

I started my search by emailing West Lothian Council.  The council took two days to give me all the information they could.  During this last two days they also sent me copies of my email being passed inter-department till it got to the right person, keeping me in the loop and reassuring me I wasn't being ignored.  On the council website 'contact us' facility I'd picked the planning department from the given choices.  An email told me my enquiry had been passed to the roads department, the next email told me it had then been given over to The Structures Team.  And a very nice man at the Structures Team emailed me.  That's how I now know the wishbone is actually called NORgate.  He explained that the council are responsible for the 'Heritage Structures' which are on council owned land, and that others are commissioned by businesses and landowners.  He also took the trouble and time to send me a couple of pdf files, poor quality photocopies of a council brochure about the street art in West Lothian, apologising for not having a good quality original to give me. 

However, he'd given me all he could and enough to expand my googling, just knowing that the wishbone is actually NORgate by David Wilson was enough for me to quickly find four detailed documents online about all the council owned sculptures.

         here for 1
         here for 2
         here for 3
         here for 4

His information also set me in the direction of finding out more about the big shiny thing at the Homebase car park.  It's not a council sculpture, so I'm guessing it's owned and maintained by Homebase.  Late this afternoon I emailed Homebase via their website.  I'm kinda thinking this is where the trail will fade away to nothing.  I'm not sure that a major UK company will take the time to respond to my query with any real interest or personal touch.

The Escapist finally made it to a DVD player at Starry Towers.  This is one of the DVDs I've brought out The Starry Towers Walk In Media Cupboard maybe 20 times, and it's been rejected by The Fiancé every time, not the movie of choice.  This evening The Boy got to choose, he used a method of pure chance.  Whittling the DVDs down by getting me to shuffle them and him picking with his eyes closed.  The Fiancé will be glad he'll never be presented with The Escapist in any of his future choices.  The Boy fell asleep, but he may just have been tired.  I got a bit bored with the flashback thing.  The preparations for the escape and the escape itself, are spliced together, cutting back and forth between the two.  There were too many clichés, flaws and coincidences in the movie for it to work for me. 

More entertaining was The Boy talking in his sleep during the movie.  When The Boy falls asleep it takes a concentrated effort to wake him, he sleeps deep.  Tonight he actually swore in his sleep, he mumbled something in an aggressive tone, and it ended with the words...ya c**t.  I exclaimed, "The Boy!", he responded, still sleeping, "what?", I told him, "you swore in your sleep"...he slept on.

  Star smilie clear23/09/09 
Lego house no more
and Lego cat nicked, useless pandas, shiny brand spanking new Starry Towers, Freeze HPV! and Gothika
Lego house

Gothika DVD
 FuskerThe Lego house is demolished and someone nicked the Lego cat.  James May has appealed through the Top Gear website for the return of the Lego cat, named Fusker, which is based on his real cat.  The real Fusker was a gift from The Hamsters' wife, the Lego Fusker was built specially for James by a fan.  And what a remarkable likeness, though I don't see any Lego whiskers.  Maybe the thief thought the cat was going to be destroyed along with the house and just wanted to save it.  Either that, or it'll show up on ebay.  What a shame the house couldn't be saved, I wonder that his Top Gear pals didn't come to his aid.  Surely they could've had a whip-round to raise the £50,000, and one of them must have a space on their estate to put it.  But then agan perapsJermy nd he Haster think, ''s only a toy!' 

Pandas are useless, too expensive to save and not worth the bother according to BBC presenter the cutest but most useless furry animal in the worldand naturalist Chris Packhm.  David Bellamy was quick to agree, sighting the lack of remaining natural habitat as being too problematic, that we shouldn't rear endangered creatures to keep them in cages.  They don't even try to help themselves, they're lazy, too fat, move too slow, are too easily spotted in their black and white fur, don't find each other sexually attractive, behave like a problem child in the food department.  They need to shape up, have more sex, eat something else, evolve a bit.  NO...we have to keep on saving them because it's the human race that's killing them off by destroying their habitat.  We owe them.  Without people taking from the pandas, the pandas would get on with keeping themselves alive in their own slow way, and evolving naturally.  More has to be done to save their natural environment.

The Starry Towers 7 day long Exterior Paint Job finished today, and oh he's done a great job, but I'm so glad it's done.  Of course it's been worth it, but I think everyone owes me a huge debt of gratitude for being here every day.  One neighbour continued her being out most of the time, the other neighbour spent the entire time away somewhere on holiday.  I got up early every morning and stayed in Starry Towers.  I've dedicated this last week to The Exterior Paint Job, ever-present, supervising, providing electricity, concluding the business.  And will I get any thanks?  I doubt the neighbours will give it a first, let alone a second thought. 

is evening The Boy is entirely back to normal, throat still a little sore (he says), but full of life and good company fun again.  I was of the opinion that he was fine at 7.30 this morning but he claimed he'd been awake most of the night and still feeling terrible, and yes, he took the day off school.  The Boy has another ailment...yesterday he showed me his big toe.  The underside of his left big toe's got this pepper-pot appearance horrible verruca thing going on.  I've never seen a verruca before, so I googled it, and that's one flaming verruca he's got.  Luckily I happened to have an unopened box of Scholl Freeze Verruca & Wart Remover in The Starry Towers medicine cabinet.  No, I'm not sure why either, but it's there and in date.  The instructions indicate you only treat one verruca at a time, it's difficult to know what bits on The Boys' toe are one verruca.  The bad thing covers a large area, concentrated here and there, but with no clear edges.  I picked on one bit and applied the treatment.  The most troubling aspect, you have to give it up to 2 weeks before you know if it's worked, and the area may require more than one treatment, and you can only treat one at a time, I have no idea how long this is all going to take before he's free of this non-carcinogenic Human papillomavirus.  I'm going to take photos of his treatment journey, in the hope we'll have a really good 'after' picture.  If we're not seeing some improvement in 4 weeks I'll make a GP appointment. 

The Boy and I watched Gothika tonight.  10 out of 10.  This score was bumped way up with the help of events at Starry Towers while we were watching.  Picture the scene, Starry Towers living room, curtains closed, comfy and relaxed, me on the sofa, The Boy on the chair, feet up on the coffee table, lights out for added scary movie effect, the TV giving our only light.  The living room door was slightly ajar and the rest of the house lights were off.  Also, I knew I'd closed the curtains in the other rooms adjacent to the hallway.  The movie had just started in with the scary stuff when a bright flash of light filled that 4 inches of open doorway.  Very obvious in our darkened room and with our heightened scary movie watching vibe.  We looked at each other.  While we were still amazed at what we'd just seen, looking at each other and both privately figuring out the best plan of action, it happened again.  So we were both sure there was something wrong.  This was a totally new thing. The Boy and I have been in the exact same movie watching situation many, many times, and that flash of light in the door has never happened before.  In my mind I knew we were all locked up and safe, it was 9.30pm, if someone with a torch had broken into Starry Towers we would have heard something.  In my mind the most reasonable reason was that someone had parked their vehicle on the street at right angles to how they should park their vehicle on the street and flashed their headlights at the Starry Towers front door which is glass on the top half, light coming in the front door would light up the hallway off the living room.

We were both worried.  The Boy however was together enough to pause the movie.  I stood up, put the lights on and quickly looked out the window, there was no vehicle, not even just the Neighbour Across Road Guy (NARG) coming out of his drive, which I'd figured could have plausibly been the cause.  OK, with the lack of obvious causes we had to step it up a notch and move onto Red Alert.  We opened the curtains and living room window, I picked up the poker from the hearth while The Boy went out the window and picked up a big heavy stone he found weighing down the next door neighbours' coal bunker on the other side of our garden wall.  I told The Boy, if required you knock on the NARGs' door, they're a married couple, the NARG could be rushing over to come to my aid while his wife was phoning the police.  With The Boy standing on Patio 1, watching in the window and poised for action, I raised the poker and opened the living room door.

I called out 'who's there?', looked over to The Boy, made eye-contact, he was watching my back, ready for action,single gang lightswitch I called out again, 'who's there?', nothing.  I switched the hall light on, and as I did so, it came to me.  The light switch is a single gang with a large switch, I don't know the right technical terms to describe it, but it's one of this type, only much better looking, with a brushed silver metal surround plate and grey switch.  Anyway, the information I got from my fingertips was that the switch wasn't fully off or on, it had been sitting half way, flat, neither up nor down.  I'm now thinking, the hall light was playing with us.  Phew!  The Boy thought that was a reasonable explanation so came back in the window.  But still we had to reassure ourselves further with a quick check of the ground floor security.  Doors locked...check, windows closed...check, we worked methodically from room to room, I still had the poker, The Boy had replaced the rock with a heavy metal candlestick holder.  Within moments we were at the kitchen, The Boy switched a kitchen light on and we were plunged into darkness!

Talk about shit yourself...nearly...a bulb had went and tripped the light switches.  We both knew that immediately and didn't freak, but jeeez.

We composed ourselves again, sorted out the trip switch and returned to watch the rest of Gothika.  10 out of 10.  It's a ghosty thing, but that's cool, I went with that, was done very well, good storyline, good acting.  My only issue, how come...could someone please explain...why would Halle Berry's beautiful, fit, intelligent Miranda ever, in any universe, be married to Charles S Dutton's Dr Douglas Grey character?  When we first met him, he was not only arrogant, sleazily unpleasant, even referring to himself as god, but he was also fat and ugly.  Just my opinion.  Then at the end when Miranda, and Penelope Cruz's mentally ill patient Chloe Sava character are out on the street having obviously enjoyed a girl's night out together...

1. Miranda did murder her sleazy fat ugly husband, regardless of what the world now knows of his heinous crimes, is it likely that the courts are going to understand she only axed him to pieces because she was 'possessed'?

2.  Chloe did slit her step-father's throat and was incarcerated for that reason, we now know she was 'possessed', but what's the chances the authorities are going to revisit her case, understand her possession and release her within the same time frame as Miranda gets out?

When Miranda sees the dead boy in the last minute of the movie, it's like, OMG, NO!  She's going to be tormented for the rest of her life, she sees dead people, which is never a good thing.  All in all, we enjoyed Gothika, and the Starry Towers electrics definitely helped with the atmosphere.

  Star smilie clear22/09/09
separated at birth? Boy George/Lauren Harries,
swimmy creature in The Clyde, she makes the law & she breaks the law, a bridge proposal too far
and American Gangster

American Gangster DVD
 Ahhhh, this has been troubling me, only slightly, but who does Lauren Harries remind me of, when she spent too long staring straight into the camera yesterday on This Morning?  I finally got it, Boy George.  They have exactly the same eyes, similar around the gills, and the noses aren't that far off either. 

        seperated at birth?

Is it a whale?  Is it a dolphin?  No, it's not me mixing up my whales and orcas again.  There's a 5m long big swimmy thing in the River Clyde, just over a mile from Glasgow city centre.  They don't know what it is yet, and whether or not it needs rescuing depends on what it is.  If it's a baby northern bottlenose whale then it could be in danger, if it's a dolphin it should be fine as they are een een urter p te Clye at times.  A rescue operation is under way including a vet, they're hoping to get close enough to take a blood test to determine what it is.  There is a funny side to this, on the Scotsman newspape website I was having a wee read at some of the comments left about this breaking story :

     the Glasga banter

Aye, the Glesga Banter.

Fined £5000?  Is that it?  Attorney General, Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal, (salary £109,201) is lawyer to the Queen and the Government.  She's the UK's chief law officer.  She employed an illegal immigrant from Tonga as her housekeeper.  In 2006 as a Home Office minister, she helped steer The Immigration, Nationality and Asylum Act through The House Of Lord and insisted it must be strictly adhered to, unless of course your above the law.  The act says employers can go to jail if they knowingly employ an illegal immigrant, and they can be fined up to £10,000 for unknowingly employing an illegal immigrant if they have not carried out proper checks.  She makes the law, she breaks the law, she should be fired, surely her position is now untenable.

         should know better

Here's a money making scam we at Starry Towers should be considering.  The Scottish Government are looking at perhaps constructing a new Forth road bridge, they are planning on paying compensation to companies who vie for the contract and fail to gain it.  Do you see where I'm going with this already?  Firms who fail to win the contract could be reimbursed by up to £5m.  The winning firm could receive £10m if the build doesn't go ahead in the end.  Not that we'd take it that far, let's not get greedy, and to get the £10m we'd actually have to deliver a bridge if it did go ahead.  Apparently the SNP are concerned there may a shortage of bidding companies, so this is to encourage them.  We, the Scottish tax payers will be paying millions whether we get a bridge or not, and if we do get a bridge it's going to cost millions more to 'encourage bidders'.  "The Fiancé!!!  start drawing up some bridge plans, I'll get on with the Bid Proposal.

The Boy's still making like Sick Boy, though he doesn't have a temperature and he's eating well, three good meals, a small bar of galaxy and regular Paracetamol for the pain.  He's angling on a day off school tomorrow, but I've laid out his dinner money and written an excuse-him note for his PE class.  As he's so no well he's off upstairs to bed with a hot water bottle already, but I suspect now he's had a taste of hot water bottle, he likes it, he'll probably take one every night now.

With the evening to myself again I watched American Gangster, the extended version, all 169 minutes.  Excellent movie, excellent acting, it's got Denzel Washington, it's got Russell Crowe and it's got Josh Brolin all acting their little acting socks off, gripping and fully engaging.  The scene with Old Mama Lucas, played by Ruby Dee, telling her wayward monster son (Denzil), "You don't shoot cops. Even I know that. Eva knows it. The only one who DOESN'T seem to know is you.", was so touching, I was surprised.  In the midst of all the aggression and evil doing of the money grabbing drug dealers, bad cops being corrupt, good cops being necessarily fecked up, destroying their personal lives, but resilient and driven to rid the streets of what was and is still, destroying so many lives and relationships.  The scenes shared by Denzil Washington and Russell Crowe are explosive, sooooo much talent the Toshiba Regza LCD was all but fit to explode.

  Star smilie clear21/09/09
sex change issues, con man alert, much to my  surprise killer whales are not whales, Lego house,
sick boy and Shrooms
Boohoo sequin trim shrug

Lego House

James May in his Lego house

Lego bathroom sink

Lego house

SHROOMS DVD 20% discount code, will work till midnight on 28th September 2009, use it while you can....CLS001.  I had to when I saw this sequin trim shrug.

Lauren Harries has been banned from This Morning for behaving 'peculiar' while being interviewed about transgender issues alongside Dr Kenneth Demsky.  Forgive me but this person, as woman and boy, has always behaved 'peculiar'.  The child genius everyone laughed at was allowed to leave school by parents who by all accounts are extremely odd people, tipped for greatness, how sad she looks now.


Firstly she seemed to want to do all the talking, to be the centre of attention.  She interrupted the doctor twice, and could be seen beside the doctor obviously trying to find aninroa tointrrut mre ties.  Harries, now 31, disagreed with Dr Demsky's use of the term 'trans people', she seemed unclear in her thinking, saying she didn't like labelling.  Schofield explained that we have to have soe term to use, Ms Harries said it was disrespectful and eventually suggested if we have to use a term, we should use 'trans woman'.  This exchange only served to give the impression that Ms Harries was being odd and confused.  She looked uncomfortable in her own skin, which is exactly the opposite of what her many operations and hormone treatments were supposed to give her, comfort in her own, surgically changed, body.  There was a short, but overly long and disconcerting period of approx 10 seconds when she was looking at the doctor beside her then her glace shifted to the camera, and remained there staring, her strangely empty expression, as captured in the third photo below.  Then in the last 10 seconds she plugged her 'new show' while putting on a pair of glasses and standing up before placing her hands on her rib cage and uttering, what people are saying sounded like "Eh! Eh! Eh!" the catchphrase of the Little Britain psychiatric patient character Anne.  It could've been that, but I'm not entirely sure what it was she was saying or doing.  She was also guilty of not being good at being a woman.  Most often transgender women don't get it right, it's not just the Adam's Apple or some other body part that is too large that tells all, it's the way they stand, sit, dress badly, and in Ms Harries' case today, it was the mascara.  Applied with a heavy hand, too thick, leading to clogged and stuck together lashes. 


young James HarriesLauren Harriesstop staring scary person


Ms Harries was on the show to discuss this issue following two children returning to school after the school holidays as girls when they had went on holiday as boys, and did the cause no good whatsoever.  You have to admit it's a bit disturbing, boys of 9 and 12 deciding to be girls, and being assisted in the long, difficult and traumatic process by adults, their parents and whoever has been advising them, at such a young age.  These children can not start the hormone treatments and surgery until they are 18, what is the thinking behind allowing them to live as girls at this so very young age?  In a school environment they will be teased and bullied, no question about it, because children are too young to understand these issues.  If their classmates are too immature to understand, why were these boys considered mature enough to make these decisions?  I agree with James Caspian, spokesman for transgender group the Beaumont Society, "People shold not be srprised that a child so young has these feelings.  What is more of a surprise is that the child has been able to express them openly and that because of changes in society those around the child have been so supportive."   It's a bad decision, detrimental to these boys.  I feel sorry for the teachers who had to deal with the situation.

lying dangerous con-man
Can this man cure cancer with his bare hands?  (the one below)  Simple answer...No.

Adrian Pengelly is the self-proclaimed 'world renowned Visionary Healer, Energy Worker, Teacher and Psychic'. He claims on his website that he is famous for his work with both people and animals, and is especially well known for his work with terminal illnesses and cancer.  Me may 'work with' people and animals and terminal illnesses and cancer, but he does not cure them,  He is human, humans can't do what he claims he can do.  Would be nice if we could, but we can't.  The 1939 Cancer Act makes it illegal to offer a cure for cancer or to offer advice on how to treat it in any advertisement outside the medical profession, but his website, though careful in his own quotes, not to use particular wording which would fall foul of the Cancer Act, is full of anonymous testimonials using words such as 'successful' and 'treatment'.  These testimonials, being anonymous makes it worse, but even if the deluded people he has 'treated' put names to them, amounts to the same thing in my opinion, false, deceitful, illegal advertising.  It's also illegal to offer to treat an animal unless you are a trained vet.  He claims he manipulates imaginary energy and can also do this at a distance.  He makes a lot of claims including that he graduated from Birmingham University, he didn't.  He now lives in a £680,000 house, he's obviously raking it in.  People with serious illness, terminal illness and sick pets are easy targets, grasping at any chance.  This man should be arrested and charged, he is breaking the law.  Con man, liar and dangerous...where is Derren Brown when he could be really useful?


I learnt something today from Anne Robinson, how I lived this long without knowing that the killer whale is a dolphin is astounding.  I've heard them referred to as orca many times, and confused by it all I'd mistakenly taken on the word orca as being another word for a whale.  Feeling a bit silly now, I hope I never said anything to anyone at any point in my life regarding whales or orcas that could've made me look stupid to a more knowledgeable person, how embarrassing.  But then, I don't have any marine biologist friends, so it's doubtful I've ever had that conversation.


James May and volunteers built a house made of Lego on a wooden frame for James' TV series about toys, and now it's to be demolished tomorrow if no-one takes it away for free.  It stands on ground in a vine-yard and the vine-yard people want their land back.  Legoland don't want it because they say it will cost too much to relocate, £50,000, yet it was built with £300,000 worth of bicks donated by Lego.  The BBC should've built it somewhere more sensible.  Fingers crossed someone comes up with the money to save it.

The Boy is unwell, complaining of a sore throat, headache, productive cough, sneezing and general malaise.  It's been hanging on him for about 4 days now, I suspect it could be Lazy Swine Flu.  And if it turns out to be Swine Flu, I'll so have to back track on that joke.  Today and tomorrow is the September weekend here so the schools are off, I need to get him better by Wednesday.  I got him gargling the aspirin.  He spent the day on the fau fur under the Tattoo tartan blanket on the sofa  with a real fire burning in the hearth, watching SKY TV supping tomato soap.  Later he needed paracetamol for a raised temperature, but that could've been the fire and all the throws.  I tended to him with great care and motherly love, and we talked of watching a movie come evening time.


But first, I needed to get him off the couch, that's my movie watching spot.  As things worked out, he went off to bed early with a hot water bottle, I got my place on the sofa and watched Shrooms all by myself.  This could've been disastrous, cos I don't know how to work the DVD recorder/player, but I managed without problem.  When you are a teenager or young adult with your friends, making your way into unknown territory, into someone else's known territory.  The territory is usually heavily wooden terrain, where mobile phones won't work and the indigenous people are most often scary disfigured inbreds with murderous intent, poor personal hygiene, ridiculously horrible clothing, bad teeth, minimal IQ and more than a smidgen of psychosis.  This is not a good vibe, you should go home immediately, and it most definitely is not a good situation in which to take hallucinogenic drugs.  However, they do, go into the bad place and take drugs as expected, it says s on the DVD cover.  It would've been less annoying if the movie had just stuck to brutally killing the teenagers one by one and left out the soothsayer hallucinogenic vision side of it.  The best bit about this movie is the end, and I don't mean I was glad it ended, though I was, what I mean is, there's a twist at the end that I really didn't see coming, though it certainly didn't make up for the previous long bit with the annoying hallucination effect, it was an unexpectedly good ending.



  Star smilie clear20/09/09
paint/monoblock -
what to do?  bit late
due to only reading
mags in the shower but Kate Moss behaving
badly and WARNING! spiritual crises can lead
to finding out for sure

Lily Allen and a pissed (off) Kate Moss
 Spent this afternoon on monoblock maintenance.  I brushed up all the leaves, dirt, sand and flakes of house on the paving areas.  Having just been painted, little flaky bits of Starry Towers were lying around.  I was careful to ensure there were no gaps between the stones, any little gaps I found I poured, rubbed and brushed more of the fine sand into.  Grains of sand and monoblock gaps is quite OCD.  It's a lot of work, well it is the way I do it, I'm quite weak at the knees, thighs and right wrist now.  I was brushing up to see what sort of paint spotting has occurred due to The Exterior Paint Job.  I can report...THERE IS PAINT ON THE PAVING!!!  I need to find out what to do bout it.  The Dad was over fr avisi, say its nt tat ad, sys it's difficult to paint a house and not get paint on the surrounding ground.  Small spots of paint on monoblock is soooo OCD.

I keep my magazines in the loo to read in the shower, where I'd die of boredom without something o read.  I rip a page out and stick it with a little water to the glass shower cabinet door, so I can read while I shampoo, condition and soap.  So it can be quite a while before I get to reading certain stories and articles.  And that's my excuse for being a bit late passing comment on the Kate Moss at GQ Awards night earlier this month.  She was there giving the Woman Of The Year award to Lily Allen.  She apparently was wasted, over-reacted to a joke made at her expense, tried to pole dance round a large column, with her jacket stuck at one of her wrists, she'd tried unsuccessfully to remove it in a stripping sexy way, and looked bored and spotty.  Then when she left she interrupted a film crew recording an interview with Dizzee Rascal, she and her entourage troop past between camera and the rapper, then she has the audacity to come back and interrupts the interview for a second time asking where her lost lipstick is.  Mr Rascal humorously announces, "Kate Moss has lost her lipstick, it's a f*cking disaster!".  It's hardly the end of the world, she just made herself look rude and stupid, and made per pal Ms Allen look like a little angel.  Not many of us can claim we've led exemplary lives and never behaved badly, but I just wanted to mention it and post a pic cos she looks terrible, and I'm just bitchy enough to enjoy it.

Two people are dead, another is in a coma and an unknown other amount, maybe 9 (if the information I'm reading and my calculations are both correct), were taken to hospital and later released.  These people had taken part in a doctor-led group psychotherapy session in Berlin yesterday.  The doctor has been arrested, apparently he poisoned his patients with a lethal drug cocktail which was intended to expand their consciousness.  Their collective group 'consciousness' or should it be their 'consciousnesses'?  Hmmmm, I'm not too sure, but that's not important right now, what is of major feckin importance is people are dead and all they wanted was a bit of therapy.  The doctor offers his group therapy sessions to "help with spiritual crises", we can only hope it worked before the dead ones passed over.  Just after admitting spiritual doubts isn't the best time to meet your maker, and if there is no maker to meet, damn blast, you didn't need any help cos you were right to doubt.  Bummer.

  Star smilie clear19/09/09
ghd straighteners,
drawing, The Cube,
Empire State Of Mind
review and The
Midnight Meat Train

GHD hair straightners with carry case and protector spray

The Midnight Meat Train DVD
 I got up at 8.50 especially for The Painter Man, I am selfless.  OK, no-one's going to fall for that...truth...the Post Man knocked the door at 8.50, I don't mind getting up for him.  Swag arrival, and it's all good, the stuff from Boohoo, then later the Matalan stuff delivered by courier.  I set up for The Painter Man, opened the gates etc, Martin didn't arrive till midday.  If I had risen early especially to open stuff and arrange his electricity, then he didn't arrive till midday, then I would've been cross.  But swag softened my attitude.

At The Mobile Hairdressers suggestion I dug out my old hair straighteners.  I haven't bothered to use them for years, but her use of irons made a big difference to the sleekness of my hair yesterday, so I gave them another try, I couldn't get it as good as she did, bt I dd mke  god dfferece.  My any-old-irons aren't as gorgeous as I deserve so I spent a while today researching ghd irons.  The www is awash with websites devoted o selling counterfeit ghd ceramic styling irons, it truly is, hunners of them.  The official website warns of the dangers of purchasing the fakes, and they're probably right, the counterfeits are usually from Hong Kong, are of poor quality, do not carry the 2 year guarantee and use of can be dangerous, can cause electrocution, serious burns and hair damage.  I set myself the challenge of obtaining the genuine article from a ghd approved retailer at the best price.  It took a while but I got what I was after.  The best price was £89.99 with free delivery at  I've bought stuff there before and it's an official ghd approved site.  BeautyBay provide a choice of free product to accompany your purchase, so I picked the ghd Thermal Protector for my particular hair type.  Some other sites are selling the stylers with free Thermal Protector AND a heat resistant mat, for usually around the £95 mark.  But I intended to obtain the mat when purchasing a carry case elsewhere so the free mat was no incentive to pay more.  Then I had to find the best deal on the ghd Styler Carry Case & Heat Mat, which I believe I did, at with free delivery AND I found a discount code for 10% off before 20/09/09 (LFW10), taking it down to £15.12. 

I spent a while this afternoon sketching.  One of my hobbies I should do more of.  My favourite sketching subject, a female face, all was going very well, proportions good, everything in the right place, was getting very adventurous with the shading, but I fell down at the hairline.  This woman had hair pulled back tightly off her dramatically made up face.

CK modelA CK advert, a page from a magazine I pulled out a while ago.  When I see an image that appeals I rip   it out and save it in my art folder for later.  The paper version I have shows a bit more of the original image, this one's a tiny image I found on the www.  Anyway, all was going well until it came to the hairline.  I'm rubbish at hairlines.  I decided to go with a delicate touch, but failed at that, so to cover up for my failing I crosshatched  all over that area, making like I was casually ignoring that area of the page, then thought that looked bad, erased about an inch away with a rubber to retry, but that messed it up, so I took a ruler and a Stanley knife and cut the page down to the area I was pleased with, then realised what was left was awfully small.  I'll try again, and have a look at some advice on doing hair.

The Cube on STV (Saturdays) is strangely addictive, even though it's hosted by the pesky Phillip Schofield.  The voice of The Cube is Jigsaw from the  Saw movies, well it probably isn't, but I'm sure it's intended to remind the audience of the Saw movies and Jigsaw.  It's entertaining watching to see what the next challenge will be and how the contestants get on, and they pay good money, yeah, I like it.

Watched Shawn Corey Carter, AKA Jay-Z on JR's show, twice.  First time on Friday night, I reckoned his performance was crap.  He can't sing, the lyrics, which should be his bag, rappers seem to be highly regarded for their lyrics and how fast they can get them out their mouths, rather than any singing talent, but the lyrics to 'Empire State of Mind' don't seem very interesting, involving the singer Alicia Keys to do the repetitive chorus didn't save the song.  Second listening tonight on the Wossy repeat.  I don't get it, I don't understand the rap, hip-hop, gangsta, bling, guns, bitches and hos, money making machine.  He doesn't have a good voice, not even a good rapping voice.  Give me Eminem, the only rapper with talent IMO, does that sound racist?  I reckon it must do, but I really like his stuff, nobody else in this particular genre appeals, Eminem's stuff is clever and shot through with humour.

The Boy and I watched The Midnight Meat Train tonight.  The very name alone should've been warning enough, when I discovered Vinnie Jones was a major player, THAT should've been enough, but no, I was swayed by the visuals.  It does 'look' well made.  If I tell you that The Boy fell asleep, that's an indication of how interesting this movie is.  For ages the lack of sense, common or otherwise,  was causing me to dislike the movie.  The main actors weren't doing what they obviously should've done if it were a real situation that real people found themselves in.  At some point I started to realise there was a Hell thing going on (d'oh it's a Clive Barker short story, I just hadn't taken that fact on till after I watched it).  I'd been expecting an out and out real life psycho-killer thriller, not the more surreal slasher fantasy we got.  I'd been getting annoyed, asking, how does he clean the train?  there should be blood stains on his clothes, why does the police woman not give the photographer's early evidence more credence? what's with the photographer's chest wounds? the bad guy and the police woman have the same jewellery symbol thing going on, why doesn't the photographer's g/f see that etc etc etc.  So, that's a 1 out of 10.

  Star smilie clear18/09/09
cute little squirrel,
hair cut, visitors, I'm
still grounded but I
can stand up and
ocal man charged
with not appreciating
his age gap
relationship luck
 noseyI was browsing the www, having a load of time on my hands due to being grounded by the Painter Man, and saw this amusing squirrel story.  Great photo.  The Brandts's had set up their camera on a timer to take a romantic pic of them by Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park.  They reckon the squirrel was investigating the noise from the camera lens focusing.  How come The Bloody Squirrel isn't as amusing as this one?

The Mobile Hairdresser arrived promptly this morning and trimmed my hair, she's very nice, professional and did a good job.  It turns out she lives in Sunny D, just along the street from Starry Towers.


The Mum and The Second Cousin Diane then came for a visit and the full Starry Towers Tour, and The Boy met his second cousin once  or twice rmovedor hatvertheprope relationship title is, it gets quite complicated with cousins, second cousins and thrice cousins.  Was great to have Diane over, we grew up together, but as adults we've seen very little of ach other.  I know Diane reads my blog, so I just want to say Diane, your looking great and your welcome back anytime.  They then helped me try to track the owner of the next door ground floor flat down.  Seems the lady who lives there and the owner are off on holiday together, also the upstairs girl is away for the weekend, SOOOOOO I'm stuck with having to rise early each morning and giving Martin The Painter Man access to a power point, read about it on Starry Towers.


The SD card reader on the laptop stopped working.  The laptop refuses to acknowledge the card is in the slot.  I reinstalled the card reader drive from Acerand restarted, it worked once, then stopped again.  This has happened before, annoyingly I don't recall how we fixed it.  But now (10pm) it's working again, spontaneously while I was away watching Derren Brown not stick me to the sofa.  It's inexplicable, no not Derren Brown, the SD card reader, why does it work fine for ages and ages, then just stops, then works again without being purposely fixed?  It's a mystery, or maybe there's a lose wire.


So Derren Brown, I've recorded it on DVD to see if The Fiancé gets stuck to the sofa, or The Boy, might work on him.  It had absolutely no impact on me, even though I really rolled with it, followed his every word, relaxed, I wasn't purposely fighting it, I welcomed it...then I stood up.


The body found under the floorboards in a house in Bathgate couple days ago was that of 47 year ld Carol Jarvis, the prime suspect 59 year old Harry Jarvis, along with the unexpected 55 year old Rita Heyster have been remanded in custody charged with murder, perverting the course of justice, fraud and in Mr Jarvis's case, theft as well.  Sounds like there was an awfy lot of devious badness going on in Balbardie Crescent.   The dead woman's 4 children are reported as saying she was "a loving mum and grandmother who will be sorely missed by all her family and friends".  Reports abound the neighbours won't miss the couple quite so much.  He's 59, with a 12 years younger wife, and yet he offs her, appaently in cohorts with a woman of 55.  That just don't make sense, there goes my theory that it stands to reason older husbands will idolise younger wives and cherish, adore and obey them forever.

  Star smilie clear17/09/09
death, death and
more death, death by shoppng, Random
News and too much choice on the Starry Towers house sign

Boohoo lace leggings

Boohoo studded cardigan black

Boohoo studded cardigan charcoal

Matalan Be Beau fluffy boyfriend cardigan

Matalan velour joggers

Missboo Rock Loveheart Top

Missboo Cheryl Hotpants with sequined rear

 "Guidance on Dealing with Mass Fatalities in Scotland" - now there's a cheery bit of bed-time reading, was published yesterday advising government ministers how to cope with large-scale death from catastrophic events, disease and terrorist attacks.  Apparently the government are being urged to prepare for a potential second wave of flu cases.  The document says we should have thousands of cardboard coffins ready for mass deaths should swine flu take a turn for the worse, it's advisable to use refrigeration centres to hold the dead bodies, but mass graves are discouraged.  Letters will go to 90,000 people in the UK. In Scotland this includes 7,695 nurses, 148 midwives and 1,686 people with dual qualifications, encouraging trained nurses who are no longer registred wth he MC o r-regiter, blimey, the powers that be really are expecting a huge amount of Swine Flu, ill health...and death.

Death is so depressing, so with fingers firmly back on the very much alive fashion pulse...still smartng after missing them Rocket Dog Hellion boots...keeping my usual eye on new arrival stuff at some favourite online stores I found lace leggings at Boohoo...Yay!  They also had this rather nice studded cardigan, a black one was an absolute requirement, and the charcoal seemed pretty necessary too.  Then over to check out Matalan, they do these really soft velour joggers I like to slip into of an evening, my leisure wear bottom half for getting comfy on the sofa, they haven't had my size for ages, but today, full range of sizes back in stock, snaffled a couple pairs and the Be Beau Fluffy Boyfriend Cardigan, it's a lot softer and fluffier in real life than the pic lets on.  I tried it on in store recently, but they didn't have a 10, so I swagged that online too.  Then I recalled the name of a website I'd seen in a fashion mag recently but hadn't checked out yet,  And they had two nice things, a Rock Loveheart Top and a pair of Cheryl Hotpants with sequins on the rear, and only £2.99 delivery charge, who could resist?

Up in Aberdoom police spent 2 weeks this month cracking down on bad drivers in the city centre in an attempt to help prevent death.  77 motorists were stopped and spoken to, 25 were charged with varying offenses, using mobile phones, not wearing a seatbelt, not obeying a red light and the astounding 45-year-old man caught reading a newspaper while driving, probably The Sun, so he was probably just looking at the pictures.

Tesco online are selling Angels And Demons on DVD for only £8 if you spend over £30 on your Groceries To The Door, which is very easy to do when your ordering your weekly messages.  Tesco will bring my copy of Angels And Demons to the door on Saturday.  There will be death in the movie.

I need a haircut, per chance a flyer came in the door recently advertising a Mobile Hairdresser, which sounds like a handy thing.  I phoned her, she's going to make good use of her great mobility skills and mobilise herself to Starry Towers tomorrow,  I hope there'll be no death.
Katy Price has apparently accidently let it slip who she claims raped her years ago.  While filming her reality TV show she apparently accidently said the name in front of several members of the film crew.  These people have been sworn to secrecy and apparently won't accidently reveal the name to anyone else, unless of course maybe one or more of them might be tempted if someone pays them enough money, it's not beyond the realms of possibility, not that I'm besmirching any of their characters, just saying we can't totally rule it out  So we should find out before very long, the name of the 'very famous' celebrity who Jordan alleges raped her.  Jordan says her ex Andre knows who the alleged rapist is, Andre is apparently baffled by this, Andre baffled...nothing new there then.

62 year old Ronnie Wood (stop-and-ponder-moment), he really looks a lot older than that.  Ekaterina Ivanova, his 20 year old girlfriend threatened to kill herself because he wouldn't let her model his forthcoming fashion range (stop-and-ponder-moment), he has a forthcoming fashion range?  Police were called on Monday (14/09/09) as the couple had a screaming row and the child threatened to kill herself. It has now been claimed that Ronnie's moved out, so now she can kill herself, no-one there to stop her...don't worry, she won't.


Climate change protestors have dumped a load of horSquare acrylic house signse shit in Jeremy Clarkson's drive, what could I do to get them to bring  a load to Starry Towers?  I'll write them explaining that The Fiancé has a big van, a Jag, three motorbikes and contributes to global warming by drilling holes to extract carbon based fossil fuels, ALSO...I like to burn things and have the central heating turned up most of the time, that should do it.

Now that Starry Towers is being painted, Martin was out there for Day 2 of the Exterior Paint Job today, it's time to order up the new Starry Towers house sign, but oh my word, too much choice.  I've narrowed it down to two websites, definitely black acrylic, I think, with silver writing, probably, but maybe white, but sign shape, rectangle or square, and which font are the pernickity bits that are proving too much for me.  On one website you can change the text size, so could have the "Starry Towers" bigger than the house number, but on the other website you have to take he text and number size as it is.  Ohhh, too much choice!  My mind is officially blown.  But after many hours playing on the websites, I think this is it, only it'll have our number and "Starry Towers" obviously.  I've emailed them asking if the number can be down-sized slightly and the Starry Towers made a little bigger.  I want the Starry Towers to be the stand-out information.

  Star smilie clear16/09/09
Titan's here - at long, bloody last, The
Starry Towers Outside Paint Job started,
SHUTTER, new Guinness record  and
Mrs P...mad or bad?


Sultan Kösen poses with fans in London
 First visitor today was my old friend Tom, and as he and I sat chatting the Starry Towers door bell announced the arrival of the long awaited Starry Towers Titan Coal Bunker.  It's big.  So that's in situ now and I got the coal moved from it's temporary storage in a plastic bin.  Awfully glad I got The Fiancé to move that bin a bit closer to the place I intended to have the coal bunker, that made the coal moving a whole load easier.  Just after the Titan got here then The Painter Man, AKA Martin, was pulling into the drive, making himself at home.  He's very friendly.  My main concern is that my beautiful new paving doesn't get paint spatters, but he's got loads of big dust sheet thingys.  Photos on Starry Towers

Meanwhile there's been a load of helicopter activity, emrgenc sevic veicls andsiren sounds around Sunny D.  Just as Martin and I were pondering who they could be looking for, I recalled the letter we got a couple weeks ago.  The Government informed us the emergency services fire-fighters, police and ambulance staff, up to 700 people, are using the old Bangour Village Hospital grounds to run around practising what to do in an emergency today.  That explains that, I was thinking there must be a missing child or a recently murdered body found, or a dangerous criminal in hiding, or a hostage situation, or a gang on the run after robbing a bank or Post Office, or a lion escaped from Edinburgh Zoo, or an outbreak of Swine Flu in Sunny D, or maybe Elton John was visiting to complain about what I said bout him and his decision to try to adopt Lev.  Could've been one of them  things, but it's a boring emergency service training day.

Martin The Painter Man worked till 7.20pm, I think he worked till he ran out of paint.  I know the retired lady neighbour next door on the ground floor, she lives alone since her husband died earlier this year having developed Dementia in his later years.  We've been neighbours for many years and chat when we see each other.  The neighbour up the stairs next door is a young female fairly new to Sunny D, she purchased her apartment probably less than a year ago and works full time, she doesn't spend time in her garden, so I only see her occasionally, getting in or out of her car.  This Starry Towers exterior paint job has brought us to a situation where we've now introduced ourselves and chatted.  And she's really lovely.  I'm the money handler, with The Fiancé away at work tis me who now has to ensure the decisions are made and Martin gets paid.  I put a note through her letter box this morning letting her know the job was starting, colour decision etc, then this evening another note about the guttering decisions and cost.  She came round this evening having received both notes, happy with my decisions and costing for the guttering job.  And she's said she'll give me her part of the money at the beginning of next week, once she's been to The Bank Of Mum, something I understand, I've been a loyal customer at The Bank Of Dad since I was a little girl.  This is reassuring, I was thinking I might have to pay the whole amount then wait for the neighbours paying me back.  The downstairs lady seems to have been out all day, so there's a note through her door updating her on the paint job situation.

Later today, breaking local news, there has been a body found, in Balbardie Crescent, Bathgate, I'm surprised what with all the emergency services practicing, that there were any left over to deal with the suspicious death...I'm kidding, obviously they plan and do these things while maintaining normal services.  Apparently a man/woman couple with the shared surname of Jarvis, lived there, and neither had been seen since Friday 11th, and now the woman is dead.  Hmmm...I don't think we need Detective Superintendant Jane Tennison to figure out who the prime suspect is then.

The Boy watched the footie, Rangers drew 1 - 1 with, erm...some other team, then he and I watched SHUTTER on DVD.  On the up side it's well made, well acted and good looking, and you do have to keep guessing before you finally find out exactly why the Japanese ghost is troubling this nice young newly married American couple.  On the down side, it's The Grudge and The Ring all over again, maybe the genre could only take four good ones before it flat-lined.  The Japanese ghost/bad thing is so similar in appearance to the Asia ghost/bad thing in The Grudge, The Ring, Dark Water and The Eye, which is kinda unavoidable for the film makers continuing to do the Asia remake thing I s'pose, but it had The Boy and I cracking jokes for most of the latter two thirds of the movie, much of which was in a Still Game, "back off ya spooky bitch" type way...and yes that was one of the jokes I cracked.  SHUTTER does actually deliver a surprise twist explanation as to exactly what the Japanese ghost's motivation is for the terrible things it's doing.  And another final twist when it comes to the nastier-than-a-slow-and-torturous-death outcome for that nice Mr Joshua Jackson (famous from something called Dawson's Creek apparently).  It's stylish, nice looking, well acted, just disappointing cos of the now obvious to me Asia-horror-movie-Hollywood-remake story, they're all much the same once you've seen more than 4.  Still, a good evening laughing with The Boy, and he did have a few moments of serious scary feeling....he is just 16.

Sultan Kösen from Mardin in southeast Turkey is 8ft 1in (2.5m), and that's officially THE tallest man alive, seriously bad news for Zhao Liang, I blogged bout him on 17/04/09, at ONLY 2.46m.

Mary Plaisted is 98 and she now has 28 days (if she lives that long) to leave her Sheltered Housing flat in Southampton after the city council acquired an eviction order yesterday.  Probably the oldest person ever evicted in the UK.

Mrs PlaistedShe has lived there for 28 years!  28 days to go after 28 years of living there.  Something has obviously changed.  Either she's been doing the same stuff for 28 years and someone new moved into a job in Southampton Social Work then made the decision that enough is enough, but that's surely pushing the realms of belief.  And if it were true then surely someone in authority should have protected all those other residents years ago.  OR...just maybe, Mrs P changed.  Alleged behaviours, all of which she denies...assaults on carers and council staff, banging on neighbours windows, pressing panic alarm 563 times in just one month, making 264 calls to the police over past 2 years.  All of these behaviours smack of mental illness in an elderly person.  I find it strange that this lady wasn't taken into NHS care under a section of Mental Health Act for England rather than being presented with an eviction order.  In loads of the news reports I've read there was no mention of the possibility of mental illness being involved.  I did find one online news article that states she has been been assessed as “mentally capable”, though the article doesn't explain who exactly made the assessment.  Seriously, I would have to doubt the validity of that assessment.  She is so typical of  many elderly mentally ill people I meet in the course of my job.  I s'pose I may just have a tainted view due to my job being a trained psychiatric nurse specialising in the elderly.  Mrs P is now labelled with 'neighbour from hell', she sounds more like she needs a little care and attention.  And where's she going to go?  It's ridiculous to believe that she will be evicted and no authority has a responsibility for her safety, she's 98.

Speaking to the Southern Daily Echo, Mrs Plaisted said: "I didn't attack anybody, and I've only asked for help when I've needed it.  I haven't done anything wrong that I'm aware of and I don't know why they're after me. I can't understand it. I'm very worried because I don't know what I'll do. I've got nowhere to go."  Awwwww...look at her...sweet old lady...she looks damn good for 98!



  Star smilie clear15/09/09
when I'm cleaning
windows, buying
DVDs in the sun,
The Starry Towers
Outside Paint Job
probably starting
tomorrow, Canon
News, Eddie Izzard,
Beyonce video is a
good video, but that's
no excuse for Kanye
West behaving like a
jackass and abusing
the vulnerable is BAD

Canon IXUS 70

Canon IXUS 900ti

Eddie Izzard in Edinburgh

Kanye West interupts Taylor Swift

 Beautiful day inspired me to wash the windows and doors, inside and out, scrub up the house and trim the fast growing new grass, blade by individual blade.  New grass is so OCD-ish.  Then I sat on the garden furniture and did some DVD on-line finding and buying, then played solitaire and listened to Frank Sinner and Smodcasts on the iPod.

The foreign chap was round this evening, he must've seen the pack of OMO in the window.  He's putting off an indoor job in favour of our job because, he says, the weather's to be good for next 7 days, painter and long term weather forecaster...useful guy to have around.

Damon from Rocket Dog emailed e bck, uch aplesan an frendlyemail, he's checked will suppliers and those delightful rhinestone embellished boots I want are totally SOLD OUT.  He's going to keep watching in case a pair show up, but he's not hopeful.  Damn blast.  You snooze you lose, my finger slipped off the fashion pulse for a minute.
I got my hands on The Fiancé's Canon IXUS 70 in exchange formy Canon IXUS 900ti.  The 900ti is lovely, it's stylish Titanium shell, it radiates class and finesse, but the 70 reminds me of my very first Canon.  The pre-digital Canon IXUS II truly was and is a design classic.  I no longer use it, but it's nice to look at it and feel it in my hand, and now I've got the equally lightweight tiny IXUS 70 I'm happy.  In the exchange I gave over a battery charger and two batteries, The Fiancé gave me one battery, which was flat, and charger cos he couldn't find it.  No worries I found a charger and spare battery at, great deal and the  best prices I could find on the www.

We have 5 Canon cameras at Starry Towers and I hear Canon are set to bring out the G11 at Xmas! 

Eddie Izzard, who I'm looking forward to seeing live in November, completed his 43 marathons in 51 days when he arrived in Trafalgar Square in London today.  Approximately 1.6 million steps, at least 27 miles a day, six days a week, over the past 7 weeks, covering more than 1,110 miles of Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland, after only 5 weeks of preparation.  How bloody amazing is that.  Blisters on his blisters, daily ice baths to reduce leg swelling, and absolutely no stiletto heals, he's been in boy-mode for a while now.  He's a wonderful man.

Oh dear, Kanye West has upset the apple cart.  When 19 year old country singer Taylor Swift, won the MTV VMA (Video Music Award) Best Female Video award for her You Belong With Me video, there she was, overwhelmed, looking gorgeous, enjoying her moment, on stage accepting her award, the first country artist to win a MVA award, and some plonker called Kanye West invaded the stage uninvited, took the microphone from Ms Swifts' hand, said he was happy for her, and he'd let her finish, BUT Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time.  Taylor was required to perform her song live on stage 5 minutes later, which she managed, and good on her for that, most people would probably have been devastated by 32 year old rapper Wests' behaviour.  What a dick.

He's posted a couple of apologies on his blog since then, the first one with the caps-lock on...along the lines of

He then told Jay Leno, "It was rude, period.  I need to, after this, take some time off and just analyse how I'm going to make it through the rest of this life, how I'm going to improve."  Talk about regret, that's an idiot attempting to secure his financial future.

Ms Swift behaved like a professional, Kanye West behaved like a prick.  West continued backstage apparently, even when Mummy Swift told him what she thought of him, he continued to assert that Beyonces' video was best.  And it just gets worse for West, he's worked with Mr Beyonce, ie Jay-z and Jay-z and Beyonce are closely linked with Obama.  President Obama being interviewed for CNBC has apparently called West a 'jackass' for crashing the stage, he made the comment during an "off the record" portion of the interview.  Someone then Tweeted "Obama just called Kanye West a 'jackass' for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT'S presidential".  Someone later deleted the Tweet.  As per CNBC instructions one would imagine.

Totally expected, apparently Daddy Beyonce was right in there supporting Taylor Swift back stage, Matthew Knowles, father of and manager of Beyonce Knowles, would have to try his very best to get his daughter's name as far away from this as possible.  And anyway Beyonce got her award for Video Of The Year...which must be making KW feel even dumber than he already felt, what an eejit.

Abdool Hamuth, a male former nurse from Mauritius, extradited back to the UK to face charges of stealing £72,000 and attempting to take an even greater sum from 78 year old Alan Roberts, has been found guilty and jailed for three and a half years.  Mr Roberts, who has since died, had Alzheimer's type dementia and was a resident at a private nursing home when Abdool Hamuth targeted him, the judge has described the crime as despicable and mean.  The amount of money doesn't matter, to take just one penny from an elderly vulnerable person, and worse still, you are a nurse and the victim is a person in your care, despicable and mean don't even come close.  It could be £72,000 or £400, your a thieving lying nasty bastard, patients deserve to be cared for by honest human beings, other nurses should not be in the situation of having to work with you.  There must be a lot of lying cheating dishonest individuals in the so called 'caring profession'.  It stands to reason, if paedophiles are attracted to occupations which give them access to vulnerable children, then people who are capable of robbing and abusing elderly vulnerable people will be attracted to nursing.  I'd personally physically abuse any so called 'nurse' who would take £400 from a dementia sufferer, and I feel so sorry for decent honest nurses who have to work along side any such thieving liar. 





  Star smilie clear14/09/09
stomping my feet and
making a scene - I want
and I can't have - that's
bad, missing him
already and HUSH

Rocket Dog Hellion boots


 I've found something I really really want that I can't have, and it's coming as a bit of a shock.  These 'Hellion' black leather Rocket Dog cowboy boots with rhinestone-covered detachable belt detail, which I would never detach, they are so gorgeous because of the rhinestone-covered belt detail.  I can't find them anywhere on the www, and it's breaking my heart, I heart these boots and heart them now!  I wanting them so much it's actually a need now.  I emailed Rocket Dog this evening begging them to take 80 of my Scottish pounds in exchange for THE most delicious western style boots ever, ever ever long as they're size 5.

The Fiancé left me today, he's away to Holland to drill a big hole in the ground, seeking gas.  He's been home for slightly longer than 4 weeks, and I was getting too used to him being around.  I'm oin to iss hm aweebitmor thanI usually do when he goes to work.  Perhaps it was the speed of his going, an email this morning alerted him to the Holland job, within a few hours he was paked and away to catch a ferry from Dover.  Most times he flies to work offshore in Norway, this time is a land job in Holland and he's travelling via land and sea in The Jag rather than the sky.

Happily, as one goes another comes home, The Boy came back from his Dad's.  His Dad's leaving on holiday tomorrow, so The Boy will probably stay with me for the next week.  The Boy and I watched HUSH this evening.  A UK scary movie, it's very good, just a bit predictable, maybe it's just me though.  I guessed quite a few of the probable twists before they happened.  Quite a few of little details don't make common sense, I mean if it was me in the good guy's shoes, I'd have been more obviously sensible, but the lorry driver as woman abductor/abuser/rapist/killer is very true to life, and was nice seeing Sheila Reid (Madge from the comedy series Benidorm) in a small part.

I gardened all day again, photos will be available on Starry Towers when I've finished the back garden job.
Star smilie clear13/09/09
it's Fiancé Sunday,

Biker Star, Loch
Katrine and The
Assassination Of Jessie
James By The Coward
Robert Ford

Star on XJR 1300 SP

the XJR 1300 SP at Loch Katrine

Loch Katrine Pier Tea Room

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford DVD

 Awoke at Starry Towers this morning feeling chilled, I decided it would be a good idea to make today Fiancé Sunday.  So, for starters, a lovely lazy Sunday long lie in, wink wink.  Continuing in Starry persuasive mode I convinced him I really wanted to go out on the bike, which I really did, he's just got this idea that I prefer The Jag comfort, which I normally do, but I fancied dressing in neck to ankle black leather and getting some wind on the visor of my shiny black AGV hat.  Weather wise, today could well be the last great bikey opportunity of 2009, so we hit the road on The Fiancé's Yamaha XJR 1300 SP.  That's me in my black Dainese leathers and Sidi Rain Boots on Patio 2 pretending to actually be in charge of the bike, I am in reality a pillion person.  Does my bum look big in that?

We set off, Stirling, Blairdrummond, berfole o Sronchlchar n Loch Katrine.  The B829 past Loch Ard and Loch Chon is a highly enjoyable rollercoaster on a big bike.  Drinks and cake at The Pier Tea Room before heading home via The Duke' Pass, Callandar, Killmahog, Doune then Stirling again.  The scenery of The Duke's Pass was magnificent in today's Autumn late afternoon blue light.  So that was all fantastic.

Still in Fiancé Sunday mode, back home bout 7pm I cooked us a lovely pasta dish then we snuggled up under the tartan Tattoo blanket on the faux fur covered Starry Towers leather sofa to watch The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. 

Great movie, I like modern cowboy movies, they tend to be deeply introspective and meaningful, visually stunning, hauntingly beautiful and full of good looking fit men, on top of all that intense acting and emotion, this one had Brad Pitt and an Affleck, what's not to lurve?  AND on top of all that, this one is an emotionally charged exploration of the early development of mass media celebrity in America.  I was appalled at the treatment of the young assassin Robert Ford, he did the only thing he could do, at such a tender age, he had witnessed and taken part in many terrible things, and it looked to me like the decision came down to kill Jesse James or wait till Jesse James kills you.  Jesse James was obviously a sociopath, Robert Ford may well have been one too, but I hoped for him to settle down and disappear into anonymity, which he nearly achieved, till Edward Capehart O'Kelley, a 19th century cowboy version of Mark David Chapman (assassinated John Lennon) shot him for no other reason than the seeking of celebrity and/or his own mental illness or personality disorder.  Difficult to precisely judge what was going on in all these men's psyches, it was very wild wild in the west back then.  O'Kelley served 10 years in jail, he was released and died in January 1904, shot to death on the street by an on-duty police officer called Joe Burnett.  O'Kelley apparently struck out at this police man for no obvious reason, and after a struggle the police man survived.
  Star smilie clear12/09/09
sod off, stingy, RATS!
that's Papua New
Guinea off the holiday
list, Elton News - why
it took him so long is
the only question,
Texas needs you Mr
McErlaine and never
hit anyone ever ever
unless it is a very bad
person trying to rape
and/or murder either
you or someone you
 Gorgeous weather here in Sunny D, a day for being in the garden, and it's lovely being in The Starry Tower grounds these days, even ate my lunch on patio 3 using the new furniture.  Before and after lunch I reshaped an edge of the lawn on the western side of The Starry Towers back garden, making the dirt/flower area there slightly larger, and binning some sods that were more moss than grass due to an overhanging fuschia bush depriving the grass of sunlight.  I'll finish the job tomorrow, weather permitting.

While I was out there a bee stung me on the back of the leg, couple inches above my right heel.  After everything I've done for them, it came as a bit of a surprise to say the least.  Ihad o cobat, ws tking  break from digging, bent down to look at something in a pot and felt the pain.  When I stood up, a bee fell out the bottom of my trouser leg.  The pain got rapidly more intense, by the time I'd reached the kitchen I just wanted to squeeze it, which seemed to reduce the pain, meanwhile we were trying to remember whatyour s'posed to put on it.  We collectively decided it's vinegar, and that was including The Mum's advice on the phone.  Our vinegar's in the fridge, the cold solution on a cotton wood pad relieved the pain.  And it's been fine ever since, it's not even all that very red or swollen.  Afterwards The Fiancé researched on the www, turns out the only thing that works is squeezing it then applying cold (preferably ice) which is what we'd done.  Of course your s'posed to remove the stinger too if you can find it, I'd looked and gently felt, but it didn't seem to be there, I hope that means the bee didn't die.  Whatever happened to cause the pain, it was definitely a bee that fell out of my trousers, the skin was broken in a tiny pin prick spot that bled when I squeezed it, but the pain went very quickly, and there isn't much to see at the site this evening, maybe it just bit me.  Do bees have teeth?  It was a few minutes of pain and panic, I hold no bee grudge, still fond of them little furry flying important stingy creatures, including the lonesome ones.  Their benefits far outweigh their minor disadvantages, unless your someone who died from a bee sting anaphylactic shock.  I received a bee sting to the palm of my right hand when I was a youngster, so I was aware that today could be the last day of my life, if I went into anaphylaxis and The Fiancé didn't make the right choices, one or more of the following...

1  phone 999 in the hope an emergency vehicle happened per chance to be close enough
2  get me to A & E while maintaining a patent airway
3  perform emergency tracheotomy with a Bic pen

Wee bit frightening, but it turns out I am not allergic to bee stings, jolly good.

I've long held an idea that if I ever had the time and a huge big wad of spare money my dream holiday experience would be Papua New Guinea.  The island has such diverse terrain, a highlands region, dense rainforests, beaches, it seemed so appealing, but not no more, that mental sticky note in my brain has been binned.  A BBC film crew have discovered a new species of giant rat measuring 82cm long, 82cm!!!  That's like nearly a metre, it lives within the Mount Bosavi crater, the big ugly bugger has no fear of humans, however this human has fear enough of it, I'll need to think of some other fabulous dream holiday destination now.  The BBC film crew have also discovered a frog with fangs, and around 40 other exotic creatures unknown to science.  Good work BBC.

Speaking of rats, Elton John has said he wants to adopt a 14-month-old boy from an orphanage in Ukraine, and why not, it's the fashionable thing to do, I'm considering buying a matching pair of Aborigini twins.  Here's EJ kissing the 14 month old boy called Lev who seems to be the chosen one, from Ukrainian orphanage to £20 million Windsor mansion.  That's a paparazzi air kiss to camera if ever I saw one, look at the twist of his face while making sure the paps pap the majority of his full frontal face.  I don't see paternal love, I see fashion accessory.  Imagine Lev in white top hat and tails, dickie bow, he is going to look just darling at his first White Tie and Tiara Ball.

Alistair McErlaine, the Texas guitarist has suffered a brain haemorrhage and has been critically ill in hospital since Thursday.  Best wishes to him, I hope he pulls through.  One of my favourite music videos is the video with Alan Rickman, where he and Sharleen Spiteri dance tango in a garage forecourt to the Texas song, In Demand.  Good luck Mr McErlaine.

26 year old Steve Gator was apparently minding his own business in Romford Essex when two young men started verbally tSteve Gatoraunting him.  When he confronted them he was punched, fell backwards and smashed his head on the pavement. This is the terrible result...


His brain swelled so much surgeons had to remove the front half of his skull.  He was in a coma for two weeks and now suffers frequent seizures, has difficulty talking, has lost much of his memory, is incapable of working and has to live with his Mum who is his carer again.  The anonymous person who punched him will go unpunished as there isn't sufficient evidence to take the case to court according to the Crown Prosecution Service.  If Mr Gator could get in The DeLorean, I think he'd probably turn the other cheek and ignore them that were alledgedly bad-mouthing his cousin.  If them that hit him met Doc Brown, I think they too, probably regret, maybe they'd go do something else instead, rather than punch a young man to the ground.  It's always scared me what can happen when one person hits another person.  Do that on the street and a skull hits concrete, I shudder.

  Star smilie clear11/09/09
smoke and mirrors

 Well...whaddya think now?  If you watched Derren Brown's TV show on Ch 4 tonight, apparently explainin how he predicted the British national lottery numbers on Wednesday 9th September.  Smoke and mirrors is what I think.  I think the hour long programme  tonight allegedly explaining how he did it, only served to confuse matters further, and I think that's exactly what it was intended to do.  I don't believe for a minute the explanation he pushed, the one where he worked with 24 people and The Wisdom of Crowds theory.  His explanation relates to Francis Galton's surprise that the crowd at a county fair accurately guessed the weight of an ox when their individual guesses were averaged (the average was closer to the ox's true butchered weight than the estimates of most crowd members, and also closer than any of the separate estimates made by cattle experts).  That may well be, and I have no reason to doubt Galton's ox anecdote, Galton was an extremely clever man, back in his liftime,6 Fbrury 822– 17 anuary 1911.  But The Wisdom of Crowds didn' arise from a pure chance situation, the people in the country fair crowd who estimated the ox's weight were guessing on a constant, they could see the ox, they used their visual judgement and any prior knowledge of cattle, weights etc to decide on their guesses.  The lottery numbers are a variable, values that may and do vary, totally random.  Derren's explanation that mind power, the will power of 24 people could work in combination with mathematical averages is rubbish.  He is usually a man who disses such mind power nonsense, when he's showing how mystics, psychics and religions control people using their knowledge of human psychology, body language etc, and here he was trying to convince us that 24 people, a bit of automatic writing and some averages could come up with the lottery numbers on one particular night.  I don't think so.

At the end he throws in a wee bit bout how if you choose not to believe his crowd story, then maybe he might have committed fraud by having an insider at Lottery headquarters and have fixed the lottery draw on Wednesday night, that's rubbish too.  He was just playing with us throughout the hour long show, talking shite basically, I'm disappointed, I thought he was far cleverer.  His smoke and mirrors usually work very well, but that was rubbish.

He should seriously stick to outing the con-people of this world, I'm becoming bored of his trickery now.

The prog on Ch 4 immediately following Derren Brown was a run of the mill David Blaine show.  Now I have absolutely no time for David Blaine, but we watched enough of his show, before I got off the sofa and went to fetch a DVD to watch, that we saw Blaine on the streets of Harlem, apparently performing several times, his version of a lottery numbers trick.  He got people on the street to give numbers, then he produced from his wallet a USA lottery ticket with them same numbers on.  He did it several times, worked every time, this was mixed in with other tricks involving playing cards, darts, metal coins morphing out of shape, dollar bills with moving images and even a bottle which he moved a lid in and out of the bottom of without any apparent damage to the bottle.  He performed all these tricks repeatedly, including the lottery ticket numbers one, they all worked every time.  And he treated these tricks like they were small time stuff, which they were.  I half expected him to produce the next lottery ticket from his wallet then turn to the camera, stick a V sign up and shout...howddya like them apples Derren Brown???

I still think it was a ball trick, somehow with modern technology he was able to make the table tennis balls show those numbers in the last couple seconds once the BBC announced the lottery numbers.  The Fiancé thinks the same, he thinks it was done with a thermal printer, which could've burnt the images on the balls as quickly as required, rather than a more modern technology.

However, I will still be watching his next show, he claims he'll be controlling the nation, we won't be able to stand up.  I'm not the type of person who can be hypnotised, so he'll have to be damn good to keep me stuck to the faux fur covered leather sofa at Starry Towers.

After the Derren Brown let down we watched Mirrors with Kiefer Sutherland.  T'was entertaining enough, but I couldn't fathom the ultimate logic behind the plot, which kind of leaves loose ends and isn't ultimately satisfying for me.

  Star smilie clear11/09/09
shopping, The Fiancé
kills a mattress cover,
another lonesome bee
and The OCD grass
cutting photographic

Matalan curve detail platform shoe

Matalan black and grey check tights

destroyed mattress cover

another lonesome bee

Star cuts grass with scissors tres OCD

 I've been out to a couple of shops today.  First we went to Bensons for Beds, where The Fiancé immediately got annoyed at the salesman for not rising from his chair.  So, put off the idea of buying a new mattress for today The Fiancé dropped me off at Matalan.  I got those darling curve detail platform shoes and a pair of black and grey check design tights.  Then we drove into John Lewis in Edinburgh to buy a mattress cover, because of what happened yesterday.

Remember I said bout The Boy's bed frame being broken and that we'd put his mattress on the floor.  If only The Fiancé had left it at that, but he didn't.  He told me it would be good to remove the Dutchland foam mattress cover and wash the cover before The Boy got back.  I was a bit dubious, not seeing how that could happen, it's a very large seriously heavy padded mattress cover  Oneof hemtha coer boh sides and zips together.  The Fiancé told me he'd done it before, back in Dutchland (before he brought this bed, mattress and tumble drier from his Holland house to Scotland).  He said he'd o what he'd done before, ie put the mattress cover in the bath, wash it there employing his wine making grape treading with the bare feet method, then take it outdoors and hose it down.  Thereafter he'd let it drip a bit then place it in the tumble drier when it was small enough to fit in the drier.  Small enough to fit in the drier?  I feared that day would never come.  I questioned the idea, I thought it would be a bit too much for the tumble drier to handle.  I suspected it wouldn't even fit in the drier even before water got involved, with water...not a chance I reckoned.  But, we are talking about an excellent tumble drier and he swore he'd done this very thing before.  I agreed, reluctantly.

So he did it.  OMG...all day long I fretted.  He put it in the bath with bubble bath and hot water, then he stomped up and down on top, then he took it outside and hosed it, leaving it lying over large garden items to drip.  It dripped, it dripped a lot, for a long time, the dripping didn't stop.  He rolled it up, squeezed our more water, water flowed from it pretty continuously.  Then he squashed it in the drier, and we carried on like nothing bad was happening, I was scared.  The Fiancé kept reassuring me that all was well.  At one point the drier door sprung open all by it's over-burdened self.  I said I was worried, he said...chill babe.  I'm going to bring this tale to an end, it lasted all day long for me, expensive electricity wise too, but I won't put you readers through the suffering.  By evening he had to fess-up.  Just after he came down from cementing broken bits on the Starry Towers outer walls.  Jeeeez Louise!  It was scorched, melted, filthy, unusable, and still wet.  The filling was all matted and shrunken, like woolly jumpers go if you overcook them, turned to felt.  It looked like Spud had used it to film the bed shitting scene for Trainspotting after borrowing it from a tramp who had slept on it for a year in a ditch.  Was he ashamed?  Yes.  I haven't laughed so hard for ages, hurt my ribs so I did.  And at least the tumble drier still works, that's a bonus.

I found another lonesome bee.  It was sitting still on the paving, so I did what The Mum did, only I used a leaf to carry it to the flowery shrub, and placed it on a tasty flower.  I watched as it started doing that thing they do with their proboscis when they're feeding, fingers crossed it'll survive another day.  It looks damn angry in the photo.

The Fiancé gave me his camera memory stick with pictures of me doing my OCD scissor grass cutting, one of which I've been brave enough to show here.  I'm wearing lace leggings and a really cool blue over-sized vest with zip detailing, but also a couple of, cough cough, less finger-on-the-fashion-pulse items, the shame.  I'd come home, took off my high heeled gorgeous Love Label studded suede boots and put on the...this is so embarrassing after the burning last night...I put on my clogs, gardening footwear.  In my defence, my clogs are black leather and a modern style, not like the wooden version The Fiancé favours.  It was also a tad chilly so I'd flung on my scabby old Adidas hoodie.  Please do not call the Fashion Police.

Don't miss the Derren Brown lottery reveal show at 9pm Ch 4 this evening.  I think the balls with the numbers on could have been some sort of digital devices that could display any numbers, the numbers being turned on at a near by computer...surely we have the technology.  I hope it's not as straight forward and boring as that.

  Star smilie clear10/09/09
Derren Brown, Starry
Towers Yew trees, The
Fiancé in a rather
fetching safety harness,
the burning of the
clogs and Next

Derren Brown predicts the lottery numbers

bonsai Yew tree

baby Yew tree

Yew Tree immature aril

The Fiance in safety harness

The Fiance on the roof

The Fiance's clogs in the log holder with the aesthetically pleasing logs

The Fiance's clog burning

 I'm a big Derren Brown fan, I especially like when he uses his talents to prove psychics are con-people.  He was fabulous last night, creating the illusion that he can predict the lottery numbers.  Good job...fantastic illusion, I saw it, I believed it, but I know it's an illusion.  I can't fathom how he did it, roll on tomorrow till he tells us how. Ch 4 Friday 11th at 9pm.   Ch 4 screened the lottery stunt across its five channels - the first time the broadcaster has given over its entire network to a single event.  We then watched a show of his usual tricks, all set up and successful because the people he picked from the audience all did exactly what he predicted they would.

A while back we watched one of his past stage performances.  After the show he explained the techniques he had used to manipulate the chose audincememers th wide audience at the show and the viewing public, even having that knowledge I still can't fully explain how he did what he did in his show last night.  During last nights show he was referring to these techniques that he's aleady revealed, he was deliberately saying things in an obvious way, and making a joke of it.  For instance, when he was asking a woman to pick one of three shapes, he said...I want you to pick fair and SQUARE, then smiling, everyone picked up on it.  He was pushing us by giving us obvious, and therefore not subliminal messages, intending it as a joke.  In that particular instance he'd already let on to the viewing public that the woman would pick the triangle, which she did.  He's very good, in fact, good doesn't cover it, he's wonderful, the best.

The next 'event' will be on Ch 4 on September 18 with How To Control The Nation, in which Brown investigates subliminal messages. Then How To Be A Psychic Spy, on September 25, will examine the psychic arms race that grew up between the US and Russia during the Cold War, and the series ends with How To Take Down A Casino on October 2.  They all sound like fascinating viewing, must take special note and not miss them.


I put up another bird seed feeder, this one's on the back fence, I wondered if the birds might not find it, or might not like it, because it's away from their comfort zones that they already know and use.  Within 10 minutes I saw a blue tit doing a fly by seed grab.

mature and immature arils


Ahhh-haaaa!   On 09/09/09 I wrote about what I thought was perhaps a baby acorn that could've come from my big oak tree in a pot, today I discovered it isn't.  The Yew tree in the pot next to the Oak tree's pot has at least three of them little fruit growths still growing on it.  That Bloody Squirrel really better leave off my Yew tree.  A couple of years ago it had two berries, I planted them both and one grew.  I've now got a baby Yew tree in a pot to go with my older Yew tree in a pot.  I wanted to try planting more berries this year, but if The Bloody Squirrel kills the berries there won't be that opportunity.  I found this information at"the red fruit of the yew is technically an aril rather than a berry because the nut is surrounded by a soft fleshy cup which does ot touch it. The immature fruit look like green acorns before the outer covering swells and reddens."


So there you go, they're immature arils, and I want them to grow to be mature arils.  I can find three of them still on the tree, I'll be keeping my eye on the situatin, if those three arils are damaged, there will be one sorry stabbed squirrel.


The Fiancé plus safety harness abseiled down Starry Towers today.  I exaggerate, he was in a safety harness though, to reduce the damage if his foot slipped.  He was fixing small broken areas in the roughcast prior to The Starry Towers Outside Paint Job.

Speaking of paint jobs, I tried my new L'Oréal Paris True Match Roll'on Foundation today, with it's dinky little paint roller.  A bit odd to start with, but very easy to use, and it gives a smooth soft perfect application.  To start with you may notice a few edge lines, but if you keep rolling they all go and it looks surprisingly seamless, yes I like it.

The Fiancé wears Dutch clogs from Dutchland, this is a habit he has had for many many years, developed due to spending much of his adult life living in The Land of the Cloggies.  The Fiancé enjoys his clog wearin and can often be seen visiting the village shop in this rather noticeable footwear.  The Boy on the other hand finds this habit of his quite distressing, and when I say distressing, I mean embarrassing.  The Boy has been trying to burn The Fiancé's cogs since, well, since The Fiancé brought them to Sunny D.  Today I caught The Fiancé putting his clogs in the bin due to them being worn out with leaking souls.  But this is wood, he was trying to throw away wood, not allowed at Starry Towers, so I placed the clogs in the temporarily named 'clog holder' on top the Starry Towers aesthetically pleasing logs.  Tonight we lit a Starry Towers fire and ceremoniously burnt the clogs, OK, there wasn't much ceremony, I just burnt them.

Once the clogs were on the fire we watched NEXT, the Nicolas Cage movie, not our local branch of the high street and online clothing and home store.  It was alright, in a mindless bit of fun-all-action piece of Hollywood-nonsense type way.  I like Nic Cage, I like Nic Cage a lot, so anything he's in I'm happy to watch.  He was, at one point back in my movie watching history, my next fav man after Mr Walken.  But I have to admit, and I can only bring myself to whisper it...he's a bit of a role which I mean, he doesn't have the acting talent required to carry off/get away with quite a few of the more crappier roles he takes on.  And he's not aging quite as good as I wished he would.  I have my memories of Cage's Sailor Ripley in Wild At Heart with Laura Dern's Lulu Fortune.  A David Lynch masterpiece.  "This whole world is Wild at Heart and crazy on top".



  Star smilie clear09/09/09
999, new foundation,
Sennheiser, baby
acorns and tidying The
Boy's room

L'Oréal Paris True Match Roll'on Foundation

Sennheiser CX300 II

baby acorns?
 The 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year, somebody call the cops, should be emergency services day. 

Due to recent comments from the men in my life regarding my may recall on my birthday, of all the days to pick, The Boy had said he thought I wasn't wearing my 'age-defying' make-up, when I was, then The Fiancé had said he thought I didn't wear any foundation ever, I was quite taken by the TV ad I saw last night for the new L'Oréal Paris True Match Roll'on Foundation.  I got the Vanilla Rose, on the advice of one of them extremely made-up ladies at one of the many Boots make-up counters up The Centre.  It's applied with a mini roller, like a paint roller, and promises a flawless, ultra-fine finish.  I'll give it a try tomorrow and report back.

We had went up The Centre looking for earphones, after looking in five shops we found Sennheiser CX 300 - II earphones at Maplins.  They fit my demands exatly andgive rea sond.

Backfrom the shops I cut the grass and performed other little tasks I searched for, putting off the last task of the day for aslong as I possible could, but the time came all too soon.  I was to tidy and clean The Boy's bedroom.  But first, back in the garden, in the big pot where my old Oak tree lives I found what looks like a teeny tiny baby acorn and another one that looked like perhaps The Bloody Squirrel had got at it.  I can't believe the Oak's producing acorns, if I'm right, that's just soooo fabby.  I'll ask The Mum what she thinks when she sees the photograph here.

The Boy's at his fathers' place and I'd had a peek in yesterday, not exactly shocked at what I saw, it's usually bad.  And it is the 999 date, sounds like a good date for an emergency room clean.  He says he tidies it and he does runs a hoover over it in a haphazard fashion every now and then, but his actions make no real impact on the overall state of the room.  It's a disgusting mess most of the time, before and after he 'tidies' it.  I took The Fiancé with me, for support and I wanted the bed lifted.  Do all teenagers throw everything under their bed?  There were empty crisp bags, empty water bottles, crumbs, tissues (I dread to think), socks (I dread to think even more), pants (disgusting child), sweetie papers, a bath towel, empty deodorant tins, lids and endless amounts of broken things.  The first big shock was that the bed's broken, in two places, the broken wood shored up with strategically placed logs...a couple of my aesthetically pleasing logs!  I wondered where they'd went, others were claiming they must've been thrown in the fire, but I keep those ones specially placed in my modern chrome log holder on the fireplace, and would never have burnt them.  We decided he doesn't get a bed anymore.  The next bed he gets will be one he buys for himself.  He's got a long history of bed breaking this boy.  So The Fiancé took the bed away and we've put the mattress on the floor, killing two birds with one stone, he can't break it anymore and he can't throw his rubbish under it anymore.

  Star smilie clear08/09/09
earphones, Heart Elvis
Zippo, The Fiancé's
male brain and Around
The Bend

silver Zippo Heart Elvis

Around The Bend DVD
 It's a miserably drizzly wet day, just caught up with ironing and dusting mirrored glass bedroom furniture, and so glad I finished the front garden soil-improving job, more about that down the page.

I spent some time looking for new earphones for the iPod.  The Sony ones I have are half-dead, one earpiece works good, the other has stopped.  Which is fine really cos I tend to only use one, so I can have half an ear on what's happening in the real world.  I don't want to be run over or mugged due to not to hearing the attack coming.  I am concerned the single working earpiece will give up any day now, then I'd be iPod deprived, which wouldn't do at all.

I can't decide which brand to go with.  There are clear and exact specifications required when it comes to earphones for Starry.  The most important, the biggest deal, numero uno is the actual earpiece type.  The only earphones that work with me are the in-ear rubber things.  Nothing else orks,theothr tpesfall ut every 10 seconds, they just don't fit with my ear canal.  Non-starters.  Second point, I prefer the right-angledjack-plug, so it fits neatly down against the iPod and doesn't stick up awkwardly and annoyingly.  Third thing is the cable, I don't want the cable causing me problems, it has to be as light as possible with no nuisance additions.  I don't want anything hanging off the cable, a 'volume control' gadget or anything else hanging on the cable claiming to shut out surrounding noise or take phone calls or whatever else those little widgets hanging from earphone cables claim to do...they weigh the cables down and catch on buttons/zips etc, too annoying.  Last thing, they have to be black.  There's a load of earphones available, online shops aren't making it easy to find the type with all the features I need, so I'm having to trail round a load of websites, clicking on pictures that show the earpiece is right for me, only to find that the jack-plug is wrong, etc...bloody useless.  The Fiancé says we'll go up the shops tomorrow, should be an easier way to find my new earphones.

The Fiancé gave me a Happy Non Birthday pressie, a silver Elvis Heart Zippo, it's iconic retro cool.  I like it very muchio.

This evening ASDA delivered our weekly messages to the door.  Maltesers and the ASDA egg mayo sandwich filler put the end to my good day of not snacking and grazing, and there went the Burner Balm plan again.

I answered the door to a polite man who quickly complimented me on my garden.  I reacted in my normal way, talking from the heart, telling him bout the new paving job, and how that OCD bit there had previously been a drive, and I'd added all this compost and chicken-shit to improve the soil, and now it's all so aesthetically pleasing.  When I think about it, which I only did because The Fiancé brought it to my attention with his take on part in the conversation was all about me.  The Fiancé says the man was chatting me up, I maintain the man was admiring my garden, person to person, not man trying to chat up woman.  The Fiancé says the man was socially restrained from saying...whoo-hoo your hot!  so he had to say my garden was hot.  I say the man was being polite, engaging, pleasant and human, and he also happened to honestly think my garden looks damn good.  Which it does, and then some.  The Fiancé says I was participating in the chatting up, I maintain I was not chatting up anyone, I was talking.

My responses when a random person talks to me, are probably nothing short of selfish.  I wasn't asking him anything, I wasn't complimenting him, we talked about my stuff, me.  When the person walks away at the end of the interaction, it does dawn on me occasionally, jeeez that was a bit one-sided, I should put more effort into making a two-way conversation.  Maybe I should give more, I could make someone else feel good about them self, instead of just taking.  I certainly do not flirt or chat up...I'm way too uninterested and probably a bit too up myself.  Few months ago when a woman approached me and told me she admired my blue tartan netted ra-ra mini skirt and studded strappy wedges, I responded thanking her, but I didn't compliment her back, which I could've.  She was wearing skinny jeans and a trilby hat, equally hot.  I should've told her she was looking good too.  The sooner The Fiancé realises I'm a selfish bitch the better.

The Fiancé wasn't criticising saying I was flirting, he likes living in his world where men and women flirt all the time, he's a little deluded.  In The Fiancé's head there is a man's fantasy world, a world where all adult men and women flirt at every opportunity.  He sees it as a healthy fun thing.  He seems to think that there's all this sexy Carry On movie type stuff going on all the time, where in every office secretaries bend over desks in mini skirts and stockings, milk men deliver glass bottles to housewives who open their front doors wearing sheer negligees and high heeled mules with fluffy feather detail and wink at the Sid James look-a-likee milk man.

The Fiancé is now a faithful man, not for one second do I even entertain the idea that he'd follow up an opportunity to visit an airplane toilet with some mile-high-slut he may find talking to him on his way to work one day...I don't believe that happens on any sort of regular basis, actually, I don't believe it's ever happened.  But if for some strange reason he found himself in that situation next week...I know he loves and respects me too much, and more importantly, I know he knows I'd know...and he'd be out the door.  He'd loose the best thing that ever happened to him.  I trust him explicitly, totally.  He just innocently gets a kick out of the idea that everyone's 'at it', all the time.  I am now a faithful woman and have no time for men chatting me up, talk to me, but do not piss me off with your Emmanuelle 70s soft-porn movie or the more modern Ben Dover type fantasies, cos that's stoopid, not real, fantasy nonsense in men's heads, and won't be happening for real.  And I know The Fiancé really knows that bout me too.  And that is trust, the basic building block of any relationship, and we've got it.  Maybe it's an age related thing, it probably is an age related thing, if you know what you have now is the best thing you've ever had, and you don't want to risk the loosing of, you behave, full stop.  You tend to want to reduce the risk factors threatening your happiness as you get older.

Both The Fiancé and I are in our third big relationship.  We've both been married twice already, and intend to do it again, therefore entering into third marriages.  Makes me feel a little Elizabeth Taylor or Zsa Zsa Gabor good old fashioned glamour.  My only regret in life is that I didn't meet him 20 or 25 years ago.  If I'd been far cleverer than I was back then, I'd have made an effort to spend my weekend nights out in Aberdeen, looking for the slightly older man working in the oil industry.  Male psychiatric nurses are not a great catch. 

Tonight we watched Around The Bend, a movie starring my man, The Great Christopher Walken.  Was very good, a quiet warm little emotional film.  But then, it wouldn't matter to me even if it was Hantana Mantana 2...if Mr Walken was in it, I'd adore it.



  Star smilie clear07/09/09
midgy bastards and

Zoolander DVD
 It's not my birthday, we're not going to party like it's my birthday, happy not-birthday to me.  I'd say I don't like Mondays, but I don't like Sir Elfgod even more, so I won't.  I finished soil-improving the front garden today, stuck it out till past 7pm, wanting to finish the job despite the serious midgy abuse.  Damn them tiny creatures with the big teeth, my face, my scalp and the base of my back were all under heavy shock and awe type attack.  Came in and straight to the shower, felt it would be the only way to get them off me.  Seeing as I was washing my hair at that time of the day I decided to do a pampering deep intensive conditioning treatment and leave it on all night.  The reaction from The Fiancé was quite hurtful, I came out wearing a vest and jammie trousers, hair slicked back with the moisturiser, started doing my nails with a fresh black polish job.  I thought the effect was quite laid back cute and sexy, he's been calling me George and saying I look butch.  I put up with quite a substaniallylare aoun of I woldn't call it teasing, more like out and out abuse, in this ouse, what with The Fiancé and The Boy adding his SOH.

Despite the ongoing lesbian leg-pulling we snuggled down on the sofa and watched Zoolander.  I've seen it before, fancied it again to see Ben Stiller in this cult cameo-full comedy classic.  The Fiancé announced it was absolute rubbish.  I like it.

  Star smilie clear06/09/09
birthday blog, the
lonesome bee,
birthday dinner and
Before The Devil
Knows You're Dead

Starry starring at The Moulin Rouge

lonesome bee

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead DVD
 Opened my cards and pressie from The Parents, thank you very much The Parents, they always give me Angel, my signature scent in it's beautiful star shaped bottle, and the choccies.   I went out to check on Zeus and Erik, they're both well.  The Fiancé had moonpigged me as the headlining star at The Moulin Rouge.

Yesterday when The Mum was over she found a 'lonesome bee', no we didn't know what she meant either.  It was certainly alone, it looked sickly, slow, on it's last legs, dying or exhausted.  It was so lonesome, The Mum could pick it up without fear of getting stung.  She carried the bee round to the back garden and placed it on a pink flowery shrub.  Earlier today I checked on it, it was still there and surprisingly not dead, crawling a wee bit faster than it was yesterday, but still looking pretty lonesome.  Early afternoon it wasn't there anymore.  The good news...I didn't see it's dead body, hopefully it's all better and uzzin rond carng aby mgpies.

I was watching the birds in the garden for a while today, loads of them, there were tits, sparrows, finches, the teeniest tiny mst delicate little wren I'd ever seen, and a robin, they seemed pleased to have the peanut hanger and fat balls back.  The Boy joined me for a time, I was telling him we were looking at a young magpie, he was asking how I knew it was young, the answer being the size of the bird and the soft downy white feathers on it's underside.  Just then it showed that it really was an inexperienced youngster, a bee buzzed round it, the magpie reacted like a scaredy cat, backing off and panicked at the bee, jumping out it's way till it buzzed off.  Was really funny to watch.

The Fiancé and I went for a birthday drive and had dinner at The Bonnington Hotel in Moffat, the best and biggest fish and chips, salad and peas I think I've ever had, a huge slice of fish in golden batter, gorgeous.  Hope it doesn't spoil my attempted weight loss.  I started the day remembering to use The Burner Balm, the miracle lip balm I got recently, attempting to clinically trial it on myself.  Weighed in at 8st 6lbs this morning, the lip balm's meant to moisturise, sun protect, pep me up like a dose of speed and thin me down like a week at a health spa, long walks and lettuce leafs.  So far I feel moisturised.  I must remember to apply it more frequently.

The Boy said to me this morning, "your not wearing your age-defying make-up today are you?", he gauged by the look on my face, and added with perfect comic timing, "...I guess you are then".  Cheeky munkey, and 'age-defying'?  I don't wear age-defying make-up.  I wear the Boots No. 7 intelligent colour stuff that's meant to blend in seamlessly with your own skin tone, too seamlessly it would seem.  I was telling The Fiancé later, and he said..."you don't wear make-up".  I don't know why I bother.

The Fiancé and I snuggled down on the faux fur covered leather sofa and furry cushions this evening, tucked under the tartan Tattoo blanket, and watched Before The Devil Knows You're Dead.  Usually I present The Fiancé with the DVD choices and he picks which one we'll watch on a particular evening.  I give him the decision of seeing what he fancies because I fancy all the movies in The Media Cupboard.  It's my job, and it's probably the funnest job I've got, but I'm the one who's interested in movies, I'm the one who keeps my eye on who's who, what's what and who's doing what in movieland, so all the DVDs in the Media Cupboard are there because I wanted to see them.  This evening he told me to pick, so I picked BTDKYD, he's been passing on this night after night.  Bloody good acting from a bunch of top class actors playing an almost unbelievable crazy fecked up family.  Do people with such hatred and little regard for their NOKs really exist?



  Star smilie clear06/09/09
Happy 46th Starry,
Happy One Year
Anniversary Star Blog
and Knocked Up

Star loves Erik...a lot

Knocked Up DVD
 It's my birthday, we're going to party like it's my birthday...happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meeeeeeeeeeeee, happy birthday to me.  I'm writing this at 2 minutes past midnight, so it's the 6th, but most of it's being written about the 5th.

Well, I can hardly believe it myself, and I bet The Parents are finding it an even bigger struggle to get their heads round, but I'm 46, that kinda means they're getting on a bit.  The Boy is near on exactly 30 years younger than me, 30 years all but bout 6 weeks, August 1993 came and went in between his birth and my 30th.  It's also the anniversary of The Star Blog, I've been writing this for one year exactly.  I'm really trying to have a nervous breakdown here, I'm 46!!!  4 years away from the big 5, 0.  In four years I'll be in the second half of a century, OMG.  I'm trying to freak out, but it's just not coming, I'm not feeling it.  Maybe tomorrow, or next year, or most likely inAugus 203.

he 6th Sarry birthday penultimate day...that means Saturday the 5th, the day before the actual Starry birthday on Sunday the 6th, wasa wet day.  Too moist to go outside for longer than 10 minutes at a time, so no gardening.  We took it easy, The Boy was around all day, cos I tempted him to stay home early on, with the promise of his favourite pie for dinner.  He tidied his room and was lovely to everyone all day long...I think he might have come off the drugs.  The Parents came by for a visit, and a mutual rowan tree admiration session, and it's official, The Boy is taller than his Granddad now, The Boy was the tallest person at Starry Towers today, including all visitors. 

The Boy named the rowan trees.  Zeus and Erik, OK, I can go with that, I see a surprising but nice mix of Greek mythology and Norse culture.  Seems they're both male, I didn't expect that, but I don't disagree, I'll go with that.  That pic of me there, was a moment of birthday tree-hugging, and no air-brushing, oh no, no air-brushing at Starry Towers, that's how good I look in my jammies at age 46, and that means bra-less, that's my real breasts up there and my real skinny tiny waist.

The Fiancé had The Hastings, AKA Team Twister, over for a visit and a bike borrow.  Timmy and his Dad at Starry Towers, then off they went with the 2008 Yamaha R6 to The Grampian Motorbike Show at The Grampian Transport Museum in Alford on my birthday, the 6th. 

The Fiancé and I watched Knocked Up this evening, while I was still 45, and in the more acceptable half of my 40s, my 40s, which will now end sooner than they began, and will continue to erode,, ever decreasing, day by day, slowly marking the end of my last chance at being hot, till...finally, in 1460 days...they'll be gone.  Seth Rogen, or Rogan Josh as I like to call him, is an actor I've been aware of for a long time, but I'm taking my time getting into him, lets be honest, he isn't exactly a magnet, not the most obviously attractive male actor.  But he's all over the place these days. I will have to give him a chance, we broke him in with his voice on Kung Fu Panda, then The Boy and I watched Step Brothers and Zack And Miri Make A Porno, and we really liked both of them movies.  We'd seen him in small parts without knowing it, in such movies as Ron Burgandy, You Me And Dupree and The 40 Year Old Virgin.  Mentioning 40 Year Virgin and Ron Burgandy...I noticed Steve Carell's cameo part in Knocked Up, playing himself on the red carpet.  It's a movie genre that I'll grow into, this Seth Rogen as lead male thing, I think.  Knocked Up isn't as lol a minute as I'd like it to be, Seth isn't as immediately likeable as I'd like him to be, I prefer Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller for my out and out modern comedy.  There is one scene in Knocked Up that really stood out for me, it was the moment when I felt warmth for the movie, the  Debbie (the sister) and the doorman scene.  I really liked the sister, Debbie, played by Leslie Mann, and her husband Pete, played by Paul Rudd.  Their daughters were adorable too, the mini-Madonna older child is so sweet, and turns out, the daughters are the real life daughters of Leslie Mann and her husband and the director of the movie, Judd Apatow.  Those girls look so much like their mother.

There will probably be an extra bonus blog later today, after I've had my pre-birthday sleep.

  Star smilie clear04/09/09
rowan trees potted up,
Starry Towers to be
painted, fish supper,
ebay, stalking Mick
Grant just a little bit,
ban the airbrush and
my childhood con girl

Starry Towers rowan trees

Starry Towers rowan trees on patio 2

Mick Grant commerative TT 50p coin and stamp

Lizzie Miller

Isabelle Caro

Dove real women
 Nice day weather wise, after all that flood type rain of yesterday, which was good, allowed The Fiancé and I to get the first job of the day done...potting up the rowan trees.  I'm going to have The Parents over before I go near the trees with any sort of sharp cutting instrument, I'll take their advise on the pruning.  When you get them trees out of the pots you buy them in, it's amazing how much tree is there for that much root growth.  Then I spent the rest of the day out the front, continuing with my mammoth improving-the-soil-condition task.  I'm finding there's some serious amount of dense heavy clay type stuff out there, I'm turning it over, breaking it up and adding compost and chicken shit.  Maybe one more day hard labour should see it done.  The Fiancé was out watching the hard work and keeping me company.  He also keeps an eye on doings p anddow th steet you ever know when a TV camera crew might arrive.  He spotted a young man painting a house and went for a chat.  He came back having started negotiations on getting The Starry Towers exterior painted.  Having talked to the painter man, he said hed mention it to the owners of the two apartments adjoining Starry Towers, within minutes the girl of the next door upper apartment appeared back in her car.  The Fiancé then went and spoke to her, back again, he had only just said how we'd need to see the downstairs lady now, as if by some sort of a 6th sense enchantment ability, low and behold the lady who owns the lower flat drove up in her car, visiting her friend who actually lives there.  Both have agreed the job needs done, a price has been agreed and The Painter Man, who is from The Czech Republic, will be here painting in approx one month.  I'll take the magnolia charts round to the other owners so we can agree on the magnolia and I'd better start researching getting my Starry Towers house sign made.  If The Fiancé's psychic powers lessen in strength in the coming weeks, we will know for sure that rowan trees really do have protective powers against enchantment and wizardy witchy ways.

I worked on till about 7.30pm, then removed the wellies, washed my hands, stripped and threw on several items of high fashionista value before The Fiancé whisked me off in The Jag to South Queensferry...for a fish supper by The Forth.  Eating in The Jag, parked between The Bridges we watched a couple of strange Buddhist monk type dudes, with matching orange monk type robes, and equally same hats and rain coats, take photos of the rail bridge, in the dark.  A South Queensferry respectable male citizen man came along, out for his evening stroll, he stopped short of the monks and pretended to be looking at the water, but he was really just as intrigued as us, and blatantly staring at the monk guys.  A pink stretch limo parked up and a load of young females, teenagers and younger, with a couple of adult females, pink theme, feather boas, cowgirl hats, flashing tiaras and fairy wings and wands, jumped out and had their photos taken with The Rail Bridge as the backdrop, if their cameras were up to the job.

Gorgeous full moon in the sky on our return drive, as many Scottish people would be saying this evening...aye the nights are fair drawing in.  The Mum on the mobile as we drove home, phone me when you get to Starry Towers, I need you to do me an ebay.  The Mum loves ebay, antique sewing machines and leather clutch bags are her thing.  Tonight it was an antique child's Singer sewing machine plus instruction book, it's on it's way to Braehead, looks lovely.

       antique child's Singer sewing machine and instruction book

I recently ebayed a Mick Grant pressie for The Fiancé.  An Isle Of Man TT 1982 Mick Grant Stamp & Coin Set.  It was meant to be a surprise, put away for xmas, but I couldn't keep my own secret, I was so pleased with it when it arrived I had to show him.  I'm now trying to track down The Legend that is Mick Grant in the hope of getting his autograph on the item, then I'll get it framed for The Fiancé's study.  I emailed Focused Events this evening in the hope that they will give me Mick Grant contact details, and if that ain't cool, I've asked if someone at Focused Events will promise to receive it, get it signed then return it.  I'll send it with stamped and addressed packaging ready to return it.  Mick Grant attends many Focused Events track days, so fingers crossed.

Only two days till The Starry Birthday, excitement building here, or is it?  I'll be 46 in 48 hours times.  I don't seem to be almost 46, I feel bout 26, I look bout 46, probably.  My face, neck, hands, the bits that can't be disguised, they look 46 to me.  The rest of me, I think I could get away with 26...from the back, in the nice legs, shame about the boat race/face type way.  I sound like I'm putting a downer on myself, but really, I see a lot of women around the same age as me, and to be honest...I'm doing alright.  If you asked me what bit of me I like the least, I would honestly say...the skin on the back of my hands.  I moisturise my hands, but it's looking wrinkly there.  Much more wrinkly than my face in comparison, or my neck, or my décolletage, I don't have a big cellulite problem, my legs are shapely, I thank The Mum for that, she has always had good slim legs.  The body shape I have's good, I'm small, and the flabby bits...that's what clothes are for...disguising.

A 20 year old plus size model called Lizzie Miller is causing a bit of a stooshie, having had her un-airbrushed photo published in Glamour magazine.  Probably the only un-airbrushed photo ever to appear in a glamour magazine, apart from the Dove campaign.  She's got flabby bits and stretch marks, and a smile as wide as the proverbial Cat of Cheshire.  Compare and contrast with the picture of Isabelle Caro, the French woman who bravely appeared naked in a campaign to show what anorexia looks like.  What's more attractive?  Obvious answer.  Airbrushing should be banned.  As Ms Miller says, it takes smoke and mirrors to make women look like them women look like in them glossy magazines, and it's not right.  Big MarilynsWorld thumbs up to Lizzie Miller, and Glamour magazine.  The Fiancé came in as I was sorting out the near-naked lady pics to go with this blog post, all he saw was a blur of lady flesh and all helpful like enquired if I needed any assistance looking at naked ladies.  Men don't care so much what we look like naked, as long as we get naked with them on a regular basis.

In yesterdays' blog post I mentioned that I was a child charity con girl.  This is a big guilt thing, I mean, I haven't talked about it before, as an adult I know it's bad, but also, I was only 14, or maybe 15, at the very most...16 when I did the bad thang.  OK, what it was is, some how, via The Mum, my childhood best friend Amanda, and I got roped into fund raising for The Red Cross.  We got sent out with cute little collection envelopes, and full of commitment to the cause we covered our tiny village then took to the bicycles and went on a major outreach project, delivering envelopes to farms and cottages in the surrounding district.  We put in a lot of effort.  After maybe a week or so, we went round to collect the envelopes back in, knocking on all the doors we'd previously dropped the envelopes in.  There were so many envelopes returned with cash in, I remember being surprised at how giving people were in general, or, how stoopid?  Give us your money, thank you very much.  And so many of them gave the envelopes back unsealed, d'oh!  That's an open invitation.  The Best Friend From Childhood and I couldn't help ourselves, these people were giving us money.  We handed in the most of it, we only kept a little, 50p from that one, 25p here, a pound there.  We licked down all the envelope flaps after we took our cut.  I have no memory of how much we made, but it proves how dodgy it is to give to charity.  Most people are basically gullible, and some others are basically devious, and a few more are basically honest, but easily tempted, so DO NOT hand cash over to charity collector people.  And give a lot of thought before you pass your pounds onto any charity.  A lot of them think they're doing a good thing, but pouring money into some world situations actually makes a bad situation worse, even though the intentions are only good.

Anyway, that's my child charity con girl story, and writing bout it's caused me to recall, even bigger shame, it wasn't the only time I did the charity dirty in my teenage years.  OMG...there was another lying cheating con The Best Friend From Childhood and I perpetrated.  I reckon I should name her...Amanda know who you are.  Amanda and I were upset, we were extremely distressed at what some bad guys were doing, clubbing baby seal cubs to death, somewhere up there in the perma-snowy areas of the world.  We were too young to understand what it would actually involve, but we decided we'd go north and save the seals.  I think we'd seen Greenpeace in action and thought we could join them up north, wherever that was.  We started a bob-a-job type service in the village, offering to do Boy Scout type jobs in exchange for hard cash, most people just gave us money to go away.  I don't remember actually doing a job-for-a-bob, they just gave us money.  Then...Amanda Buggy...and I counted the money and started figuring out how to get to the North Pole, or somewhere up in that direction.  We didn't have a clue how to get to and start saving baby seals, so we divvied up and kept the money.  That's teenagers for you, smart ones with some sort of imagination anyway.  And The Mum...when you read this and the Red Cross story...just be grateful, cos if we'd ran away as we'd the general direction of would've been more the time...honest you would.  Love you The Mum, love you The Dad...loads and loads, the latest Singer's on me, consider it a pressie, I stopped being a bad 'un when I got out of being a teenager, honest...apart from the little bit shoplifting....

  Star smilie clear03/09/09
two types of shopping,
charity, bad shit in
the garden, Alpha
Dog and has he finally
finally, gone yet?  No
one told me...I didn't
get the popcorn

G21 metalic mini dress

G21 front tie studded tie front cardigan

G21 floral lace leggings

Alpha Dog DVD
 Kate Moss wore the Balmain AW90 Collection version, costing thousands.  The limited edition George G21 Asda  version, for a mere 16 of your Scottish pounds, has been all over the press, so much so, it sold out within hours at the few large branches stocking it and online.  I was too slow, but I've been keeping a beady eye online at Asda Direct, just in case.  And yippee!  There's another batch available, but only in size 10.  Which suits me Sir...I swagged me a Kate Moss Star Trek costume.  This amazing futuristic metallic mini dress with bang on trend statement shoulders  is cool.  I've also been looking to find more of my current fav leg coverings, lace leggings.  The pair I have are from G21 too.  I swagged the last two pairs along with the Spock Frock.  While I was at it, might as well, if your going to pay the delivery charge anyway, I saw the cropped long sleeved cardigan with frilland sud etal ad te frot fastening.  

There's shopping and then there's birthday shopping.  The Fiancé always says I'm the hardest person to buy gifts for because when I see something I want, I get it before anyone else has the hance to, which I admit is true, I'm a nightmare for pressie buyers.  I've been giving it some thought, what I want, what I really really want is Sorbus aucuparia.

Today was dedicated to finding my birthday present from The Fiancé.  I really really want a couple of big trees in pots for Patio 2.  The type of tree...I really really have my heart set on the native Rowan tree.  I've been in love with The Mountain Ash for years, it's rich in folklore, a lot of it Celtic, it's beautiful, giving deep green foliage, dense clusters of crisp white flowers miraculously turning to rich scarlet berries, then the varying shades of red and gold dying autumn leaves.  For the greater part of the year it offers beauty to behold in one form or another, and the birds in the garden are going to love them, another food source.  We need two rowans, from what I understand, or there would be no berries.

The name Rowan comes from the old Norse word “runa” meaning “a charm”.  Rowans were planted to protect against witchcraft, take a closer look at the berries you'll see they're marked with the sign of the pentagram, a symbol of protection.  It is truly a beautiful tree.  It's got a lot of names too : Delight of the eye (Luisliu), Mountain ash, Quickbane, Quickbeam, Quicken (tree), Quickenbeam, Ran tree, Roan tree, Roden-quicken, Roden-quicken-royan, Round wood, Round tree, Royne tree, Rune tree, Sorb apple, Thor's helper, Whispering tree, Whitty, Wicken-tree, Wiggin, Wiggy, Wiky, Witch wood, Witchbane, Witchen, Witchen WitternWestwood.  Interested in knowing more?  Read here.

We took special care to get the native Rowan, not one of them white or yellow berry types, had to be the crimson red berries.  We headed towards Dobbies in Dunfermline, they had Rowans, but too tall, bare trunks with too few branches, and all near the top, looked like they should be taken to a field, or shopping centre car park.  With Eddie Izzard locating the next garden centre and navigating us there, we headed from Dunfermline to Klondyke near Falkirk.  Hmmm, didn't have the correct combination of red berry variety and height.  But they did have two very good pots, the black 50cm Terrazzo Egg Pots.  I've already got one of the 50cm and a couple of the size down, my favourite pots.  The staff at Klondyke near Falkirk are all really special shop retail type persons.  The two guys who got the pots to the checkout for us were particularly obliging, cheerful and friendly, nothing too much trouble and done smiling.  The lady on the checkout was chatty and engaging too.  They had such a positive effect on me I gave to the charity box on the checkout counter.

Do not ask me to give to charity, I'll chose my own charities thank you very much.  I give to charity when charity gives something to me, and the closer to home the better.  The Klondyke had Scottish Cancer Support pens up for grabs, just put the suggested £1 in the box.  AND the pens have black ink, blue ink is so often the downfall of the charity pen.  They get some funds, I get usable, good quality, comfortable and attractive pens (one silver, one blue), and I feel good bout the giving.  All my adult life it's amazed me that all charities don't pick up on these winning ways.  Don't send your guys to my door, or to stop me on the street with your buckets, that approach leaves me cold, and only serves to remind me that the big charities are run by people receiving extremely high salaries, company cars etc, the costs of running those charities takes away from any of the cash I give, a very small percentage of any of my hard earned would go to benefit the people/animals or whatever the cause.  Also...I was a child charity con girl...more later.

Next was another Dobbies, the Stirling branch, still no suitable trees, and a gardening centre déjà vu.  Seems you can walk into any branch and forget what town your in, they are all exactly the same, faceless and personality free.  But hey, we're mercenary, we would've bought their trees if they had what we were after.  Eddie Izzard next took us 6 miles away to the Stirling Klondyke.  And as if by magic, there they were.  They were maybe a foot or so too tall for the image I had in my head, but the leafy growth was further down the trunks, a little gentle pruning could take them easily down to what I had in mind.  The Fiancé threw in a couple of big wooden support poles and four heavy duty ties, without me even having to tell him they were necessary for our trees, and a couple of purple rose bushes for the new front garden.  I'm so happy, this could rank as my best birthday pressie ever, after the ragdoll The Mum made for me when I was a child of poor parents...and I mean that btw.  Ask me which present means the most to me in my whole life, and it's that ragdoll.  The Mum hand-sewed the doll, my main Xmas present that year.  She had wool hair in plaits and a blue gingham check dress, embroidered facial features...I think The Mum must've binned her after I flew the nest, cos she certainly can't find her for me now. 

I'll be re-potting my gorgeous rowans when weather permits, tomorrow or next day.  And apparently it would be fine to prune them at the same time, but instinct tells me to maybe leave them alone till next year, let them get settled in and happy in their new environment.

When we left the house today on our rowan quest, the first sign that all was not well on The Starry Towers Estate was paw prints in the front garden, clear deep imprints, starkly noticeable in the soil I'd made so perfectly smooth in my OCD way yesterday.  My eye followed the paw a big brown dog shit in the middle.  I am enraged at the dirty bastard who is in the habit of allowing a dog to defecate wherever, giving responsible dog owners such a bad name.  I feel violated actually.  During my day on rowan quest, I had made up my mind to bag the shit and leave it on the front garden wall with a page of printed message.  The message would say...
   found in my garden
returning to owner
you ignoramus
you give dog owners a bad name
By the time we got home it was still raining, it's been raining all day, such quantities of rainfall kind of puts you off revenge.  I'd protected me with my parka hood each time we stepped out of the van to do a garden centre.  I'd  felt it chilling my bones, watched it fall, I'd watched it spray up from vehicle tyres on the roads.  I'd seen so much rainfall today, I'd asked The Fiancé to tell me what aquaplaning is.  He explained it so well I understood immediately.

Back at Starry Towers, I plunked my feet in wellies, not my good big green serious garden wellies, and certainly not my starry Wedge Wellies, just a wee multi-colour spot design pair, and stepped onto the front garden dirt area, with a plastic food bag over my garden gloved right hand...and bagged the offending shit.  Tied it in tight, but I just put it in the bin.  I swear, if that dog does that again I will put out the written message to the Sunny D dog person who should treat his/her neighbours in a more neighbourly fashion.

This evning he iané and I snuggled down on top the faux fur covered sofa, he sits there and I lie there, wit my fet n hs lap, recently we've taken to getting under one of the tartan rugs we bought on The Tattoo night.  This evening was Alpha Dog.  Sharon Stone, Harry Dean Stanton, Bruce Willis.  Really good movie, Justin Timberlake as an actor, excellent, better than he sings.  He should stop all that mmmm-mmmm-mmm-mmundane, mmoronic, mmediocre music, and act.  A sad inevitable tale plays out before your eyes, it becomes horrifically obvious early on where it will go, you only hope they'll STOP, someone will make it all stop and the 15 year old innocent boy won't be murdered and his loving mother won't end up freaked out, diagnosed mental in a state hospital.  The actor Ben Foster played an amazing part, he reminded me of Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast.  The same extreme psychopathic rage.  The main issue running throughout the movie, it's a generation thing, the children of the parents are just copying the adults behaviour, the drugs, the alcohol, the promiscuity, it's no surprise that it could all go a step too far and result in death when it does, the one to die is an innocent 15 year old boy with bullets in his young body.  As he falls into the pre-prepared grave, the blood seeps from his wounds, and you see the grave isn't even long enough, and way too's all very sad.

MJ, the 'man' who 'slept' with young boys, the 50 year old man with a singing voice which would most likely blow out your windows if he turned it on in your front room, but when speaking, used that voice to sound like a little girl or Minnie Mouse...I think he's finally gone now.  I'm glad.

  Star smilie clear02/09/09
The Fiancé has fun at
Knockhill, therapy and

You Don't Mess With
The Zohan

You Don't Mess With The Zohan DVD
 Word from the coal bunker people, will be 3 to 4 weeks, NOT a couple days, before delivery.  Who'd have thought it would be so bloody difficult trying to get someone to take your money in exchange for a coal bunker?

The Fiancé spent his day at Knockhill with motorbike racing champions and young Timmy Twister Hastings, a champion of the future we're all hoping.  I can name three of the famous guys there, cos I looked on The Fiancé's website,  John McGuiness (of TT fame), Nial Mackenzie and Stuart Easton.  Timmy's usually on a 125, The Fiancé borrowed him one of his 600s (his best one), so he could receive instructions and advice from Nial MacKenzie.

I spent my day in the garden, but first, I got some therapy.  Talking therapy.  Back from therapy I immersed myself in compost and chicken shit.  I'm improving the quality of the soil in the front garden, in my usual Monica from Friends fashion, I'm improving it on my knees, trowel by trowel of compost, blending it in with my gloved up fingers, it's lke gadenbakng. An ther won't be a stone out of place when I'm done.  One more day should see the work finished there, for now.

Th Fiancé and I Watched You Don't Mess With The Zohan tonight.  Not expecting much due to some so-so reviews I'd read already, OK, they weren't so much 'so-so', them reviews were bad.  But I've got a movie open mind, I'm a movie risk taker, and it's Adam Sandler, how bad could it be?  We liked it, I sniggered a lot.  It got so ridiculous, so outrageous and so rrrrude, you would've had to have both funny bones and your satire gland surgically removed to not get it.  Can't fault it, it's disrespectful to just about every nationality on the planet, but they've got their tongue firmly in their cheeks, and they solved the 2000 year old Palestinian conflict with humour.  If only it were that easy.  Lighten up you aggressive fighty type guys.  John McEnroe played a classic cameo, and check out his deleted scenes, even better.  And Mariah Carey, 'I love you too, horny little man! Buy my albums!'  Best thing I ever saw her do.

  John McGuiness and Timmy Hastings  Nial MacKenzie, Timmy Hastings and Stuart Easton  John McGuiness leaning on The Fiance's bike talking shite about bikes



  Star smilie clear01/09/09
The Fiancé on the
telly and a coal bunker
The Fiance - talking to Kelly-Anne Bishop

Sunny Dechmont shop and post office

Titan 600kg plastic coal bunker
 The shop in Sunny D got broken into at the weekend, the culprits, an 11 year old boy and two older boys, it's on CCTV, so two of them are banged to rights.  Today The Fiancé and I were out front, me gardening and him watching me gardening.  At one point I made him dig out a bush and a huge fern, after that he announced he was going to phone work, see if it's time he was going back to The North Sea.  Once he'd phoned work and was back out watching me, he noticed a TV camera along the street at the shop.  Minutes after that he was all innocently announcing he needed something at the shop and off he pops.  Back along with two packets of crisps, having been interviewed by Kelly-Anne Bishop for STV news.  Quiet and reserved people, shy away from all cameras, others, the fame-hungry are right in there getting themselves on the telly.  The Fiancé is the first guy interviewed outside the shop, like he was just happened to be there.

The Fiancé on the telly at YouTube, and on the STV news website

The Fiance on TV  The Fiance - the camera loves him  The Fiance - never too shy to be interviewed

The iancéandI hve eendespeately seeking a plastic coal bunker, which has taken a good few of bursts of intensive acivity over several days.  Yesterday we visited the West Calder coal merchant who had said over the phone that he had two different sizes.  We nipped up to find this gentleman who told us he was 64 years old and that he could lift one of these coal bunkers over his head.  Unfortunately he hadn't lifted them anywhere, but he was right, he did have two coal bunkers.  Two grey, battered, ancient, and of uncertain brand name, ugly monstrosities were lying on top of a big pile of pallets, making it difficult to examine them, which was probably the idea behind their precarious placement.  They were second hand and on sale at £60 each, I know £60 would be a great cash saving, but really, we didn't spend all that money making The Starry Towers Estate look so gorgeously  appealing to then add a big dirty ugly grey stained scratched dented affront to the eyes.  A home made wooden one would have been preferable.  It's been a learning process this, if a coal man has coal bunkers, they will probably be second hand, obtained from ex-customers when they got rid of their fires. 

We also visited a large coal accessory place in Leith.  They had told us on the phone that they had a large plastic coal bunker, it was again nameless, and this time, door-less, from what I could make out, the coal would go in the top and spill out the bottom.  The man just claimed that was it in entirety, sans door, not impressed we headed back home sans coal bunker. 

Back to the internet, I'd researched plastic coal bunkers and fancied a Titan.  There's a website has the Titans at very reasonable prices, so The Fiancé phoned them.  They are, the Titan will be delivered in a couple days.



  Star smilie clear31/08/09
How To Lose Friends
& Alienate People and
movie tear-jerkers

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People DVD
 How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, slow starter this one.  But, there did come a time at some point into the movie, I started to get it and enjoy.  Once I got over Sidney Young (Simon Pegg) I started to find him humorous and almost likeable.  As the movie went on I liked him more and more, till by the end, and you might too, unless your a hard-hearted unromantic, you will fill-up, well I did anyway, and I don't fill-up easily.  I should consider that statement in more depth actually.  Till maybe 5 years ago, I had cried at only two movies in my whole life.  The first was a Lassie movie when I was a very young child.  I recall sitting on the second from bottom step of our then family home staircase, crying my eyes out, and I could not be comforted, I'm sure The Mum tried, then probably gave up out of boredom at my childish stupidity, I would have in her situation.

Lassie had been shot, in a case of mistaken identity, for killing sheep, but she/he was innocent.  That's my only memory of the movie, and I don't recall the nding ho tht culdve posibly played out to allow more Lassie movies to be made thereafter, I was too busy sitting on the stars crying.  I Googled Lassie Movies while thinking about this, seems Lassie often received killer blows then returned to fight the good dog fight in yet another movie sequal.

The second time I cried was in my early 20s, has to be 1989 or 1990, given the house I watched it in, I lived in that house for a very short period.  It was an Australian war movie or perhaps a TV series, I was thinking Guy Pearce played one of the soldiers, but I may be mistaken.  Aussie soldiers circle a young female native of the country the war is happening in, maybe Vietnam, certainly somewhere along those lines.  She was circled by this group of young soldiers, taunted then gang raped.  It was an extremely distressing scene, a section of which was shown from the girl's eye view as the men laughed, bullied and attacked her.

And that was that till my 40s, seems tears come more readily as you age, they pop up at the drop of a rom-com.  Shame on me.



  Star smilie clear30/08/09
wonder product of the
year, new glasses,
ideas shopping and a
punishment exercise

Burner Balm

black stem wine glass

 Fat Burner lip balm, it's a lip balm and a diet aid...apparently.  My lips will be moisturised and protected from sun damage with Factor 15 sunscreen, AND it's going to pep me up when I'm feeling tired while ALSO reducing my food cravings and therefore help me loose weight.  If this works, it'll be a bloody miracle.  I need a new lip balm, so it's worth a try anyway.  I purchased the strawberry and the vanilla, and I'll let you know if the far-fetched claims have any basis of truth.  If you need a new lip balm, the Fat Burner is available from, there's also a discount code I found at, type in CSAUG at the checkout for a 10% discount, valid till midnight 10th September. 

At Homebase I spotted these lovely black stemmed wine glasses on sale, down from £3 to £1.50 each, bagged a set of six.  Also got chicken shit, a few more plants and tulip bulbs (black and red) and a couple more bird feeders.  We were looking for ideas so we can decide on what we're doing vis-à-vis garden lightig, ties or artng p thefront door step and metal railing thingys for redoing the front wall. 

Now I have to do my punishment exercise, I didn't knw grown ups could be given punishment exercises, but apparently they can, if it's called 'reflection'.  It's like, you've been a bad girl, now go away and think about what you've done...and then...write an essay bout it.  That's my Sunday evening taken care of then.



  Star smilie clear29/08/09
the lawn, Desperately
Seeking A Plastic
Coal Bunker,
Beecraigs, and The

Beecraigs Restaurant

The International DVD
 !Scary Confession Alert!  

I mowed the lawn, which was a big deal cos of my recent grass seed sowing.  The Scary Confession comes a bit later, keep reading.  The seeds I planted on my first day of grass seed sewing are coming along nicely, 2 to 3 inches of grass blades going on there.  The other bits I planted a couple of days later, are still seeds, nothing happening, I'll put some pics on Starry Towers tomorrow to show how the grass situation is going.  The instructions on the bag of grass seeds, which I've followed implicitly so far, says when the grass is 2 to 3 inches...cut.  The rest of the lawn's been badly mistreated since the workies were over laying down the paving.  There's been heavy immovable objects placed on the lawn for up to a week at a time, there's been dirt and compost liberally thrown around when I was doing my potting and repotting using the lawn as my gardening table, and there's been a general lack of mowing for ages.  Therefore, I mowed the lawn today.  Done it the world of good too, BU I wa afaidthemowr woud blow the grass seeds away and maybe too heavy to run over the new growing ones.  So...I did what I always knew I would do one ay...tell you bout that in a minute...first I mowed the MAJORITY of the lawn.  The old lawn got mowed as usual, I had to stay away from the new growth and the seeded areas.  THEN...I did what I always knew I'd do one day...Scary Confession coming up...I got down on my Monica from Friends knees, and trimmed my lawn with scissors. 

I gently trimmed the new growth and I trimmed the edges near the grass seeds, so as not to blow them away with the mower.  Shame on me and my OCD, but it was nice, it was enjoyable, relaxing, I achieved tidy perfection, and it done the job and...OMG...I'll probably do it again.

Other than that, I spent my day in the garden, moving a few plants and weeding, and received a visitor while I was out there.  My old friend Tom came by, returning trays and pots I'd given plants to him in, and another bottle of wine for my trouble.  I tell him not to, but like he said today...when did I ever do what you told me?  He brought Rench Marilyn news, a couple weeks ago at The Peebles Agricultural Show she got a 4th, not great, not her best ever, but cool, she was in a class of 20.  She has never went to show and came home without a prize, and that's good enough for me.  Tom and I sat on the new garden furniture and tried to put the world to rights, till rain drove us apart.

The Fiancé and I spent some time today trying to track down a plastic coal bunker in Scotland, via the www and phone calls.  You'd imagine that wouldn't be too difficult, having the world of information and all methods of communication at our fingertips, but it is monumentally difficult, plastic coal bunkers are illusive, you can buy them on ebay easily enough, but that's about the only readily available source, but we want to view the item before we decide if it's the right item for us.  Try Googling plastic coal bunker in your locale and see how the internet doesn't have that information to hand, it takes you all around the houses and gets you no place.  After spending about an hour on the coal bunker quest there's a local coal merchant, I spoke to a guy who is house sitting for them, the solid fuel merchants are due to return from holiday today and can be contacted on Monday.  The house-sitter guy says they have plastic coal bunkers, a choice of two sizes, that's better than anyone else I spoke to today, all these coal merchants telling tales of the amount of times they've been asked that question, but still don't know the answer.  You would think, that a few more of them would pick up on the demand, and increase their product range to their own benefit, but no.  I thanked them all nicely for their help anyway.

Come evening, I got out of my wellies and dirty jeans and suggested dinner...out.  Within half an hour I was sitting in a restaurant in lacy leggings, shorts and high heeled boots.  I did wash my hands before we left Starry Towers.  We took a drive in The Jag and found our way, by some sort of second sight from The Fiancé, to The Beecraigs Restaurant at The Beecraigs Country Park.  It's very close to Sunny D, in The Bathgate Hills, extremely off the beaten track though.  The main roads in West Lothian tend to go around The Bathgate Hills rather than through them.  It's a hidden gem.  Very nice, but they do expect customers to make reservations.  We only got a table because someone else had cancelled their booking for a table for two, fortunate for us.   Dinner for two, three courses, very reasonably priced at £36 and change, relaxed atmosphere but very professional staff.  And cute uniform dress code, the waitresses had in high fashion tulip style short skirts and short sleeved blouses with nifty necklines and slightly puffy sleeves.  The Fiancé complained (to me) about the Manageress's jacket.  She was an attractive woman wearing an ugly jacket, but I had to point out to him, it may not look all that attractive, and I'd never wear such a style myself, it's dated and unflattering, but it was a classic Chanel rip-off.  It wasn't the real deal, the buttons were wrong, too cheap.  The Chanel copy came over at one point and enquired if everything was to our satisfaction, I kicked The Fiancé under the table to ensure he wouldn't inform her that her jacket was a bit off putting but everything else was exemplary. 

The starters were OK, the main course, we both had the breaded haddock, The Fiancé took the veg while I had side salad, the fish tasted fresh and prepared on site rather than pre-prepared and frozen, the sweets, unfortunately for The Fiancé who's watching his daily calorie intake, he stuck to a couple scoops of ice cream, whereas I, I watch my weekly calorie intake, and can afford to splurge here and there while making major cutbacks on other days, I had the Caramel Apple Granny and Vanilla Ice Cream, delightful, I wanted another to take home for tomorrow.

We came home and settled down on the faux fur covered leather sofa to watch The International.  Fair enough, OK movie, engaging enough, and the tension is cleverly built from approx mid-way through the movie.  It delivers a seriously worrying world-view of current events and how big business, in particular the illegal weapons trade and banking, control everything.  It's probably not that far from the truth either, which is depressing, and the ending leaves you surprised...that old chestnut...and disappointed cos I didn't want that old chestnut, a Mafia hitman, d'oh!  The real bad things, illegal arms trade, dirty deals and greedy banking go on. 



  Star smilie clear28/08/09
gardening, Body Of
Lies and the most
loathsome man in the
UK...if you don't include
the paedophiles

Body Of Lies DVD

Keith MacDonald and Clare Bryant
 Gardening update on Starry Towers.  I spent over 6 hours out there today, mammoth horticultural stress-busting exercise.  Sitting your arse in the dirt, getting your hands dirty, sifting soil through fingers, soil under finger nails, dirt trickling down your wellies, mixing in fertiliser, digging, planting, sewing, re-potting, watering, improving, designing, nurturing.  Self-nurturing. 

Watched Body Of Lies with The Fiancé this evening.  The Fiancé enjoys this type of movie because he spent time in the middle east through work.  It was a good movie, one scene...reminded me of my favourite scene of all time, from my favourite movie of all time.  When the CIA agent Ferris (DiCaprio) is taken as a hostage to be interrogated by Al-Saleem, the big bad Muslim extremist terrorist leader. Ferris is unhooded to find himself in a room prepared for his death, which will be filmed and released on the internet as extremist Muslim propaganda.  Ferris and Al-Saleem have a conversation, at one point Ferris laughs in l-Salem' fae, henspitsin his face, Al-Saleem smashes two of Ferris' fingers with a hammer before turning on a video camera and ordering Ferris to be cut loose. Al-Salem then leaves while his henchmen start in on killing Ferris.  The interplay between the Ferris and Al-Saleem characters, just for a minute, resembles closely the True Romance scene where Christopher Walken's Mafia Don and Dennis Hopper's ex-police security man have a little Q and A in Hopper's trailer-trash home.  Walken is seeking information about the present whereabouts of Hopper's son (Christian Slater), who has disappeared with his ex-hooker girlfriend (Patricia Arquette) and the Mafia's coke.  When Ferris tells Al-Saleem that there's an infiltrator in his group who is working, ultimately for the CIA, which in turn means Al-Saleem is working for the CIA (total nonsense, but you'd say anything that came into your head too if you were tied up and on the receiving end of so much Muslim extremist group with weapons and a video camera attention), Al-Saleem turns to his henchmen with an incredulous smirk on his face, just like Walken's 'Vincenzo Coccotti' does in the caravan when Hopper's 'Clifford Worley' character stalls for as long as he can before accepting that he is going to die anyway and insults Coccotti and his Sicilian descent. Coccotti then angrily kills Clifford, Al-Saleem leaves the room and his henchmen to do the dirty deed, but for that few seconds of DiCaprio stalling for his life and insulting Al-Saleem, and Al-Saleem turning to his crew, like...'you hear this boys?  ain't it the funniest thing you ever heard?'  before returning his intense gaze and deadly intention to DiCaprio...that is pure True Romance caravan scene.

When the credits rolled...Body Of Lies was directed by Ridley Scott, brother of Tony Scott who directed the Tarantino written screen play of True Romance, I knew it, there had to be a connection, tenuous, but a connection none the less.

24 year old Keith MacDonald (maybe Scottish by name,  but thankfully not Scottish by birth) is engaged to be married to 20 year old Clare Bryant.  A young couple in love, should be a joyous time, but, this is the young man who has fathered 7 children by 7 different stupid women, despite his notoriety going before him, he has been named and shamed in national news papers and magazines before, and he must be well known locally.  Yet another idiotic female falls for his none too obvious charms.  He doesn't pay a penny towards the raising of the 7 children, he takes his £40 a week income support benefit money from us, the tax payers, AND we also pay £60,000 a year to the good-for-nought mothers of his kids.  His kids that he never thinks about, sees or spends time with.  Neither Keith nor Clare work for a living, they now live together in a council house and claim joint benefits of £100 a week of our money.  Which sounds like a small sum, but add that to the £60,000 we give to the rest of his women and children!!! 

By the time all the current children are 16, the total bill to us, the tax payers, will be in excess of £1 million, yep, that's a big fat one, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero.

And apparently the young couple have said they intend to have children, at least two, Clare you lazy stoopid stoopid f**k!  Keith...your a waste of space/air/our money.  If you have a look at his ex's, they could all be Clare, over-weight, plain, desperate, no self-worth.  If you look at Keith, the word rat comes to mind, weedy, ugly, skinny, stupid...would you?  I wouldn't, ever, not even if it was just him and me left on the planet.  Shudder.   Him and his like should be conscripted. 

  Star smilie clear27/08/09
Love Label, Frank
Skinner and the
gardening progress so

Love Label Spike black suede leather stud detail boots

Love Label suede Native Fringed boots

Love Label black zip shorts

Love Label denim mini skirt

Love Label scoop back lace top

Simon Amstell

Colin and Fergus


Mark Watson
 I recently discovered Love Label at, regular readers will recognise those black suede studded boots, which soon as I got them, became the footwear most frequently seen on my feet and my most adored boots.  BUT I've now discovered, which looks like, stocks all the same labels and items, and has to belong to the very same company as Littlewoods, but inexplicably sells all them same things at much reduced prices.  For instance my favourite boots are on sale for £52 at Littlewoods, but only £41 at Additionsdirect.  I got a second spare pair of them swagged at Additionsdirect soon as I found the site, I reckon when you find summit you love, get another, for when the first one wears out or grows tatty.  The Native Suede Fringed boots are £55 at Littlewoods, but only £45 at Additionsdirect.  The shorts are £32 and £25, as is the mini skirt.  The lace top £29 and £22.  So I swagged all of them.  And before I went to the checkout I earchd te ww fr ay avalable discount code, you have to do that, cos often there is one.  I found a discount for first time shoppers - zq744, enter this code at the checkout for a fiver off.

Ordered yestrday, delivered today, extraordinary.  Loving the shorts, so neat and very smart, and the denim mini is that dark shade of denim that's my new favourite.  The shorts got their first outing, worn over lacy leggings, and my favourite studded suede boots, a different lacy top and my sequin blazer, accessorised with a Boohoo black beaded necklace and my Topshop red heart hard framed clutch.  This evening was another Edinburgh night and Frank Skinner for the first time.  The Frank Skinner Credit Crunch Cabaret.

The Mum came over to baby-sit, turned out The Boy left the house just before us, and arrived home just after us, so I guess we could say The Mum was house-sitting rather than baby-sitting.  It was much appreciated either way, The Boy could've come home before us, he's very unpredictable. 

Back to Frank Skinner, excellent show.  Five star.  Frank was compering the show, going back to where his career began, as a compere.  As this night drew close I gave a little thought to perhaps it would be slightly disappointing cos he'd be introducing others, and we wouldn't see much of him, but...wrong.  He was on stage for lengthy periods, at the start, between acts, and at the end.  He was fantastically brilliantly funny. 

Start of the evening we picked up our tickets, the queue was already forming outside The Assembly Rooms on George Street.  We spent a quick half hour standing in the queue, five minutes of which was spent engaging in banter with a particularly entertaining Big Issue Vendor, who deserved the £2 coin The Fiancé exchanged for the £1.50 worth of the Steven Fry issue of the mag.  The Fiancé asked him to hold his tartan brolly while he got money out to buy the mag, I quipped, 'he'll steal your brolly', The Vendor went on at length about the false impression people have of Big Issue Vendors as crooks, thieves, cheats and general ne'er-do-wells, not to be trusted.  We laughed, then after they'd swapped the Big Issue and the cash, he made a theatrical wink to the crowd, while very audibly saying...'why take his brolly when the tickets are sticking out his top pocket, much better idea'.

The tickets didn't designate seats, I felt hopeful we'd get close to the front, given the size of the queue in front, but strangely, when we entered the Assembly Music Room, the entire front row was empty, with most of the second and third row seats filled.  I walked right to the middle front row, thinking, they maybe reserved, or maybe, could it be people are scared to sit there?  Two wee boys (staff) were standing there, I asked if it was OK to sit there, one of them said yes of course, I then it dangerous?  The boys were good humoured, yeah says one, and said summit bout big whales coming out and landing on the front row, not very funny as a joke, but jolly.  While we waited for everyone else to enter and take their seats The Fiancé spotted Simon Amstell (Never Mind The Buzzcocks).  I swear he was right, it was Simon Amstell, taking his seat, off to the right if us, second row, with another boy who resembled him but with a more 80s and lightened hair style up-do, and a girl.  He looked like Simon Amstell and moved like Simon Amstell, the mannerisms were right, and he got a load of attention from the staff.  He also exited after the second act, off with his coat and brief case, leaving his companions who stayed till the end of the show.  We're both sure it was him.  He was on stage at The Bongo Club at 2040 tonight, probably explaining why he left when he did and his companions remained to see the rest of the Frank Skinner show.  That picture from his own website advertising his stand-up, that was the coat he was wearing.  I've chalked him down as a must-do for The Edinburgh Festival 2010.

So, there we were centre stage front row, directly under Frank's mic stand, risky, but I was in a risky mood in my shorts and sequin blazer, I'd take what the night threw at me.  Then Frank was introduced, and there he was, the man himself, right there.  I had to restrain myself from jumping up and offering my hand, hoping he'd shake it and not be pissed off I'd interrupted him at work.  He's a lovely man, gentle and sweet, clever, funny, and improved, he grows better with each passing year, he develops, matures and learns from life.  He was funny from the get-go, but life is making him ever better.  I like Frank Skinner, a lot.  I've got this feeling that when he reaches 80-plus, younger, less-experienced people seeking direction will visit him for advice and wise-words.  Like a comedy Mahatma Gandhi, touch the Skinner Tux and you are blessed my son.

He did involve people in the front row, but we were saved by a couple of New York 20-something girls (who turned out to be actors over performing their own show which at best had, just last night, achieved an audience of 20), sitting to the right of The Fiancé, and a large (no, I'm being too kind, he was brick shit-house massively fat) Scottish chef from Loanhead called Ewan.  Early on Frank spoke to them, then went back to them when he required a man and a woman to go on stage to take part in a quiz.  He spoke directly to a few others, asking why some front row seats were empty, some said their friends would be along the now, they were in the bar, two of them arrived during that conversation.  They weren't very clever, chubby middle-aged blokes with too much drink in them.  One of them entered offering Frank a beer.  Not very clever at all, everyone knows Frank is a recovering alcoholic. 

Ewan turned out to be extremely good audience participation, he told his own jokes and exchanged good banter with Frank, I'd never have been that worth the money.  Ewan's best joke, Frank was talking bout and cracking jokes bout Harold Shipman, and Ewan (on stage at this point) said, 'he was a good boxer'.  Frank asked, with a touch of incredulity, 'was he really?', fast as you like, Ewan returns with, 'yeah, lethal jabs'.  Early on while he was still sitting in the audience with his Dad, Frank was making fun of the fact Ewan looked and was built like a bouncer, he asked him, when was the last time you hit someone, Ewan returned with, 'two weeks ago', after audience laughter, he added, 'it was my Mum'.  More audience and Frank laughter, then Frank said to the Dad, 'isn't that your job?'.

So, the acts, there were three of them, I hadn't a clue what they'd be, having listened to Frank's podcasts since he arrived in Edinburgh, expect the line-up to change, maybe nightly, could be stand-up or a dance troupe and anything in between.  We had an excellent line-up.  First up was two young guys called Collin And Fergus, they performed a sketch entitled  'Theatre Group' in which they acted as a man and wife lovey small time theatre actor types.  Very good in an underplayed quiet way.  The second act was Beardyman, AKA Darren Foreman, the UK Beatbox Legend.  Only THE UK Beatbox Champion 2006 AND 2007.  The one man music and sound-effects box.  He manages to do a song, the lyrics and the music fast enough to make it sound your listening to the entire track in real time.  Third act was Mark Watson.  The Fiancé remembers seeing him on Mock the Week and Live At The Apollo, and he's right, that's him.  He was laugh out loud funny many times throughout his stint on stage, then Frank was back again to entertain us for the fourth time this evening.  What a great night.

No sun yesterday, but it stayed dry long enough to get the big plants out of pots and back in the front garden (photos soon).  Perfect really cos the soil was wet, then once I'd planted them out it rained as if the god of weather knew I needed more rain, saved me watering them in.  We visited The Mill Garden Centre, known locally as Joe's, at Armadale today.  Wrong time of year for roses, they'll have to wait till next February.  But I picked up Ceanothus (blue flowers) and Escallonia (red flowers) for the hedging, black tulip bulbs (to go with the red and purple I bought recently) and a few other flowering shrub type plants of the blue and red flower variety, which I could name, but it's too dark and wet to go out there and look at the labels right now.  I do however recall the Dianthus, especially the two Night Star ones, red and white starry patterned flowers, the others are Red Dwarf.  Hoping to get them planted out tomorrow.

  Star smilie clear25/08/09
clothes and necklace
shopping, Caster
Semenya, gardening,
The Fiancé goes to
Oulten Park, Podcasts
and Loch Earn

Awear lace insert tunic

Awear drop pocket cardi

Awear retro studded belt

Missguided black sequin vest

Boohoo Lanie diamante trimmed beaded necklace grey

Boohoo Mandi beaded necklace

Caster Semenya Mr or Ms?
 I keep a fashionista eye on my favourite online clothing/footwear/accessories shops for the new arrival stuff, and these particularly hot and cool (at the same time) items caught my eye today.  The top three are from and the sequin waistcoat from  Also got some long beaded necklaces from  The cheap metal stuff's been itching my sensitive neck, these beads will be hypoallergenic to my allergy inclined skin.  The first one I got in grey and black, the second just in black, have to tighten the purse strings in this credit crunch you know.

Man or woman?  Apparently it's being labelled racist to discuss or debate whether Caster Semenya is male or female.  Well excuse me, I don't think it's racist, it's a genuine question that requires to be explored and answered, given Caster's outward appearance.  The other contenders, they deserve to know if they were up against a woman, making the race fair, or a man, who would have natural beneicialphyica stengh andspeed and therefore not a contender for this race.  If anyone should be frowned upon, it's Da Management.  The athlete's manager or management team, whatever Da Management situation is, Da Managemen should've had this sorted before Berlin 2009.  This matter should've been dealt with a long time ago, not after when this person would obviously be put in the spotlight to have her sex questioned, which has to be humiliating.  I reckon born female, been topping up her testosterone levels, and tests will result in disqualification and the forfeit of that medal.  Her deep voice, masculine body type and improved personal best time by 7 seconds in 9 months, would surely all fit with partaking of testosterone.  If Caster was white, would it be a racist issue?  No.

Spent the last couple days gardening, the photos are on Starry Towers, and pics of the new Starry Towers garden furniture in situ on Patio 3.  It's started raining this evening, with a weather forecast full of gloom and doom, but I'm optimistic beyond reality, and remain hopeful for more dry and warm gardening weather again for tomorrow.  Aiming to rid the front new bit of rocks and old roots, plant out the plants saved to pots before The Garden Job commenced, stick in some new roses and whatever I fancy and re-pot and sort out all the plants and trees in pots for the patio areas.

The Fiancé's been away to Oulten Park, meeting up with The Great Dodski for a Hottrax track day, he knows the best times to run away for some boy fun, when there's gardening slogging needing done.  He's home again tonight, it was only the one night away, back in time to lug them big heavy pots around.

Richard Herring and Andrew Collins have been extremely busy at The Edinburgh Festival, not only has Richard been performing his Hitler Moustache stand-up show every night, as witnessed by The Fiancé and I last Wednesday, but the boys have also recorded five new live-from-Edinburger podcasts for the Collings And Herrin podcast, I downloaded them all and put them on the Starry iPod today.  I'm all excited having so much new podcast stuff to listen to.  Not only is there the C&H 5, but the Smodcast guys went nuts recently and issued three new podcasts in quick succession, and Answer Me This and The Bugle have new episodes I haven't had time to listen to.  Also Frank Skinner continues to issue weekly podcasts from his Absolute Radio Show, the most recent being from Edinburg (and we'll be seeing him in the flesh later this week).  Even The Absolute Peach has started a fifth series and we're up to episode two of that already, and I haven't had time to listen to them either.  So much to look forward to.  The only one of my podcast favourites who's on holiday, is Jonathan Ross, and then there's The Perfect Ten, Messrs Jupitus and Wilding tend to leave a month or 3 between podcasts on a good day, so I don't expect more than I get, they're busy men you know.

All of above mentioned Podcasts have their own websites you can download from, so you don't have to go near that evil iTunes, links to all are in The Lobby

The Fiancé's been playing around with his old Canon IXUS 70, which has been superseded by his Canon G10.  I secretly covet this Canon, it's so tiny, lightweight and gorgeous, maybe when he's not looking it'll mysteriously go missing.  On the memory card were some pics of me he took at Loch Tay or was it Earn (?) in April this year, we were out for a drive and pub lunch.  I'm working military (jacket and boots) and ditsy floral tea dress. 

Star Loch Earn 2009

Star at Loch Earn rocking the ditsy tea dress and military

  Star smilie clear24/08/09
Big Al McGarry, the
best and worst Festival
jokes, The Starry Best
Joke award 2009 and
The Starry Towers soft

 Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, I've heard that name so many times on Scottish TV over the last decade, pronounced by Scottish spoken voices, it had started to take on a Scottish sound, it had started to sound like Big Al McGarry, worrying.

He's back home after being freed on Thursday and receiving a jubilant welcome back in Libya.  Leaving Scotland disgusted at it's politicians yet again, sure there will be a few who feel that compassion for a man dying of cancer is the humanitarian way to go, but the majority are of the belief that a 'life' sentence means, at the very least, longer than a decade, for a man found guilty of mass murder.  He took 270 lives, showing absolutely no compassion for any members of the human race, and served 10 years in a Scottish jail, where his human rights, as per the UK judicial system, would have been ensured to the max.  The only reason I can be even half-way to thinking there's any right or benefit in this decision, is the fact that it saves us Scottish tax-payers some money from not maintaining is jal-tme or he ew reaining months the NHS cancer specialists consulted at the tax-payers expense say he has.  We should've sent him to the USA years ago, and let them py for maintaining his worthless life, and Obama would've had to face the world's do-gooders with his decision to let him rot and die in prison...which I'm sure he would've done.

I watched the footage of the mass murderer kissing the hand of Libyan leader Moamer Gaddafi and read the Gaddafi quotes...

 "At this moment I would like to send a message to our friends in Scotland, the Scottish Nationalist Party, the Scottish prime minister ... and I congratulate them on their courage and for having proved their independence despite the unacceptable and unreasonable pressures they faced."

He also thanked his "friend (British Prime Minister Gordon) Brown", Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew "who all contributed to encouraging the Scottish government to take its historic and courageous decision" to release Megrahi.

His release "... will surely have positive repercussions on all aspects of cooperation between our two countries."

I'm disgusted, shamed and unable to shake the idea that Scotland has been both, made a fool of, and used in a UK trade deal by the bigger boys, if so, I hope the financial gains were worth it boys, we're now marked as a nation of terrorist sympathisers and ready to accept blood money, AGAIN.  I refer to the many times in history that the landed gentry of Scotland took the money and sold out the common people.  William Wallace would be spinning in his grave, if he had been allowed the privilege of being granted a proper burial after he was...dragged through the streets of London then hung, drawn and quartered.  Hung, drawn and quartered entails...strangulation by hanging but released whilst still alive, emasculated (removal of the genitalia), eviscerated (slitting of the abdomen to release the intestines) and his bowels burnt before him, beheaded (does what it says on the tin), then the body cut into four parts. The head of the, (by this time, mercifully dead, but only due to human biology) William Wallace was then dipped in tar before being placed on a pike atop London Bridge.  If it were at all possible to place his head on a pike atop London Bridge while he were still alive and suffering, I'm sure King Edward would've ordered it.  Both legs and both arms were then used as warnings to the people, with one limb being sent to and publicly displayed in, Newcastle upon Tyne, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Stirling, and Aberdeen.  Which actually says much about the historic loyalties of the people of the north of England.

Scots don't sympathise with terrorists, real Scots meet a terrorist and kick, punch, head-butt, batter or banter them into submission, whatever means possible at the time, as per The Smeatonator at Glasgow Airport.

And on a lighter note, the channel Dave prize for funniest joke of the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival goes to Dan Antopolski.



1) Dan Antopolski - "Hedgehogs - why can't they just share the hedge?"


2) Paddy Lennox - "I was watching the London Marathon and saw one runner dressed as a chicken and another runner dressed as an egg. I thought: 'This could be interesting'."


3) Sarah Millican - "I had my boobs measured and bought a new bra. Now I call them Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes because they're up where they belong."


4) Zoe Lyons - "I went on a girls' night out recently. The invitation said 'dress to kill'. I went as Rose West."


5) Jack Whitehall - "I'm sure wherever my dad is; he's looking down on us. He's not dead, just very condescending."


6) Adam Hills - "Going to Starbucks for coffee is like going to prison for sex. You know you're going to get it, but it's going to be rough."


7) Marcus Brigstocke - "To the people who've got iPhones: you just bought one, you didn't invent it!"


8) Rhod Gilbert - "A spa hotel? It's like a normal hotel, only in reception there's a picture of a pebble."


9) Dan Antopolski - "I've been reading the news about there being a civil war in Madagascar. Well, I've seen it six times and there isn't."


10) Simon Brodkin (as Lee Nelson) - "I statedso many fights at my school - I had that attention-deficit disorder. So I did't finish a lot of them."

And The Starry Best Joke award goes to Faraway, a member of The Fiancé's biker website,, with his classic...

..."Since singer SusanBoyle was on TV there's been a marked drop in suicide bombings...apparently, a lot of the terrorists didn't realize what a virgin looks like."

The worst joks of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009, according to Channel Dave:

Carey Marx - "I'm not doing any Michael Jackso jokes, because they always involve puns about his songs. And that's bad."

Frank Woodley - "I phoned the swine flu hotine and all I got was crackling."

Alex Maple - "Michael Jackson only invented the moonwalk so he could sneak up on children."

Phil Nichol - She's got a face like a rare Chinese vase - minging."

Alistair McGowan - "I've just split up from my girfriend, which is a shame, because it was a long-standing arrangement. Perhaps if we'd sat down a bit more..."

Te Fiancé wrote on his website today about my soft toys and the fact I gave his away to charadee, he wrote that I had 53 soft toys which isn't stritly true, I had to respond with this post...

"'ve made me sound like a cuddly toy type girl, which I am not, and you didn't count the Munkeys or Mr Bean's Bear, or my Canon camera polar bear or the puffin you got me on Inchcolm Island

you set eyes on my Ty Beanie Bear collection for the first time because I was having a tidy and they had to be relocated to a different out-of-sight storage space, all sensibly packaged in plastic bags to keep them pristine and collectable, with their Ty heart-shaped labels protected by Ty label protectors...these are a result of a Ty Beanie Bear obsession I suffered from 10 years ago, and I only collected the pretty ones, they are an investment

the Munkeys (as in ITV Digital and PG Tips), Mr Bean's Bear (the original from approx 1984) and the Canon polar bear are all collectables too, as well as coo-el

your Disney stuffed characters and anonymous bears were just taking up space, and besides they went to the Church sale, raising money for those less fortunate than me

and besides, and most important of all....real men don't have soft toys, end of!"

That's him told.


  Star smilie clear23/08/09
The 60th Edinburgh
Military Tattoo 2009
Edinburgh Victoria Street and terrace

West Bow Street from terrace above Victoria Street

Edinburgh Tattoo 2009 group photo

RAF brass band getting down Tattoo 2009

Edinburgh Tattoo 2009 castle saltire

Tattoo Edinburgh 2009

Edinburgh Tattoo 2009 finale

Edinburgh Tattoo 2009 castle plane

Edinburgh Tattoo 2009 Henry Allingham tribute

Edinburgh Tattoo 2009 China

Tattoo 2009 saltire and fireworks
 The Fiancé and I headed into Edinburgh again this afternoon, planning on taking in a meal before attending The Edinburgh Military Tattoo Saturday night 10.30 performance, with the fireworks and all. 

The Castle Terrace multi-storey provided the parking again, then we walked up Johnston Terrace past the south side of the castle to The Royal Mile.  We had dinner at Garfunkels on The High Street, though they were queuing to get in we chose al fresco and got a table immediately.  The food was lovely and the weather stayed warm and dry.  In front of us a comedian called Paul Ricketts was handing out flyers for his free show 'Cutter's Choice', a personal and political history of black hair, with an offer to all to 'touch my lovely hair'.  If his show had been on there and then I'd have went, well, after I finished my dinner.  During the time we were at Garfunkels maybe bout six or seven different tourists stopped and took photographs of the restaurant and us eating, can't for the life of me figure out why, it's a popular place, but jst arestaran chin,maye Garunkels is gaining cult status like the multi-national Hard Rock Cafe, but I doubt it, they probably think it belongs to Art.

Sitting outside Garfunkels as an excellent spot in which to view the two RAF Tornado F.3s SCIMITAR of the 111 Sqdn from RAF Leuchars at 7.30pm as they flew nose to tail up The Royal Mile, quite a site and quite a surprise.  Not a shock though, growing up in Braehead I'm well used to RAF flyovers, and know the sound wherever I am, be it in The Highlands or on The Royal Mile. 

After dinner we got ourselves a 100% pure new wool tartan travel rug, a good one, not one of them 2 for £10 bits of tartan hankie for sale up and down The Royal Mile.  We got it for over our knees at The Tattoo, sounds like a pensioner type thing to do, but it was done with cosy comfort in mind, and it was, both cosy and comfortable.  Before joining the queue for The Tattoo we nipped into The Castle Arms on Johnston Terrace, a glass of wine for me and a soft drink for the designated driver.  Downstairs in The Castle Arms you have the option of stepping out on the terrace, if you do you'll find yourself above where Victoria Street joins West Bow Street, looking down along Victoria Street one way and down to the West Bow Street well on The Grass Market the other way. 

On arrival in Edinburgh we'd seen The Tattoo queue for the earlier show.  It was massive, trailing from the foot of Castle Hill to half way down Johnston Street and back up again, The Fiancé wanted us in and sat in our seats while the majority of the rest of the audience were still looking at cobblestones.  So we started queuing at 9pm, at which time the queue was very small.  We were in and sat down on hired seat pads (recommended) by 10pm, with the show starting at 10.30pm.  We watched regiment bands pose for group photos in front of the castle gatehouse while an RAF brass band got down with some real groovy jazz tunes.

The seating is tiny and uncomfortable, hence, do hire a seat pad for £1.  The seating suffers from the usual problems of most venue and transport seating, they were all either built in a time when the majority of people were skinnier or, if built in more modern times, it's a case of more bums on more seats, more profit.  The Fiancé and I fit in the seats but there's no guarantee your neighbours will be of similar proportions, and most often they're not.  We were lucky enough that them in front of us weren't too massive, and I was very fortunate to have a slightly built Latin type boy in front of me, but The Fiancé had a large lady who smelt foosty and kept trying to take over his space on the other side, and I had some woman behind me who kept playing footsy with my arse.  Twice I had to let her know I were none too pleased about her toes in the small of my back before she desisted.

The show itself was fantastic, and greatly enjoyed by both The Fiancé and myself.  The site and sounds of mass pipe and drums, all that tartan and pride.  Woven into this, the 60th Edinburgh Tattoo, was the 250th celebration of the birth of Rabbie Burns, and the death of Henry Allingham was commemorated.  They make good use of the castle as a backdrop and for the many images projected on it.  The Chinese stilt walkers in horse costumes, from the city of Xi'an (twinned with Edinburgh), were fabulous as part of the She Huo folk art performance. The Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland deserves a special mention too, for their drumming skills, special light effects, flag throwing, drumstick juggling and humour. There were Australian, Canadian and Tongan performers too, all wonderful.  The fireworks were pretty special too, and the weather kind, the rain stayed off till into the firework display, and sitting where we were sitting it didn't make an impact. 

Was it only me who noted today marked 704 years since William Wallace was cruelly put to death in 1305?

Was 1.30am before we got home, tired but very happy with our Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009 experience.

     Edinburgh Tattoo 2009 Switzerland's Top Secret Drum Corps

  Star smilie clear21/08/09
Connel Ferry, Seil,
Firth of Lorn and
whale avoiding

Starry and Canon G10

Connel Bridge over Loch Etive

crossing The Connel Bridge

Falls Of Lora Hotel from north shore Loch Etive

Bridge Over The Atlantic Ocean Seil

signs on Seil

Porpoise II

The Fiance on Porpoise II

seabirds on Cleit Rock

feral goats

view from back of Porpoise II

George Orwell house Barnhill Jura

map of Connel, Seil and areas visited on trip
 Back from the whale watching trip, it would seem that when they say whale 'watching' they mean whale 'looking', as in searching for and failing to find.

Yesterday The Fiancé and I headed up to The Falls Of Lora Hotel at Connel Ferry on the south shore of Loch Etive.  Connel Bridge, the village church and The Falls Of Lora Hotel are the main landmarks in the village.

We checked into the hotel then went straight to the bridge which had caught our eye when we arrived in the area.  Connel Bridge stands astride Loch Etive where it narrows on its approach to the Firth of Lorn and the open sea.  The name Connel comes from the Gaelic for rough water.  A rocky shelf causes spectacular rapids here during parts of the tide cycle and it was obvious to us we were there at one of them particular parts of the tide cycle, the speed of the water rushing in from the Atlantic towards Loch Etive was amazing.  That's a pic of me and the Canon G10 taking the next pic of The Connel Bridge with the waters speeding past behind me.

Aterchekin ou the ridge, which also meant taking a drive over it to North Connel and spotting our hotel from the north shore of Loch Etive, we took the bags up to our room.  Fantastic views from our room as e were on the second floor, the two windows on the second floor above the front door.  The Falls Of Lora Hotel is a wonder of tack and valuables, an eclectic mix that takes you from Scotland to Holland via China.  You'd have to see it to understand, The Fiancé reckons they went to an auction and just bought everything they saw.  There is much Scottish stuff and taxidermy is given plenty wall space throughout with the de rigueur stag heads.  In reception your treated to an ugly but gently tinkling water feature, a deer by a pool, with small turtles clinging to the pool edge.  It's hotel olde world behind the desk, with an old style check-in book proffered for completion, and on check out the girl enters the financial details in a heavily bound double entry ledger, it's like something from a Dickens tale.  Climbing the stairs from reception to the first floor you pass a collection of what appears to be Chinese items, wooden dragon sculptures feature here and in the optimistically named 'Cocktail Bar', which doesn't brag of a vast cocktail menu, but instead claims to offer over 100 brands of whiskey.  Travel on up the staircase to the second floor and suddenly there's a crammed windowsill island of blue and white Dutch style Delftware pottery items.  Back on the ground floor the guests' lounge looks like a good old folk's home sitting room, with lots of dark wood furniture and pale green floral patterns, very old fashioned standard lamps, a heavy old shiny brass globe, loads of nick-knacks and ornaments and piles of books and magazines on side tables.  Through to the 'cocktail bar' and your mind is now blown, this is the room with the central log fire and huge brass chimney, several highly polished brass or is it copper(?) coal scuttles that never saw a whiff of real coal sit around the edge.  The tables/seating is modern lightweight crappy cane and wicker, bare new brick walls, and yet this is where we sat below the wall cabinet full of apparently olde world antiques.   This locked wall cabinet contained much silver, tankards and the likes, glass and crystal items, and I spotted a silver-look lighter cover I know for a fact was a free gift with Silk Cut cigarette coupons maybe in the late '80s, this one was engraved with 'Mrs W' and highly polished in a prominent place, proudly on show...strange.

Adjoining the 'cocktail bar' is the equally twee 'bistro', where we had dinner.  There were ordinary foods on the menu.  Our chosen starters were alright, we were both ravenous at that point, and the mains were OK.  The sweets were immediately startling, suddenly they were trying to impress.   Both The Fiancé's sticky toffee pudding and ice cream, and my apple pie and ice cream arrived in huge bowls which The Fiancé suggested was to ensure the chef got the sweet in the plate when he flung it.   Continuing with the sudden urge to impress, both the sweets were also 'decorated' with a sprig of mint and a heavy handed sprinkling of brown powder, drinking chocolate? 

Next morning we both went for breakfast and had the worst scrambled eggs outside of an NHS hospital, in fact, the only time I've ever seen such scrambled egg is in an NHS hospital.  At that time back in the days of Bangour Village Hospital I was told the scrambled egg was so bad because it was made of pasteurised egg powder as real egg would be too big a food poisoning risk.  Of course, routine NHS breakfasts don't even offer egg powder anymore, it's all cereals, porridge and bread now.  The breakfast menu cards mention that to people not, erm enjoying, this meal as part of the B&B price already paid, the cost is £11 something, which quite took my breath away.

Having said all that, dissing the food and the decor, and come to think of it, I should add that some of the staff were lacking in customer skills, the bar and bistro staff aren't focused on their work.  The lady in the bar was a tad confused, bout everything, I could give several examples of this, but I'll just tell the wine mistake.  The Fiancé asked for a glass of red and a glass of white.  She poured the white, then made a mess of pouring the red, so she transferred the red into another glass, then put the full glass under the counter and charged him for a glass of white and an empty glass.  When we arrived enquiring about a table for dinner, they took us through to the bistro area, having us stand around looking stoopid before informing us there wasn't a table, they should've known there wasn't a table before taking us through only to be sent away to wait.  I could forgive all that, and the receptionist was pleasant and endured a couple of comments from The Fiancé that were left of centre, but I have to mention The Phone Lady. 

The Phone Lady spent the entire Thursday evening, from when we checked in, to when we went on up to bed after dinner, sitting like a Buddha on a chair in the customer area of reception.  She sat with a foot under her bum, constantly on and off the phone, fair enough, whatever she was doing, be it a thriving sex line business or a telemarketing cold-calling side-line, when she saw me, I got looked up and down and dismissed with a look of disgust, not very friendly, whoever she is.

BUT, having said all that, dissing the food, and the decor and most of the public meeting staff, we liked it.  We liked it a lot, it's quirky surreal otherworldliness made it extremely interesting and some how, very comfortable, and the people watching opportunities were many fold, people from another time and place, most of the customers were of a similar ilk.

Anyway, back to the purpose of our trip.  After breakfast we headed down through Oban to Seil.  Traffic moves slowly through Oban, maybe it was because both times we hit Oban were at school times, so maybe the school runs and the school bus services make a big impact.  But soon enough we arrived at The Bridge Over The Atlantic, which was cute, and then the equally cute sing posts on Seil.  Even with sat nav you drive past the Sealife - adventures centre on Seil, it isn't well signposted.  We went into the island shop for sandwiches and water and got directions which took us back along the road we'd driven, now hyper alert to finding our boat trip we found it easily following the shop lady's instructions.

The boat trip was the five hour whale-avoiding trip, and from what I could make out, most of the time was spent in the impressive over-250 meter deep turbulent waters of The Firth Of Lorn, which are stunning and of great marine and natural heritage significance.  The Fiancé was all kitted out in an all-in-one off-shore suit and I layered up with 5 layers, the 4th being my parker and a waterproof trousers and kagol outer layer, with my starry Wedge Wellies on my feet.  I had three hoods, a sweat hoodie, a parka hood and a kagol hood, and for the majority of the boat trip I had all 3 in action, it gets a bit wet out there, and it never even rained.  The Fiancé provided us both with neat little life jackets, on the boat I noticed that the only three people wearing life jackets were us and the Skipper's assistant Amy, but The Fiancé wouldn't have us going offshore without them, good man.  Before we even got on the boat the Skipper appeared to be telling us the weather conditions were poor, and if anyone wanted to just call it off, he'd give a full refund, because he couldn't go to the main whale areas, and he weren't too sure how the whirlpool was going to play out either.  Everyone, without exception, was prepared to take it any which way, some people had come a long distance, the Skipper probably, may have, might have, could've perhaps known this would be the case already, he may give this same speech before near on every one of his trips out.  We were all up for it and the trip went ahead.  We didn't see any whales, and no dolphins, but we did see a good few glimpses of porpoises flashing their back fins briefly above the water.  We also saw cormorants, shags, herons, feral goats, deer, a sea-eagle and bizarrely as an added extra, George Orwell's house Barnhill on Jura, where he wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four, first published in 1949.  He apparently took a disastrous unscheduled dip in the Atlantic during a boating expedition which nearly led to drowning.  George Orwell left Jura in a weak condition in January 1949.  The fact he died of TB in January 1950 indicates his time on Jura was far from beneficial to his physical health.

The Corryvreckan, the world's third largest whirlpool was there, but kept at a distance from us, it was extremely difficult for the un-educated eye to discern what bit of wave action was the whirlpool and what bit wasn't, t'was the weather you know, the Skipper started to look like a bit of a woose in my eyes, but hey, what do I know, I have to bow to his superior knowledge.  All in all we really enjoyed our Whale-avoiding trip, well worth the money, just wish there'd been some whales and a whirlpool.

  Star smilie clear18/08/09
garden furniture in situ
and Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Tinsleworm
 The summit bit for the van didn't arrive, so The Fiancé hired a van instead, in which we went and picked up the furniture, a couple of them big storage boxes, huge amounts of compost, 360liters to be exact and a load of pot feet.  Didn't see any seat cushion pad things we liked, I'll look elsewhere for them.  The furniture is looking very good in situ, I've always wanted a garden that was asking for a table and chair set up, now I have that kind of garden, I get a warm glowy feeling.

The stuff we bought was all sold out with even the demonstration model sat by Customer Services with a name tag on awaiting pick up, so just as well we went back and bought when we did.

We've been to see Bill Bailey at The Theatre Royal in Glasgow.  We went in the hire van for fear of parking risks to The Jag, but turns out the venue is closely situated to a load of extremely good multi-storey parking facilities.  He was very entertaining, funny and musically talented.  He made me smile and guffaw a lot, but he didn't send me home with aching facial and abdominal muscles.  He did three encores, and just when you thought he'd really gone he jumped back out onstage congratulating them of us who remained for being the 'hardcore'.  Truth was we were on our way up the stairs, at the beginning of the very long way out from the upper circle, but quickly sat down again and enjoyed the very last of Bill Bailey Glasgow August 2009.  At least we think it was the last, the safety curtain had come down.
  Star smilie clear17/08/09
garden furniture
swagged, starting the
gardening jobs, Spicey
Queen regulars and 50p

Cast Aluminium garden furniture

lead effect planter

glazed pot feet

Isle Of Man TT 50p coin
 Up to Homebase early doors and swagged the set, table, 4 chairs and two-seater bench.  The Fiancé's waiting for a summit bit for the van, which should arrive tomorrow, once he's got that sorted we'll pick up the garden furniture.  I'm all excited bout it cos it's gonna look so cool on patio number 3.  Patio 1 is at the front door, Patio 2 is at the back and French doors and Patio 3 is at the foot of the garden.  The garden is so inviting now, crying out to be sat in, relaxed in, pottered around in.  Also picked up three planters in the lead effect, so I can get my climbing plants vibe going again on that brick wall.  And a load of pot feet for under the pots and planters, they look really good, help protect the plants from frost and slugs, protect the paving and stop the pots getting so dirty.  But I'll need a load more when I get all my pots back from The Parents' place.  When the vans back on the road we can go get the plants, and pick up more compost and pot feet and a load of cushions when we're getting the furniture.  Also need a couple of them big outdoor storage boxes

I filled in soil round the lawn edge up to meet Patio 3, it's just a gap of between 2 to 5 inches, scattered some pellet fertiliser then planted some grass seed. 

The Fiancé and I hit The Spicy Queen in South Queensferry this evening for another Indian meal.  We're being recognised as regulars in there now.  I came up with a cunning plan this evening, we have starter and main in The Queen's Spice then nick next door to our favourite chippy for one of their delicious soft ice creams for sweet.  The Indian food in The Queen's Spice is delicious but I found their sweet menu rather boring, containing only ice cream as it does, and though their ice creams are nice enough, they're obviously straight out the freezer and brick hard, not as nice as a Mr Whippy type softy.  We took a walk along to the harbour licking on our cones, the tide was way out so all the yachts were looking decidedly uncomfortable and non-glamorous, sitting on the sandy floor and seaweed, leaning against the harbour walls.

I always look at my 20p, 50p and £1 coins, in case I find a dateless 20p or a special limited edition 50p.  Today I found an Isle Of Man 1997 50p commemorating the TT racing, which interested The Fiancé.  Looking on eBay, as you do, I then discovered a 1982 Mick Grant Isle Of Man 50p, when I mentioned it to The Fiancé he swagged it for himself, being a Mick Grant fan.

  Star smilie clear16/08/09
garden furniture and
The Baader Meinhof

Baader Meinhof DVD
 Went to Homebase today and saw a set of cast aluminium garden furniture we both liked muchly.  We should've bought it there and then cos this evening back home researching online, it's a total bargain and I don't see any other stuff I'd like instead.  We put off the purchase today cos the van is out of action till Tuesday, thinking we'd go back then, when we have a vehicle to take it home in.  But Homebase was in the midst of changing over it's seasonal lines, garden furniture was reduced to a wee bit floor space with Sale signs all over the few boxes left.  We'll be back at Homebase ASAP (as early as possible) tomorrow morning. 

Watched The Baader Meinhof Complex tonight, strong stuff.  There's a human brain structure and chemistry, a mind-set, that influences a few to be driven by whatever 'revolution' they feel is their personal revolution.  Scary what these people can be manipulated to do to other human beings if they are in communication with influential individuals.  The Baader Meinhof Complex tells of the radicalised children of the German Nazi generation.  This lot, the Red Army Faction, fronted by Baader, a charismatic but short-tempered sociopath and Meinhof, a intelligent journo who I can't fathom, she left her children to peruse her own destruction, perceive the German establishment to be supporting American imperialism.  It's an excellent portrayal of that time in European history, I can only hope, and truly expect, the authorities that fight against self-appointed terrorist leaders and cells these days, learn from the mistakes made in past times to stop or at least reduce the influence and damage of terrorists. I'm convinced it is the case, the movie portrayed Horst Herold, the chief of police at the time, as inventing modern counterterrorism measures with his use of computers and publicity.  On both sides, the baddies and the goodies, this German decade of terror foreshadowed the world in which we live now. 

The movie showed the terrorists filming a hostage and releasing the footage to the media, I was expecting some black hooded figure to enter and slice the hostage's head off with a big blade, a terrorist technique that's an obvious precursor of the current jihadist use of videoed killings for release to the world's media.

More than 100 Germans were prepared to kill, maim and kidnap in the name of the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism during the years of 1968-1977, killing dozens of people, while the rest of Germany lived in fear.  Wrong, wrong, wrong, all terrorism is wrong.  But nothing changes, no great big change occurs, there will always be people willing to hurt and kill others for whatever delusional belief they decide to pin their name to.

There's a brilliant article by Bryan Appleyard at Timesonline.
  Star smilie clear14/08/09
unique sleeveless
studded Levi jacket,
crystal shoes, jeggings,
Anvil, MarilynsWorld
improvements and The
Garden Job completed

studded sleeveless Levi jacket

studded diamante crystal shoes

Cotton Club jeggings

Anvil DVD

Starry Towers Sign
 The Studded Sleeveless Levi jacket project happened, and I can now proudly reveal my original, one off unique high fashion garment.  As I considered where to 'stud' I decided less is more, it could've become a heavy metal nightmare, but I exercised restraint and taste.  I wore my sleeveless denim jacket today, it doesn't keep you very warm but it looks spot on.  I've got loads of studs left over having only used 28 of the 150, so if anything else in the walk-in looks like it may benefit from some studding...studded it will be.  They're really easy to use and highly effective.  If you've been thinking about customising anything with some bang up to date studs, do it.  They come in many different shapes, sizes and finishes, are widely available on eBay, cost very little and look great.

Visited The Mum this evening, she liked the studs, but like a proper Mum, she was worried I may have ruined a good jacket by cutting the sleeves off.  I reassured her I've got two other Levi denim jackets with sleeves and a GUESS one which also retains it's sleeves.

In case anyone's concerned I don't seem to have purchased anything in the last couple days, relax, I have. just got THE shoes of the moment, The Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain, studded and diamante crystal sandal look-a-likey, look-and-likey-very-very-much.  The real thing costs about £1400.  The DesireClothing ones are basically the same full-on gorgeous foot-decoration for £25.  You'd have to be mad or very very rich to enter into a deal, your hard-earned in exchange for the Balmain version shoes...are you mad?  No?  Well get onto ASAP, they will sell out fast.

I also got another couple pairs of jeggings from  Of all the pairs I've tried out, their Cotton Club brand versions are easy to slip into, stay skin-tight while not feeling too tight or uncomfortable, they don't slip down and they're nice and long, at £10 a time get a couple pairs of black and indigo.

The Fiancé and I watched Anvil this evening, it's sposed to be 'unbelievably funny' and 'at times hilarious'.  I didn't find it so, I found it warm, affectionate, entertaining, touching and...sad.  For me there was no humour in Lips and Rob Reiner's unfulfilled dream.  These guys were as good as a load of other heavy metal bands back in the 80s, very much the same as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Slayer et al.  Not to my personal taste music wise, but what they did, they did well.  Maybe it was cos they're Canadian, they just never reached the dizzy heights of stardom.  Many of their peers from back in the day appeared in the movie, crediting them with being the real thing, back in the day.  But, this is 2009 and the ones who did make it back then, even they sound dated to me and must rely on their died-in-the-wool fans and an ever decreasing new fan-base.  Heavy metal isn't the most popular music genre these days.  I liked the Anvil guys, the movie shows them to be adorable characters, just a little dim.  A touching and moving movie, but you won't want to buy their merchandise, you'll just hope that others do.  I hope the movie made some money for them.

Some may have noticed that MarilynsWorld has improved in the last week or so.  Yes, I have uploaded a load of the old stuff that I lost when I had my disaster, but I've also changed over to working with tables in Microsoft Expression Web.  When I started my website I didn't read the instruction manual, I just winged it, and I continue to wing it.  Instruction manuals are for The Fiancé.  I clicked on the 'table' functions and played around till I found out how they work, and they work really well.  Tables keep everything centred, regardless of the screen you view it on, the row and column thing allows you to add as much as you want and everything seems to stay exactly where you place it when your building a page.  I've loaded up all the galleries again using tables, then made the Hamish page over to tables, then The Lobby, ever increasing in confidence of my usage of tables, and that they are an improvement on my old design, I made over The Blog to tables in the last couple days.  There's a load of images I still have to re-link properly in The Star Blog, bear with me while I get that done.  It's a laborious process.  The best thing bout using tables for The Star Blog is that I can now keep the 'date' column exactly in-line with the blog entries.  Blog date and accompanying story entries are now contained in a row and will never become out of sync again.  Also 'tables' allow you to determine a load of info relating to the look of your page, like whether the page will have a solid colour behind the text, or if a background image with show, and they also allow for a variety of options on the one page.  Things will only get better.

Building a website is, for me, a learning process, I've come a long way, and I've enjoyed it immensely all along the way.  It's become my favourite hobby and I've got a long way still to go.  When The Fiancé told me he'd bought me I didn't realise what a great gift he'd given me.  I didn't think I'd even do anything with it, I believe I owned it for about a year before I actually started using it. is an outlet for my creativity and keeps The Mum, The Dad and The Fiancé when he's away working in The North Sea, updated on what's happening here at Starry Towers in Sunny D.  There's a few others who know me personally, family and friends who have been made aware of, and I've had some positive feedback from them.  If anyone else is clicking on, then I'll be surprised, but also happy, I'll be amazed if and when someone contacts me via the 'contact me' button in The Lobby.

The Garden Job is finished, no more young-ger workies hanging around Starry Towers on a daily basis, but I'm glad.  The Fiancé came home last evening in time to meet up with the guys and complete the deal, ie...hand over the cash.  He's well happy with their work and ready to put more work in the direction of Ecoss Landscaping when we have summit needs doing that they can do.  The next job at Starry Towers will be a Fiancé job, replacing that redundant side door that leads no-where now the side-stairs are gone with a double glazed window.  Then the bit under the new window will need bricked up to meet the window.  Then the rough-casting thing will have to be applied and Starry Towers will then be re-painted.  Once that's all done I'll be buying a sign, a nice shiny white-metal plaque saying Starry Towers.  Seems easy enough to give your house a name officially, just put it down at every opportunity in real life and ont'inernet.

Of equal importance is the wall and gates we need out front at the pavement on Main Street, The Fiancé is working on a design for that.  And when it stops raining I'm going to start the gardening stuff that needs doing.

Star smilie clear12/08/09

sequin jacket and rowan


Rowan tree from Tom

The size 10 sequin jacket ordered yesterday at about midday from Boohoo arrived this morning, pretty damn quick, and damn pretty jacket.  Fits nicely and it's lovely and shiny without being garish, sequins have changed over the years, these ones are tiny and lie side by side giving a sparkly shimmer to the fabric.  Very happy with that.


My friend Tom, of Shetland sheep Rench Marilyn fame, that friend Tom, visited this afternoon bringing me a gift.  A Rowan tree.  He's been looking out for one since I told him I wanted one to grow in a pot in the garden.  He'd been visiting an old friend and fellow Shetland sheep breeder, a lady in her 80s who lives near Dolphinton in Peeblesshire and she readily gave him a baby tree from her garden.  In the bag, roots tangled in with the Rowan tree roots was what I'm thinking is a clump of Lily of the Valley.  I couldn't throw it away so had to find a spot for it in the garden.


Star smilie clear10/08/09

Levi denim jacket,

supervising The Starry

Towers Garden Job,

The Home Office

emails, Carry On

While Your Old Man's

Overseas and Russell

Brand on the radio

Russell Brand Noel Gallagher Talk Sport


Levi denim jacketSnagged another faded blue Levi denim jacket t eay today, this one's for customising.  I'm going to remove the sleeves and probably embellish with a few carefully placed silver round flat studs.  Got the 9.5mm studs at eBay too, so I'll wait see what they look like before I make msilver flat studs 9.5mmy final decisions on how far to take this personalisation.  At this time I'm thinking a line of studs along the hemline above the front pockets at the foot of the yoke, or maybe fill the entire yoke area, I got 100 of them.  Maybe I wont take the sleeves off, but all the fashionistas are rocking the sleeveless denim jacket, so I probably will.



The Starry Towers Garden Job is progressing nicely, 3 days down and they've got all the demolishing and a lot of the preparation done.  I think all they have to do now is press sand in then lay the blocks.  The full updated story is on Starry Towers


A short while back I wrote to The Home Office in support of Gary McKinnon, today I received a reply from them.  It's an unintelligible load of letters and symbols.  Maybe it' a secret code.  I reckon is meant to look like something else ie something that makes sense, and has been mixed up in some email sending process.  It's pretty pointless sending out emails that aren't going to arrive t ordinary punter's inboxes in any sort of readable form.  I replied to them telling them thanks but I cant read it, and got an automatic reply saying my email was blocked and won't be getting through.  Talk about Catch 22.


Tomorrow I've got the workies round again, Tesco delivering, then a friend visiting in the evening.  It's just as well all The Fiancé's jokes about bored housewives, OMO, the suburbs and his general Carry On type take on every day life has no basis in Sunny D, least not in my life in Sunny D, or imagine the choice tomorrow would be offering. 


I recently came across an internet download of Rusell Brand's return to the radio airwaves.  On April 19th he did a 2 hour special with none other than Noel Gallagher on Talk Sport.  OK, it's about football, but it's very funny, even to someone who has no interest in football.  Russell and Noel are dedicated football fans, which really shines through, along with their humour.  Russell is fantastic, he even makes a live phone call...but no fretting...he calls Jonathan Ross, and they get away with taking a poke at the thousands who complained bout Manuelgate.  I've put a link to the download in The Lobby, and I'll be keeping an eye on The Talk Sport Radio website in the hope they do another episode.

  Star smilie clear11/08/09


coincidence, Best

Friend visit, Xmas 2009

shopping, whit-woo and Mona Lisa


Coincidently, a parcel arrived from Boohoo this morning along with a postcard from France, and coincidently the postman introduced himself as Charlie, saying he remembered me, as he used to be a porter at Bangour Hospital, where I used to live and work long long time ago.  Coincidently, I tried on the items, 2 were good, but the sequin jacket, I spent ages trying to decide if it was too big, rolling up the too long sleeves and posing at different angles, measuring it against another jacket, in the end, it was too big and would need to be returned.  Coincidently, Tesco were delivering between 1 and 3pm, so I couldn't nip out to the PO.  I packaged the jacket, placed the postcard on top and set about some housework.  Tesco arrived, I put the stuff away and finished the hovering.  Then I phoned The Boy for a catch up chat as he'd stayed at a friend's last night.  Then I stuck on my parka, lifted the parcel and the postcard and took a stroll to the local shop and PO. 


The postcard wasn't for Starry Towers you see, it was addressed to the right number to be for us, but it wasn't for us, someone holidaying in France had guessed at their friend's address.  Coincidently I chose that time to pop out to the PO.  I took the postcard to the lady at the shop counter while the PO man was sorting the parcel return, asking her if she knew the family.  Coincidently she did know the name and was explaining they lived in a house just across the road, when she looked up, she said, "in fact..." then looking at a man who had just entered and was now standing beside me...'isn't your name Mr R****?'  It was, the monumental coincidence was the postcard was for the man standing right next to me.  As if by some 6th sense I had attracted him to me.  I've never seen him before in my life, and there he was when I was looking for him.  That's quite a coincidence.  Of course it would've been more amazing if the post card address was really wrong and he actually lived in another town or another country and was standing next to me when I was looking for him, saying, 'I don't know why I came to Sunny D today'.  But still, the PO man and I were both quite tickled by it all, but he always seems slightly tickled when he's talking to me. 


Anyway, the jacket was lovely and I rally want it, so I've reordered in the next size down. 


The Best Friend came over this evening for wine and whines.  It's becoming a very wine and whine night for the two of us, we're wise.  But in my usual bound and gag way, I say no more.


The Best Friend has seen The Starry Towers estates many many times, her reaction to the changes, even at this red-sand-still-in-progress stage, she was well impressed.  My friend was agog...nay...she was astounded, astounded AND agog, she was so amazed at the Starry Towers Estate ongoing improvements and the consequential seeming growth in size of the grounds area that she enquired who is doing the work.  It would appear that the changes, even at this half way stage, are so impressive, others would wish to hire this lot to work The Ecoss Landscaping magic for them too.  I wish to state here and's MY design, MY vision, don't go thinking these guys will just come over to your place and do the do, behind every fantastic renovation there is a designer, a dreamer, a thinker, a great mind, a visionary, well actually I think they pretty much do just come over and get it spot on regardless.


On eBay, bagged The Mum's Chrissie Pressie, how good does that make me feel?  It's Augus, I'm ahead of the game, a Xmas present in the bag...and such a lurverly Xmas pressie...happy dance


I got whistled at...a wolf one.  I wasn't going to mention it, cos to mention it tells so much about my sorry age-related downfall.  In the good old days when I got wolf-whistled all the wasn't worth metioning, indeed, it would be something that I'd deliberately not mention back then, because

to mention it would've served only to reinforce the negative anti-feminist issues involved...back then.  But OMG, when time passes, and ageing kicks in....whistle...please whistle.


Couple days ago when I had to engage in a public transport situation, which is bad enough, and only happens in one-off, extreme situations when The Fiancé is off-shore, but anyway, on the outgoing journey I'd seen these three real tinky looking guys on the bus, they were duly ignored but noted, cos I'm not blind and/or stupid.  And there they were on the way back too...I knew there was flirting from one in particular, but he seemed to be with this really disgusting greasy and fat pikey woman.  I mean really ugly, really really really ugly, like a TV character playing a greasy fat ugly pikey woman, uglier than if Kathy Burk or Jo Brand was playing a fat ugly pikey type.  AND they had a black skinny mongrel dog on a string.  OK I exaggerate, I didn't see a string, could've been a leather collar and proper chain.  Te guys weren't anything to be proud of either, was going to ask them to tarmac my drive till I remembered some blond good looking guy and his workies were currently working on monoblocking it.

On the return journey, the ring-leader and I suspect the one who whistled, he was in the seat directly in front of me.  When I'd got on I heard one of them say, that's the girl from the bus earlier, I just ignored them.  But anyway, he'd got jelly babies out, there was a pikey guy sitting next o him, another in the seat in front of him, then the pikey woman sitting in the next seat up ahead, sitting sideways looking forward then back, doling out ugly angry looks to all.  The ringleader guy gave a Pikey guy a jelly baby, then made to pass one to the pikey blob female, as she moved to reach for it, he withdrew it and was putting it up and back...towards me, I pretended not to notice, but he was teasing her and I'm sure pretending to pass it back to me.  Then as I was leaving the whistle came.  If that's her boyfriend, she needs to get a better one, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.


Meanwhile, earlier this month, a woman who threw a cup at the 500 year old Mona Lisa was introduced to psychiatric hospital life.  I've seen The Mona Lisa.  It could be regarded by some as an anticlimax, due to it's smallness and how it's quite dark.  To a world of humans who can zoom and lighten digital images, and photoshop a face that doesn't look all that attractive, she may just have been expressing her personal opinion.  However, this Russian woman made absolutely no impression on Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece which was completely unscathed, as the ceramic mug smashed on bullet-proof glass surrounding the painting.  And thank the lord...I don't want mentally unhinged people destroying stuff. 


Mona Lisa


Star smilie clear08/08/09

The Mum birthday,
eBay sewing machines

and Zack and Miri make
a Porno

My Mum Rocks

Mum's Birthday Card 2009


Antique WILLCOX  & GIBBS  Sewing machine


Vintage Singer sewing machine 1935


Zack and Miri make a Porno DVD


If I could bake and get creative with icing, this is the birthday cake I'd make for The Mum.  Happy Birthday Mum, love you kissysnugglyhugzillions.


Birthday cake for The Mum 2009


I can't do that, but I can do eBay, I'm kinda lacking in the kitchen department but...born to a shark.  This evening I was set the challenge of winning a vintage sewing machine for The Mum, pressie from The Dad.  Total coincidence it as finishing on The Mum's birthday.  A 1885 Willcox  & Gibbs, in excellent working order, complete with tools and attachments. I'd been given a rough upper limit, but I knew how much she wanted it.   It was moving fast at the end, 10 bidders, at least 3 of them active in the closing minutes, with 60 seconds to go I placed a bid, immediately I was informed it wasn't mine.  With 17 seconds to go I decided to go £30 more than my suggested upper limit, I had to.  Imagine the disappointment, on her birthday, if I hadn't.  With trembling fingers I clicked my new bid, then the 'confirm bid' it...with 2 seconds to go.  I'm good.  The Boy had come offline and shut down his desktop, laptop and Play Station to give over all the bandwith to me and eBay.


While I was waiting for The Willcox & Gibbs auction nearing it's end I spotted a very pretty, loved ad cared for 193 vintage Singer sewing machine. Mum hadn't spotted it, but when she had a look, she liked, she liked very much.  So I was given eBay challenge #2 for this evening.  Slightly calmer this tme roun, but not much, I done more of my eBay magic, and got that one too. 


So that was The Dad's pressies to Mum sorted out.  I'd Moonpigged...personalised card featuring a photo of Mum's cute little doggy Leo, and The Boy.  My pressie to Mum was a silver and Swarovski crystal named necklace, in the style of my own one she'd admired so much.


The Boy and I watched Zack and Miri make a Porno tonight, we both enjoyed the movie, funny and endearing, it's less a porno, and more a very good rom-com.  I cared...and Jason Mewes naked, nice.  Though we did wish the porno they'd made had turned out to be 'Star Whores', that was shaping up to be excellent.  Googling now...I knew it...Kevin Smith's wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, as the girl at the front desk at the school reunion.  I enjoyed her on a couple episodes of Smodcast too.  Elizabeth Banks was amazing.


Star smilie clear07/08/09

The Garden Job
progressing nicely,
shopping, Smodcast
and Mewescast, and if

you can't do the time,
don't do the crime

Boohoo black sequin fitted jacket


DesireClothing blue zip detail muscle back top

Day 2 of The Garden Job, update on The Starry Towers page.


I've found a sequin jacket I like at, and that black zip detail muscle back top I got from, like it so much I've ordered the blue version too.  My Star designer clothing arrived today, and the Who Is Virgilio Anderson? Tee shirts ready for the Richard Herring gig.


I've discovered tables in Expressions Web, they make it far easier to build website pages that do what the webmaster intends them to.  Building the site back up using tables now.


I was downloading the latest episodes of my favourite podcasts this evening and finding a new Smodcast, Smodcast 90, I felt moved to post, leaving a message for Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier on their message boards, thanking them for...everything.  I had a Google around and discovered Jason Mewes has his own Mewescast, 3 episodes so far, grabbed them for my iPod listening pleasure.  I've listened to #1, and so far, it's not very good.  The sound quality is terrible and Mr Mewes hasn't said much of interest.


I owe a debt of gratitude to Smodcast, there's been time they come to my rescue.  Days at work, when I thought I might crack...they got me through, nights when I couldn't sleep, they lulled me into slumber, they ease my mind, entertain me and educate me loads.  And Jay and Silent Bob have been characters The Boy and I have enjoyed immensely in movies we watched together...good guys.


There are times when people find themselves at the mercy of a foreign country's judicial system and it's an obvious injustice.   For example, Gillian Gibbons, the English school teacher jailed in Sudan for allowing her young Sudanese  charges to name their class teddy bear 'Muhammad' comes to mind, that was such an idiotic trumped up, Western-Infidels-We-Hate-You-Racially-Driven-Criminal-Injustice against an innocent old do-gooder lady. There are also more serious and real criminal charges that result from clashes of culture and ignorance that should be taken into consideration and I always hope for human rights to be forefront in these cases, some countries history of human rights are poorer than others, so of course there will be times when we have to fight for someone else's rights as they rot away in a foreign prison.


BUT Samantha Orobator?  In what country is it legal to get on a plane carrying heroin about your person?  She knew better han that, she grew up in Peckham, London FFS.  She saved her life in Laos by getting pregnant in jail, and the where's and how's of that remain a mystery at this time.  A Mr Watson, another Brit jailed in Laos for drug smuggling is reported to be the father of the child.  Well Ms Orobator...your unborn child may have saved your life, but heroin kills other people's children.


The message given out from the UK...go ahead Brits, smuggle drugs anywhere you like, we'll step in and bring you home.  If she hadn't been stopped till she arrived at a London airport, would the UK be treating her so sympathetically?




Star smilie clear06/08/09

The Garden Job...
you're only supposed
to blow
the bloody
gates off! Frank Skinner

at The Assembly
Rooms and Step

Frank Skinner


Assembly Rooms during the Fringe


Assembly Rooms Edinburgh photos


Step Brothers DVD


The Garden Job...they blew the gates off and then some, see Starry Towers page for how that's going. 


Another evening out planned for The Fiancé and I at The Fringe Festival.  Frank Skinner’s Credit Crunch Cabaret, straight from a sell-out run in London’s West End, Frank hosts 90 minute variety shows starring award winning comedians, musical acts and leadig variety performers at The Assembly Rooms in George Street.  It's the Credit Crunch Cabaret cos it's a tenner a ticket.  In his West End Show mixed with The Edinburgh Show, cos I can't find a definitive answer on the www...Frank has pulled together a load of acts, including CHRIS ADDISON, DAVID BADDIEL, TOM BASDEN, SIMON BRODKIN, IAN BROUDIE (THE LIGHTNING SEEDS), HUGH CORNWELL (THE STRANGLERS), JENNY ECLAIR, CONNIE FISHER, GOLDIE LOOKING CHAIN, DAVE GORMAN, RICHARD HERRING, RUSSELL HOWARD, TIM KEY LEE MACK, MICHAEL McINTYRE, AL MURRAY - THE PUB LANDLORD, PUNT & DENNIS, ISY SUTTIE, TARA PALMER-TOMKINSON and WE ARE KLANG.


I've just took a spin round The Assembly Rooms.  There's a visual tour available online, fantastic quality, pick a room, stand in the middle of a room, feels like your there, twirling.  Looks like a grand old 18th C building, then I read the history, very interesting, I refer you to The Assembly Rooms History.  That's where I'll be seeing Frank Skinner.


Swag came from Topshop today, I tried the rose vests and the jacket, but the quality ain't up to scratch.  Now I remember why I hardly ever, if at all ever, probably never, buy clothes from Topshop.  Last time I deliberately went to Topshop it was try on the Kate Moss cropped leather biker jacket from a few seasons back.  I didn't get that either, it was a bit cheap and nasty, feel of the material, same as these things today, really thin material for the tops, could spit peas through the weave, and the jacket was a bit rough round the edges.  I know loads of places you can get far better quality for the same price and even for cheaper prices.


The Boy and I watched Step Brothers tonight.  So funny, I nevr missed an opportunity to point out the similarity between teenage behaviour and stupidity as displayed so obviously in a movie that has 40 year olds still living with parents.  The woman has Will Ferrell for a son, and the man has John C Reilly for a son.  The adults meet and after their initial attraction, get married, then move the two 'families' into one house.  Following a lot of hilarious events, the couple split up, driven apart by their 40 year old's tantrums and fights.  The newly-weds obviously made a load of mistakes with their child-rearing, or they wouldn't be dealing with 40 year old still-at-home sons destroying their relationship. The Boy, god bless him, got the funny side, he couldn't avoid noticing the similarities to his own behaviour towards The Fiancé.  I kinda wish The Fiancé had come with a teenage son on board too, so the step-brothers could be there for each other.


Star smilie clear04/08/09

Star merchandise,
Virgilio Anderson and
Eden Lake

Who Is Virgilio Anderson? Star's Tee


Star Hoodie


Star Umbrella


Lake Eden DVD 

Visit the shop at, to purchase all your Star type apparel and accessories.  The Star Hoodie is made of bamboo and Spandex, interesting.  I've also designed Who Is Virgilio Anderson? Tee shirts for The Fiancé and moi to ear to the Richard Herring gig.  Richard Herring has a campaign to discover who Virgilio Anderson is cos this Virgilio fella uses the name Richard Herring on Face Book and no one knows why.  A sign of a true and in-the-know RH fan is the wearing of a VA Tee.  I read on RH's website this evening that he Tweeted that he climbed Arthur's Seat 6 today, so he's in the Capital, preparing to entertain me. 


Watched Eden Lake with The Boy this evening, another fire blazing.  Coincidently...I've done it, used up all the excess coal, apart from two bucket loads, which I can use tomorrow evening, and work starts Thursday, the guys can chuck the coal bunker in the skip.  Eden Lake is brutal, we were scared, t'was quite terrifying, horrible.  Not having read the blurb, so as to make it more exciting, we weren't expecting the bad thing to be what the bad thing is.  And the twisty ending, jeeez, though you can guess what's coming, you don't want to believe what's coming, but it comes.  Terror, suspense, horror, it's got it all.  It's frankly disturbing.  If The Fiancé and I arrived at that B&B, with those people, we wouldn't have stayed.  And we definitely wouldn't have been spending the weekend at that lake after the initial threatening disturbance, let alone after the next thing and the next thing.  We'd have been packed and half way back down the M whatever it was before that dog had even shat on the beach.  It's all academic mind you, cos I wouldn't be sleeping in a tent in the first place.  Them weren't 'children' they were feral sociopaths, which was plainly obvious from the get go, we'd seen the adults on a Friday night's drinking, what made Jenny and Steve think the kids would be any different from the adults?  Anyway, 7 out of 10, good movie, but I wouldn't watch it again, there were bits of it that made me feel nauseous and others that made me do that horrible flinch squeamish skin-crawl thing which isn't a pleasant feeling.


Star smilie clear03/08/09

Splinter, Topshop
jacket, the many uses of chain straps, Will Ferrell and the bad news

Splinter DVD 


Topshop frill jacket


Will Ferrell  George W Bush


Duble U Ferrell


The Boy and I watched Splinter.  It's a good version of what it is, but what it is, is a good looking modern horror flick with a really bad plot.  When I bought it I was thinking the spiky splintery thing would be a psycho killer torture thing.  It isn't, it's much less believable.  There's a killer-virus mutation zombie-effect type situation out there that converts humans into a giant porcupine.  That's intertwined early on with a particularly English-skin-head-football-thug looking jail-bird on the run avec junky girlfriend, for a moment you think it's going to get psycho-devious, but no, it's all about the hedgehog.  There's a lot of mad Addams Family 'Thing' action, as a disembodied hand scuttles around.  Then there's the jail-bird guy fighting his own infected and still attached hand, a la Bruce Campbell in cult classic Evil Dead II.  And for a supposedly clever guy, the woosey-PHD-boyfriend...isn't all that very clever.  I came up with the temperature theory bout half an hour before him.  However, The Boy and I had a nice movie night of chat and laughs in front of a roaring fire...still burning the excess fuel here at Starry Towers.clutch bag chain strap necklace


Topshop's got some nice stuff.  I found this jacket online, waterfall style blazer with hook and eye fastening at front, promising to remain a wardrobe staple which will smarten up any outfit. 


10 uses for...cain clutch bg straps.  Slight exaggeration, actually 2 uses for chain straps...1 you can attach to the bag they came with to allow hands free activity on a night out, and 2, tie a couple together in a loose low knot and be mightily pleased with yourself and your new necklace.  Try two or three together till you find the look you like best.  Some will be amazed at my style and cutting-edge fashion ingenuity, others will realise I read the idea in a magazine after, Lily Allen I think it was, was photographed doing the self same thing.  I specially favour a black and a silver together.


George W Bush or Will Ferrell...who was that man?  None other than the comedy genius of 2004's Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, only 2001's poodle-carrying Zugato of Zoolander fame.  AND also, infinitely funny fez wearing Mustafa of Austin Power's fame, the middle-eastern henchman of Dr Evil, burnt alive then shot twice, his voice carrying through the ventilation system back to the main office after Dr Evil banished him from top table to furnace in one easy flick of a trapdoor switch, from executive position to burny fire in the blink of an eye.  Evil masterminds woul expect that to be the end of it, but..."Someone help me, I'm still alive only I'm very badly burned", then Bang!!!..."You shot me".  '...OK...moving on' says Dr Evil assuming him dead this time, then the fading, but still clearly alive voice of Mustafa..."You shot me right in the arm why did you....", another Bang!!!!...and he's finally dead.


Will Ferrell of Old School fame, from Blades Of Glory and Elf, THAT Will Ferrell.  I first saw Will Ferrell playing a fictional Blue Öyster Cult's 'Gene Frenkle', modelled on the real BOC vocalist Eric Bloom, in the Saturday Night Live sketch 'More Cowbell'...starring Starry's favourite man...Christopher Walken.  Mr Walken as a record producer called Bruce Dickinson (not to be confused with the real Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of Iron Maiden).  Walken makes passionate and unhinged speeches advising the band to get "more cowbell" into Don't Fear The Reaper as they're recording the song.


Ferrell's Bush spoof was so realistic, was easy to loose yourself pretending it was really Duble U, and the telling of the tale all the more ridiculously outrageous for being true.


The Bad News...Home Secretary Alan Johnson says..."It would be illegal for me to stop the extradition of Gary McKinnon.  Why's he being so shitty?


Kowtowing to the good old US of A as per usual.  The 2003 Extradition Act does limit the Home Secretary's scope for intervention, but Human Rights legislation empowers him to step in unilaterally if he believes it is justified on humanitarian grounds.  On Friday, High Court judges said they couldn't stop the Government extraditing Gary, but they stressed that, as an Asperger's sufferer, he could well commit suicide if locked up in a foreign prison.  There's your humanitarian grounds right there Mr Johnson.


And thanks to a special person today, she's been so forgiving, she's the amazing one.


Star smilie clear30/07/09

some new stuff, Tamiflu
sales go ballistic, Starry
Towers garden work,

reasons to be cheerful
1, 2, 3 and Bikeshite

Matalan Marilyn Face Tee


Matalan Raw Denim Mini Skirt


Desire Clothing denim Arrow mini skirt


Desire Clothing black zip vest


Desire Clothing blue suede zip boots


Desire Clothing black stud chain boots



Been doing a little shopping.  The Marilyn Face T and the paler of the two, denim mini skirts are from Matalan.  I've been chasing that skirt for ages, but it was sold out in stoe and online before, and today it was back, made my day.  It's the mini skirt version of my favourite denim shorts.  The other items are from, another great online fashion shop with very reasonable prices.  Look at those boots, both pairs, gorgeous from tops to toes.  They had a few other items I fancied but where sold out. It's all about zips, chains, studs, print Tees and distressed denim.


Some DVDs I've been waiting on reaching a reasonable price bracket got bought today too...Hush, The Baader Meinhof Complex, Underworld 3: Rise Of The Lycans and Yes Man.  Recently got some more Kevin Smith DVDs.  Kevin Smith of regular Smodcast listenings.  Previous knowledge of Jay and Silent Bob actors, Kevin along with Jason Mewes...The Boy and I love Dogma, Clerks, Mallrats, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, so, all in all, looking forward to watching Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl and Zack And Miri Make A Porno.


I try to resist mentioning Swine Flu.  When the media started on bout the National Pandemic Flu Service, I'm phone call and you've got a guaranteed ticket to The Most Popular Sickie excuse Of The Year, and  course of Tamiflu...oh dear...and rue t expectations, more than 5,500 people got anti-viral drugs on day one and in the first seven days of the service, which applies to England only, 150,000 people got the drug and hence, I'm assuming, the sick line too.  Since the launching of their National Pandemic Flu Service around one in every 150 people in England has had swine flu.


Symptoms include high temperature, cough, headache, weakness and fatigue, aching joints, sore throat, runny nose...easy to state you got them all over the phone or don't www.  The website states...'Remember, many of the viruses causing colds and flu like illness which are circulating at the moment, are not swine flu', will anyone pay attention to that one little nugget of sense on a website intended to do good, but given the nature of the human condition, is more than likely increasing panic and abuse?  no, I doubt it.


How can the UK announce figures when there's no actual proof of how many people really have had it?  I reckon the country is at risk of Swine Flu Panic at best and Swine Flu Abuse at worst, depending on what sort of person you are.  The government needs a good kick up the arse, information issued is based on unproven cases, giving wildly inaccurate collation methods which will of course increase panic, it's a vicious circle.  Why have the government stopped proper doctor diagnostic techniques?  The tried and tested, Flu testing is reliable and could provide accurate figures of actual cases, but instead the government has abandoned the science and went with self-reported 'flu-like symptoms'.  I don't know, but could it be that Tamiflu is cheaper than GP appointments and viral testing?  Tamiflu belongs to Roche, but if you Google Tamiflu your headed towards website totally prompting and selling Tamiflu, they even have a 'tell a friend' button where you can spread the panic to everyone who's email address you know. 


You have to go right down to the foot of the website to discover the company's name and see the information about the website being intended only for the USA.   That's extremely suspect in itself in my opinion, surely they shouldn't be so worried about the legalities of their product.  If they have a good product why would they care in which country your reading the information?   despair.


   Tamiflu spread the panic feature 


Check out their Track The Flu feature, big business alarmist selling techniques.  Spread the fear, spread the panic, spread the Tamiflu, increase the Roche profit margin.  I despair a bit more.


26 deaths in England, 4 in Scotland, but how can they announce death rates, when Scotland and England are using different criteria to determine what caused the deaths?  This 'underlying health problems'...they ain't telling us what that is.  In normal circumstances an underlying health problem would be a medical condition that a person already needs medication for or regular check-ups to maintain, including asthma, diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy or neurological conditions.  But how can we trust this lot's use of the term, when they aren't exactly fostering trust by NOT telling us their criteria with this swine flu?  What other things are considered 'underlying health problems', Australia includes the obese...fat little piggy piggies.  Surely our government has an obligation to produce a comprehensive list?   despair even more.


I have autoimmune allergy conditions, common allergies, a rare type of eczema, vitiligo and I suffered a hard to shift chest infection earlier this year, took two courses of antibiotics and a chest x-ray when my GP was worried bout what she could detect through her stethoscope and diagnostic percussion of the chest wall, could I now be considered to have weakened lungs, could that be considered to be an 'underlying health problem'?


And how can they justify the prescribing of Tamiflu to all and self-diagnosed sundry, increasing the risk of the little piggy flu virus mutating an developing their own Tamiflu resistance?  I'm despairing even more.


  Shaun Of The Swine Flu Dead Zombies Swine Flu hoax


There was a www hoax, in which a web page purporting to be a BBC news page told of a new strain of Swine Flu resulting in zombieism in London.  Many people believed it and many people freaked out about it.  Tonight when I tried to find it, to see for myself and have a laugh, it's very difficult to discover much more.  I did find a sight explaining that the hoax was on a website called  But, such is the hype fear surrounding Swine Flu that seems to have been banished.  And it begs the question, if the powers that be to control the www are so worried about false information bout Swine Flu, why is the rubbish provided by the government still all over the www?  This is what you'll see if you now go to


     bouncewithme swine flu joke


The paving starts next Thursday and the preparation at The Starry Towers Gardens continues apace.  In addition to potting up a load of plants and taking them up to The Parent's place, the old shed found a good home up Aberdoom way, The Jag is parked in a very nice and obliging neighbour's driveway and I'm burning coal and logs like a Hell's Furnace Stoker with a giant shovel.  I've got spare coal and logs you see, loas of both, but the old coal bunker is going and there's no longer the old shed to store the wood in.


I soooo need some time away from work, 5 weeks of in-chargeness and what with everything else work-related, it's fel like a kick in he stomach.  There's so much I can't blog about.  Anyway, have you noticed that people in positions senior to you in your work place have a habit of informing you how to encourage staff in your sphere of influence to perform better by offering praise when deserved (which you know already, and do on a regular basis), but the same seniors never practice what they preach, and your left feeling like shite?  Yes...I believe that's probably a widespread occurrence.


So...reasons to be is good, I don't have Swine Flu, I'm not nor ever have been, a zombie, I've got The Boy, The Fiancé, The Parents, The Bro and The Sis-In-Law, lovely family, Starry Towers is a wonderful place to live, we do loads of great things, see wonderful places, have a pretty good standard of living.  I have my good health and everyone I love is in similar condition, we have nice things, we're good people, never knowingly doing a bad turn to anyone.  August 2009 brings loads to look forward to, there's The Starry Towers Garden project, and a few days annual leave to do the Richard Herring gig, the trip to west for The Whale Watching and The Tattoo.


And OMG!  Bill Bailey!!!  The Fiancé got tickets to Bill Bailey at The Theatre Royal in Glasgow...I just checked online, there's a severe danger of DOUBLE-BOKING-ERROR!  See...I arranged everything else, that's the problem with allowing others to make arrangements, they don't remind you of their stuff when your busy being organised sorting out your stuff.  Fingers crossed cos I reckon if there has been a DOUBLE-BOOKING-ERROR it'll be Bill Bailey V Richard Herring, and I know who The Fiancé would prefer, and it's not who I'd prefer.


Before I booked Richard Herring I ran it past The Fiancé, we were together in the real world, he was home, so it weren't a lost in translation www issue, it was a Fiancé didn't remember to remind me issue.  Or maybe 'm worrying needlessly, cos he remembered Bill Bailey at the time, and agreed to Richard Herring because he knew the dates weren't clashing...maybe.  Fingers, arms, toes, legs and eyes crossed.


The Fiancé has created Bikeshite apparel available to purchase at Spreadshirt.  He purchased me a Girlie V neck T...with MY credit card, says he intends to give me the money back, but there ain't been sight nor sound of a single penny at this time.


    Girlie Bikeshite V neck Girlie Bikeshite vest Men's Bikeshite long sleeve T


Star smilie clear27/07/09

Richard Herring at The
Underbelly, Baby Gone,
Boohoo basics, Rench

Marilyn News,
inappropriate use of
House Of Fun and my

eye is better again

Richard Herring Hitler Moustache


The Underbelly Bristo Square Edinburgh

Gone Baby Gone DVD


Boohoo shrug


Boohoo tie front cardi




Got tickets to see Richard Herring at The Edinburgh Fringe next month.  He's been growing a Hitler moustache for this show, in which he reclaims Chaplin's moustache for comedy, muses on iconography, the positive side of racism and why an innocent square inch of facial hair took the blame for Nazism.  I wanted to go to a Collings and Herrin Podcast show too, but The Fiancé was thinking too much Richard Herring for someone (ie The Fiancé) who's never even heard of Richard Herring.  We'll be in The Underbelly, a large upside-down purple cow containing a 400 seat venue, at Cowgate in the centre of Edinburgh's Old Town.  The Underbelly has seven performance areas and three bars, we'll be in The White Belly room.


Watched Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck's directorial debut, starring his younger brother Casey, an excellent movie which raises many moral issues.  It's a Madeleine McCann and Shannon Matthews mix.  Maddy was taken from doctor parents, public perception being she had a good life with decent parents, no-one had the right to touch her.  Shannon was taken from low-life scum, we later discovered she was actually taken from the low-life scum by the very same lowlife scum who were raising her badly.  Most people would advocate the taking away of Shannon from her shite life if they could...wouldn't they?  I would.  The Fiancé says no-one has the right to judge, to take a child away from the parents because the abductor judges they can afford the child a better life than the real parents are providing.  Not even social services should have that right then? He says yes, social services can.


I was torn.  By the time we realise who has the girl, and what her life could be with her abductors, and what it's very likely to be if returned to her so-called-mother, then watch her taken back to a mother who's only emotions at the loss of her child were displayed when she was on a drug-downer...I felt Patrick's (Casey) girlfriend Angie (Michelle Monaghan) was right.  She wanted to leave the child with the couple who lost their daughter aged 12, and who obviously love and care well for the little girl, Amanda, now.  Social services can't promise anything better, when they get it right they remove children from immediate danger and drop them in children's homes, into institutional life, and the dangers that brings.


I still think Patrick did bad, I wanted him to walk away and leave it, it's Morgan Freeman for god's sake.  Patrick, and The Fiancé thought it better to take her back to a mother who is a drug addict/runner.  By the end of the movie when Patrick visits the wee girl he rescued, she's a blank faced child, sat in front of the TV, reconciled to the neglect that has become mundane to her at such a tender age.  Her mother is about to leave her home alone AGAIN to go on a date with a man she's never met who saw her on some TV programme...paedo-alert!!!


Patrick's Catholic black and white, strict division of right/wrong upbringing, was destroying him and influencing his bad decision, he couldn't see the obvious for seeing his se-in-stone beliefs, even at the cost of losing his lovely girlfriend.



We can only hope that Patrick will stick around to make amends for his bad decision, hopefully he'll be there for Amanda when she becomes old enough to make her own decisions.


My one wee niggle bout the what state of The USA is it OK to shoot an unarmed man in the back of the head, even if that man is a greasy paedophile, with a criminal record, who is evil, just killed a wee boy in the bath and deserves to die?  We saw Patrick being questioned, but he was out and about almost immediately.  I s'pose that could have been another angle on the corrupt police, but it seems doubtful.  Are we to believe that particular police department, n it's entirety, is so corrupt that a blind eye can be turned to the killing of an unarmed man with a bullet to the back of the head?  I'm not saying it's not the best thing to do with paedophiles, I'm suggesting it's still against the law.


Apart from that, fantastic and thought-provoking.


You hate paedophile bad guys as much as I do?  Keep an eye on this website, you never know when it might make a


Bought some Boohoo basics, the shrug is £8 and the tie front cardigan £10, you've got to get them while you can, Igot another 3 of the shrugs, favourite items go out of fashion and you'll wait a decade to get them back again.


Did I or did I not promise the Canon G10 was capable of showing us the hairs on the knees of the bees?  Yes I did, and today I deliver. I' finding this wild-life nature photography involves a lot of hit/miss shots, just keep being in the right place at the right time, clicking away.  Set the controls to suit the situation and hope for the best.


Tom came over this evening telling me of Rench Marilyn's latest news, she didn't do so good last time out, at Biggar on 18th July...only a third.  Tom wasn't so irked as me, he got a load of prizes, something like 3 firsts, 2 seconds and Marilyn's third.  A Rench ewe won the Shetland top prize...well whatever...try harder next time Tom.


The Fiancé's booked a hotel for our whale-watching trip in August.  It's in Oban, we'll drive over there, see a bit of Oban, spend the night there, then drive down to Seil to catch the boat which will take us out to the Corryvreckan whirlpool and beyond to The Garvellachs.


What possessed an advertising agency to use House Of Fun by Madnes to sell Kingsmill bread?  The ad has a teenage boy i bed and despite his alarm clock and all, the only thing waking him up is the smell of toast.  I'm here to testify...the smell of toast doesn't awake teenage boys.


That song's about a teenage boy's first purchase of condoms when he turns 16, welcome to the house of fun now I've come of age, welcome to the lion's den, temptation's on it's way.  Not an image that tends tourge me to purchase bread, what were they thinking...and yes, it's probably sticking in my mind so much I want to mention it in my blog cos The Boy turned 16 yesterday.  From one day to the next, I go from worrying bout paedophiles to worrying bout predatory teenage girls and unwanted pregnancies.

  Star smilie clear25/07/09
The Boy is 16, more
garden prep and got
a sore eye

baby Marcus


Happy Birthday to The Boy, he's sweet 16.  He was such a sweet beautiful baby, such an interesting toddler, such a clever witty boy, such a handsome teenager.  How well I remember this day 16 years ago, it was sore, but I only swore once, used the word 'gosh' a lot instead.  Don't know why, it's not a word I do much, I probably used it more during labour than I have all the rest of my life.


The Boy got loads of money and a pair of silver and square-cut crystal earrings, if he loses one he's got a spare.  We had special birthday dinner and special birthday Eton Mess for sweet.


He spent the entire day in Sunny D, not his usual recent behaviour, he even went up the park playing footie with his Sunny D mates.  For ages now, he usually goes down to a local village at some point in a day to meet up with his mates.  Maybe something to do with what The Fiancé was telling me.  Last evening when The Fiancé went to pick The Boy up in that local village, there were police and police vehicles everywhere on the main street.  The Boy had spent the evening at a friend's house, came along the street to be picked up, and saw the police giving their undivided attention to a bunch of slightly older boys.  Maybe he's wisely staying away from that local village.


I did some garden prep today, we moved a load of the big heavy massive pots of the patio getting ready for the monoblocking.  Moved them into the van to take to The Parent's place till the work's finished.  Further Complications ensued that had nought to do with Jarvis, the van's fuel tank broke and I got a poke in the eye from a sharp leaved plant.  The Fiancé's in the midst of fixing the van and my eye is hurting more and more with the passing of time.

  Star smilie clear24/07/09

Valkyrie DVD


I had a rough idea that a few Germans tried to kill Hitler, and that there were quite a few attempts.  Now I know there were 15 assassination attempts in total.  Before watching Valkyrie, I never really gave the concept much thought.  I had absolutely NO IDEA what those individual German people did, how brave they were, attempting to bring about the downfall of the Nazis for the greater good of Germany and the ordinary Germans.   I'd never considered the dangers to those involved, the risks those people took, the self-sacrifice, risking their lives and those of their loved ones, their partners, their children. 


I thought when I watched Valkyrie, I'd want to blog about Eddie Izzard, Eddie was fine, all the actors did a good job, the movie is far bigger than any and all of the individual actor's performances.


Fantastic movie, I was so engaged throughout, wishing in vain for a different ending, knowing they would die.  I shed a few tear.  How terrible the tales that history has to tell.

  Star smilie clear22/07/09
Whitebridge Hotel, Falls
Of Foyers, Lossiemouth
Hamish Spotting
Whitebridge Hotel Loch Ness


Star Wedge Wellies 

Falls Of Foyers


The Lossie Inn Lossiemouth

beach Lossiemouth town centre

We've been away, spent last night at The Whitebridge Hotel on the eastern shore of Loch Ness.  Drove up yesterday then had dinner and drinks while chatting to a nice couple up from England for a week of touring Scotland in their BMW Z4.


Up and off at silly a.m. this morning we headed a few miles along the road to visit The Falls Of Foyers, a spectacular 140ft waterfall in which the River Foyers drops into a gorge leading to Loch Ness.  In Foyers across from the post office a well maintained path leads steeply down forested slopes to a viewpoint overlooking the Falls of Foyers, well worth the short walk down and climb back up.  Before setting off on the path I got the Wedge Wellies out and left my Love Label Spike studded suede boots in the car.  First time out for the Starry Wellies, they performed well and looked so cute.


We headed on up to Lossiemouth on the hunt for Hamish.  He wasn't hard to find, he's big and he's standing at the 18th hole of the course at The Morray Golf Club.  I yelped in excitement but had to contain myself as lunch was on the cards first, also we hoped this would give time for the torrential shower of rain which had greeted us on our arrival to pass by.  Having eaten there now, I can now highly recommended The Lossie Inn, they offer a wide variety of food options at very reasonable pries.  s w at, The Fiancé with his haggis, tatties and neeps, me with a panini, side salad and yummy golden crispy chips, the rain stopped and the sun was out again.  People wee swimming and others were surfing from the beach on the island in the bay at the town centre.


Then it was round to get up close and personal with Hamish, I got to touch him.  I was surprised to see Hamish isn't red anymore, he's blue with gold horns now, perhaps they change his colour periodically.  I'm going to email the guy at Highland, the Cumbernauld Galvanising firm who care for Hamish, and send him a photo of me with Hamish.  He had written to me telling me Hamish was going to The Morray Open, and I hope he'll continue informing me of his whereabouts.


Hamish Morray Golf Club Lossiemouth


Back down the road, over The Bridge and we stopped off at South Queensferry for an ice cream from our favourite chip shop, The Town House Fish And Chicken Bar on Hopetoun Road.  Tired but happy now, had a magic time, "Time for bed" said Zebedee.

  Star smilie clear20/07/09
Moonwalk conspiracy

The deal accept that modern technology circa 1969 was capable of sending human beings to the moon, and that intelligent men could be convinced that was the case, and also be persuaded that if they agreed to go, that the technology also existed to bring them safely back to Earth thereafter. tend towards thinking the conspiracy theories must hold water, because how is it possible that intelligent men, astronauts no less, could be persuaded to take themselves away from their lives and loves, and be propelled into the great unknown.  Until now I never gave it any consideration, I just assumed it was true.  I'm more your anti-conspiracy type of person.  Lady Di...high speed accident, JFK...lone nutter, 9/11...the Jews were not pre-warned, alien space ship abductions...why do the aliens only ever borrow and probe the very drunk and/or extremely in-bred?


I know it is actually possible to persuade the majority of a people that some big lie is fact.  I'm open to the idea that historically there have been some false stories put about by 'the powers that be' that were readily and in ignorance, accepted by the masses.  We only have to consider the phenomena of 'religion' to know that it is entirely possible that most of the human beings can be fooled most of the time.  Where there is a basic human need, a basic human supplier will happen along, quickly and unashamedly realising how the few can abuse self-appointed power over the many.  And at the time of the early origins of religions it was actually beneficial to the human race to develop religious beliefs.  That type of myth carries the power to be passed from generation to generation, from parent to child and beyond. 


There is also the Urban Legend.  Urban Legends are not necessarily false, but they become distorted, exaggerated, or sensationalized over time.  Urban Legends cover the small stuff, Conspiracy Theory takes care of the big things.  Urban Legends are the stuff of The Bogey Men, the modern version of fairytales, folklore, scary tales.  They seem to have been readily accepted as the modern day versions of The Big Bad Wolf.


I personally know two people who believe that it was their own cousin's-friend's-work colleague who really did know a woman who used to date a guy who really did have a cousin who went out with a woman who's best friend was the poor woman who consumed a curry with 23 different men's spunk spicing up the dish.  And I kid you not, I have had to stand there and hear a work mate tell me that she personally knows the relative of a woman who had been helped by a man with a briefcase, the woman was having car troubles, the man with the briefcase had left his case in her car and somehow she had got home alive, because when they later looked in the briefcase, it contained rope, a knife, duct tape etc, the tools of premeditated murder.  I had to listen to the curry and briefcase stories, told in earnest by people I know, knowing full well that they are Urban Legends, tales of myth, and I couldn't argue, or I'd offend the tale-spinners, I'd be calling them liars. 


However in recent years, I think the internet is helping to ridicule these Urban Myths, the stories are passed around s frequently now that surely to goodness the vast majority of people with half a brain realise it's all bumpkin.  There can't possibly be that many women who experienced a Sperm Vindaloo, or that allowed a tooled-up murdering maniac killer into their car and lived to tell the tale.  Thinking bout it, there can't possibly be that many Indian waiters prepared to stand around with their waiter mates, wanking en-mass (in groups f 23) onto plates of curry...there just can't, that's ridiculous.  But on the other hand, the great religion lie is still widely held to be true throughout the world's populations, and the www seems to be popularising Conspiracy Theories rather than debunking them.


So did the '69 moonwalk really happen, or was it Michael Jackson to accompany his Billie Jean, who invented, choreographed and performed the moonwalk first in 1983?


Michael Jackson Moonwalk




  Star smilie clear17/07/09
I'm back...bits of me,
Queen's Spice, The

Hate Mail ruins nurse's
life, Islamist extremists
sort out their
disagreement fair and
square and Constantine

Queen's Spice South Queensferry


Constantine DVD 

It weren’t so easy to sort the mega-problems that recently killed off  But like a Phoenix from the ashes...The Fiancé gave me lessons in inline frames and I was thinking that would be that, a load of work but at least the problems would go and I’d be back.  But no, The Phoenix failed to take flight, the new pages were all over the place too.  The Fiancé had to step in cos even when I was doing it exactly as he was telling me to, it still wasn’t working.  He tried to delete the old site, but some files refused to go, in the end he had to phone the server company and even they had trouble deleting the old files.  It was mightily screwed up at the server level, surely even I’m not capable of doing that sort of damage.  Please bear with me while I reconstruct MarilynsWorld from the foundations up.


Monday night The Fiancé and I went over to Queen’s Spice, an Indian restaurant in South Queensferry.  Warm, friendly, relaxing environment, courteous staff and the food was tasty, hot, in good time and presented beautifully.  Was so good we went back tonight again.


A Scottish nurse has been ‘outed’ by the Sunday Hate Mail for working as a prostitute in a city sauna/brothel.  The ‘source’, AKA  a bitter twisted nasty spiteful tittle-tattling bastard, is obviousy someone who knows and hates this woman.  Some person has contacted the so called newspaper  with the intention of destroying, not only this woman’s life, but also causing untold damage to her children and other family members.  Not one for promoting prostitution as a career choice, I’m not even close to comfortable with prostitution, but I think this is a disgrace.  I don’t know this woman, but I feel extremely sorry for her.  That she felt the need to make the choice to work as a prostitute, whatever her reasons, it may still have been a difficult decision for her to make in times of trouble, and now that a national newspaper felt this is news worthy of broadcasting to the world, her life must be ruined.  Whatever her problems were in the first place, they just got 1000 times worse.


Will she lose her nurse job AND her ticket to work as a trained nurse?  I don’t know, The Nursing and Midwifery Council could strike her off the register for bringing the profession into disrepute?  Three years ago The Royal College of Nursing Congress debated the issue of prostitution and voted in favour of the decriminalisation of prostitution.  And anyway, she hasn’t been charged with a criminal offence.  I imagine it will be impossible for this woman to return to St John’s Hospital now, I’d have to move to another part of the country if it was me.


The Hate Mail said...One source told us: "Not only is she bringing nursing into disrepute but she clearly has a disregard for sexual health.  It beggars belief that someone who is paid to care for the public would offer sex without a condom in return for cash. 

Take the ‘in return for cash’ out of there and the source is deluded...every nurse, female and male, behaves responsibly every time they have sex?  I think not.


Two French Security Advisors have been divied up between a couple Islamist groups in Somalia.  The Hizbul-Islam group kidnapped them, then the al-Shabab group got peeved, the argument was settled when the Hizbul-Islam lot gave the al-Shabab one of the men.  Glad you got that sorted guys, we wouldn’t want you lot falling out and maybe someone getting hurt now would we...well actually, yes we would.


The Fiancé and I watched Constantine, was a good tale of the struggle between Heaven and Hell with Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz and Shia LaBeouf, based on the DC/Vertigo comic book Hellblazer.  I like a bit of Christian slugging it out.

Eddie Izzard on sat nav

So it was Eddie that took us through Perth and on to Glamis Castle, and The 35th Scottish Transport Extravaganza.  The rain and the traffic, human and automobile traffic, made a bit of a mess of the grass.  The estate wasn't looking so good by the time we left, more mud than grass.  Was a nice day out though, saw a load of lovely old vehicles and a chubby woman fall flat on her face in the mud. 

    Star smilie clear12/07/09

Ghost Town

Eddie Izzard knows

the way to Glamis



Ghost Town DVD


Glamis Castle


Cruella DeVille car


Aston Martin


not sure what kind of car


The Fiancé and I watched Ricky Gervais in Ghost Town last night, how funny was that? Very very very funny, excellente!  We were both bent double, shedding tears of laughter a load of times.  The Fiancé announced at one point he just couldn't continue watching, well, not so much 'announced', more kinda 'breathlessy squeaked', he was hurting himself so much with his laughing.  On reflection, the times he was in pain weren't so much laughing as such, more wracked with giggling and guffawing to the extent he could hardly get his next breath.  Pass the His 'n' Hers Salbutamol inhalers.  Was way funny.  Gervais has to have had a big influence on the script, they must've let him change stuff to make it all seem so very in keeping with his own Gervais deadpan hilarity.  A much needed humour injection after the seriously serious Che double bill hard stuff.  Wee bit predictable here and there, but that didn't take away a moment of the fun and good times.  We both loved it. 


Staying with fav comedians, The Fiancé has purchased a download for the sat nav, the voice of comedy genius The Izzard Wizzard, the bits I've heard so far lead me to think it's going to be a load better than the usual sat nav voice I'm used to hearing.  Eddie says stuff like, 'get on the ferry!!!  or you'll fall in the water! ' and 'Your there, thank god, I can shut up now'.

  Star smilie clear11/07/09

studded slouchy bag,

kinky boots, Sheep

News and a very

obliging hover fly

Beth Ditto at Evans black suede studded slouch bag


Love Label Frosty lace up high leg boots


Love Label Spike black suede leather stud detail boots


Beth Ditto's got a great voice and I love her music, then when she sang Temptation with Jarvis at the 2007 NME awards she went to the top 5 of my favourite female singers.  Ms Ditto is a big girl, with a new range of clothing at Evans, if I was a big girl I'd buy the entire funky collection cos it's all fresh and stand-out different, but as I'm not, I bought her black studded suede bag instead.  That sounds like I bought the bag out of loyalty to her, obviously not, I bought the bag cos it's way hot and on trend.  If anyone's going to buy anything at Evans online anytime soon there's a discount code I found for a fiver off, it effectively means your getting free delivery, the code is EVESU94


I found these kinky boots on, ain't they gorgeous.  I've always wanted a high heeled pair of lace-up style long boots and the suede studded ones were a must Starry.  Both are by Love Label.  


The Fiancé and I had a day in the garden.  Emptying the old shed that wil soon be gone to be replaced by a patio, cutting the grass and The Fiancé doing some mechanics to the van.  We'll have a trip to the tip and be rid of a load of old stuff.  We're gonna get a couple of them huge big rigid plastic outdoor garden storage boxes, they can be placed round the side next to the refuse bins and a new coal bunker once the paving's done.  Use them to store te kinlin stcksin ne an the logs in another, and that'll be the problem of firewood storage sorted.


Sheep News...Tom on the blowr this evenng telling ofRench Marilyn's latest results.  At Dalkeith Agricultural Show today in the Shetland Sheep section she won :


First Gimmer, Reserve Champion, Best Pair (she won with a ewe) and  Best Group (she won with a ewe and ram).  Much congratulations to Marilyn and Tom.


Was playing with The Canon G10, fiddling and testing different settings for close ups, this hover fly was very obliging, stuck around for ages, seemingly unphased by my lense, or maybe just unaware.  The bees were too busy, constantly on the move, I'll keep trying.


hover fly on flower   hover fly on leaf




Star smilie clear10/07/09

it's over, it's the

weekend, pour me a

Pernod...and breath,

then Che

Che I and II DVD


Way-hayyyyy, it's ver!!!  Happy dance!  Thank the Big Thank Thingy it's over.  I can go back to my usual duty rota and my usual senior staff nurse job instead of the 5-in-1 job I've been doing.  For the last 2 weeks I've been doing the harge nurse job, my job and the jobs of x 3 staff nurses who had all went off sick on day 1 of the charge nurse's annual leave.  I had x 3 less-experienced-new-to-the-ward-&-staff-nurse-role-more-junior staff nurses who all did their very utmost best in a very difficult time.  And of course my nursing assistants who all help and support me greatly.  But what a feckin bleep bleep bleep fortnight. 


Three days ahead of shopping, gardening, gadding about, a good few Pernods and perhaps a trip out somewhere nice...I should be able to achieve a relaxed state at ome point.


This evening The Fiancé and I settled on the faux-fur covered sofa to do the Steven Soderbergh Che movies.  As part of my Benicio Del Toro drive which strted way back, I felt The Fiancé required to experience every Benicio movie, and by default that would also include the future ones I hadn't seen for mysel, so wasn't in a position to personally recommend.  I put my faith in Del Toro.  As did The Fiancé at this stage, I've convinced him already, he's a Del Toro fan already.


I was looking forward to Che part 1 and 2, lovely box set an' all, but.  We watched part 1 "TheArgentine", starring BencioDel Tro asArgntie rvoltionay Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara de la Serna. The movie could've been a bit less pretentious, they could've cut outa massively huge load of the over-blown confusing detail.  It's already a foreign language movie.  Not that I'm usually troubled by foreign language movies, The Boy and I watch foreign language movies with subtitles and aren't phased, and we enjoy most of them despite the lingo dif.  If a foreign language movie is good, you soon forget your reading.    But part 1 of Che...yawny yawn yawn.  Approximately two thirds into the film I started to feel a bit of a connection, the action was improving and it was fitting in with my knowledge of Cuban history, I started to enjoy a little thrill.  All too soon that bit excitement was over.  And par 1 was done.


I was needing more now I'd finally started to feel for the movie...part 2, "Guerilla"...worse.  I had no previous knowledge of Che's Bolivian history, so it was ike we went back to the start of part 1.  Deep in the undergrowth, trying to persuade the natives, but this time round the natives didn't even seem to be that enthusiastic in the first place. 


I kid you not, they could've cut an hour of part 1 and most of part 2, and maybe they could've made one big movie telling the Che story, and maybe I wouldn't have been so bored and would have been left feeling some sort of emotion for the man.  Way disappointed.


Star smilie clear09/07/09

New Look cobalt

blue suede jacket

and planning some

Hamish spotting

New Look cobalt blue suede leather cropped jacket


Moray Golf Club Lossiemouth




Spotted this New Look cobalt blue tailored suede leather cropped jacket with hook and eye fastened fishtail style front in the pages of LOOK  magazine this week, priced at £50.  £50 I thought, I'd give £50 for this, I like it very muchio.  Went to New Look online and got a most pleasant surprisio, down to £20, bagged it and it's on the way to Starry Towers.  I can see me in this, wearing over an evening outfit of black, or a daytime denim, outsize vest, leggings, UGGs, many varieties of daytime outfits and giving me the bestest excusio to find the perfect cobalt blue bejeweled or sparkly clutch bag, and probably an cobalt blue slouchy leather bag for daytime, perhaps some cobalt blue footwear.  I love when one good purchase triggers the shop hunt for more perfect items.


Only ne more day of charge nurse standing in to go, the horror of the Monday-Friday routine doesn't suit me at all.  I need far more days off than this.  This rota leaves me too tired of an evening to do anything, I've been in bed by 10pm regularly and even 9pm on occasion this last fortnight.  Two day weekends leave me feeling cheated, there's all the housework o catch up on then it's back to work Monday morning, that's no life, that's just rubbish.  Next week I'll be back to working 11.5 hr shifts that take me into work 6 and a half days a fortnight, and therefore OFF for 7 and a half days a fortnight, much preferable, I'll get my life back.


he Fiancé's on his way home this evening, back to Sunny D, which means he'll be home for the 20 - 24th July and the Moray Open golf tournament.  We can go Hamish spotting at Lossiemouth.  We could go beach combing and visit The Dambusters (617 Squadron), see their Tornado Aircraft and Sea King Helicopters based at RAF Lossiemouth. Maybe even Nimrods if NATO forces are visiting.  There's a Buccaneer Aircraft parked up in a garage forecourt, a reminder of the planes replaced by today's Tornados.  Sounds like a good day out to me.


Star smilie clear07/07/09

the show must go on

and on and on, will

there be popcorn?

Michael Jackson coffin at memorial service


Michael Jackson coffin


Michael Jackson zombie


No show without Punch, the show must go on, there's no business like show business, freak show, show me the money, show-off.  MJ is centre stage in another of his outrageously ridiculous outfits, this time a massive gold plated coffin covered in red roses.  I'm guessing...less biodegradable than a couple laptops inside a fridge-freezer. No-one can accuse The Jacksons of taste. 


I'll be the first to say it...the children, 12 year old Prince Michael most noticeable of the 3, due to his surly gum chewing through-out the concert, looked mightily pissed off, he goes from a life of only appearing in public under sheets and veils to having to take to the stage and be televised world-wide rocking out to a chorus of We Are The World at his father's funeral, and Paris making her tearful speech.  I found it most unpleasant, under the spotlight at Daddy's funeral.  S'pose now he's dead, no-one's going to go to all that trouble to hide the kids, MJ thinking he was keeping them 'normal' by making them wear veils...the mind boggles...probably makes some sort of twisted sense to 'out' them so publicly soon as he's gone.


The tributes and proclamations of grief from friends and family, not just at this ceremony, but all the people who have been televised and printed sharing their sorrow, shock and pain, can't these people grieve in private, keep their mental torture to themselves, but then, why waste another good self-promotion opportunity. Step forward Mr Uri Geller.


Shaheen Jafargholi, the 12 year old Welsh Britain's Got Talent singer was there MJ apparenly saw him onYouTube and fancied him...ooops sorry...was so impressed by him...he had been thinking about inviting him to appear with him in a large king-of-pop-size bed...ooops sorry...during his series of O2 Arena concerts.  Was I the only person in the land with a raised eyebrow on hearing this story?


Has he gone yet?  Or can we expect him to show up at the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere in London tonight, T in the Park at the weekend?  There's an idea, coffin on stage, they could play recordings of his music and no need to cancel the comeback tour.


Star smilie clear05/07/09

Sheep News and

demolition gardening

Tom Findlay Highland Show 2009


Tom Findlay Highland Show 2009


The morning after the night before.  The Bestest Mate was here last night and there was much of the conversation and the drinking of the wine, into the wee small hours.  Early in the evening my friend Tom dropped by with Sheep news. 


Rench Marilyn doing us proud :


June 13 Stirling Agricultural Show 1st Gimmer

June 26 Royal Highland Show 3rd

July 4 Haddington Agricultural Show 1st Gimmer and Reserve Champion white


 was looking around the www and found a couple of photos of Tom at The Highland Show last month, it's a shearling ram in the pics, not Marilyn.  I've emailed Jenny, the blogger, requesting permission to use the pics, but I've got too excited waiting for her reply and put the pics up already.


How's this for a coincidence, Jenny, the blogger with the Tom photos, is a Beaver Trial Field Officer for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, I was blogging bout this Beaver trial recently.  Jenny might want to borrow my Scotland is a Great Place for Beavers photo further down this page.


More gardening today, first I pruned the Lilac tree down a bit.  I'm not particularly keen on trees in a small garden, that's a shaded corner full of Lilac tree roots making the soil compacted and dry, but I like the tree for the sake of attracting the birds.  I just keep it to a reasonable size with it's annual trims.  I also got the last of the plants I'm saving from death-by-monoblock potted and dug up the Lily and Allium bulbs from the bit which will be a patio soon


And, with deep regret I pulled the Ivies and other plants off the wall and chopped them all down.  Took cuttings and potted some of the newer small ivy plants to try to save them for later.  The Parents said my idea of potting the big mature plants and sticking them in troughs leaving them attached to the wall while the guys are monoblocking under the troughs, isn't a very good idea.  The Parents are usually right bout this kinda thing.  A whole load of spiders and different creepy-crawlies have been made homeless today.


Have you ever head two bees at it?  The hairy flying creatures, not noisy neighbours with thin walls at 2am and you've to get up early for work the next morning.  I was alerted to their shenanigans by this real high pitched and urgent sounding hum, sounded like gas escaping under extreme pressure but was getting luder.  I found the two of them on a plant pot, it went on for ages, then off he buzzes and she leaves a few seconds later.  That'll be that then.


Star smilie clear04/07/09

Gary McKinnon

Free Gary McKinnon


Gary McKinnon, also known as SOLO, is a Scottish hacker facing extradiion to the USA to face charges of perpetrating what has been described by one prosecutor as the "biggest military computer hack of all time." To all who know him, Gary McKinnon is a harmless computer nerd obsessed with proving the existence of 'little green men'.


The USA authorities insist this British UFO fanatic is a 'cyber-terrorist'.


Following legal hearings in the UK it's been decided that Gary can be extradited to the USA to face charges that will most likely result in him spending the next 70 years in an American prison.  Gary was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in August 2008 by psychologist Prof Simon Baron-Cohen. I am appealing to all to protest, we need to protect this man.


As I've said before I don't read newspapers, was The Mum brought this to my attention.  When I heard Asperger's Syndrome, I immediately understood.  This man must be immensely intelligent IQ-wise, what he'll lack are the hugely important normal human relationship personal skills :


.  social communication

.  social interaction

.  social imagination


That'll be why Gary is so comfortable and excels online.  He hacked into the USA's most defended and protected websites, he didn't do this to gain financially, didn't steal money, he didn't sell the information he found.  He just showed them their online weak spots before the bad guys found them.  And they want to jail him???  Are they mad?  Sounds like they're just angry at being shown to be vlnerale nlie,  ma witha disability hacked their top secret webstes, that must be hurting a good few American egos.


Shouldn't the USA and UK be arguing over which he'll work for, rather than who's going to see him in their courts and jails, the UK should be offering him a contract of employment ASAP.


Asperger's is a form of autism, which is a lifelong disability that affects how a person make sense of the world, processes information and relates to other people.


It i mostly a 'hidden disability', you can't tell that someone has the condition from their outward appearance.  I'd argue, in Gary's case, Asperger's is written all over his face.



Please go to and do all you can, sign petitions, email The Home Secretary.  Gary McKinnon needs protected not prosecuted.  I really feel for him and his faily.  If he's guilty of anything, he's just too clever for his own good.


If the UK government had even an iota of sense they'd be telling the USA where they can go feck themselves and be offering Gary a job teaching them how to improve their www security.Gary McKinnon and his Mum


Star smilie clear04/07/09

The Dad's birthday

pressie, more sign

generator Starry stuff

 Saucy Star


I can now reveal all...regarding The Dad's birthday pressie cos it arrived, with Gift Wrap and Personal Message as per instructions.  Both The Dad and The Mum are lurvin it.  The Complete Steptoe and Son DVD box set collection, all 8 series and the Xmas Specials from


I've been back to playing with some more of their sign generators.


  Best Actress Star Oscar     Best Fiance Oscar Scotland is a great place for beavers   Sir Macca of Bagpipes and Regretable 2nd Marriages




Star smilie clear03/07/09

Murray excitement

leads to a Starry

commentary, bad

hair do, Rock 'N Rose

sweetie and are they

trying to tell me


Andy Murray press conference Wimbledon 2009


Rock 'N Rose sweetie


Oh, the sheer tension of it all, some of us couldn't watch, step forward The Mum, she had the TV onwith the sound turned down trying not to look.  So near and yet so far, you were fantastic, here's to 2010 Andy.


One set down, one all, in the third set the umpire arns Andy for an audible obscenity.  Andy's not having that, marches to the umpires big baby high-chair and with controlled anger asks "What did you think I said?"  The umpire's obviousl a unning arse cos we can't hear his reply, he's switched his sound off.  Murray then says, I said "come on, pass".  The umpire obviously responds "I might have been wrong" or some such, as Andy then says, "It's not that you might be wrong, you ARE wrong. 


Says on the BBC website that the umpire warned Andy because he thought he'd said "cunning arse".  Cunning is a word Scotsmen use and arse is a word Scotsmen use, but 'cunning arse'?  'Cuning bstad' ayb, 'eckinarse' most certainly, 'feckin bastardin arse' at least once a week, but 'cunning arse', it doesn't exactl slip off the tongue, it's not a popularly used combination of words in Scotland.  The umpire wasn't maybe wrong, the umpire was definitely wrong.  The umpire presumed to understand the Scots dialect, when English isn't even his first language.


And it's third set at tie-break, 1  0 to R, 1 - 1, 2 - 1 to R, 2 - 2, 3 - 2 to R, 4 -2 to R,  4 - 3 to R with an ace rom M, 4 - 4, 5 - 4 to R, 5  5 ith aotheracefro M,6 -5 to , 6 -6, 7 - 6 to R, I can't take much more of this, 7 - 7, 8 - 7 to R, 3rd set to R.  Feck, shit, damn blast!  And breath.  T'was rather exciting, skin chewed ound my nailsand jumping off my seat.


Into the fourth set, and at 6 -6 my legs, ankles, arms, fingers and eyes are crossed.

 Ilie Nastase and the man with a really bad comb-over

Couldn't type in such a contorted position and with such sweaty that's it, end of Wimbedon 2009 for me, I don't even like tennis, I just like tennis when Andy Murray's playing tennis.


These three in the crowd, is it Ilie Nastase closest to camera?  Then the grey haired gent, then the man with the worst comb-over in history ever, ever ever ever.  What is that squiggly line hair parting thing doing? 


Could be Nastase's brother Costel? (...and yeah I had to Google to discover he has a brother called Costel).


Got my Rock 'N Rose Scrabble and Lego rings, beautifully boxed and baggd, complete with complementary Rock 'N Rose sweetie.  They're so lovely, can't wait for a reason to wear them.  Ahh, I have a reason, The Best Mate is coming over tomorrow night for wine and the sorting out of the world and it's troubles.


The West Lothian version of the heat-wave and week 1 of my 2 weeks of Mon - Fri shifts, both over.  Thankful I'm half way through the acting up stint, it's been stressful, and annoyed bout the sun going AWOL sending rain as a stand-in.  The heat-wave meant the ward was too hot to work comfortably in, and now that I could've go out and enjoyed it in appropriate clothing the next two days, it bloody well buggers off.


I took over-all charge at work and sick figures went through the roof, on top of the ongoing absences, 3 of the 6 staff nurses go off!  The 3 most senior in terms of time-served and experience on our ward.  And not one of them's got Swine Flu.  Dear Agony Aunt, are my work colleagues trying to tell me something?


Star smilie clear02/07/09

Karl Malden

Karl Malden and Michael Douglas Streets


USA actor Karl Malden has died of natural causes at home in Los Angeles aged 97.  Nice old guy had a good life.


I remember him most vividly as Lt Mike Stone in the TV series The Streets of an Francisco, opposite his rookie partner Inspector Steve Keller, a young Michael Douglas.