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I can hardly believe it myself but The Bride wore white, a most gorgeous Maggie Sottero frock called Destiny, a strapless, fit and flare gown with corset closure.

Exquisite panels of ruched Crystal Organza and beaded embellishments plunge into the floating tiered A-line skirt, with more Crystal Organza fashioned into a stunning oversized rosette on a hip.

After all my serious meringue anxiety we found the dress on day 1, the first Las Vegas rental shop we entered, the first dress I tried on...and it felt really good
The man formally known as The Fiancé changed his name officially to The Husband when we got married at The Graceland Wedding Chapel, 619 Las Vegas Boulevard South, in Las Vegas, Nevada on 5th March 2010.

There were a load of comments from people in the hotel lobby, they were so lovely, strangers congratulating us, complementing and admiring the dress.

The chapels' white chauffeur-driven stretch Limousine picked us up at The Bellagio Hotel. The driver was a lovely man who helped relax us by being friendly and totally chilled himself.

Arriving at the chapel they gave us our flowers and inside we chatted to the photographer for a short while.  We asked him if Elvis was here, he told us Elvis was in the building, and he'd probably be getting high, taking pills or what not.  We didn't expect that, but it did make us laugh.

The Fiancé was stood down the aisle in front of The Reverent and Elvis made his appearance, he gave me his arm and made small talk, seconds before it all kicked off he was admiring the dress.

Then it was all music camera action and Elvis was walking me down the aisle singing Can't Help Falling In Love.

Elvis officially handed me over to The Husband-To-Be
 and that was me given away as Elvis smoothly segued into his second song, Love Me Tender, while I tried to settle down inside.

What with the video camera running and the photographer guy snapping away.  Elvis made me smile a lot, it's strange having a man looking and sounding like Elvis serenading your marriage.  I tried hard not to laugh.  At this stage I was still really nervous, how I'd look on camera was my main worry, I'd never been filmed before.

After this second song Elvis stepped back off camera and the Reverend started doing his bit.

Rev W R Nordstrom made a speech about what marriage should mean then asked us to turn to face each other and hold hands,

we turned to face and The Rev run through the bits about do you do this and do you do that...

we said our I do's.
Under instruction from The Rev the wedding ring was placed on my finger next to The Rock.  Then he forgot he'd already asked about the rings, it was just one.  Then it was time to bow our heads and put a blessing on our marriage.  I moved the bouquet around a bit as it dawned on me I should hold it in the most attractive way, for the camera.

We bowed our heads and The Rev thanked his Christian God for both of us, specifically by name, he said thanks for John and for Marilyn, asking that his Lord bless our marriage.

He requested that...nothing would ever separate us, divide us or come between us and that our marriage prosper.  I didn't really mind what he was saying, or to who, I'm a laid-back atheist, I just wanted to be married to The Husband at The Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.
Elvis came down front of camera again and kicked in with Burning Love and at that point we thought we were married, so we kissed.  We were laughing, thinking we were married, we could relax, but at the end of Burning Love Elvis stepped back off camera with the famous words..."thank you very much", and The Rev...

...started speaking again, so we got all serious, turning again to face him.

He said stuff bout us joining our hands and our hearts, then he said those words "I now pronounce you Man and Wife" and giving us permission..."John you may kiss your bride".

We kissed agian.

I was way more relaxed by this time, and I remember thinking, that's 3 songs, we've still got two to go and wondering what them songs would be, and how could Elvis work another two songs into the ceremony?

Elvis came back with Teddy Bear, and just made me laugh more.  I was so relaxed by now I started dancing-on-the-spot along.
Just when I thought I couldn't imagine any more Elvis at my wedding he did the best bit, segueing seamlessly into my all time favourite Elvis song.  My day was complete...bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set ma soul on fire.

He sang Viva Las Vegas and my hips started a serious jigging.  A few bars in he announced, "John, lets walk your wife up the aisle...

We didn't know this was what would be happening next, we were pretty much just winging it, going with the Graceland Wedding Chapel flow.

But it was a nice move, and allowing for the impressive dress train to be seen.  As we started up the aisle Elvis did stand on the impressive train, but as I pulled on it he lifted his foot, and it all went well.

Elvis followed us up the aisle, at the end he said "come back" and taking my hand, walked us back down the aisle.

By this time, I was loving my Las Vegas Elvis wedding, I can only wish I'd been as relaxed as I was at this time, I love this picture, we all look like we're having a good time.  It was great fun.

Back at the top of the aisle Elvis said "thank you, thank you very much" then, "...kiss for the bride".

Viva, viva Las Vegas.


As we kissed again there was an "Elvis has left the building".

Of course Elvis hadn't really left the building, he had more photos to do.

He shook hands with The Husband, then shook my hand and gave me a little kiss as the filming stopped.

The Rev left the room and the photographer took more pics.

At some point during the photo session Elvis really did leave the building.
Then Elvis really did leave the building and the photographer took more photos without him.  It gave the impression he had somewhere else he had to be ASAP, or maybe he just needed to go eat a squirrel burger or a fried banana and peanut butter sarnie, or take drugs, who can tell for sure.  He's a busy man.  I was happy happy happy, we got the best Graceland Wedding Chapel Elvis.  

We were keen to have pictures taken outside with the famous Graceland Wedding Chapel, the stone bridge and the sign as the backdrop and requested some pictures be taken outside the chapel, the photographer duly obliged.

I really like this picture, so consequently it's the one I have framed in The Starry Towers sitting room.  For me it's the one that sums up our Las Vegas experience.

When the outdoor pics were done the Chauffeur Guy was waiting.  He offered to take more photos if we'd brought a camera.  We hadn't, because it wasn't something we'd thought about.  My clutch was too tiny and The Husband wouldn't want a bulky jacket pocket.  We just hadn't thought about it.  If you do this type of wedding, take a camera.  During the actual ceremony I left my clutch bag on a back seat in the chapel, we could've safely dropped a camera off there too.

Back at The Bellagio The Husband and I went for a post-wedding drink to toast our marriage in the Petrossian Bar.  More people approached us to congratulate us and the barmaid said how much she liked my clutch bag.

All I have left to show you on here photo-wise are some pictures The Husband took of me wearing the dress, pre and post wedding.

I tested the dress out the night before.  You go find your dress then after doing the business side of things, you can forget about it.  The wedding dress hire company delivers to The Bellagio and the concierge arranges for it to be brought up to your room.  We'd spent the day pre-wedding out enjoying ourselves, came back to the room and there it was.
The photo was taken the night before as The Husband-To-Be and I tried the dress out, and we were so glad we did because it turns out that corset-tying isn't a natural born talent.  The dress was delivered with badly tied corseting, the tails were hanging on the outside, on show.  We quickly realised it looks way better with the loose ends hidden, then had to figure out how to achieve that while keeping the sexy criss-cross.

This required a bit of brain power from The Husband-To-Be, I couldn't figure it out.

This picture does justice to the fishtail, it's amazing how flattering this style of dress is to the figure.

Below is a close-up of the corset fastening, which is also highly complimentary to the female form and helps keep the entire dress in situ.  I wore a strapless bra and was a bit worried how that would go, but if you wear a corset style dress, nothing is going south.

I received a few comments back home, friends who watched the wedding on Youtube or a DVD disc, asking where I found the heaving bosom for the wedding.  The dress did wonders for my breasts.

The next picture is me in the dress with the clutch bag in hand, I was checking out how the back looked b
efore we set off that morning.  I adore this silver bracelet wristlet clutch bag.

Next is a photo is me post-wedding, back in The Bellagio suite, I fell on the sofa.  It's not easy standing up or sitting down in this dress.  And then there's a photo of the roses.
Watch our Las Vegas Wedding with Elvis on Youtube
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