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  Nikki News.  It's not all been plain sailing with the reduction of the steroids.  Two weeks after Nikki commenced Prednisolone she was back to full health.  We maintained this 15mg daily steroids and Urinary Diet treatment plan for a further 4 weeks with her stabilised and very well.  Then, following the usual steroid withdrawal procedure we reduced by 25%, down to 11mg daily for a planned 2 weeks, but at Day 6 Nikki became ill with a different set of symptoms.  She was now her usual well-self for some hours in the middle of the day but her evenings and nights became traumatic and her mornings just a little less so.  Periods of rapid shallow panting, racing thumping heartbeat, trembling, hypersalivating, muscle twitching at left neck/shoulder, all of which sometimes lasted for hours on end.  Hingy and clingy, seeking comfort, and squeaking noises, obviously expressing pain, discomfort, fear.  The Vet has diagnosed the obvious, she's super-sensitive to steroid withdrawal and once we get her stabilised again withdrawal will be extra extra slow, 1mg at a time for lengthy periods.  She got so ill we had to increase the steroids to 10mg twice daily and she's currently on Gabapentin and Paracetamol for pain and though the symptoms are still evident they're less severe and lasting for shorter periods.  Get well soon pupster, us humans are feeling your pain too much.
    We had Xmas Eve dinner at Friend L's holiday home at Tantallon Caravan Park after a lovely walk along Seacliff Beach. 
    Xmas day was as always a family affair, The Parents and The Bro and Sis-in-law sharing their day with The Husband, The Boy, Nikki and me here at Starry Towers.  One noteworthy success was we gave The Bro and Sis-in-law a copy of Treaty Of Union Articles, a brilliant book bringing together all the original historic documents, newspaper articles, letters, all the written information available in respect to the lying, cheating, thieving bastards who bought and sold Scotland.  And I'm in it, having contributed to the crowdfunding initiative I'm listed in the thank yous.  I've put our copy on the Scotland Shelf.  The Xmas dinner main course was Plokkfiskur this year, I've become a big fan of providing a Xmas dinner surprise.



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  Nikki made a public appearance at our local polling place for the 2019 general election and she may or may not have made an impact on Hannah Bardell retaining her seat and the SNP massive landslide win.
  Nikki News.  There's been lots of trips to Seacliff for the paddling and a special meet-up on the beach for a sunny stroll with Friend L and her doggo prior to a lovely Xmas Eve dinner at her holiday home on the coast.
Movie Watch (no spoilers).  I watched Mandy.  Definitely playing to Mr Cage's strengths.  I was convinced all the way through that this was from the 1980's, but no, it's very recent mimicking something from a long time ago.  It's really quite awful, it's awful for the '80's, why they'd want to make it now, why Rotten Tomatoes gives it 91%, why the rave reviews, I'm flummoxed.
  The Husband and I watched Once Upon A Time In...Hollywood.  Loved it with a caveat, it could've been a good bit shorter and it's my least favourite Tarantino.
  The Husband and I watched Spiral series 7.  Love Spiral, always sad when another season is over.



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  I've found Yes Stones in Sunny D!  First I found one along the street, I left it in place, then I found this one at my gate.  What a beautiful surprise, such a heart-warming loving gesture, thank you kind Yes Stone Independenista person, made my day.
  Nikki News.  It's all good news, for now anyway.  After one week of steroids and Urinary Diet Nikki returned to approx 50% Nikki, two weeks in and she was about 80%, then every day thereafter she's got better and better, and has been 100% Nikki for about 2 weeks now.   We go back to the vet on the 16th to discuss withdrawing the steroids and special diet.  Of course that'll be a worrying time but I'm hanging on the vet's response to my question "are we only masking the cause of the hypocalcaemia with the drugs/diet?".  His response was very positive, he believes that drugs and diet alone could not cause this amazing level of recovery.
  With Nikki in recovery we've been back to Seacliff Beach a couple of times where she had a good old run around prior to going for lunch at the totally dog-friendly (there's even a dog menu) Archerfield Walled Garden Cafe.  Their Butternut Squash Gnochhi with spinach and a sage and chestnut butter sauce is as delish as it sounds, though on our first visit it was really sagey, more like a broth, on the second visit it was creamier with less sage.  We preferred the first and mentioned it casually to the waitress, she took it very seriously and armed with this first picture reported to the kitchen.  Beautiful tasty food and lovely friendly staff.  We'll go back when Nikki's no on the special diet.
  On another day we were back at the forestry at Wilsontown on the site of the historic ironworks established in 1779.  A beautiful crisp and frosty day with ice on the burn, Nikki usually jumps straight in, not on this day, smart dog.  Perhaps the frost helped define but we actually noticed the hillocks with dimple-tops which mark the 77 Bell Pits for the first time.  We visited The Parents afterwards and as The Dad was born and brought up at Wilsontown when there was still a working coal mine there, we enjoyed hearing their stories and looking at old photographs of the place.  Nature has reclaimed.
  I had a catch-up lunch at 1912 with the girls.  1912 still making the best chips.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched The Post.  It's alright.
  The Husband and I watched Restless Natives.  Enjoyed immensely.
  The Husband and I watched Robert The Bruce.  Well acted by all, this is a rousing and thoughtful interpretation of the period between the death of John Comyn and Bruce again picking up his sword to fight for the freedom of his country.  Well shot, with exciting action scenes and portraying strong relationships.  The Bruce and the young boy Scot in particular, both have their conflicting complex emotions to resolve.  There's anger, regret and doubt, and grief and sorrow for those who have already laid down their lives for the cause.  The Bruce...he did empower a people, fight for freedom and defy an empire.  Good man.
  The Husband and I watched The Emperor Of Paris.  It's all so good but ultimately quite a boring story.
  The Husband and I watched Night Hunter.  A procedural nightmare.
  The Husband and I watched Us.  No really all that good.
  The Husband and I watched Stone Of Destiny.  Cracking good true story causing me to research and read of the people involved in returning the Stone of Scone to Scotland in 1950, Ian Hamilton, Gavin Vernon, Kay Matheson and Alan Stuart, good guys.



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  Nikki News.  There's good news and bad.  After her spay operation at the end of July she was doing great.  There's been a load of swimming days and I taught her the "give" command.  Previously she'd bring a ball back and drop it before reaching me, she quickly learned to deliver it right into my hand.  And I'd got her diet just right, stabilising her weight at 28.5kg.
  The terrible news is Nikki's no well.  On 6th October we noticed she appeared more tired than usual. Over the next 2 days she dropped to the ground yelping in pain looking round at her back end while she was running/jumping.  We attended the vet expecting to be told she'd pulled a muscle or suchlike.  The vet could find nothing on physical examination but bloods showed raised ionised calcium and globulin.  I also pointed out a tiny lump, like a pimple, on her shoulder, this was tested and diagnosed as a harmless histiocytoma.  2 days later she developed increased thirst and urination.  She was sick a few times and her appetite reduced.  Repeat bloods one week later showed same raised calcium and globulin increasing, also the beginnings of the kidneys deteriorating.  Over the space of 3 weeks she lost 2kg (26.7kg).  It was difficult to get her eating again but with a lot of encouragement and often hand-feeding chicken, fish and the prepared foods we found that were to her liking at that time we got her up to her current 27.6kg.  She didn’t tolerate the special Urinary Diet food, having gone off the dry kibble type foods.  X-rays, ultrasound and parathyroid testing showed nothing.  Nikki remains tired, is sleeping most of the time, has muscle weakness, polydipsia, urinary frequency and can’t be allowed off the lead for fear of overexertion leading to the sharp pains she’s now experienced 3 times.  Today she started steroids, 15mg Prednisilone daily.  This will hopefully decrease the calcium blood levels a bit and increase the appetite which is good in itself, I might be able to stop hand-feeding, but will also hopefully have her eating the Urinary Diet food through raging hunger, which will also help lower the calcium levels, reducing the impact on the kidneys.  Get a dog they said, it'll be fun they said, I'm telling you, this is worse than having a wean.
  The medical people shaved big patches off her sides to perform the ultrasound examination so on chilly cold days we put a jacket on a Golden Retriever.  She doesn't mind it though it does render a good full body shakedown ineffectual.
  Here's some recent Nikki photies.  The first one at Seacliff Beach. The Husband said he’d sussed out the tides, and 3pm was to be optimum beach time with the tide way out giving plenty running around space.  We arrived, couldn't risk throwing a ball for fear of hitting someone, and that wasn't because there was hunners o’ folk, we’ve never seen the tide so high here!  Never go sailing with this man.
  A couple of days before Nikki started being ill we were at the AUOB march in Edinburgh with Nikki looking stunning, healthy and full of life.
  Had a lunch date with the X work colleagues, fish, chips and Pinot Grigio at The Ballencrief.
  I've had a birthday.  I'm keeping my birthdays quiet and removed the info from Facebook a couple of years ago.  It's so tedious having to birthday wish everyone on there then having to thank everyone who birthday wishes you, so I stopped it.  I am a kinda Scrooge character.
  I've joined the local camera club along with Friend L.  We went along for the first night to decide if it was for us and decided we'd pay the membership and do it.  There are weekly meetings with photographers sharing their work and some information and advice on their personal area of interest.  "Nude Without Rude" did nothing to influence my opinion on the old perverts who pay women to pose with a blank face and a bare arse, vintage tractors are stupendously more interesting than first expected and there are places where you pay a lot of money to be in the right position for (sometimes) artificially set-up wild animals and birds to perform predictably as per set-up.
  I got in from Camera Club one evening to find a juvenile wood pigeon in a box on the kitchen table.  The son and his pal and The Husband had decided it was ill, perhaps a broken wing and it'd be better off indoors for the night. They were right of course, to keep it safe from predators, but despite having dealt with an injured pigeon before (years ago, and it just meant catching it and taking it to The Dad who mended it's broken wing) I was having major feelings of doom, no knowing what to do.  Then I tweeted it and some lovely person says "phone SPCA", so the following morning I did.  The good news: the SPCA are fantastic, visited 45mins after I phoned.  The very bad news: euthanasia was the only kindness for the wee bird.  It had a broken wing, canker in the mouth, no food in it's crop and was stressed.  I thought out loud about what if they fixed the wing and I kept it...caged, but cared a pet, but that would be no life for a wild bird...the SPCA woman said it's also a non-starter really.  It is sad, but such is nature.
  We've had our Flu vaccinations.  I think it's really important that I don't accidently die from the Influenza.
  Another monumental fall has occurred, nearly a face-plant on the pavement but I managed to avert my head preventing a potential concussion.  The Mum recently gave me Timberland hiking boots with all them wee hooky bits and long laces.  I need to tie them differently.  I tied them leaving too much lace hanging up front and hooks free of lace, one boot lace got fixed round a hook on the other boot, so I'd effectively tied my feet together and down I went.  Skinned an elbow and a hand, and a knee took a right dunt too.  The macro lens on my camera got superficial damage to an edge and my camera got scratched on top, my beautiful Olympus isn't quite so aesthetically pleasing now, still working just fine but it's now got character.
  It's been such a long time since I last made a bit of effort to update this, there's been a lot of movies watched.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched The Mule.  Very good.
  The Husband and I watched The Captor AKA Stockholm.  The 1973 bank robbery event from which the condition Stockholm Syndrome originated.
  The Husband and I watched Galveston.  I found it very moving.
  The Husband and I watched Cold Pursuit.  We knew we'd seen it before, but I knew I hadn't purchased this DVD twice, what was going on?  I discovered online this is a remaking of the Norwegian movie In Order Of Disappearance, we hadn't seen Cold Pursuit before we'd seen In Order Of Disappearance.  We enjoyed Cold Pursuit but, of course, the Norwegian is better.
  The Husband and I watched Widows.  I found it too full-on, every male character was more disgusting, corrupt and violent than the last, even the women weren't all that brilliant.
  The Husband and I watched Green Book.  I've never had a favourite Xmas movie, no my kind of thing, but I've got one now.  Green Book is fabulous and it happens to finish on Xmas Day, my favourite Xmas movie has arrived.
  The Husband and I watched Vice.  Excellent and enlightening movie.
  I watched Snowtown.  Brutal true story told well.
  The Husband and I watched The Old Man And The Gun.  A bit slow and sugary sweet, just remember this is the true story of a bank robber who pulled a gun on bank staff on a very regular basis.
  The Husband and I watched The Quake.  Set in Oslo this is the sequel to the Nordic disaster movie The Wave.  Some really great visuals of the quake damage to The Radisson Blu and the Post
  The Husband and I watched Dragged Across Concrete.  For a long time I looked at the name of this film and wondered, sarcastically, oh what can that be about?  Happy to report it hardly features, I spotted only one short episode of dragging across concrete.  It's actually a much more nuanced cops and robbers drama than the title would suggest.
  The Husband and I watched A Vigilante.  Good movie.
  The Husband and I watched Greta.  It took a while for me to start being afraid of Greta but it did happen.
  The Husband and I watched Can You Ever Forgive Me?  Quiet movie lacking excitement and thrills, just an interesting story well acted.
  The Husband and I watched Never Grow Old.  A beautifully made movie, practically every second of this film would make a stunning photograph.
  The Husband and I watched 30 Miles From Nowhere.  I was expecting better.
  The Husband and I watched Boy Erased.  Very good.



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  It's been years since it last happened but I've been wasp stung twice in the space of a week in 2019.  Both times were the same basic situation...I'm kneeling in the garden then I sit down backwards onto my legs where a wasp must've been crawling on my...first time - right calf, second time - left ankle.  The calf was sore with a load of pain, swelling, hardness, intense itching and pretty intense bruising.  The ankle, just days after I'd stopped feeling the effects of the calf, made me angry.  I swore, a lot.  Having such fresh memories of what was ahead of me, I could've cried, actual tears.  This sting was intensely painful, three times I tried swatting the stingy wee bastard off me before finally it was out.  I witnessed, with horror, it's stinger stuck in me for an inordinately long time.  I still shudder when thinking of it.  This year I seem to be extremely attractive to wasps, they're around me a lot, even on days when they don't get round to stinging me.
    I've done it, I'm now an ex-nurse.  I retired last September but remained on the register and on the Nurse Bank.  Then I got a dog.  I've officially applied for my registration to lapse. I've made the choice, I'm officially a lady of leisure, apart from the dog walking.
    4 weeks after the spay op Nikki's been swimming.  We took a top-down Jeep trip to the Borders on a beautiful day.  Picnic on the banks of Talla Water high above Talla Reservoir before taking Nikki swimming in Megget Reservoir.   It was quite difficult to persuade Nikki to stop swimming, she had fun with other dogs and chased stones thrown into the water, but mostly she swam and swam and swam, hardly coming out of the water.  The swimming was pretty continuous.  We had to call a halt after a while, she wasn't for stopping of her own accord, I think she's missed the water.  Every time we visit and see the Megget Reservoir and Dam I'm taken back to my childhood and The Parents taking us kids for a drive around it when it was being built back in the '70s.  Then it was a big empty quarry hole, The Mum was quite afraid of the height from our position on the rough road above, us weans were thrilled. 
    Was so lovely we returned the next day and had lunch at The Glen Cafe at St Mary's Loch before Nikki went swimming again in Megget Reservoir.  For lunch we tried the Haggis and Cheddar cheese toastie, a match made in Scottish food heaven.  Then on to find ourselves the only people/dog on the beach and I had the right camera lens with me, got some crackin' shots.  This is a new favourite place.
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched The Reflecting Skin.  Viggo brought me to this movie, we watched it, quite unimpressed.
    The Husband and I watched The Sisters Brothers.  Enjoyed.  And the late great Rutger Hauer's final role in his last movie, he plays the big boss guy.
    The Husband and I watched The Hole In The Ground.  A good spooky.



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  It's been taps aff weather here in Scotland so we tested Nikki's new Jeep Dog Net (made by The Husband) on a drive to the beautiful Borders top-down.  We visited St Mary's Loch Glen Cafe for lunch followed by a swim for Nikki in the Loch's lovely clean water.  And she made a new swim-mate friend, a Labrador called Rosie, they looked so cute together, their wee faces in the water. 
  We had a drive to the Fife Forth coast looking for a good dog-walking beach but found it over-populated with holiday camps and such like, there's very little of it available for a bit of wilderness type strolling with a dog.  The best we found was Pittenweem Tidal Pool where we had a little bit of accessible and not too over-crowded beach.  We were having fun when Nikki spotted two elderly women swimming in the tidal pool.  The tide was high so the pool walls were underwater and these two grey heads bobbing around probably looked like seabirds to Nikki, off she went to fetch.  I called out across the water to the ladies "she's very friendly", an auld crone called back "not to us she's not".  I shouted "it's like that is it?", she responded "yes it's like that".  As Nikki turned around heading back to us I let it lie, having a shouty argument on the beach with pensioners seemed undignified. 
  Nikki News.  Nikki has had her spay operation, on Saturday the 27th July.  At the pre-op appointment the day before the operation we decide on all the optional extras, that's IV fluids during the op and a pre-op blood test.  We also confirm they'll perform a scrape and polish on Nikki's teeth while she's under the anesthetic.  This was my idea, I've worked hard on cleaning Nikki's teeth since we got her but there were a couple wee bits of tartar up the back frustrating me.  I describe the pseudo-pregnancy symptoms/timeline and the vet person confirms my diagnosis and clarifies the milk is gone, the op can go ahead.  Next day we take Nikki in as instructed at 8.45 am.  Around 3pm the phone call comes to say Nikki's op went well and she's good, she came out of theatre around 1pm and was sitting up 30mins later.  She'd been offered food but wasn't hungry.  We pick her up at 4.30 pm, she's got 3 shaved areas, the obvious large abdominal area, a front leg and a small patch on her neck.  She's had a pain-killer injection which will cover the first 24hrs and she's still off her face on the drugs, very sleepy and clumsy.  Takes her a good 24hrs to be more her usual self, but she's walking and she slowly comes round to eating a little, will only take hand-fed morsels on that first day. 
  Day 1 post-op She starts on the oral anagesics.  She's more awake today but not ready for anything more than lying around and a few slow 10 minutes walks.  She's not very hungry yet but she's eating a bit more than yesterday.  We'd came home with a cone-of-shame in case it was needed but she's being very good and not troubling her wound.  We weren't sure what she might do overnight while we were sleeping and her painkillers wearing off so we put the cone on her the first night, she didn't like it.  Today The Husband purchased a post-op suit online and set about making one from one of my old T shirts creating Doggy Designer chic.  And so on the 2nd night she was suited up when the painkillers gave her diarrhoea.  The vet nurse had warned of this possible side-effect.  This happened at 1.30 in the morning, the poor wee soul tried to alert me but I was just waking up and switching the bedside light on to the sound of very runny shite filling her dog suit.  Not a drop hit the floor, unfortunately actually, because it did fill her suit covering her rear-end and the dressing over the wound.  I rushed her downstairs and grabbed a packet of wet wipes before realising really quickly wet wipes weren't going to make an iota of impact on this mess.  So we went outside for a hose-down.  This felt all wrong but I had no other option and within seconds she was clean and shit-free again, so mission accomplished.  And the dressing was off revealing a beautifully healing healthy wound.  If I'd known then what I know now I wouldn't have replaced the dressing, apparently many vets send their spay patients without a dressing, but I didn't know this so put a new dressing on.  Next day I discover a really good reason for why I shouldn't have troubled myself with that.
  Day 2 post-op.  First check-up appointment.  The vet nurse removes the dressing, Nikki's no happy with that, it's painful despite the spray of adhesive-remover stuff.  The wound is great, it's an amazing wound, so neat, hardly any bruising, I'm well impressed, this dog has outstanding healing properties.  Also, no ill effects from the dousing in shit but the dressing adhesive has caused an allergic contact dermatitis type reaction.  The tiny tube of anti-histamine cream which will be applied sparingly twice a day for 2 days costs £28.  If the vet had sent her home dressing-free or if I'd known the stuff about how most vets send the patient home dressing-free, that wouldn't have happened.
  Day 6 post-op.  Second and final check-up appointment.  The Vet nurse is well happy with Nikki's wound and general health.  We also discuss and agree on the required change in her calorie requirements as a spayed dog.  She's 29.7kg on this day, the lightest she's been since we got her.  I've reduced the kibble in her daily diet and we'll weigh her regularly to see if further changes are needed.  We can slowly increase her physical activity after Day 10. 
  Day 17 post-op.  We're on a daily hour long walk off the lead, about 10-15 mins of it is throwing/fetching, the rest mostly just a normal sniffing around pace. 
  Microchip News.  Being new to this we've just got round to thinking about Nikki's microchip.  We assumed her microchip would, obviously, be all proper and correct with her previous owner's contact details.  If there was ever a situation when her chip had to be read we'd get her back because the finders would contact the previous owner.   We asked the vet to check her chip.  The gadget could detect the chip but it wasn't registered on the main databases, so totally useless.  We've also learned that it's a legal requirement for pet microchips to be updated with new owner information.  The Husband got it sorted, her microchip is now registered with our details on the PetLog database, all is well.  Still astounded her previous owner hadn't done this.
  Book Update.  Jo Nesbo Knife.  Just listened to Angels in the Moonlight by Caimh McDonnell. Brilliant. So much laughing out loud people will be thinking I'm a feckin eejit.  On now to Book 1 of The Dublin Trilogy.  Great narration by Morgan C Jones.  Such engaging characters and story, so funny, and with Morgan's narration, wonderfully immersive. I was watching the movie in my head.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Red Hill.  A modern Australian western movie with a touch of tongue-in-cheek.
  The Husband and I watched Destroyer.  Massive respect to the make-up folk, the job they done on Nicole Kidman, amazing work.  Otherwise, it's not that good really.
  The Husband and I watched Molly's Game.  Based on a true and interesting story.
  The Husband and I watched The Isle.  Bit too supernatural for me.
  The Husband and I watched All Is Lost.  One man, few words, it's very good.
  The Husband and I watched Blindspotting.  Very good.
  The Husband and I watched The Favourite.  Very good film though I found the ending unsatisfactory.



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  I purchased a copy of The Mile by Craig Smith.  Mr Smith signed and did a cute wee drawing too.  I have a pile of books by my bedside that I have to get on and read.  Audiobooks have, in a way, spoiled me.  I love listening, some narrators add to a book, really immerse you in the story.  I like that I can do other stuff while experiencing a book too, walking the dog, gardening, and it makes boring stuff like ironing so much more acceptable.  But I've placed my must-reads on the bedside drawers with the intention of putting the iPod down in bed.
    Ex-work colleague L's Leaving Doo Part 1 was at Liberta.  A very delicious dinner and drinks which I highly enjoyed.  Gamberoni alla Americano for starter is king prawns in white wine, garlic and tomato sauce, a main of Pollo Mango is the restaurant's signature dish, chicken breast in mango, chilli flakes, honey and white wine sauce then Tarta Fantastica, layers of vanilla and caramel ice cream sprayed with chocolate and topped with chocolate covered toffee balls for sweet.  If I went back I think I'd go for the same again.
    A week later L's Leaving Doo part 2 was at The Ballencrief, a rather so-so fish and chips followed by quite copious amounts of various alcohols.  Leaving Doo part 2 photo taken with my iPhone camera, part 1 photo with some non-iPhone inferior phone, there's a big difference in quality.
    Nikki has now had a fake pregnancy.  She kept The Husband awake for an entire night, crying and despairing, she was so upset and agitated.  Luckily this all happened downstairs while I was sleeping soundly upstairs.  Next morning The Husband passes on the information and goes off for the week.  I had a wee look at Nikki with a professional nurse/woman eye.  She was crying and despairing over her soft toy baby elephant.  She never usually bothers about this toy.  I took her out for a walk where she was her normal self, on return to he house she was all concerned and troubled by the baby elephant again, and to a lesser extent her blue plastic snake.  I put liver paste in her treat ball and while she was engrossed there I hid her "puppy" in a cupboard.  She still carried the snake about occasionally but was much less distressed without the elephant.  A week later, having washed the elephant, I put it back in her toy box.  She was back to her usual self apart from I noticed she has milk, a little, in the lower mammaries.  As a layperson this would appear to be a textbook false pregnancy.  The spay op won't be able to go ahead unless the milk has gone by that time.  Meanwhile here's oor wee Indy Dug guarding the Starry Towers Saltire today and everyday, good girl.
    This time of year Bass Rock is white with Gannets and Gannet guano.  This is the largest Gannet colony in the world. 
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Arctic.  Mads gets put through the wringer.



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  We went marching for independence with AUOB at Oban, and met famous iScot Magazine IndyDugs Blaze and Laoch fae Skye.  There were biscuits.
  We've started thinking about places we can go for lunch with Nikki and Loch Leven's Larder is our first dog-walking dog-friendly lunch experience.  We've been a couple of times, the first time there were loads of Swans on the water.  Nikki self-regulated and as she swam out closer to them she seemed to recognise they were too big for a Golden Retriever to handle and she'd swim away from them, the second time there was algae in the loch, that's another learning experience, don't let your dog swim in algae, apparently there's a deadly blue-green version.  Honest to goodness, there's so much to think about when you've got a dog, it's quite stressful actually.
   I've been working on Nikki's teeth, brushing every evening, that seaweed Plaque X stuff in her dinner and a daily Dentastix.  Then I learned it's a good thing to scrape your dogs teeth at home, doing exactly the same as the Vet would do, but without the anesthesia, which is good to avoid.  It took a couple of sessions with Nikki lying with her head on my lap but I've got all the tartar off the outside of her teeth.  Can still see some on the inside of a few teeth so I've enquired at the Vets, when she's under anesthetic for her spaying operation I'm hoping they'll scrape and polish her teeth too.  Makes good health sense.
  Nikki's been no well with the gastroenteritis.  She eats stuff when she's out on walks, weeks back she emerged from trees chewing down on something, before I could make her spit it out she'd swallowed.  Half an hour later she puked her load.  I poked about the vomit with a stick and found 2 pieces of chicken I hadn't given her.  This time, late evening, she let me know she needed out urgently, she vomited twice and had diarrhoea quite a few times.  Took a few days of boiled chicken and rice before she was shiting normally again.
  Here's a recent favourite photie, a windswept Nikki at Seacliff Beach.
    Lunch with the ex-work colleagues was at Friend H's place and at 1912 on another day.
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched The Vanishing.  Loved it, love Peter Mullen, the raw emotion of the man.
    The Husband and I watched Stay.  Young Ewan McGregor and Ryan Gosling should've made for a brilliant movie, only problem was it wasn't attached to enough reality.



  Loosing weight means smaller sizes so there's new stuff on The Star Swag Blog.  Yes that was a brag, my size 8 trousers are too big.
  We went on the AUOB Galashiels march with Nikki in her YES neckerchief.  Friends H and T were there with their Bruno in his YES too.
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Mary Queen Of Scots.  It's OK.



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  Nikki did her bit for the EU election, wearing her SNP neckerchief we did a wee turn at the local polling place for #DogsAtPollingStations on the Twitter.  Results are now in, West Lothian voted SNP, Scotland voted SNP, I'd be so embarrassed if we didn't.  When the UK EU election 2019 result map looks like this it's clear Scotland's taking a different road.  Scotland wants a future that the rest of the UK doesn't.  Cool, we can be respectful neighbouring independent countries.
  One recent night I opened the back door and Nikki was straight over to the bird table, with one quick sniff of the night air she'd found a Hedgehog.  This sighting inspired me and I've built a Hedgehog Feeding Station following the guidance of Poppy's Creche Hedgehog Rescue and Rehab, find the video on Youtube.  Took me approx 15 minutes to make and set up my feeding station.  Ignore the date stamp on the video below, I didn't realise I'd need to reset it on the trailcam, video was taken a couple nights after I set up my new feeding station.  Result.
  Just when I think I'm about to take myself off the nurse register forever, I get asked to do a 0730 to 1330 half day shift, and I go and do it.  It was doable because The Husband was here to tend to Nikki.  I did drugs, fair enjoyed it too, it's been so long since I dispensed medications in a nurse type way, I think I've missed it.  The 6 hours were over very fast then Nikki came in to meet the patients and nurses.
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched The Captain.  Based on a true story, portrays the madness of war and the instability of fragile minds in inhumane circumstances.  Kill or be killed, he was only 21 in the end.  Thought-provoking, terribly sad and somehow devilishly entertaining.



  Finally found a rain-proof trouser I like, on The Star Swag Blog.
  AUOB Glasgow.  Nikki's been to her first Scottish Independence march wearing her Saltire-blue leather collar and lead with her YES neckerchief.  The day began with Nikki being told to get in the car, she jumped in, onto the front seat.  She had her first public transport experience when she nipped onto a train then through a busy Central Station and into a black cab, no bother.  She had a great day, much admired and photographed, she was on the STV TV news, twice (click pic 2 below), there's two photos of her on the BBC news website (click pic 3 below) and I've seen one Twitter account using her photo as his profile pic and on his blog heading.
  Nikki Photo Shoot.  I'm awfy pleased with these Nikki photies.
  I won a book in an iScot Magazine (my favourite, and the best, magazine in the world) competition on Twitter.  The Peat Dead by regular iScot writer Allan Martin.  This is Mr Martin's first novel and it's Tartan Noir, my favourite genre.
  I cooked Plokkfiskur, Icelandic Fish Stew, served up with Rye Bread.  It's really easy, butter and flour makes the base for a creamy sauce, who actually knew?  Now I have to find which rye bread, available in Scotland, is most like the almost fruity rúgbrauð of Iceland.  I've tried a Polish, too soury, the German is nicer, but not sweet enough.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  I watched Jigsaw.  Not as good as memory tells me previous Jigsaw movies were, maybe my memory is being too kind.
  The Husband and I watched Mission Impossible Fallout.  I like the MI movies.
  The Husband and I watched First Man.  I found it a wee bit boring.



  Camera bag, kinda, on The Star Swag Blog.
  We've been to Iceland, the lovely normal independent country, and we've seen The Proclaimers, a glacier, lava, a geyser, all the Iceland stuff.  I've started my Iceland Blog, it could take a while.
  Lunch with the ex-work pals was at The Ballencrieff earlier this month, the fish and chips was tasty.
  Been to see Janey Goldey again, this time on the Soup and Independence Tour, Janey giving her performance and time for free to help raise funds for local SNP branches.  There was guitar and singing, political video clip voice-over comedy from Janey, a raffle and tasty soup.  Was fabulous to be in such an intimate setting with a favourite comedian, we were able to have a wee chat and when I said who I am on the Twitter Janey replied "I know who you are, you back me up all the time", indeed I do.
  Nikki and I visited The Cat Wall, we weren't expecting that.  We found it while wandering in the woods in the Bangour Village Hospital grounds.  Cute, quirky and creative.
We've found a new dog-walking favourite place, Heathland Forest.  We've been 3 times now, exploring it's 3473.43 acres, reading the history, Nikki's been running, fetching, paddling and swimming.  And of course, this is the area where her previous owner walked Nikki with the other Golden Retrievers she lived with for 3 and a half years, she knows and loves this place.  The burn down at the bridge is particularly good, while playing fetch with the ball there she was joined by one passing dog after another, and she took us by surprise with a massive leap over the burn.  It's not a great photie, but it's amazing, I caught not only the unexpected moment, but this much motion with an iPhone.
  My new bird table next to the kitchen window has been accepted by the residents.  And there's been a new first-time visitor.  I spotted it as I walked into the kitchen and didn't have anything but the iPhone handy.  Was my first ever Brambling.  Later the same day in the woods I saw my first Treecreeper, again, no camera.  I've also recently spotted a Dipper at the local burn, again no camera.  I have to improve on my general camera-at-the-readiness. 
  Earlier in the year I was concerned the 7-Spot Ladybirds were awake too soon so I put food out for them.  All is well in Starry Towers Ladybird World.  I've counted 18 in a single sighting and there's so much Ladybird sex going on in the garden I reckon the Aphids are doomed.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Searching.  Well, I watched Searching and The Husband read a book.  I liked the storyline but the acting wasn't brilliant and the screen-time technique got to over-kill quick.
  Friend C and I watched It Comes At Night. It's ok, I don't think it really did just come at night though and there's a futile feeling at the end.
  Friend C and I watched Glass.  I preferred Split, Unbroken was good too, this is going more full-on super-hero cartoony, it's full of great actors acting tremendously, but a wee bit too silly on the psychologist doctor hospital side of things, full of ridiculous flaws that make the super-humans less super, for instance, Glass doesn't have to be the smartest person in the world when nurses behave like idiots, The Beast doesn't have to be so very strong when the security staff are so pathetic.



  Stuff on The Star Swag Blog.
  We've found some Nikki favourite premium reward treats, used specially for off-the-lead recall.  There's 3 tasty snacks that do the trick so far, local award-winning butcher low-fat Lorne Sausage, Gravy Bones, and on a recommendation from a new neighbour I baked a thing (first thing I've ever baked), Liver Cake.  Nikki loves these snacks like someone's added an addictive drug to them.  This is my Liver Cake, it's liver, self-raising flour, eggs and water, this cake-making seems much simpler than I'd ever imagined.  Nikki has on her ecstasy face eating it. 
  Up at Bangour recently there was an interesting snow sculpture, Nikki barked warily at it and I found a £10 note on the road next to it.
  My wee girl's on her season and she's had her last off-the-lead day for a while.  This is Day 20, and people who told me the third week is the worst were right.  Since Day 15 she's changed, being whiney after the boys, some more than others, and the boys are after her.
  We knew Nikki likes water, we've seen her paddle in the North Sea, the River Almond and neighbourhood burns, but we didn't know how much Nikki loves swimming.  We went out driving to find a loch.  First we visited the peaty waters of Harperrig Reservoir where she did some paddling about.  Then we found Banton Loch, by this time the sun was shining and Nikki didn't let a lead hold her back.  Nikki loves swimming so much we went back the next day with one of them very long training leads.  Such a pleasure to watch her, like a golden otter, so overjoyed with life.
  To increase Nikki safety The Husband put a spring-shut thing and Shut The Gate signs on the gate, it's working well.
    I've been to meetings.  When you retire it leaves you with time to consider what else is going on around you that you'd perhaps previously regarded as maybe less than riveting.  So I attended a Community Council meeting, it lasted an hour.  Worthwhile, glad someone can be bothered, just no sure that I could be one of them someones.  I then attended an SNP branch meeting, it lasted an hour and a half, went past real fast and was very interesting, I'll go back.
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Land Of Mine.  Emotional.
    The Husband and I watched Goldstone.  Great acting and so sad with the reminder of the destruction of the indigenous people of Australia, plus the human trafficking, such evil.
    The Husband and I watched Bad Times At The El Royal.  I enjoyed the Tarantino elements and the ending, just a wee bit slow getting there.



  A couple of nice things from ASOS on The Star Swag Blog.
  Lunch with the girls was a buffet at Friend H's house, very delicious and great company.  I love a good chit-chat these days (post-retirement).
  Nikki pics...taken at Bangour Village Hospital, Almondell and Seacliff Beach.  The first picture is out front the nurses home, my old room is the window on 2nd floor furthest right.  2nd pic just to show her bite, in the Seacliff pics she's enjoying her new Chuckit ball.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched The Meg.  Did exactly what it said on the box, a bit of light-hearted giant Shark fun.
  The Husband and I watched A Fistful Of Lead.  A wee bit strange, compared to the usual spaghetti western.  The Husband was convinced it was a comedy, I wasn't so sure though you do laugh at times.  It looks low quality, for instance when the blood hits the camera or someone's bowels hit the floor, it's lacking the panache.  We were both thought it looked like it was filmed somewhere in England.
  The Husband and I watched The Guilty.  Very good.



  More dog walking on The Star Swag Blog.
  A couple of weeks ago I took a Bangour Village walk with Friend H and her Labrador Bruno.  As soon as we got into the woods we let the dogs off their leads and it all went very well.  A big confidence booster for me to walk Nikki off the lead in the old hospital grounds and I've done it alone and with The Husband a load of times since, it's all been good.  Nikki did get more mockit than ever before, she disappeared down a dip then immediately reappeared wearing mud boots.  I encouraged her to take a dip in the Mortuary Road burn on the way home, so she was a lot cleaner by the time we got back home for a shower-wash at the back door. 
  Here's a Nikki video from our first off-the-lead day demonstrating a less than perfect recall/fetch Golden Retriever, but also faulty human behaviour.  I was later to learn Nikki is whistle trained.  Receiving Nikki was a bit like "here's a dog, away and learn about her".
  On another day I got talking to a man who trains Guide Dog puppies.  We were in the woods and he was using a dog whistle, 3 beeps and his off-the lead Labrador puppy came running back to him.  Nikki was on the retractable lead at full length and also came over and sat down at his feet and looked up waiting for her reward.  The man told me he suspects Nikki is trained to the whistle.  Long story short, I bought a 111.5 whistle and gave it a go, I'd say it worked 7 times out of 10 but since then the previous owner has confirmed Nikki is 110.5 whistle-trained.  We got 110.5 whistles and boy, the 110.5 makes her jump to attention.  She remembers, 3 beeps come back, 1 beep is sit. 
  I'm resigning from the nurse bank and cancelling my NMC registration.  Coming off the register seems like a bigger decision than retiring.  Retiring had always been on the cards, kind of set in stone.  For 35 years I've known when age 55 arrived I'd retire and pick up my pension.  The option to join the Nurse Bank was there and I did 4 bank shifts, but was offered none for so long that I lost confidence and with it, any interest.  Then we got a dug.  I take my dog responsibilities very seriously.  She needs 1-2 hours of exercise every day and she can't do it without a person, on most days I'm that person.  I'm no leaving her on her own all night, 20.00 to 08.00, so night shift is out, I can't leave her for a day shift, that's 14hrs, 07.00 till 21.00.  The only other option is a half day, that's 7 hours without me, but also £26 in taxi fares, hardly worth it.  So I'm resigning, sometime in the next 3 months, prior to my next NMC fee payment.
  The 7-Spot Ladybirds are out and about, a tad too early I reckon.  I've seen approx 20 so far, every time I find one I tuck it back into bed in their little Ladybird Houses, and I've provided lettuce and sugar while I'm waiting for emergency Ladybird Food supplies arriving.
  I feed the garden birds in feeders hung on my Lilac tree with a ground feeder under the tree for my Wood Pigeons.  With the idea of getting better close-up photo opportunities of my garden birds I got a bird table and placed it close to the kitchen window.  I had to build the bird table kit myself, with a screw driver, I did a no bad job.
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband, Nikki and I watched Alpha.  Stunningly beautiful, enjoyed by us humans and Nikki.
    The Husband and I watched American Animals.  Enjoyable and interesting.
    The Husband and I watched One Cut Of The Dead...for 10 minutes, then I watched the rest of it on my own.  A Zombie movie with a bit of a, not all that original, twist.  The Husband's no the biggest fan of the genre, I like a good one, this one's no that good.



  A couple of things on The Star Swag Blog.
  The Big Sale Update.  I keeping a spreadsheet record so know I've sold 161 items or lots.  My first sale was a biggie, my Beanie Bear collection for £120, from there I've sold two items on Gumtree and four on Shpock.  The rest have all been on Facebook's Market Place and today I passed the £2000 mark in takings.  That's quite astounding really, I'm just selling bits and bobs from around the house.  My idea was "if we were flitting tomorrow what wouldn't be coming with us?", a load of that stuff is gone, but still got loads to sell.  I love that things I'd have either gave to The Mum to take to her local good cause or have put in landfill have made me £2018 so far.  I'm meeting loads of lovely people and posting stuff on request.  Not all buyers bother to rate after a sale, I always rate the other person and give them positive full marks.  Until today I had only positive feedback, 68 of them, slightly horrified to see a negative today, but taking an educated guess I think I know who did it, weirdo.
  We took a trip to Cramond Beach, it might also be known as Silverknowes Beach, it's a wee bit confusing for the first-time visitor.  We'll go back, for a visit to Cramond Island which sits 3/4 mile off shore and is accessible by a walk across the WWII anti-submarine barricade causeway, but the sand itself is pretty mucky, when the tide is out anyway.
  Last weekend at Seacliff Beach we learnt that our generally well-behaved dog has a weakness, her Kryptonite is a football.  She couldn't resist when she spotted a football in the air at the far end of the beach and off she went oblivious to us calling her back.  In the hope of desensitising or perhaps persuading Nikki that other footballs aren't all that, we got her her own footballs and kicked a small size 5 blue football around the beach.  She had a load of fun with it and became less obsessed with it as time went on, same as she does with other toys.  She did some damage to the outer covering of the ball but she didn't burst it.  She got a bit of a fright when The Husband went in with his welly boot to take the ball from her, she looks like she thought for a brief moment that he was going to kick her, funny dog-face expression caught on camera.  Back home, after a weekend of beach visits she was in for a full-on shampoo shower, I worry about all that salt, she worries about how she looks in her dressing gown.
  Lunch with my old work colleagues was at Liberta in Bathgate.  I wasn't feeling at my best, a late night and bottle of wine the previous evening with Friend M then getting up a 7am for dog duties then doing the long walk before showering and getting ready to head out to meet with the girls, I was rough as.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched A Star Is Born.  We both adore Lady GaGa so this was a pure pleasure.
  The Husband and I watched Lean On Pete.  Bit sad.



  Good walking socks on The Star Swag Blog.
  There's been a Canine Medical Emergency.  On the way home from a walk in the woods Nikki kept stopping to lick her front left paw.  We'd walked through undergrowth type stuff in the woods, even having to turn back at one point due to the jaggy wild rose type tendrils.  Once home I found this tiny wee thorn and pulled it out of a Nikki paw. I am a genuine Veterinary Medicine type hero #Androcles
  We had another 1st time visit when we went to Almondell and Calderwood Country Park, a raging River Almond stopped us from even thinking about an off-the-lead event.  We know Goldens love water and we have no idea how an off-the-lead Nikki behaves around rivers, but it's a great park.
    Our second off-the-lead day went fabulously well, a beautiful blue sky sun-filled day on Seacliff Beach.  Off-the-lead day with other dogs, people and horses, Nikki was brilliant, though we nearly ended up swapping Golden Retrievers with a couple of guys (their girl came with us and Nikki went with them) and right at the end she left us for a man and boy kicking a football around. A beautiful day, though she did eat horse shit.
    Here's a good thing for dog owners, the Hozelock PortaShower.  Fill it up with hot water, leave it by the back door (or stick it in the car if you're driving to your walkies), by the time your dog walk is over and your dog is filthy mockit, the water is at a good temperature for a wee wash down of the dirty bits.  We use it nearly every day, very handy and effective.
    Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched The 12th Man.  Amazing.
    The Husband and I watched Upgrade.  Gory, fun, suspenseful and well made with a streak of silly, highly enjoyable.



  Stuff on The Star Swag Blog.
  Lunch with the girls was at Hot Flame in Livingston, right next to one of my favourite fountain sculpture things.  Turns out, "quite a lot" is the answer to an all you can eat buffet, but we didn't eat as much as I imagined we would, and to be entirely honest the quality of the food, in the keeping-it-hot cauldrons, no really exceptionally delicious.  I found myself mixing various cuisines on one small plate and really, that's not my idea of a nice dinner.  I began with a very confused starter plate.  My main course was mostly Indian after I discovered the one main food item they don't do...I wanted fish and chips, but no battered fish, I was directed to the scampi but that was rubbery.  At the sweet course I went with one of all the little bits and that was just ridiculous.  It's cheep and cheerful if you want to eat yourself silly.
    Nikki News.  On Nikki Day 1 we visited our local Pets At Home for all the necessaries including a Wainwright's Quilted Mattress Dog Bed with Bone Pillow, £48 worth of what turns out to be rubbish.  The only good bit is the bone "pillow", no any good as a pillow but Nikki likes to play fetch with it.  So a new bed was needed, the extra large Pet Fusion Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed with matching super-soft fleece blankie is fantasticly comfortable, she loves it so much, we had to get another, one for nighttime upstairs sleeping and one for daytime downstairs lounging.  I'd happily nod off in there and we can, both Nikki and I fit in cuddled up, and it's big enough to let her stretch out on her own.  The old bed went back to the shop, full refund received and they also let us keep the bone "pillow" for the fetching, so full marks for customer service to Pets At Home.
    Having Nikki has introduced us to our surroundings.  We go all over Scotland but I've lived in Sunny D since 1990 and it's only now, 30 years later I'm out walking miles every day and getting to know my way around our local countryside.  And I'm impressed, really looking forward to the Summer.  This is us up Dechmont Law on a cold and frosty Winter day, and then on another day Nikki and I went searching for UFOs in the woods.
    At Seacliff Beach we had our first off-the-lead experience.  Nikki behaved impeccably, there were no other people or dogs around so we've still to experience that, but it went really well, she didn't run away.
    The Husband and I watched The Secret Of Marrowbone.  Beautiful.



  Nikki News.  Nikki got professionally groomed, this is only ever a good statement when it's about a dog.  A mobile groomer visited in her van, approx 90 mins later Nikki came back whiter than white with paws so neat and any tuggy matted bits removed.  I also got advice from the grooming lady which I've made good use of and just a few days later Nikki was much more comfortable with me touching her back paws.  I'm now able to brush her tail and I've introduced her to the downstairs shower.
  Nikki has been introduced to her new vet too and had the first of the vaccine jabs.  We'll have to wait till she has a season before we can plan the spaying op.
  There's been a terrible accident.  The Husband and I were out walking Nikki, Nikki was on her extendable lead, the last thing I remember is saying to The Husband "don't throw the ball".  I worry Nikki will hurt her neck if she runs hard to the end of this lead.  Next thing I know an ambulance woman is kneeling in front of me asking me questions.  I had concussion with a 20 minute memory loss, I've got a sair face and my neck and right arm have been wrenched a fair bit.  The sair face is a cut on my right eyebrow and a big dirty graze down my cheek.  The paramedics put me in restraints, the kind that protect the spine and at A&E I get steristrips to the cut and have a check for spinal damage.  All is well but I'm on Concussion Watch for the next few days and that dirty graze didnae heal itself.  Hydrocolloid dressings did a good job of fixing it over the space of a week.
  Health News.  Since I retired, must be about 4 to 5 months ago, I've shed 22lbs in weight.  This has been the easiest weight loss I've ever done in my life, I'm 8st again.  Turns out going to work is bad for you, age doesn't make it more difficult to loose weight and walking a dog is good for you.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Berlin Syndrome.  Good.
  The Husband and I watched Iceman.  Really enjoyed.
  The Husband and I watched Hereditary.  Well made shite.


  BIG NEWS!  Nikki News.  A new dog's in town.  Oor Nikki is a 3 year old white Golden Retriever and since the 5th of January she's been the most popular member of the family.  Everybody who meets her loves her.  She is everything anyone would want in a dog, she's just perfect.  I've learned that having a dog sleeping by your side is a pleasing comforting experience and walking is healthy.  I'm out walking her every day for anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes, at least, I'll need to get a pedometer thingy.  I'm walking like never before and really enjoying it.  I knew when I retired that I'd need a reason to get me out the door every day, and here she is.  I'm no saying she's the most beautiful dog in the world (she so is), but I've got a new favourite photography subject as well as all the other benefits and happiness she's brought to everyone at Starry Towers.
    Nikki belonged to a breeder who is also a business acquaintance of The Husband.  We'd been fancying a mature dog rather than a puppy, but had reservations about getting a rescue dog.  The Husband and the breeder were chit-chatting, long story short, Nikki was in her new home by the end of that day.  She's so well behaved and trained, she loves a good walk, a good brushing and a right good cuddling.
    We left Nikki in The Boy's care and, along with Friends H & T, attended a showing of Nation III Norway, the 3rd in a trilogy of documentaries about Scotland's Nordic neighbours by Lesley Riddoch.  Introduced by Lesley and Joanna Cherry SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, there was music by The Yes Choir and fiddle playing Musica Nordica and a Q&A session following the film.  Emotional, entertaining and educational.  Afterwards we had dinner and drinks at All Bar One, hit the spot nicely.



  A Gid New Year and an Independent Scotland to all. 
  The weekend before 2019 I woke up with an urge to go north so The Husband, me and What's My Feckin' Name? Douglas! (from now on known as Douglas for simplicity's sake) took a surprise trip.  Booked a hotel, packed the overnight bags and a picnic lunch.  Up the road and my customary shout out to the KELPIES!  We ate our picnic in Glen Coe, what a view to eat your lunch to.  The overnight stay turned out to be a Curry and Comedy Night at the Whitebridge Hotel by Loch Ness.  The Teuchter's Comedy Club took to the stage, the compere Halde Pottinger raised some mirth, though he relied too much on the old-fashioned blue side for me, he has comedy skills, the other two Inverness guys weren't too hot.  Thankfully experienced Glaswegian comedian Pablo Serski was the headline act, he told funny stories very well.  He also had me admitting to a room full of Loch Nessians that I have LSD experience, nowhere even close to as much LSD experience as Pablo has, but there wasn't an opportunity for me to tell the audience of my relative innocence on the matter.  I did get a chance to explain to Pablo after the show though, so I felt a wee bit better about it.  I'm sure others were judging me thereafter though, like in the bar after, at breakfast the next morning and when checking out.  Brushing off the morning-after shame we took a walk in the woods where great care was taken not to fall at the Falls of Foyers.  Then we headed to fish and chips in a '70's stylee at Tea @ The Shee in Glen Shee, then on down the road, over the beautiful Queensferry Crossing under a multi-coloured sky and home sweet home.  Scotland is still the most beautiful country in the world.
  Movie Watch (no spoilers).  The Husband and I watched Revenge.  It's a very good horror fest.
  The Husband and I watched First Reformed.  Interesting.
    The Husband and I watched Bad Match.  A cheap thrill type movie with a good twist.