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  More about the dog walking.  Warm socks.  These "5 Pairs Womens Socks Wool Thermal Warm Knitting Ladies Socks for Winter" from Amazon, £8.99, are comfy, cozy and wash well, I like them.  As well as an ankle sock I wear an over-the-knee sock over the top of my jeggings.


  (Nearly) all about the dog walking, keeping warm and dry.  The Swell Ezra Windbreaker Jacket is rain and wind proof, was £54.99, down to £21.99 at Surfdome.  The Tog24 Craven Waterproof Packaway Jacket, £30, down from £75.  H&M Fleece Outdoor Jacket, £24.99.  The Forclaz Travel 500 Women's Wool Long-Sleeved T-Shirt, made from Marino Wool, £19.99 at Decathlon.  However, it's not all about the dog walking, to celebrate the tremendous return to slip-of-a-girl status there's the H&M Slip Dress, £14.99.  H&M Crepe Blouse £12.99.  Forever 21 Sheer-Trim Woven Top, £14.  Forever 21 Sheer Combo Top, £17.  Forever 21 Round Neck Ts, £6 each.  The H&M Izzy Bizu Quilted Jacket with a hood, was £29.99, down to £12.