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  Bergen-Belsen (11 miles north of Celle)
  scale model explanation old museum Bergen-Belsenstone sign wall at entrance of Bergen-Belsencross of twigsinformation stoneJewish headstonegravestonestone signstone sign detail
model of camp in old museummodel Bergen-Belsen in old museumBergen-Belsen photo 1944stone left by visitorsa mass gravethe stone path to the Obeliskthe old museumold museum and entrance gates
entrance gatesDocument Centre and gates Bergen-Belsenthe old museumthe Document Centre entranceDocument Centre
  Bergen-Belsen Madeleine WEIS-BAULER
  Madeleine WEIS-BAULER (b. 1921) was an active member of the L.F.K. Resistance group, her main mission being to collect French currency for wanted Resistance-fighters or other young people who wished to leave the country unnoticed to go to the south of France. The only currency allowed in Luxembourg was the Reichsmark, and any monetary fraud carried the death penalty. When the leaders of the L.F.K. were arrested and executed by the Nazis, ferryman Eugène Léger offered to take her to France in stealth. However, both of them were betrayed and arrested by the Gestapo. Madeleine was put through a series of German prisons as well as an arms factory, where she sabotaged the shells she was told to manufacture. Later, she was transferred to the women’s concentration camp Ravensbrück and, next, the hell which was Bergen-Belsen, where she was released by the British.  The Luxembourgish artist's paintings were on display at the old museum building at Bergen-Belsen.
  Madeleine WEIS-BAULERMadeleine Weis-Bauler life-storyRoseTreppe In JerusalemMadeleine Weis-Bauler paintingsMadeleine Weis-Bauler exhibition old museum Bergen-Belsen
  Berlin Brandenburg Tor (Brandenburg Gate)
  viewed from the westfrom the eastBrandenburg Gate from the westBrandenburger Torthe Quadriga atop the Brandenburg Gateat nightBrandenburg Gate with Reichstag behind
  Berlin The Reichstag
  east side of The ReichstagReichstag and Friedrich-Ebert-Platzfront view of The Reichstag
  BSchlosserlin  Charlottenburg
  statue of Friedrich Wilhelm I at Schloss CharlottenburgFriedrich Wilhelm I statueSchloss Charlottenburgthe bloody Christmas Market obscuring the view of Schloss Charlottenburgthe front courtyard at Schloss Charlottenburg
  Berlin Sraße des 17. Juni
  SiegessäuleThe Victory ColumnVictory ColumnGoddess of VictoryAlbrecht Graf von Roon memorial statueOtto von Bismarck memoriallooking west along Straße des 17. Juni Berlin Der Rufer (The Caller) & Siegessäule (Victory Column)
  Berlin Wilhelmstraße - Georg Elser monument & British Embassy

Georg Elser monument on WilhelmstrasseGeorg Elser monumentsign on Wilhelmstrasse explaining the FührerbunkerWilhelmstrasse Hitler died very near herethe British EmbassyBritish Embassy

  Berlin #97 Wilhelmstraße - The German Finance Ministry
17 June 1953 memorial by Wolfgang RueppelAufbau der Republik by Max Lingnerleft end of Max Lingner mural Aufbau der Republik BerlinAufbau der Republikmural Aufbau der Republik by Max Lingner at German Finance Ministry
  Berlin Deutsche Oper
 Deutsche OperDeutsche Oper
  Berlin Curry at the Wall Currywurst stand and Die Welt
  Curry at the Wall and a bearCurry at the Wall Currywurst standthe World's Largest Tethered Balloon 
  Berlin preserved Berlin Wall remains at Topographie des Terrors and at Bernauer Straße
  remains of Berlin WallBerlin Wall at Topography of Terror Center with Ministry of Finance building in backgroundpreserved Berlin Wall at the Topographie Des Terrorsunderground ruins at old Gestapo Headquartersdemolished pier ruins Topographie Des Terrorspreserved remains Berlin WallTopography of Terror Documentation Center museum buildingremains of the wall on Bernauer Straße
remains of Berlin Wall at the Topography of Terror Documentation Centersign explaining ruins seen in second from left photo
  Berlin Checkpoint Charlie
 Checkpoint CharlieCheckpoint C
  Berlin Niederkirchner Straße - Martin-Gropius-Bau & Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin (House of Representatives)
  war-damaged statue on left at entrance to Martin-Gropius-Bauwar-damaged statue on right at entrance to Martin-Gropius-BauMartin-Gropius-Bau has been restored but still shows gunfire damageMartin-Gropius-Bau bullet damageAbgeordnetenhaus von Berlin 
  Berlin Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  Memorial to the Murdered Jews of EuropeMemorial to the Murdered Jews of EuropeMemorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  Berlin Memorial to Homosexuals persecuted under Nazism
  info sign sign explaining Memorial to the Homosexuals persecuted by Nazism in Berlinthe persecuted homosexuals memorial
  Berlin Berliner Fernsehturm
  Berliner Fernsehturmtop of the Berliner FernsehturmBerliner FernsehturmBerliner Fernsehturm seen from the Jewish Memorial
  Berlin Potsdamerer  Platz
  Sony CenterXmas 2011 Sony Centerthe roofangel Xmas decoration in the Sony CentreXmas decorrationsDB Buildingsledging at Potsdamer Platzsledge runa roundabout at Christmas Market
  Berlin Gotthold Ephraim Lessing memorial
  Gotthold Ephraim Lessing memorial
  Berlin Humboldt Box
 Humboldt Box
  Berlin Altes Museum
 Altes MuseumAltes Museum
 Berliner Cathedral
  Berliner Dom
  Berlin Neu Wache War Memorial
  Neue Wache War Memorial
  Berlin Olympiastadioner
 Olympic ringsOlympic Stadium
 Berlin Odds and Sods
  Louisa's Placehuge Steiff bearSteiff bearRathaus CharlottenburgXmas tree at Berlin Central Stationinside Berlin Central Station
  Celle Odds and Sods
  Germany Odds and Sods
  a surly toilet attendanta service station toilet
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