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looks like birds nestslooking for Cathédrale Notre-Dame de BayeuxLa Reine Mathildewater wheel on River Aurela Maison de lImmobilier6945
Hotel d'Argougesthis way to The Z4 bed
across the street from the hotel every Saturdaybooks and winethey was all in Frenchfountain in market square
water mill45 Sant Martin and that CathedralPolice StationGendarmerie building in Place Saint-Patrice, BayeuxRiver Aurewater wheel and damn on the Aurea quiet wee streetHotel de Ville
the Town HallThe Tapestry MuseumMusee de la Tapisserie de Bayeuxrun down old housestatueyou could loose a small child down there
Bayeux Cathedral  
back of Bayeux Cathedral from down the streetCathedral from along the streetwest frontnorth west spireview towards the organorganGothic Choir
inside the Bayeux Cathedralon entering the Cathedralbustsbeautiful stained glass windowpoppies for the 56th Infantry Brigadepulpitthe very elaborate pulpita painting
tomb of Philip de Harcourtalter and frescocrucifixmetal gate in The Cathedralthe crypt angelsthe spiresgold eagle
bible restone of the stained glass windowsbeam of light fom windowcrucifixBayeux Cathedral Organchairsinside
view of the crypt from abovegate detail3 paintings and a door
Calais Eurostar  
passport and ticket checkapproaching in The Z4sculpturegetting closerapproaching the trainsloading lanesjust before The Z4 gets to the platformvehicle platforms
train with vehocle loading doorson the platformFolkstone White Horsedriving onto EurostarEurostar inter-carriage doorme on the Eurostarthe Z4 in the Eurostarthe Z4 in Eurostar
conductor woman really wants the survey formdriving off at Dover

Chateau Des Martinanches  

D-Day Landing Beaches  
MemorialmemorialmemorialOmaha Beach memorialmemorial right side
memorial left sideLes BravesLes BravesLes BravesLes BravesOmaha Beach Memorialflags on the leftflags on the right
Omaha BeachOmaha BeachThe HusbandThe Z4 at Omaha BeachMulberry Blocks


Inuksuk24 hour ration packthe InuksukJuno Beach Centresculpture Juno BeachRemembrance and RenewalJuno Beach bunkerbunker
in honour of the dead and disappearedJuno Beacha game of chessThe Hedgehogposter pillarradio playersposter pillar and wall displayposters Help Finish The Job
wall exhibitjacket cap and gunKodac DUEX 15mm cameraGraphex Speed Graphic cameracamerafirst aid stuffintravenous setCadburys Chocs
letters boardexhibits cabinetCourseulles-sur-mer harbour crowd watchingemergency servicesemergency services in attendencehelicopter leaving after diving emergency
Mont Sant-Michel  
tread wheel
Joan of Arc

World Cow
French flagCalvados
Tour EiffelTour EiffelTour EiffelTour EiffelTour EiffelTour EiffelTour EiffelTour Eiffel
Tour EiffelTour EiffelTour EiffelTrocadero from Tour EiffelTour EiffelTour Eiffel
Trocadero from Tour Eiffel
Arc De Triomphe & MarilynArc De Triomphe detailArc De Triomphe detailArc De TriompheArc De TriompheArc De TriomphArc De Triomphe detailArc De Triomphe detail
Arc De Triomphe trafficArc De Triomphe trafficArc De Triomphe trafficTinnel to Arc De Triompheinside the Arc De Triompheinside the Arc De Triompheinside the Arc De Triomphe
Louvre Large PyramidLouvre Large Pyramid 1Louvre SullyLouvre Sully 1Louvre Richelieu 1Louvre RichelieuLouvre from SeineLouvre from Seine
Louvre Denonentrance to The Louvre Pyramid and Pavillion RichelieuArc de Triomphe du Carrousel from The LouvreArc de Triomphe du CarrousePavillion Denon and The Louvre PyramidLouvre Richelieu 2Arc de Triomphe du Carrouse and statue at LouvreLouvre des Antiquaries
The Louvre and meThe Louvre inside DenonThe Louvre inside Denon 1The Louvre inside pyramidThe Louvre inside pyramid 1The Louvre inside pyramid 2The Louvre inside 3The Louvre inside 5
The Louvre inside RichelieuThe Louvre inside Richelieu 1The Louvre inside Richelieu 2The Louvre lady paintingThe Louvre medieval moatThe Louvre SphinxThe Louvre on Place du Palais Royal 1The Louvre Pyramid
Louvre Sully Pavillion from Richelieu PavillionMona Lisa 1Mona LisaThe Louvre on Place du Palais RoyalThe Louvre SphinxThe Louvre statue of Louis XIVThe Louvre Venis De Milo DenonThe Louvre Venis De Milo Denon
The Louvre Venis De Milo DenonThe Louvre statueThe Louvre Winged Victory of Samothrace DenonThe Louvre Pyramid and Pavillion SullyThe Louvre statuesThe Louvre Sully FountainThe Louvre underground to Richelieu
Pont Neuf and fishermenPont Neuf 1Pont NeufPont du CarrouselPont du Carrousel 1Pont Des Arts
Pont Notre-DamePont Notre-DameThe Concierge Paris

Notre-DameNotre-Dame 1Notre-Dame & meNotre-Dame & meNotre-Dame left sideNotre-Dame inside 14Notre-Dame inside 13Notre-Dame inside 6

Notre-Dame inside 4Notre-Dame inside 11Notre-Dame inside 10Notre-Dame inside 1Notre-Dame insideNotre-Dame chandelierNotre-Dame window 1Notre-Dame window 5

Notre-Dame inside 9Notre-Dame window 3Notre-Dame window 6Notre-Dame window 4Notre-Dame windowNotre-Dame window 2Notre-Dame Treasury 1Notre-Dame Treasury 3
Notre-Dame Treasury 7Notre-Dame Treasury 6Notre-Dame TreasuryNotre-Dame Treasury 8Notre-Dame Treasury 5Notre-Dame Treasury 4Charlemagne statue at Notre-Dame 1Charlemagne statue at Notre-Dame
Notre-Dame inside 8Notre-Dame inside 3Notre-Dame above entrance door detail 1Notre-Dame above entrance door detail 2Notre-Dame Treasury 2Notre-Dame from Pont Au DoubleNotre-Dame from Quai de Montebello Pont Au Double on bottom rightNotre-Dame inside 2 Notre-Dame detailNotre-Dame from Pont Au DoubleNotre-Dame from Quai St MichelThe Trocadéro 1The Trocadéro leftThe Trocadéro right
Hotel De VilleHotel De Ville 1Hotel de Ville 2Bazar de Hotel de VilleHotel de Ville fountains
Petit Palais 2Petit Palais 1Petit Palais doorPetit Palais & Winston Churchill statue 1Petit PalaisPetit Palais 3Grand PalaisPetit Palais & Winston Churchill statue
Tour Saint-Jacques ParisTour Saint-Jacques ParisTour Saint-Jacques ParisTour Saint-Jacques Paris

Obelisque Of Luxor Place De La ConcordeObelisque Of Luxor Place De La Concorde 1Place De La Concorde Hotel Crillon on left French Naval Ministry on righta fountain in Place De La Concorde 1a fountain in Place De La ConcordePlace De La Concorde
Pont Alexandre III detail 1Pont Alexandre III detailPont Alexandre III Pont Des Invalides in backgroundPont De La Concorde from Pont Alexandre IIIPont De Concorde from Pont Alexandre IIIEsplanade des Invalides with Pont Alexandre III in backgroundPont Alexandre III from Pont De La ConcordePont Alexandre III Hotel des Invalides in background
Musee RodinMusee Rodin 1Pont Alexandre III Hotel Des Invalides in background 1
National Academy Of Music 3National Academy Of Music 2National Academy Of Music 4National Academy Of Music 6National Academy Of Music 1National Academy Of MusicNational Academy Of Music 5
Opera Bastille inside 1Opera Bastille inside 2Opera Bastille at nightOpera Bastille column 1Opera Bastille columnOpera Bastille insideOpera Bastille inside 4Opera Bastille 1
Opera BastilleOpera Bastille inside 6Opera Bastille & columnRabarama sculpture at The Pantheon ParisThe Pantheon Paris
The Catacombs ceillingThe Catacombs passageway ParisThe Catacombs passageway ParisThe Catacombs ParisThe Catacombs ParisThe Catacombs entranceLion statue at The CatacombsThe Catacombs
The Catacombs ParisThe Catacombs ParisThe Catacombs ParisThe CatacombsThe CatacombsThe CatacombsThe Catacombs Port-Mahon gallery ParisThe Catacombs Quarrymen's footbath Paris
The Catacombs plaque ParisThe Catacombs plaque Paris
Fountaine des InnocentsFountaine des Innocents 1Musee D'Orsay 1Musee D'OrsayAssemblee NationaleAssemblee Nationale 1The Madeleine Church ParisFountaine des Innocents with Saint-Eustache church in background
Palais RoyalPalais Royal 1The Ritz ParisThe Ritz ParisDiana Memorial Liberty's Flame Paris
Moulin Rouge 5Moulin RougeMolin Rouge 1Moulin Rouge 3Moulin Rouge 4
Parisian Odds and Sods 
Paris buildings 1Paris buildings 2Paris buildings 3a fountain ParisBanque de FranceParis housing
Paris hire bicyclesSaturday morning long-lie Parisfish shop in ParisEiffel HiltonEiffel Hilton room 523Eiffel Hilton room 523 bedConcorde at CDG AirportEiffel Hilton in a lift of mirrors
CDG Airport the delayCDG Airport the delay & inner peaceParis buildings
Views along the 12 avenues leading from the roundabout at the Arc De Triomphe.  
Arc De Triomphe view along Av FochArc De Triomphe view along Av Victor HugoArc De Triomphe view along Av D'IenaArc De Triomphe view along Av Marceau 1Arc De Triomphe view along Av MarceauArc De Triomphe view along Av De FriedlandArc De Triomphe view along Av Hoche
Arc de Triomphe view along Av KleberArc De Triomphe view along Av CarnotArc De Triomphe view along Av De WagramArc De Triomphe view along Av Mac MahonArc de Triomphe view along Av Kleber 1Arc De Triomphe view along Av Kleber & Av Victor Hugo
VersailleVersailles gardensVersailles golden gatesVersailles golden gatesVersaillesVersaillesVersailles where The Fiance proposedPoseidon next to pool Palace de Versailles
Versailles gardensVersaille Latona FountainVersailles L'Orangerie leftVersailles L'OrangerieVersailles L'Orangerie right
Versailles Jeff Koons  
Versaille Jeff Koons LobsterVersaille Jeff Koons balloon heartVersaille Jeff Koons RabbitVersaille Jeff Koons dogJeff Koons yellow flower VersailleJeff Koons yellow flower Versaille  
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